10. Sleep is Wrong
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In the middle of the night, Wolfram was destroying his own castle, back in his dragon form, people in the area of the medical department had already been evacuated, but even then, the person who was suffering the most was him, with panic and anger, he was trying to find Coroskala to try and find a way to recover his sanity.

A few hours before, Wolfram was trying to sneak back into his bedroom, knowing his castle was like the palm of his hand… the palm of his dragon hand, he felt confident enough to pull it in, at the end some soldiers noticed him but he managed to escape before getting caught. Sneaking was a lot easier than he expected in his smaller body. In a frenzy filled up with euphoria and adrenaline he moved a lot faster than ever before, everything ended up going well for him as expected, but the truth was that the issues that night for him hadn't even started.

Once back in his room, he decided to put on the nightgown, he had told Eberner and Lucavel to not make dinner for him that night so he could get more time with himself before a new day arrived since his stomach was twisting and hurting all day, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to eat either. Tomorrow, more meetings were waiting for him, more diplomacy, all that, it was tiring him out, and he just wanted to take a rest.

Wolfram took off his clothes, his dress, once again, and after looking himself naked one more time in the mirror wall, he took over the nightgown and tried to put it on.

After struggling for a while, he finally managed to control the thing, and once again, his skin was covered and protected by a new clothing piece. Of course, it wasn’t that the piece was protecting him that much from anything, but the cold of the night receded a little thanks to his new garment.

He turned off the light from the candles (light bulbs still felt too cold and weird for him to use) he went to bed and tried to close his eyes without thinking about anything, in particular, just trying to enjoy himself at the moment.

The issue with the bed (that just had got replaced after his incident with Viscapat) was that its form was a little hollow, as a Wirian dragon, his back was protected by a shell and spikes all over his body, so the bed was made hollow so he could fit better and sleep well. His kids, like other dragons of his kind, slept above in stone floors or in high branches in big trees. That was another of the things that were particular about him, no other dragons slept in beds, just him, it made him feel comfortable, and even when most of his sheets always ended up torn and ripped apart due to his spikes, he wanted to leave them because he liked the ways humans slept.

In the middle of the night, Wolfram found himself still awake, trying to come to terms with his obsession with humankind, it was likely that he always liked how they looked, how they lived, so what? Who cared about anything? No, wait, he cared, but then why? Why?

Yes! Maybe he wanted to look like a human! So what? Wait, that was the issue, did he really dislike Wirian dragons that much? Did he dislike his own kids? No! No that wasn’t possible, he loved his kids, but then, what was going on with him? Why was the change so severe? What was happening in his head? What, where was he again? What? What?

Wolfram realized he wasn't able to follow a sequence of thoughts coherently, he wasn’t able to think, he was getting crazy, and nothing of what he said made sense, and then he felt panic, his mind was falling apart.

He tried to stood up for a moment and looked in the mirror wall, he was panting, but no, it wasn’t him, it was that woman he had been seeing lately, he felt all his body was feeling hot, he was trembling as if he was freezing, he felt dizzy, and he felt his heart was running and about to explode.

“No wait, hold on a minute, hold on a minute, I like my kids, I do like my kids, it's okay it’s fine!” He said to himself out loud, not sure if trying to get away from some karma that had been pushed to him or trying to get ahold of one of his lines of thoughts and continue it. He thought about the last week and what had been happening, first, he suffered from shock and passed on his human body, then after passing through humiliating anxiety in front of Judith he ended up breaking down, now all alone again and in the third time he had transformed reality had caught up him once again, was everything he had experienced even real? 

“This thing is cursed!” He screamed and took off the crown of his head, he went through agonizing pain again and the worst part was that his nightgown ended up turned up in shreds.

But even then, even after going back to his normal self, normalcy itself hadn’t bothered to return, the fire was coming out from every breath, he felt his scales melting, his head about to explore, it was as if an imminent death was upon him.

There was only one option now for him, he got out of that deep, bedeviled chamber of his and he walked as fast as he could, looking for Coroskala.

Fortunately for him, Coroskala was working that night in the medical department, normally nights were quieter than the days and she got paid more when she worked at those hours, so working in such a schedule was convenient for her.

It was curious, aside from his uttermost superior boss, the leader of the nation, and the one people knew as Wolfram the Arctopus, her work and life in the kingdom was actually quite normal. Sure, being a head doctor was tiresome at first, but the payment was pretty good for what it was, so Coroskala was confident that she could get enough savings to retire early…

An explosion from the main hall was heard. People were running around, scared, the building trembled and the sounds of giant steps hitting the ground with all their force were getting closer.

“What the fuck.” Said Coroskala, trying to figure out what was happening. “Stay here.” She ironically said to one of her patients on a hospital bed.

Coroskala found Wolfram wreaking havoc, using his fire breath to burn everything that was standing up in his way, and throwing people frozen in fear who were in his way, the huge so-called King was a destroyer, sure, but he was always not brave enough to kill people, Coroskala knew he wouldn’t have the guts to take people’s lives in front of him, so, what was all that ruckus all about?

“What the fuck are you doing my lord?” Coroskala used the honorific people directed to him since they were out in the open, but god, Wolfram was as immature as a moody teenager could be, it was hard to respect him seriously.

“Fix me, fix me right now!” Wolfram screamed as he roared. “I am cursed, I am dying, fix me, fix me!” He threw fire into the roof of the hall, trying to avoid Coroskala but still looking out of his mind.

“I can’t do anything for you!” She screamed trying to make him hear between all the screaming and the sound of walls crumbling behind him. “I work with humans! I am your human specialist! Nothing that I have right now will help you! Wirian dragons are beyond me!”

Coroskala was right, she thought in trying to stop him, she could take a dose of a month of sedatives and stop that mess once and for all, but how could she even apply it? She would need a thicker hose, a sword, or something proper to create a wound on his skin and connect it to what… did even dragons have arteries or veins? That wasn’t her business, her specialty. 

The idea was to call a healer, the only healer they knew they had, a sarereno that specialized in dragons just like him and that could help him to calm down, but since there were very few of his kind left, it was likely he wasn’t even in the city that night, yes, he would come right away if ordered by the royal doctor, but that would probably take too long, Wolfram could destroy everything in that breakdown of his. Coroskala had another idea instead, one that would allow her to kill two birds with one shot.

“I need you to put on the crown.” She screamed, still alert of her surroundings and ready to run as fast as possible. Wolfram wouldn’t kill her on purpose, sure, but he could probably burn her or bury her in stone walls now that he wasn’t being careful enough with his demonic nature.

Wolfram looked at her with anger, was she making fun of him? Why the crown? What did that have to do with anything? He was dying! He was dying and she wanted to make fun of him!

“If you put on the crown and become part human, I will be able to treat you, I will find a resolution!” She said looking him in the eyes with a serious look, it was her time to take care of the situation, and help that poor thing out of her misery.

The apparatus was still in his fingers, luckily unharmed. Wolfram refused to let it go, like a baby, he was scared of letting it go, it was his life, it was his hope, his only light. 

For a moment he thought about it, people would be able to see him that way, yes, but he would be able to hide his real motivations, he could say he did put it on just to be treated if anybody asked about it, he could save himself the shame, and reluctantly so he did put the thing on.

He fell on his knees once again, now with a smaller mass and back in his woman body, he could himself tremble.

“Come with me, you are still too heavy for anybody to carry you.”

Wolfram stood up again and walked to Coroskala and entered the emergency room, a huge place with around 50 beds for the injured, some nurses were looking at him, scared, which saved Wolfram’s the shame of being naked.

In that line of thought, he realized that after 30 minutes he still hadn’t died, was normalcy returning? No, he tried to calm down, but his body was still screaming, he wasn’t able to think straight, he still felt he was about to die in some way or another in any minute if he didn’t get help. It was a suffocating limbo where he felt was about to die but he didn’t know what was going to kill him.

After unwillingly the instructions of Coroskala, which seemed to be more like orders at that point, Wolfram felt calm once again, or rather, numb, of all that had happened. He was in that hospital bed, covering his body again with bedsheets and looking at the sterile light bulbs on the roof. The place was small, the bed was still small, he had to contract his legs so he could fit in, and even then he had to incline himself a bit due to his tail. 

The only way that was protecting him from the views of others were curtains at each side of that designated small area. Ridiculous, to be treated in such a small place, but of course, that wasn’t his place, and he wasn’t even supposed to be a human hybrid at all. The fact that he was there meant he was now part one of the weak ones.

“So, I think that will do by now.” Coroskala entered again the room moving the curtains, she was looking at some sort of table in her hands. “I was worried about your anatomy, but we have been treating sarerenos for several years already and we have gotten quite decent at it.” 

“Sarerenos?” Wolfram said quietly looking at her, trying to not be heard. Was he a sarereno now?

“Yes, or human hybrids, whatever you call them. Dragon anatomy is not that well unknown yet,  but as far I can see where we should be able to treat how your brain works, and your blood system is somewhat manageable. Now, there are long-term implications we need to take into account if have to keep treating you, so I might need a second opinion of that dragon healer to start to fill up the blanks… and maybe a lizard specialist...”

Wolfram didn’t say anything, he was looking above at the roof, lost in his thoughts. Coroskala decided it was time to approach the topic at hand.

“In any case, I think that the thing that should be treated right now to avoid this kind of incident in the future is… your mental health.”

“Excuse me, Coroskala?” Wolfram raised his head as he frowned.

“Yes, what you are presenting right now are symptoms of a panic attack and a psychotic breakdown.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“The sciences of the mind have been developing quite well lately, particularly in our nation. Even when my area of work right now is treating physical wounds and diseases, I have been participating in them as well, studying them better.”

“What does it have to do with anything?!” He raised again his voice at losing control of his emotions again, but he lowered it again at getting self-aware of its female resonance. “Don’t you understand that I am dying from a physical curse, you fool?”

“We have been running all kinds of tests on you for the last hour, we haven’t found anything wrong with you, nothing is happening with your body. I can say that what you have been presenting are issues caused by… uh… mental discomfort.”

“Are you saying I’m deranged?!”

“I’m saying that there are things you need to think about yourself.” Coroskala remembered that she hadn't used an honorific or title for Wolfram in quite some time already since she came to her. “Don’t you think so, my queen?”