Chapter 84 – General Aurora Arc
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Year 5009 after the system day 50 of the flowering season.


With the passage of time, the second Prince Marty and lady Angela the head of the golden rose family and general of the army of princess Liliana adopted the suggestions sent by writing letters from Aurora, from each creating an outpost with two to three watchtowers with an archer on top.

Bells were created to echo through the watch towers so the soldiers would have time to organize themselves or even defend themselves from possible nocturnal attacks.

The wooden walls were reinforced by earth and nature mages making them a lot sturdier, blacksmiths from the capital and merchants were able to prosper in such places, contributing to the strength of the different armies, as well as farmers who took over the fields once the soldiers finished their training, of course, that with the increasing number of soldiers the fields did too, do the crown Prince Julius took the south lands to himself as an investment towards the expedition along with those living close by to the southern outpost of Aurora."

Despite the hate, Prince Marty felt for the peasant, he followed every guideline she had sent him as it explained thoroughly how it would affect and the benefits of her ideas, even creating long and vast fields along with storages for the materials, and creating his own supply routes while creating a group to protect both.

Simple formations were also handed to the second prince and Angela, where each was symbolized by the number of troops the army would be able to gather, meaning that some required one to two hundred while other more complex formations needed 400 or above that number to be efficient.

In such a matter, the second Prince disregarded the formations completely as he and his advisors, the head of the black and red rose families took over tactics while the green one, stood on guard towards the supply route, and domestic affairs through all the territories the different houses own.

The queen remained neutral staying with the head of the pink rose family, who together with her and others would keep the capital safe from harm, while her children would dispute the throne as her husband wished for that to happen on his death will, for the following two years, to be more precise, a year and a half left even though this period could be extended as long as the queen desires, till she and her advisors who used to work for the king, arrives a decision related to the winner so that there may be a successor and a new ruler.

With the information provided by the Saintess such a will has been formulated by the king, so that in case anything happened to him they would all follow out of greed the way to the throne, the path towards defending the Lumen kingdom while expanding, as such he had considered that the one with the most merit would then be elected by its people, and even gain the respect of the soldiers.

The soldiers who left the pink rose family ended up joining the Aurora army, but due to Aurora words, she had passively regained the numbers of Isabella, through what she nominated of the guard job so that she'd feel safe in the front lines, by leaving a good amount of soldiers patrolling, protecting, and controlling the many forces mingled in the kingdom, due to this Isabella the head of the rose family felt like she owed Aurora a favor, which she would pay it once her sister Iris would become the knight of her daughter. 

"From 10 thousand soldiers to 50 thousand guards from Aurora speech alone."

"Iris was pretty amazing having grazed me during the tournament that much, but compared to Aurora's achievements, she still has a very long way to go," upon hearing these words Isabella smiled lightly.

"Oh, by the way, mother why was my name announced this time around in the annual tournament, wasn't it supposed to be kept a secret?"

"We named you after our ancestor, the hero Fafnir, the will he left us with to protect the king generations of the Lumen kingdom, from assassins for five thousand years has ended with my generation, as such, you've received a name that resembles the freedom of such oath, thus you may choose to keep serving the next ruler as I and those before me have, or find a different meaning to your life."

"I don't get it mother, what does the name moonflower has to do with Fafnir? Regarding the oath, I don't know about it, I've ever only thought about the training you made me do... so..."

"Fafnir was from this world he called earth a very cold place at the North, and then one day he decided to go east, where he eventually met the woman who became his, her name was hell flower, both of them lived together for a while, and eventually she got pregnant, and then one day they were summoned, and blessed, however, there was a complication that the goddess at the time didn't realize, as the woman hadn't been pregnant for a long time yet."

"Did the baby die or something?" 

"Not at all, but it didn't grow up normally, in fact, I don't even know if growing up is the correct term for it, I only know that it grew, not sure to what since there are no records, and the hero Fafnir became a legend for being one of the first heroes ever to slain those who call themselves lords from other races as they are extremely powerful, even if he ultimately ended up dying to one of them since he was always fighting alone."

"I guess he was strong enough to do something like that, and perhaps those around would only become a hindrance to his assassinations, after all, if one of his companions would make a hint of noise, it could turn his surprise attack into a very bad scenario."

"Yes, that may be so, but with companions he would have a chance even if small to be rescued, having allies is a good thing, especially those who do everything they can to see you well."

"So what is it that you really want to say?" Moonflower crosses her arms with a bored expression noticing that her mother isn't being her usual self.

"We're one of the very few families who hasn't failed a single generation, and we have an heirloom that the hero Fafnir left behind in secret, it is something we have also been protecting all this time, and it will belong to you from here onwards, eventually passed down towards your descendants."

"What? An item? A weapon? If it was from the hero Fafnir then a dagger maybe?"

"Come," the two of them go through the mansion towards the basement discreetly, eventually going through a few hidden magic passages that were sealed by an item going further deep underground, eventually reaching a small room with a lot of books, items, and weapons.

"What's all this?" She asks curiously as she's looking everywhere.

Isabella then walks some steps closer pushing slowly the things on top of a table and then she lifts a square part in the center of it, taking out a black box with golden strings coming out of tiny holes, giving it to her daughter.

Once Moonflower receives it she says," what is this black cube or maybe a box... mother?"

"I don't know either, but with this, the oath with Fafnir is now complete, from this day onwards that is yours, and yours alone including everything in this little room, from here on, you may try to find clues about it If you wish."

"Haven't you already researched through this room?"

"I haven't, since this place is only for you," she smiles kindly at her making her further confused.

"Why would I want any of this?" She places the box on top of the table.

"I don't know myself Moonflower dear, it is a special inheritance, and it's been so long that it is impossible to understand the reasoning behind it, and there's a chance that the answer won't even be found amidst all these things."

Moonflower sighs and picks the box again," I guess I'll hold on to it for now, at least till I find what out what's inside of it," her mother smiles hiding her expression from her daughter while leaving this place they're currently in leaving her behind.

'Now you have something to kill your boredom, my little flower.

The daughter sits on the table while looking at the box.

She starts thinking as she tries things, 'so it's a black box with a few holes each where a golden string comes out of it, but they're the perfect size so I can't look inside of it, I also can't seem to open it, should I try cut it with my dagger? I could end up ruining it... not like I really care about it,' she smiled and took out a dagger from her waist and struck the box failing as the material is too tough making it slip downwards, then she tries to cut one of the golden strings also failing as they too are very tough not even leaving a mark.

'I could always use my mana coating, and then slice it in half as I don't feel like reading all these things,' she charges her dagger with a good enough amount of mana and attacks the box as soon as her mana hits the box it gets sucked by one of the strings, making the dagger once again hit the box and slip a little.

'Now that was weird, it seems like it is a defensive item capable of negating mana attacks, but what about elemental ones?'

She mana coats then transform it into her own element and repeats the attack also being absorbed this time by two different strings, each absorbing a different type.

'My my... this is quite a cool defensive item, let's see what other items the hero left behind in here for me to use.'

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