Chapter 78 – Annual Tournament Arc
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A certain being's perspective.

"Oh, all hail it, the evil god of demons, our almighty lord Hathus! He who has sent us an ordeal," the supremest of beings in the demon kingdom kneels toward the statue of his god and a voice behind him spoke, "to live to this day after centuries to see the demon king Mamroth kneel before something, I truly have lived long," the female demon lord Mazdara started tearing up as she knelt behind him.

In their eyes, a bloody scroll appeared on top of the statue feet shining with a crimson aura which the demon king grabbed and slowly opened while bowing and then he reads it out loud to the many beings behind him.

"The ordeal of Hathus, bring death to the human called Iris who's a servant of the goddess Aria of the Lumen kingdom to the south the one who kills her shall be rewarded with a godly skill, capable of becoming the king of the different demon kingdoms," the many demon lords gulped practically at the same time due to the reward not as much for the mission, and then the king spoke in a surprised tone once more.

"Just what in the world did a puny human do to enrage our god to this extent? How are we supposed to cross the red dragon territory? We would need to go around conquering everything to the east, then to the south and attempt to cross the mountains to do so... such ordeal will be very difficult to achieve, it'll have to be delayed as we're amidst a crisis against the near monster nests who keep stalling us."

"Perhaps it is time to expand to the west instead we'd have better chances conquering that side and slowly but surely become stronger as well as possibly convincing the west demon kingdoms to join forces with us and become one, perhaps they too received this message and will be willing to work with us."

"Despite our differences, demon lord Nure, I believe not a single of the demon lords and kings would dare oppose the god Hathus ordeal, so we should strike our enemies to the west and start making alliances with the rest of the demon kingdoms, in preference conquer them and having more strong types of demons serving me, that would be the most idealistic."

"We'll do our best to bring that wish into realization, demon king Mamroth."

'To think the demon kingdoms who were in a deadlock till now would start moving due to a single human girl,' demon lord Aosoth thought while smiling excitedly as they've been increasing their forces carefully for the past centuries, slowly expanding to the sides.


Iris's perspective back to the present.


"It's time lady Aurora for the next fight the round 7 which will be the quarter-finals for the tournament the opponent will be the daughter of the head of the pink rose family a direct descendent of a famous old ninja hero from the tales of Artana."

"A direct descendent?" I ask curiously as I remember the tale where a man was able to kill a few demon lords and beast lords eventually succumbing to one of them after a failed assassination.

To my question, the man nods," it is in your best interest to surrender the next fight as your services are needed as a general more than they are as a soldier."

"She's that strong..." My left hand starts to tremble with excitement so I grab one of the Ray swords sheathe that he lent me, tightly.

Despite the man's advice, my body moves as if I'm being pulled by the magnet of a stronger opponent which he bows out of respect in my direction going unnoticed by me.

"Ladies and gentlemen we'll open today's seventh-round with our amazing general who no one expected to have come this far versus a true descendent of one of the most prestigious bloodlines of the entire Lumen kingdom a direct heir of the old hero Fafnir the ninja, I present to you Moonflower the one known by her meticulous assassinations towards the enemies of our past king Francis, rewarded by him with the title of the quiet flower as her fighting style is as silent as one could expect," the crowd went euphoric with the introduction as Isabella daughter is simply that famous and a winner of past tournaments.

We stare at each other on the black ring and then Moonflower says," your hand, so you're the one who my mother chose," I make a surprised expression which she ignores and says," I understand don't worry, however, I'm sorry but you'll lose, but don't feel bad I carry the blood of the past hero and also his blessings and I've trained with my mother the best assassin in the world, as a noble I'm simply above."

Without saying anything I unsheathe one of my swords and hold it with my left hand preparing to attack as soon as the judge says the word.

"You may begin!"

'Ice bind," the moment I speak she cuts the ice surging from the floor while jumping backward, and then she vanishes.

'Stealth?' I extend my mana through the entire field and am unable to find her and then out of nowhere I feel a heavy blow on my stomach making me cough and then I see her in front of me.

Notice: 130 health and 70 mana have been deducted.


'Even though she looks unprotected my fist didn't sink as deep as I thought? I wanted to make her go unconscious, seems like she's pretty tough strangely for such a young girl.' She looked at Iris from top to bot looking for answers.

'Good thing I had my mana shield activated otherwise that could've been pretty bad it almost made me lose my senses from the pain alone while I can see her now I'll have to attack,' I grit my teeth and slash at her horizontally which she ducks and kicks my feet making me fall.

As I'm falling I see her taking a dagger from the back of her waist, 'Icicle, Ice wall,' an ice wall quickly splits the two of us leaving one on each side while icicles appear above her stretching towards her which she backflips a few times dodging them and then disappears once again.

Notice: 200 mana has been deducted.


'Damn I lost her, how am I supposed to find her if my mana isn't detecting her? Does she have a skill that makes her undetectable perhaps? I guess this was how she beat her earlier opponents, in that case, there's only one thing I can think about to attempt to counter her,' I take a deep breath and get up and then summon icicles through the whole floor and use ice expansion creating ice vines all around me hoping one of them will hit her.

Notice: 1000 mana has been deducted.


As I keep a defensive stance, I notice a drop of blood that is not mine, falling in front of me, and as I'm about to react I feel a knee hitting on my stomach and then a punch on my face throwing me forcefully to the floor.

Notice: 360  health and 140 mana have been deducted.


'Mana coated physical attacks sure pack quite the punch yet this girl is hella tough, what's up with her body? Past opponents that were older than her were already on the floor crying and surrendering yet this kid is looking with those green resilient eyes trying to figure out how my unique true stealth skill works, but sadly for her, there are not many direct countermeasures, even if she was able to scratch me with that ridiculous ice spell.

'Now, Icicles,' I surround her whole body with magic circles and icicles start pouring out stretching at her from all the blind spots she has to which she responds by disappearing and dodging with her speed and reflexes.

Notice: 1000 mana has been deducted.


'I wonder what teacher Ray would do in this situation...' I close my eyes and start imagining her moving, I take a deep breath and relax my body,' I'm glad that I came to fight...' I smile.

'Why's this girl smiling and looking so relaxed? I could've killed her a few times now if I used my weapon instead of my body...' With her pride hurt, she strikes her dagger at Iris's neck, and as she does her sword parries the invisible attack surprising moonflower.'

"What? How?" She asks confused at what just happened.

The crowd goes crazy about the development and then I use a different skill as I can now see her," before you vanish again," I raise my hand at her, "destiny cards."

System: The skill could not be used the requirement to activate it requires the awakening of the class.


'Ah... I didn't know that in that case, I'll put everything on this last attack, ice coat, decay, vanishing step,' the sword started shining light blue, and then a deathly aura aggregated around it merging with the coldness scaring moonflower for a moment, and then suddenly Iris speed raises so much making her approach the neck of the assassin girl with her sword.

Notice: 1100 mana has been deducted.


'That aura looks extremely unpleasant just what skill is that? I guess I can't play around anymore with her, 'smoke bomb, substitution skill, true stealth.'

I hit her neck with my sword which starts decaying her body while slowing her down, as a purple cloud appears below me quickly blinding me, and then I sense the earlier killing intent on my flank,' I don't know how she did this but it appears that the one I attacked isn't the real body,' I slash where I feel her and then I hear her words," switch skill," and I feel a cold dagger pierce my hip from the right side where I had struck the body earlier on.

Notice: 300 health and 100 mana have been deducted.


The smoke bomb eventually fades and I realize what happened," it seems like you switched places with whatever this is you made," I lose the grip of the sword and let it fall, falling on my knees feeling my body getting numb, and then I completely fall on the floor.

"The match is over judge, I hit her with paralysis she won't move for quite a while."

'I don't want to die again... Especially after discovering the sense Ray was trying to teach me, I was just about to take the next step into the training.'

Notice: The Skill Paralyze Resistance has been acquired.


"Not... yet... I... refuse... to... lose..." as tears fall from my eyes I do my best with all my leftover strength while losing blood to get up, as I force my body to slightly raise.

"It's over Iris you did well, come back when your stronger," I feel a hit on the back of my neck and I faint, "take her and make sure she's healed properly, she was a worthy opponent," Moonflower walks back while bleeding from a few places, as many icicles grazed her a couple of times making her smile.

'I can't wait for you to grow up my little knight, you'll surely become even stronger,' Moonflower looks at the audience where her mother Isabella is and despite being far she realizes she's smiling happily, 'guess you weren't wrong about her after all, if it wasn't for my stealth being unique it would've been a lot harder, even though I'm the ninja descendant who was born in a place called Japan, and not to forget that the night is still my realm where I'm 10 times stronger than this,' as she passed through the tunnel she laughed softly.

"The winner is Moonflower! We'll be starting the next combat very soon! Feel free to go get some more food or have a bathroom break!"

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