Chapter 1 – Prologue Arc
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A peculiar occurrence happened in the goddess Aria realm.

Inside such a vast almost infinite place, mainly white rooms could be found where only servants lived while working for long periods of time.

In one of these, there was a peculiar, lazy subordinate who was assigned with a dose of work too great for one to manage alone.

This happened very frequently as the goddess made her servants overwork themselves, without giving any assistance whatsoever due to being lazy herself.

'This soul is proving to be incredibly hard... tougher than expected,' the being exasperated harshly,' I'm already late again...!' 

'How come this girl's soul has brought something so troublesome attached?'

Upon the conflicted situation, he scratched his head while reaching a quick and simple solution.

'Well... whatever really, don't want to be reprimanded by the goddess Aria again for being late with my daily quota. Sometimes I receive threats about my soul getting extinguished.'

He looked at the big white gate next to the table in front of him, where the soul was placed on.

'The system shall handle it in my place. This way I'll be able to finish in time and if necessary, I can always blame another god for whatever happens.'

Knowing the goddess had natural enemies, the man smiled to himself unknowingly at the consequences this would bring to the world of Artana, pushing the soul into the reincarnation portal.

System working:

Inspecting first soul... 50%... Reincarnate detected... 100%.

Conferring two random skills to it... success.

Inspecting the attached soul… 50%... Curse detected… Error.

Splitting souls before reincarnation... Error.

Soul size has increased significantly.

Looking for an alternate option... Success.

Creating an item from the System library... Success.

Sealing the second soul into it... Success. 

Implementing the first soul into a new vessel... Success [Iris]

Sealing vessel's memories related to the second soul... Success.

Sealing the item into the vessel… Success.

A voice barely audible popped in the baby's mind waking her up from the darkness.

System: The title Reincarnated has been received.


A familiar sound reached her tiny ears, a crying one along with a loud old man's voice. 

"It's a girl!" The village doctor declared while holding her in his hands after having evaluated the gender and cleaning the baby's face with a piece of white clothing drenching it in red.

While the face is entirely cleaned, a soft sensation rubbed softly on the baby's eyelids, and upon the removal of the bloody clothing, the eyes opened.

'Who are you!? Why are you touching me? I can't seem to be able to let my voice go!?' 

The old white-haired man with a similarly toned beard cleaned the rest of the body, and then placed her on the mother's chest.

The blonde-haired woman looked exhausted but happy while staring at the baby with two soft brown eyes. She then opened her pinkish lips to voice an unexpected compliment.

"You're so beautiful my little baby, quite similar to me." 

'What's going on? Now I'm facing a woman? Who's this person calling someone a baby?'

The brown-haired husband looked at the newborn daughter, through similar toned eyes next to the wife while adding.

"Indeed, she has a little blonde hair like you. Rosaline my love, congrats on becoming a mother."

He smiled at her while passing his hand softly on the wife's right cheek who in response leaned the face comfortably with a smile while responding.

"Thank you, and congrats on becoming a dad."

They traded a smile and then a soft kiss rewarding one another with some love.

The man then adjusted his position and noticed something peculiar. He then lowered his head to confirm some suspicions while fixing the gaze on the baby's face doing a thorough inspection.

"Hum? Strangely our baby has green eyes. Haven't seen anyone with such a color before, other than the almighty Saintess of course. How peculiar... must be from a very old generation from one of us."

He traded some looks with the doctor who became slightly interested and then with the wife who made a surprised expression before speaking.

"Do you think so honey? I don't really remember my grandparents having green eyes unless it was their parents whom I didn't meet."

"I'm not too sure either..."

Upon the couple's responses, the doctor decided to add an extra something to relax them.

"There's nothing wrong with her eyesight, and having green eyes, the same as the Saintess must be a good omen."

The two of them nodded and then all the nine eyes gazed upon the baby which allowed the parents to feel pride from such words.

'Father, mother? Then who was the person holding me? Some baby doctor or something? Where the heck am I? What the hell is going on?'

The baby thought clueless and confused with the current situation while the soul fitted inside the tiny body merging with it completely. It further gave her the ability to feel and use the five senses fully, as much as a baby can use them at least.

Both hands slowly passed in front of her eyes involuntarily as they moved randomly.

‘Are these my hands? They are so small! I can't really control them, ah... It's like they're moving on their own. Are they perhaps? I can't seem to get a grasp of the movement of the body properly.'

She attempted to move the different parts of the body failing miserably.

'Nothing does what I want it to, and why am I a baby? Was I given another life? I don't even remember dying on my past one? Just what happened? How did I end up in this crazy situation?'

Rosaline touched the baby cheek softly with a finger while making a kind smile attempting to calm my body who seemed to be agitated along with a soft sweet tone.

"There, there. Everything is alright my dear baby." The father held the mother's other hand with a similar expression to match hers.

'I suppose these truly are my parents... my new parents? They look rather happy. The last thing I remember was me trying to enter the attic of my old house… and then... I don't know.'

The baby eyes moved from the beautiful mother's light tanned skin towards the darker one of the father while fighting her fuzzy mind.

'Can't seem to remember the rest, it feels hazy whenever I try. I guess something happened where I ended up dying perhaps? Maybe I went into the attic and fell hurting myself somewhere? Instead of that, perhaps got kidnapped into this world? Maybe my soul alone was transferred here?'

She then noticed a shelf with very few but familiar items on it further away near the wall, situated opposite of the parent's bed.

'Maybe someone used magic from the stories of my books, and I ended up here as a baby. I really have no clue. Since I have different parents, it means I didn't go back to the past, nor traveled somewhere in time. I was just born again.'

The doctor noticed that the mother and the child's condition were fine interrupting the little one thoughts.

"Everything's done on my side, your wife just needs to rest now Luke."

The old man picked his bag while speaking with a serious yet amiable tone, giving some peace of mind to the baby.

'I'm glad this time around there were no casualties. Back then in my past life, my mother died soon after giving birth to me. It was horrible! My noble father hated me for it, ending up marrying a vile noblewoman whose children turned out to take after her. As a result, I was mistreated by them every day... in ways that I rather not think further so that I don't remind myself of them.'

"Thank you so much, doctor," the father replied happily with a big smile while using a finger passing it softly on Rosaline's cheek giving her some warmth, comfort, and happiness.

'Seems like this man truly is a baby doctor, thank you for the help. I suppose?'

"You welcome Luke, now be a good dad. I'll be taking the dirty clothes, you can handle the sheets."

The doctor smiled and then gazed upon the woman after hearing her voice.

"Thank you very much doctor Vincent, I'm truly grateful for everything."

Rosaline started tearing up happily placing her right hand in front of her mouth unable to add any other word.

"Take good care of yourself, Rosa. I'll be taking my leave now, still have some appointments to do. We'll see each other at the potion shop in some months."

The old man changed the shift of his gaze, this time towards the baby father.

"Alright boss! We'll meet you as soon as possible." Luke replied eagerly to go back to work while looking at the newborn attentively.

The doctor grinned cheerfully, waved goodbye, and left with big steps.

'Seems like they work for this old man Vincent a baby doctor, at some potion shop, whatever that may be.'

"Rosaline..." The father looks at the wife with sparkling eyes causing the woman to grow in confusion as she was not expecting such behavior from him.

"Yes, Luke? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is, but... what are you naming her?"

The man's eyes became full of expectation upon noticing a small smile from the wife, making a kind smile of his own.

“Hum… I wonder which name should I take.” 

"Since we compromised, I'd name the baby if it was a boy and you'd name otherwise..."

After some time passed with the husband looking at both and the mother at the baby's eyes she came up with a decision.

"Hey Luke, I've decided on a name for our daughter, I'll call her Iris."

The mother smiled while holding her comfortably, without thinking too much as the name insisted on replacing all others inside Rosaline's mind.

'How is that possible? What are the odds she picks the name I had in my past life? It's hard to believe this is a coincidence. Maybe it's the work of whoever made me a baby. Does this perhaps mean that someone did bring me here?'

"That's an adorable name honey," a calm tone resounded from the man, soothing the wife and especially the baby who seemed rather energetic.

A bit more time passed and Iris started growing tired, fighting to keep her eyes open.

'I'm starting to feel rather sleepy... I estimate babies don't have much stamina to start with. Not as I had much back then on my past life, always being starved by my family, makes me sad just thinking about it.'

They looked in my direction while appreciating me, as my body decided to give it a rest.

"Iris looks comfortable in your arms dear."

"Indeed Luke, she looks so adorable."

System working:

Register complete, sending information into the baby's mind…

‘Welcome to the world of Artana! You have been gifted with two random skills from the goddess library.'

'Your mana will be sealed till the human ceremony at the age of 7.'

'Enjoy your new life!’

The baby suddenly became a tad more energetic surprising both parents.

'Wait who are you? Skills? Goddess? Mana? Sealed? Where am I? Is this a new world or my old one? Second life in a new place perhaps? Hello, can you hear me? Hi? Hey? No use, not getting any answer...'

Almost as she was about to give up the last thought restarted before she fell asleep.

'Hello? Anyone listening...? Was worth a try, too bad it didn't work. What do I do now? I suppose I can't do anything as I am now. I'll have to wait till I grow up...'


Saintess Perspective.


Around the same time, in a different place inside a church, a 20-year-old green-haired woman can be found in bed asleep.

In the church since ancient times, four ranks are used to show and differentiate the authority of the people who serve the goddess.

Starting from the lowest ones, the priests, then bishops, archbishops, and the pope as the highest one.

This woman, however, hosts a unique title. She's ranked higher as the kingdom's one and only Saintess.

Famous for possessing the blessed skill Oracle, inherited from her mother the former owner of this title and class.

This skill is known through the entire kingdom as a future vision granter through her dreams, however, it is not perfect since not all of them become true.

And like any other day, this woman was having a nightmare. People dying, peasants and nobles alike, 8 million people within the Lumen kingdom being massacred.

An army with green flags, a vast one of countless black-armored enemies.

She woke up screaming and a priest who guarded the door outside barges inside yelling.

"Saintess!? I heard some noise is there an intruder? Are you okay?" He gazed worriedly at the bed then everywhere else just in case.

"Ah..." The Saintess looked around realizing everything was only just a nightmare. After some panting, she became calmer ending up looking at the source of the voice finding a priest inspecting the room. The woman after regaining some air by breathing slowly ended up declaring fearfully.

" I... I've... I had a possible premonition."

"I understand Saintess, I'll wait for you outside."

Comprehending that there was no enemy, the man moved outside closing the door, while the woman got up, changed clothes, from a white silk pajama to a long white cloth robe making her look like a nun.

"I sure hope it was a nightmare and not a premonition, otherwise... may the goddess drop by her realm to save us all."

A fearful expression could be seen painted on her face as it could be a devastating future.

After a while, the two of them head to the Pope's office. Once they arrive, the priest opens the door after knocking twice shouting loudly.

" Your holiness, it seems something unexpected has happened."

"What happened Priest?"

The Pope startled raised from the chair, looking at the man and the Saintess who barged into the room.

"Yes, the Saintess woke up from one of those special dreams and...."

The priest looks at her expectantly without knowing what it was about.

"I probably had a bad premonition in my dreams. In them, our kingdom being attacked, eventually destroyed somewhere in the future."

The woman looked at the floor with both hands still trembling.

"Our Lumen kingdom will? Is it the work of some demon lord or maybe a beast king?"

The Pope questioned worriedly trying to know more of it, as any additional information could make a big difference.

"At the very least, I believe it to be an invasion from a force with a great number wearing black armors."

The priest while uneased commented," if the Saintess dream is indeed true, then it could be the army of the demon race, they are known for their dark red armors."

The Pope agreed with a small reply while putting the pieces together.

"That's quite possible."

The old man then placed a hand on the chin, adding his own suggestion.

"It may be the armies of the beasts to the south, it wouldn't be a surprise as they've tried to invade us multiple times over the centuries."

"Yes, I'm not fully sure but I believe that happened not so long ago..."

The Priest declared unsure, faintly remembering something about it in the archives.

To that a calm yet sad tone left the pope's mouth.

"Since our kingdom is located in the center of all the territories, protecting it is truly arduous."

"Perhaps even the kingdom located to the east past the great mountains, their forces have been increasing for the past years."

"I believe the ogres wouldn't attempt to cross the mountains while fighting the golems, it would be incredibly hard. We'll need more information to prepare the church and the Lumen kingdom for what's to come! Go tell the other priests to investigate about the black armors!"

The priest bowed lightly and left the room.

"Well, we don't have enough information as it is, so for now if you may Saintess, take a seat and tell me all the details of your dream."

"Of course."

She took a seat and started explaining every piece of it.


Iris Perspective.


A year passed since Iris's birth and the Saintess vision, which allowed the knowledge about the dream to spread even to the most remote churches of the kingdom.

Located close to the southeast border of the Astia village, there is a small house, and in it lives Iris with her parents.

"Hey honey, while I was working in the village, a priest friend of mine told me about something important."

Rosaline replied with a curious expression while watching me crawl on the floor of the living room towards her leg.

"Oh? What did he say, Luke?"

The father responded anxiously with a soft tone to not make the wife fret.

"It seems the Saintess of our Lumen kingdom had a premonition that it would be destroyed in the future," 

'The Saintess? Who's that? Which kingdom is that? That's not the one I lived in my past life, and I've studied all of them, from all the books I read in that big library of my past father!'

I focused my best on this new piece of information, after all, I gathered as many as possible during the past year.

"That's terrible, especially since our Saintess dreams tend to happen, so for just this one time, I hope it was only a... nightmare."

Rosaline expressed a worried expression as she looked at me using her leg to help me get up from the floor.

"Yeah, she usually doesn't fail, but I think that we should be fine nonetheless."

"You think so, honey?" 

"Yes, after all, we do live pretty far in the southeast side of the kingdom."

"I do hope so, I can't imagine anything happening to us Luke, especially towards our beloved daughter."

'Did I perhaps get reincarnated into a different world after all?' I pondered deeply as a lot of things pointed that way, but not all of them since magic apparently existed in this world too.

"Don't worry love, I'll make sure to protect us!"

Luke hugged Rosaline making her feel secure, who was now holding me in the arms after picking my body up from the floor.

'My parents sure are lovely to one another, it really does make me happy.'

"Honey come here," Luke winked at his wife with wild thoughts.

Rosaline followed Luke while placing me in the nearest wooden cradle and then goes closer to him smiling.

'Ah... there they go again under the sheets, they're sure carefree.'

Faint kissing and moaning sounds could be heard for a while, and a while later.

"Ah... ah... yes, right there, ah... Luke..."

"Oh Rosaline... you feel pretty tight, I miss you every time."

"Ah... Luke, don't say those things, you make me embarrassed, and the baby could hear."

"Don't worry honey, here," Luke started striking harder disabling her of plausible thoughts," she's just a baby it's perfectly okay."

"Oh... ah... not like this, so rough... " Rosaline who's below crossed her legs on Luke's back.

"You feel so good, honey," Luke stated with a passionate voice making her blush deeply.

"Ah... it's getting bigger allowing it to reach even deeper... if this keeps up, I'll... I... I'm... C-Coming."

"Rosaline, I love you."


'Uh? what am I hearing from these pervert parents, and what did father mean by that? Not like anyone's going to explain things to me.'

'I've grown used to it, but I still wish I could talk with someone. I can barely say words with this body, it just doesn't keep up with me.'

'Sometimes parents read books to me, I was able to see some words in it and the language seems to be the same one.'

'I'll at least already know how to write and read, as well as math which will save me some time from learning.'

'I've had the chance to learn etiquette from my past life, just hope it's the same in this world or close to it.'

'I'll sadly have to keep on waiting till I grow up some more before I can do interesting things...'