Chapter 81 – General Aurora Arc
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Year 5009 after the system day 5 of the flowering season at the capital south gate.


"They say destruction only comes at the hand of the powerful, thus the strong can't help but extend their arms and break those around themselves. Do not forget that through the entire story of this world, it is mentioned that the weakest can't help but cower in fear, for when those who are born superior decide to tear us apart, and steal from us everything we have. We end up with nothing but the darkness of death and the poverty of our souls. We've faced every possible defeat before the system was implemented, as the different races were born unequally, but even then ours was since birth inadequate, and utterly weaker compared to those around us," the humans in front of Aurora who's making a speech, lower their faces knowing how powerless each and every single one of them is. 

"Yet upon the records of the church we're currently at the year 5009 after the system, and I ask you all, why is it that we're still alive as the inferior? Is it because of the goddess who conveyed us with her messages through this person next to me the Saintess, to warn us of the dangers? No!" She shouts angrily with all her strength.

"Is it because the goddess decided to summons heroes from different worlds to aid us?"

"No! That's not it either!" She shouts while raising her hands in the air at shoulder height clenching them into fists.

"I ask you all, why is it that we as the human race are still standing, and have a decent peaceful kingdom of 10 million humans as the weakest race?"

Aurora observes as people whisper among each other for an answer while different peasants and nobles trade confused looks with one another.

"The answer is simple, it is because we're nothing more nothing less than cowards, who know when to run when things get dangerous. We grasp our survival as the most important factor because we fear the strong. We fear death, and utilize our brains and wits to its fullest to come up with tactics and even dirty tricks. All of this to defeat our opponents who are fiercer and wilder than us when we are feeling threatened. But all of you who got used to these peaceful times, forgot that the monsters are still waiting for a chance to gnaw and devour those around you, to break, torment, torture, and even make some of you as their breeding materials and enslavement," the citizens heads gradually started to rise once more in silence while they felt nervous towards Aurora, all of them being entranced in her words.

"We are weaker than goblins in what comes to the strength attribute, that is true. Not to forget they also have more stamina than us making them tougher and resilient to kill!"

"We're also incapable of using magic as adequately as monsters do, and they even have opposite and multiple elements the way they are while we're stuck to the minimum of one!"

"Not to forget, that we're nowhere close to having as much mana and magic power as demons have, as well as the big life span that allows them to reach higher heights than us. But I mean, that goes for every race except ours, and yet we are freaking alive as the utterly worms that we are!" She extends her hands towards them opening her palms facing them towards the sky.

"Did you all truly think that we're alive thanks to the goddess Aria? It is true she's been a good supporter of our race and has helped a lot, however, what have you guys done except being lazy and scratching your asses with such assistance? How is it possible that out of 10 million humans, the three human armies barely reach 200 thousand men together?"

"The reason is quite simple dear citizens, you're all not only cowards who are waiting to be slain by your enemies, but are also too lazy to do anything about it. If you won't change, you'll all die, your mothers, wives, and daughters will be raped by those green monsters. Your sons, husbands, and fathers will meet their deaths or worse, and yet, all you'll do is experience such fate while complaining that it was inevitable, and that you were born weak."

"The destiny you were all too lazy to change... I will march today towards the south, and heed my words with your utmost attention! I will expand the human territory to the infinite so that this world can be truly peaceful, and it shall be used by all the humans who support me like the goddess Aria assisted all of you. Alongside the forty thousand men the church kindly lent to our cause, including this almighty beautiful woman Serenity, the Saintess. Who's a weak woman like the rest of you, yet she's willing to fight! And I a little child of 9 years old that has become a general, a mere lowborn like most of you here today," she points randomly from one side to the other of the crowd passing her finger through millions," if I can do it, so can every single one of you peasants and nobles alike!"

Aurora then points towards the flag and says," I will cut fate and make a new one, I hereby declare it in the name of prince Julius the oldest prince and next heir to the throne, a ruler who loves humans and seeks to amend the mistakes of the past, so that everyone has a fair chance, be them peasants or nobles, be them, owners of disgraceful or fame classes, every single one of you. If you so wish to have a job to become either a guard to protect the Lumen kingdom, or a way better-paid job as a soldier in our army, where your achievements will allow you all to rank up higher, and earn more money and lands. The ones from the territory that you'll help capture alongside me!" The citizens started echoing at the greed of promised money and lands, after feeling utterly bad inside from her words, letting it all out at once.

"I am Aurora, the general, and in my name, with the unique element bestowed by the goddess herself through the Saintess blessing," she raises her right arm to the sky and a dark aura surrounds it creating a big enough dark ball for everyone to see, causing them to feel the pressure. She then shouted higher than ever before.

"I will destroy our fate as the weakest race, and obtain what we humans deserve, the world!"

The ball then flew towards the sky and exploded, hiding the sun above the capital south walls for a moment, turning the whole place completely dark on the ground into a large ominous shadow, where the peasants and nobles who were assisting her speech went in awe. This was quickly followed by a similar ball of light from the Saintess, that irradiated them afterward, making it look like the brilliant hope the one that would bring a new future after the darkness destroyed its enemies, forcing the crowd to go crazy in ecstatic screams, echoing through the entire south wall.

"The world awaits, it is begging for the blood of our enemies to be splattered, it reeks of the stench of the corpses that we'll pile up as we fight, but that is fine. That is welcome for the ones of us that die. They will become bridges for the rest of us that will walk over their dead bodies, at the end of our journey through this world my dear humans. We'll have completely dominated the world, and offered our souls for our mother the goddess Aria to care of," the people shouted the superior being name extremely loud with all their hearts in unison.

"The three successors of the king will wait for all of you brave souls, who are tired of being weak, coward, and lazy. To come, walk, run, trip, rise, fight, survive, live, and ultimately become stronger with us!"

Aurora expands her dark element around her whole body, making her look extremely eerie while the Saintess next to her mimics her, making herself look entirely divine. And then, they extend their hands towards one another while holding them, and they start smiling showing that under the name of the goddess be they who they are, they have a place under the banner of the general Aurora.

The close to 6 million people assisting this, started shouting the words general Aurora alternatively with the word Saintess while clapping, and stomping the ground euphorically shaking the area around.

'A new era begins today,' Aurora raises her head and looks at the sky making the sunlight turn her blue eyes even clearer,' it seems no matter where I go the darkness and the stench of blood will always follow me through. At least this time around I have someone worthwhile fighting for.'

'All is in the name of our savior Iris. Aurora let us show the world the one they called death bringer, the walking calamity, the white demon of the bloody plains, the one who murdered billions of beings.'

The extra voice laughed wickedly inside her mind.

'Even though that was my past self, in other words, the sleeping one, not the current me whose identity was born in the mirror world. It is not wise to release her unless truly necessary, it was already a miracle we were even able to stop her madness...'

'The reason she didn't overthrow the gods...'

'Don't even dare to mention it, keep an eye on her, and shut up grimoire.'


Year 5009 after the system day 30 of the flowering season at the southern outpost.


"General there's been the sight of a very strange group of black-hooded figures, about 10 thousand of them coming towards our gates."

"They have finally come, let them in, they are expected allies, and they too are part of the humanity. Do place them on the opposite side of the church troops, to avoid confusion and internal struggles."

"Yes ma'am, at once."

"Are you really taking them into the army? Their group is mostly composed of dangerous criminals Aurora..."

"That's fine Saintess, they will not dare to betray us after what they've witnessed."

"You mean the speech?"

"It was something else, but that did help a lot too, the only two forces missing, for now, are the gray and white houses."

"Why would that wicked Zylph be part of our army?"

"Same reason as the dark hooded came here, speaking of which..."

"Greetings general Aurora, and Saintess. I leader Balthazar of the dark robes have brought the strongest of us except for Omar to support you on your conquest towards the prophecy," upon hearing these words, the Saintess remained silent and neutral for the time being out of respect for Aurora, while feeling confused at the word prophecy the man spoke before them happily.

"Don't tell me Omar the greatest assassin in the world, who rivals even Isabella the head of the pink rose family, was too scared to tag along?"

Balthazar started laughing and then said," well I can't believe anyone wouldn't after what appeared on the red book of the prophecy. I'm surprised you convinced the pope and the Saintess to be here with us," he looks at her while speaking effortlessly.

"She was the one who actually chose me, perhaps for my feats as the general of the army despite being born as a peasant. I only have gratitude towards her and the blessing she gifted me, so do treat the Saintess well from here onwards Balthazar."

"This is truly unprecedented, to think you were chosen solely on your capabilities," he knelt towards Aurora out of pure respect, and then added," despite the past, we're willing to support those white robes under you Serenity, as long, as this lady goals, aren't betrayed by you at least."

"Humph, don't be a fool Balthazar. I can't even betray Aurora even if I wanted to, after all, I blessed her. One way or another I believe in this little girl. I prayed every day for someone to come to lead the humans to victory, and honestly this child has been doing quite a great job so far," she smiled confidently showing superiority over the black-hooded man.

"With this, all conditions have been met as I currently have 609 thousand soldiers under my command and most of them are training one anotherupon my teachings. I'll just need to rank up a couple more humans with good enough leadership, and then we'll start agitating the waters to drag the goblin king out of his nest," Balthazar upon being accepted stood next to her in the opposite side of the Saintess.

On top of the wall, there stood a blonde girl looking at the horizon where she'd eventually meet the goblin king, at her right, a white hooded robe figure that looked like an angel with green long hair coming out of her hood, and on the other side a figure in a black hooded robe, whose silhouette was identical to a demon.

'The pieces have mostly gathered, it is time to play this war game and bring the first calamity to this world. Ah... I can't wait to consume the soul of the goblin king, how delicious will it taste.'

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