Chapter 82 – General Aurora Arc
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Year 5009 after the system day 31 of the flowering season at the southern outpost.


"This group is the people that I chose to lead those around you, the ones whose leadership is highest, heed my words gentlemen for you are the chosen to protect the lives of those under you."

"Yes, general!" The men shouted proudly for being chosen.

 "The men on a line behind you are the ones who you'll take lessons and learn from, once they claim that you have learned what I taught them then you too will get a group of soldiers to cherish, to protect, and above all to lead as parts of your own body, you're the line of humanity that defends the kingdom if you fall your troops will reach disorder if any of you fail my orders, my strategies, they will end up all for naught, resulting in your own losses, so always follow your orders whatever they may be, however, don't be cowards, if the situation allows you too help on killing your enemies, and securing your allies, support those under you, the time for cowardice, fear and laziness has ended."

"Yes general!" The new and those who will teach them shouted excited to be part of something bigger than what they've been so far, being able to teach others while redefining their own understandings of war.

"You're all dismissed, once you train and have some doubts or confusion that you can't sort on your own, come talk with me, I'll be in my tent in the middle of the outpost as you know, and for those who don't, now you do," Aurora goes to the stairs out of the little wooden platform they made for her, where she usually makes speeches, eventually reaching the tent and as soon as she enters it...

"Welcome back Aurora," the sage Romeo and the hero Sophie tell her in unison to what she smiles and replies," thank you, how are the preparations?"

"Everything's set general, we're also starting to become a force to reckon, even though if it was the old world we'd be thousands of times stronger than here, we've participated in a lot of fights with the army but the experience we get for these lowly creatures hasn't been that much, but since you need us here, for you and of course the prince who assists us, we'll stay and keep doing what we can."

"In war, you'll be able to get a lot more experience, as at some point we'll start fighting the powerful ones that are hiding in the goblin king camp."

"But hell even after this long I'm getting even at chess against the prince Julius, but you're on a completely different level Aurora, for someone as young as you, you truly were blessed by the goddess and now even the Saintess, I bet not even the past generation heroes were that lucky."

 "They're bound to become super strong eventually, all the thirty summoned that the goddess Aria blessed us with, each will become a very strong individual capable of shifting the Lumen kingdom, I just hope it'll be for the best, I really don't want to have to fight any of them, I'd be murdered easily after all," Aurora words gave them a sense of superiority but also a wish to cherish such a little girl in front of them, after this whole time they looked at her like their daughter, a genius one, but definitely one of their kin nonetheless.

"In case the worse comes to worst, we'll protect you so that we can clear the ordeal the goddess asked of us so that we can return to our old world, she promised we could have a second chance to enter it, the one from before the void, and for that to happen in Artana a world a lot more dangerous than the one we used to live, we'll have to count on our little general talent for war, which feels like it pairs the stories of the legendary god of war from our old life," Romeo said happily as he remembered himself of the many gods that are now gone and are completely different from the ones in this world.

"Exactly just like Romeo says, I the hero will triumph over every other summoned and bring you any victory in all the battles we'll wage, all we ask in return is for the possibility of victory to exist in the battlefield you send us no matter which it is."

"Of course, I believe in both of you, and knowing how important the two of you are, I wouldn't send you to a dangerous position of the battlefield, unless there was an ambush or a lack of information like in a place where the eyesight is not favorable to us, for example, deep inside of the forest in front of us," Aurora points at the forest of the South that has been cut down almost every day forcing the monsters, beasts and even animals that live in there to hide further to the center of it.

Sophie approaches and hugs Aurora lowering herself to her height while whispering to her ear.

"You haven't told us why are we cutting trees even after this long, when are you going to tell me your little secret my dear younger sister Aurora," she looks at the girl making a lustful stare trying to pry on her thoughts on a friendly way to what she replies.

"I have three objectives towards the wood cutting, dare to guess?" Aurora smirks bullying them with this little mental game of hers.

Romeo taking on the challenge declares," the initial goal should be to use the wood to fortify and increase our defenses, as well as to extend the wood wall so that the beasts won't be able to surround us, neither get past us harming the gigantic fields we have and our supplies which the two siblings have started to copy us in that sense, of course, that they lack our numbers and also the initiative we took, not to forget... they don't know the reason of why are we doing all of this."

Sophie does a whilst as a compliment from the great explanation he gave and then Aurora speaks," it's a good thing that you've been learning and observing, not only our army but also theirs, it'll prove quite worthwhile in the long term, do you happen to know the 3 objectives though?"

"I expected that to be at least one of them," Romeo chuckles in disappointment but is used to this by now.

Inside the tent Aurora places the chessboard on top of the table and starts positioning some pieces, and then she explains in a very calm tone, and as she's about to start Mark and Ryu who's taking a break from observing the troops return to the tent alongside the Saintess, Balthazar, Zylph and Alfred.

"Welcome, gray and white rose family heads to the southern outpost," Aurora voices out so that Romeo and Sophia understand who the two new faces are, after noticing the rings in the white and red-haired man.

"I'm delighted in meeting you young general, I am Zylph and I've come to join the cause placing my share of men alongside Alfred's, to protect our supply route just in case."

Aurora looks at him with her typical cold gaze and thinks, 'quite the bold move, allowing him to manage the supplies and doing as he pleases if that's what this man thinks will happen at least.'

"I'm grateful but your men can join the front lines as the supply lines are already protected by his highness..." with a very cold tone putting him in the rightful place she adds, "Prince Julius."

Without showing any emotion he says," I understand general in that case allow this one troop to be part of the central section of the formation."

"That section is already completed, I'll let you choose between the left-wing where I have your friend Balthazar troops or the right-wing where Ryu army is."

'Knowing what this man is like I can't allow him to be in the center much less to be close to the Saintess, and neither nearby to the supplies, much less to be part of the reserve forces which I'll implement later, so pushing him towards one of the wings will be one of the possible moves unless...'

"My force is of 20 thousand mostly composed of... mercenaries we could say, and of course that includes horses, so they are a very peculiar force that might not fit into the wings of the army," he smiles coldly hiding his true nature.

"Horses... it seems I have underestimated you lord Zylph, to think you'd actually bring such an interesting force to my army, in that case, I'll place you on the right-wing, and have you do hit and run along with flanking tactics to support Ryu engages, I assume you can do that much correct?"

'This bitch who does Aurora think she is talking with? With everyone watching me... can't be helpt, I have at least made her acknowledged my war knowledge and innovation in the use of horses in from of them, this girl doesn't sound useless at all either, this could be rather interesting, I'll take the bite of the bone you're giving me for now young lady plus I get to play with Ryu, that's not too bad either,' Zylph then opens the mouth and voices coldly," that sounds fine for now."

"Very well, I'll appoint you as a special leader and the head of the cavalry, so that you can despite being on the right flank if necessary assist a different section of the war, which if you're talented enough, you'll be able to shine the most."

Upon hearing those unexpected words Zylph's who didn't expect to be acknowledged to that extent smiled happily, which didn't contrast at all with the way he usually is.

'Only a psychopath to control another,' Aurora thought while smiling at Zylph confidently of her new decision.

"With that taken care of, I've brought 20 thousand heavy armored soldiers, reason why I took so long to arrive."

"That's... pretty amazing Alfred, unexpected yet expected perhaps, I'll place your men in the middle of the center so that they form a line between the lightly armored soldiers and the archers, mages, and healers who will be behind the heavily armored troops as a last line of defense, in case some extremely powerful creature appears like the goblin king himself, it is expected for him to be way above what any human has ever achieved in levels, I wouldn't be surprised if he was a level 100 or even 200 being and move another 20k from the central to the left-wing, so Balthazar gets to have more reign."

Everyone gulped except for the Saintess, Mark, and Ryu who knew about it for quite a while now, excluding Balthazar who simply bowed happily.

"Regarding your question earlier Sage Romeo, I have been cutting the forest from our front, so that our soldiers can notice nocturnal attacks from the watchtower or even the walls easier, also so that the enemies have fewer places to hide and ultimately to force them to roam to the sides causing strife and harm to the neighbor beast kingdoms of the different species, like the kobolds and whatever else is hidden, which will passively trigger wars between them while we push and pressure the goblins more and more," an ominous aura surrounded Aurora making everyone respect and perceive how nasty the tactics employed by the general they're currently below are.

Zylph looks at Balthazar who notices him smiling happily,' for him to be this delighted it must be her, the one they've been waiting for which is weird as the Saintess doesn't seem to be bothered by Balthazar presence and his men, is this girl charismatic and resourceful enough to actually bring enemies together turning them into allies just like that? After such long strides no less? There was also the annual tournament where she reached fourth place with a rare ice element, and then my spies told me she was blessed by the Saintess and the goddess Aria, and now has the unique dark element as well. On top of that this young lady seems to know what she's doing towards the upcoming war, everyone here is of importance and they all seem to respect her highly even someone as annoying as Alfred... Quite the unusual young girl indeed, kids at her age are usually farming the lands or learning etiquette if they're nobles not commanding armies, I can't help but respect her intellect as a very intellectual person myself, I could not find any flaws or weak points so far, there's not many like this chick. I'll have to get my hands on her, she'll surely be useful in the future," a wicked smile appears unnoticed on Zylph's face by those around but Aurora, who pays it no mind as she knows worse.

"Would this army be able to defeat such a high-level monster?" Romeo asks a little scared of the answer.

"The records say that even a level one can damage it as long as they hit him, it's not like he has immunity to physical or magical damage, if a level 100 at max spends every single point in stamina, he'd have a minimum of five thousand health, but that's only if he spent all his points on that, however, that's unlikely plus he should also have a bunch of stamina from his age, he must be quite old and the older we get the more status we receive, in humans case a single stamina per year, we can expect a bunch of extra on him, alongside the bonuses of all the titles, and a king type of evolved creature which means a lot of tricks, be they extra status bonuses or even skills from attaining such rank, along with a little more than one million goblins."

'The more this girl explains how strong the goblin king might be, the more I realize how interesting it'll be to take on such a monster, as the strongest swordmaster in the Lumen kingdom I can't help but find it a worthy opponent, I bet if it was my wife teacher that old man, he'd be able to understand this feeling too,' Alfred thought as his right-hand grips the sword handle on the waist excited and nervous about the coming war.

"Can we even win this war?'' Zylph's asks as he now has a clearer perspective of the war that is to come and on his cautious and meticulous mindset the odds aren't that great.

"Of course, now that we have at least a number equal to half of the goblin army under my command it is a matter of time, but for now the soldiers and the leaders I appointed will have to take the training the first soldiers have done before, and of course I'll be taking this deployment a few steps higher afterward, not to forget there're motivated and egotistical soldiers on the other two armies due to my speech, which served to wake humanity up, do as I say and the goddess Aria will shine victory upon us Zylph."

'This kid really doesn't lack confidence, one of my daughters in her place would be peeing of fear if they had to lead a thousand men, and yet the prince who's supposed to handle the army that is past 600 thousand is nowhere to be seen, normally I'd check her background to blackmail if necessary but I didn't see Omar yet, so he must be protecting her parents from the shadows, this will be complicated, but this lady will eventually lower the guard down, even if I must come and find the girl while she sleeps, what happens under the linens stays inside them after all.'

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