Chapter 3 – Registration
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This chapter has some cruelty. And a bit dark.


Her parents didn’t come home today either. Elena had just finished her dinner and was about to enter the bath. There could be serious matters that her parents were dealing with. To her guess it was most probably politics. That meant she had the house to herself for a few more days.

The administration of the county would be left to her if she was older and was a man. Or she could just take the job right at the moment. But she didn’t really want that position. Taking care of the demon army was easy. Taking care of the humans though… She didn’t want her wealthy life to end so soon by joining the business world.

There was a matter that she shouldn’t neglect any longer. That was her body.

My mana has settled down in my new body very solidly. But it has been a long time since I last recreated my body, I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

The method she used was replacing part by part. Due to the loss of mana when a portion of the body was destroyed, an enormous mana pool was a requirement.

The use of the planet’s power could only bring her to the level of a greater spirit in mana. Which was just one step above the minimum mana required. She had to be careful not to destroy too big of a portion or else she wouldn’t have enough mana to replace the newer one. The newly created parts weren't automatically filled with mana after all. They all needed time to generate mana.

That’s right. She would generate mana instead of just absorbing like all the other living creatures. A world where she lived would have denser mana than others because the amount she generated was inferior to the planet but not that much. More powerful monsters would be able to exist. Her old world had abundant dragons and titans for example. But the strongest Monster around would still be the Demon King.

There was no risk of an overflowing of mana due to their characteristic of deteriorating over time. The world wouldn’t end even if there was no mana. But there would be no life. Mana was just one of the many words people used to call life essence.

And that was also her reason to be immortal. She could fix anything that was broken so it was infinite life essence for her.

Well, it will be after the bath though.

Although she wanted to work on her body, bathtime was also very good. There was one young maid that gave excellent massages, it made her feel a weirdly good sensation that she had never felt before, even as a Demon King. She couldn’t reproduce that feeling by herself. She had to convert that girl into a follower later. Definitely.

Elena stepped lively into the bath with anticipation. She looked around but the young maid was nowhere to be found.

“Where is the girl serving me yesterday?”

“M-Milady, she… she was dismissed this morning.”

The maid was trembling as Elena glared at her silently. The intensity of her eyes wasn’t imbued with any power but the maid was still scared out of her mind. Nearly crying.


The girl slumped down on her butt and cried for real. Elena didn’t do anything, she was just angry. She looked down on the crying maid.

“Why… was she dismissed?”

“I- *hic* I don’t know- *hic*”


The maid was at her limit so Elena left. The person who was responsible for managing the servants was her father’s butler. He should be cleaning her father’s study room right at the moment.

She swiftly went to him. Her mana started to ‘boil’ as her eyes gained a little red luminescence.

The door was pushed open by her pressure before she was close to it. She saw the butler confusingly inspecting the door from the far side of the room. He also saw her and bowed down slowly.

She stepped inside the room and asked right away without beating around the bushes. Her persona of a noble lady had turned off temporarily.

“The maid that was dismissed… What... was the reason?”

Her face, a cold expression without any hint of the raging fire inside. Her eyes were like a steel sword on the butler’s neck. The air was still as if afraid of angering her any further.

The old butler was overwhelmed by the sheer intimidation she exerted. His body shuddered instinctively.

“Milady must be talking about Mari. She stole a gold necklace from-”

“I want her back.”

Elena had lost any interest in the reason. She wanted the maid.

“Where is she?”

He looked at her worriedly. His young miss was acting a bit ruthless.

“Milady, please. If you want an exclusive maid, I will arrange a new-”

“I asked, WHERE.”

A gust of wind exploded out with her as the center. Her red eyes increased their luminescence.

Sweat started to roll down his face. All the calmness in him began to fade as he recognized the seriousness in Elena’s tone. The outburst of magical energy hinted that the young miss would have her way regardless. He reluctantly told her where the girl lived. He would send knights to escort Elena instead of risking her disappearing without anyone knowing.

“I only know the district of where she lives.”

He directed her to a part of the city. That place was next to the slum, a dangerous place for young people. A high-class noblewoman like her was a tempting target for criminals and slavers.

Security was not her concern even if her body wasn't done yet. The only thing that was dangerous with weaklings were artifacts. But Elena wasn't thinking right at the moment. Even if she was capable of being intelligent, thinking wasn't the first thing she did when angry. Or else she could just use her noble status and let the others find this maid for her.

A demon would rampage if they lost what they liked. Many heroic stories were made using that trait as a wit feat to trick and defeat the evil demons.

If someone was to piss off the Demon King while it was seething, they had better be the Hero or there wouldn't be a soul left to reincarnate.

Elena marched out of the mansion. Her steps were still calm as this was not enough to trigger her rage. But she forgot one thing she had put up herself. That was ‘revealing her power slowly’.

The air quaked slightly as she walked by. The guards outside the gate were startled by the tingling sensation on their skin. The young Lady was escorted by a small squad of knights in an outing when the sun had just disappeared on the horizon. They didn’t dare to ask, but seeing the seriousness on everyone’s face they were sure that they had better stay out of it.

She noticed the knights were trying to give her some space as they all followed in a formation at her back. At least their deployment distracted her enough to get her to calm her anger a bit.

“You five make yourself useful and go search for her house. The other five go with me.”

Her harsh command flew out along with the sharp glare made their bodies tense up in an instinctive salute. But they complied energetically as her eyebrow started to scowl.

While the five knights spread out to search, she looked down on the dirty road. There were tracks that she could see but couldn’t differentiate. The day had ended and the city nightlife started to pick up the pace. The city that she knew nothing about. She walked among the streets looking up face to face.

Doing all this was excessive? Absolutely not to Elena. She had fought wars for more trivial reasons. If it were a big enough desire, she would do it right away. At least, at the moment she was moving by herself and not raising an army.

Finding a commoner’s house wasn’t easy in the city, there was no address. But the knights were more capable than she expected. The five she had sent out returned.

Elena was led to the edge of the district where there was a clear distinction with the houses of the slum. Or she could call them shacks instead of houses. Mary’s house was there, facing the slum. The house looked too bland and too similar to all the houses around here. She wouldn’t be able to distinguish which was which if no one was to tell her.

She opened the door without knocking and went in aggressively. There was a haggard woman on the floor busily sniffing some kind of narcotic substance.

“Where is Mari?”

“W-Who are you people? You can’t come in here!”

The woman was startled and quickly hid the container of the illegal drug behind her. She had dark brown hair, black round eyes. Familiar features with Mari.

Four knights filled into the room and the rest of them guarded the area. The woman turned pale upon recognizing the knights.

“I see. So you are the reason. Where is Mari?”

She asked again but this time with her hand rising and a big flame floating above it. Her intention of burning the woman to a crisp was clear.

The knights saw that and quickly held her down. Even if she was the daughter of the Count, murder was still a serious crime and they didn’t want the young lady to commit it in anger like at the moment.

“Milady, please calm down! We will get her, so calm down!”

Her body was still of the fragile maiden Elena De Heuser so there would be no way she could resist the restraint of her knights. That made her irritated but also calmed her down a little.

“Grrr, hands off me!”

A strong force blasted out from her body staggering the knights but they didn’t release their hold of her hands. After seeing that the flame she had conjured was gone, they started to obey her command again after making sure that she was sane. She glared at the knights briefly and returned to her business.

“Where is Mari? Answer or death.”

The woman who Elena didn’t know the name of was too scared to understand what the question was. One of the knights suggested for her to wait outside while they do the inquiry. She accepted reluctantly as this was going nowhere.

Stepping outside she folded her hand and fumed. The knights stationed outside had also heard the commotion inside so they kept their distance. Their young lady was too scary today.

Elena was not very patient when something she really wanted was right next to her but not in her reach. She carefully looked the house over again but there was no track she could get. Searching and tracking were always the jobs of her minions.

At that moment, a little girl that looked a bit smaller than her in every sense appeared. That small girl just walked out of a corner of the street and then turned around running immediately after seeing her.

"Why are you running?"


Running with your back against a demon was just an invitation for a chase. And Elena was not really in the mood to control herself. But she wasn't a beast so the chase was quick. She used [Telekinesis] to grab that girl off the ground and levitate back in front of her. The girl's whole body was straightened from the grip force of the spell.

Elena's red eyes looked into the despair-filled eyes of the girl.

"You ran. Why?"

"So this is game over."

"What? You want to redo the chase?"

The girl didn't answer, seemingly falling down the pit of despair. Elena took none of that. She gave the girl two slaps to the face waking her up.


She didn't have the time to continue their chat, however. The knights came out of the house with the haggard woman bound by the hands.

"Milady, Mari has gone to the slum to pay off the debt.”

“Lead me there.”

They had gotten used to it by then so they didn’t bother to dissuade her. But they all had a bad feeling about this.

The woman who was confirmed to be Mari’s mother walked in the front and led them to the place she owed money to. Her hands were bound like a criminal and soon she would be. Dealing illegal substances would be sentenced to hanging but capital punishment had been reduced since the crown prince took the throne. It had to be treason or something of the same scale to be executed.

They walked deep into the slum and were observed by a lot of eyes. The girl who was caught by Elena was left with one of the knights and stayed behind at the edge of the slum. She would deal with one matter at a time. 

The trip wasn’t long. But the time she was angry was long enough. Elena's mind had returned to mostly normal.

This isn't good. I need to clean this up quickly.

Realizing that she had been cruising around with an unleashed mana presence she began to worry a bit.

Luckily I didn't fire off any demonic power.

For all she knew, there could be an apostle who had just arrived in the city.

A building, if one could call it that, stood before her. It was big for a shack in the slum. There were torches put at the doorway as the sun had gone completely. A watchman was sitting in the front.

"Oi! Who are you peo-*crack* Gyaa!"


I have already exposed a bit of my power. May as well use it.

The [Telekinesis] spell blasted him along with the door, nearly mowed the front of the building down.

"I didn't know the Lady was that powerful."

"Well, she has never been in a fight before so how do we know? This is the first time I see her this angry."

"Maybe, you know, because of that event…"


I hear you, you know? But alright. You can build a story for my strength.

"Knights! Raid this place."

They saluted loudly and stomped the whole building in minutes. Knight was actually very strong.

Those mobs were just in bad luck that she was not in the mood for talking.

"You have no idea who you are messing with."

The boss was tied up and made to kneel on the ground. His face was bloody and missing teeth. His attitude was still above the cloud. She left the man alone for the moment. She didn't come here for him.

"Did you find anything?"

"T-That is… Milady…”

One of the knights led her to the back where there were a lot of wooden cases.

She didn’t like it.

She didn’t like it one bit.

There were many women and young girls in the cases. But more importantly, lying on the table in the middle was the unconscious body of a girl with dark brown hair. Her face was deformed and the body was full of bruises. Both of her hands were missing and blood was still leaking out at the stumps despite the bandage. Her purpose in getting here was destroyed. Ruined.

She didn’t need to inspect anymore.

“Bring that man to me, and do not interfere. Clean this slum tomorrow or I will do it myself.”

They dragged the boss over to her feet. On his face was arrogant and contempt, thinking that they wouldn’t kill him because of the law.

She looked down at him coldly. The knights took the hint and stepped back. They had to free the captives and do some first-aid. Missing limbs couldn’t be restored. The human was that fragile. Even a Demon King like herself who could rebuild herself anytime didn’t know how to regrown limbs for humans. The difference was too vast and was always outside her interest.

“Tell me the name of your master.”

“You don’t need to know anything.”

He spitted at her but it was evaporated before it got halfway. She was not amused but the source of her frustration was unknown. There could be a limited number of people who could harm the Count with this much confidence.

“... Then I don’t need you anymore. I will just have to assume all the nobles above my family as enemies. You can go now.”


Scorching heat emitted from inside his body, light leaked out from all the crack and holes that were formed quickly on his skin. He couldn’t even scream as his whole body combusted and turned to ash.

A blue [Fireball] was all that remained at the place where the man sat. It was perfectly round like a glass orb but with a calm whirlwind of blue fire within. Everyone could feel the intense heat from the [Fireball] that had just appeared. They were speechless. Blue fire was seen occasionally in graveyards or swarms but there had never been a blue [Fireball] and this was a perfectly smooth one too.

The despicable man didn’t have high magic resistance to resist Elena’s level of [Fireball]. This spell was not spirit-based because she was still afraid of making another greater spirit.

She took the [Fireball] in her hand and crushed it. Hot wind exploded outward from her hand with some blue fire tongues lashing briefly.

She wanted to run rampaging to sate her anger. But she would relent here. In the end, it was just a skilled maid who had taken good care of her. She didn’t care.

She didn’t care at all…

“You all take care of this… I’m going back. Report to me tomorrow.”

Elena looked dispirited. She was angry, sad, frustrated, and given up. Her steps took her back to the edge of the slum where another knight was waiting. Two knights accompanied her with worried faces, they felt like they should cheer her up but shouldn’t at the same time. The sight of her executing the bastard was still fresh in their memory.

Outside the slum, the petite girl was still there but there were two other people next to her.

“What did you do Emily?”

“I, I…”

“She ran when she met the Lady and got captured.”

The knight kept his watch on her dutifully. The girl, Emily was sitting down nervously. Her face was pale and frightened. The knight didn’t know what made the Lady so scary to the girl. When the Lady wasn’t angry she was very prime and proper. Although he didn’t mind this harsh side of her as well.

The parents of the girl came to him to ask about the matter with worry in their voice. But he assured them that there would be no problem, the girl didn’t do any crime. Perhaps she pissed off the Lady in some ways but that wouldn’t lead to severe punishment.

They felt a bit of a relief as he was not very hard on them. The knight was also appreciating that those three didn’t do anything to increase his work. He noticed that they lived nearby, a few houses from this Mari girl’s house.

“Do you know the owner of this house?”

“Huh? Oh, Linda’s house. We know each other but we don’t talk much.”

“That’s so?”

He didn’t have anything to lose and the parents also didn’t want to leave either. So the idle conversation went on. He wasn’t very professional and he was fine with it. The knight captain wasn’t there to scold him anyway.

“My Lady is looking for this girl. She seemed to like the girl but the butler fired her. Do you know anything about her?”

“Mari? Well, our daughter was closed with Mari when they were small. Right, dear?”

The mother asked their daughter who had somewhat returned to this world.

“Y-Yeah. I taught her a few things when we were working together. It was a long time ago though. I haven’t seen her much recently.”

“... That could be useful.”

“Are you saying something?”

“It’s nothing important.”

He deflected the question as the information inside his head clicked. He may get a reward out of this too!

Emily was scared out of her wits. Her day was bad. Very bad. She lost her job as a waitress because she broke some stacks of disks. Perhaps it was too much. Then she saw a dead body and was asked by the guards. Out of everyone there, it was her that they asked! And when she had finally been allowed to go home, she met her.

Registering entry…


Name: Elena De Heuser | Ika Uphahelm(Demon King)

Race: Human

Age: 14

Level: 3,00276e+24



[Mana Control] lv.100

[Superior Mana Control] lv.1,00097e+24

[Mana Attunment] lv.1,00097e+24

[Acana] lv.1,00097e+24

She ran away with all her mind. A thing that had nothing to do with an otome game was just standing there menacingly. But she couldn’t escape. The ultra final boss force choked her whole body like a doll. She was slapped and then put under watch by her minion.

That was then. Now she had properly calmed herself down. She scolded herself for running. It was really a big shoutout ‘I am here!’.

But when she could think again she found it strange.

Isn’t that the Count’s daughter? She was an optional antagonist in the game. But I didn’t go for her fiance back then so I don’t know a lot about her. Is she really that terrifying?

In the game, the player couldn’t just willy-nilly [Inspect] everybody’s status. Only when confronted they could use active skills. Emily had only gone for the crown prince because he was the biggest target. Everyone on that route was a noble or commoner. Of course, their status would be nothing like Elena’s.

Emily actually couldn’t even read Elena’s status. She didn’t know what that error-like number meant. She knew they were some kind of math thing but she didn’t learn that. On that note, the system she had access to seemed to be not as stasis as she had presumed.

So 100 isn’t the maximum level. I don’t remember her status all that well… But I don’t want to meet her either. Waaah! She should be a boss in some RPG game, not in an otome game!

She had played many games after this otome one. She couldn’t even remember the name let alone some details that she would likely have skipped as well.

There was no time for her to think as the slum which had become noisy suddenly seemed to be in chaos. She saw people ran away in haste from the path that Elena had gone.

As expected, Emily saw a feminine silhouette walking on the dark road after a while. The status panel confirmed it to be Elena. All the skills on her status were weird and unknown except for [Mana Control], which wasn’t even normal either.

“I am going back. Bring that girl to the mansion tomorrow.”

Elena was stoic and cold. She just issued one command and walked past them. The knight went after her and tell her something.

Emily swallowed the dried saliva in her mouth. Because she was caught again. Elena was looking straight into her eyes like a beast.

“You. I am taking you as my maid.”


“You don’t agree?”

She wanted to refuse too. But Elena’s eyes were very intimidating. She looked at her parents but they were celebrating.

What are you doing!

They were glad that their daughter wasn’t punished and even gotten hired by the Count. Their life would be improved just by the new income of serving a noble. A big win.

“If there are no complaints, I am taking her with me now.”

There was a smile on Elena’s face which would be charming for everyone but not for Emily. She was scared out of her wits after all.

I want to be picked up by the Count but not like this! I am going to be eaten!

She was grabbed by the air again and was carried listlessly to the Count’s mansion. Her parents just saw her off like her normal workday.

Around that time in the forest, a group of cloak men was carrying a big package and a long wooden box. The smell of the corpse invaded their noses but they didn’t seem to mind that at all.

These assassins had succeeded in stealing the body of their colleague and the mysteriously red feather from the guard station.

Their mission was only one. Bring back the corpse and the for disposal. The feather was just an unexpected situation. But they would also bring it back for their alchemists.

Unbeknown to them the feather inside the wooden box light up and started emitting faint waves of mana. There could be nothing they could do even if they knew.

The spark of calamity was safely transported to more than the place Elena had expected.

End of chapter 3

The big number is the result of the super enhancement.

This chapter is a bit on the dark side.