Chapter 73 – Annual Tournament Arc
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'Iris it seems you've awakened quite a monster,' I smiled in a sinister way upon listening to such words.

'I don't know the details, however, I felt a remnant of a soul in that sword and figured it could be from someone important in the past, so I reminded myself of you being inside a grimoire, worst case it'd be a signed sword till the mana eventually disappeared.'

'Understood, however, Iris there's a chance she gets possessed by the soul inside of the sword in that case.'

'I believe in Alicia, in the worst case we'll brainwash whoever trying to mess with her, however, the soul inside felt weak. It should probably be inside of the sword for a very long time, so she should be able to do it, after all, she's no ordinary kid.'

'Perhaps you're right Iris, it does seem like you've matured in what comes to finding solutions using your own class, truly like a witch.'

'Well I had a lot of nagging moments with my teachers popping out often on my mind while you were gone, they kept me from feeling lonely but without you, it didn't feel quite enough, and I do believe I've changed quite a lot even if the brainwash resistance is maxed, a week ago I did some preparations before coming here and as such the voices are temporarily gone.'

'Matter of time till we can go back to adventuring together once the crown prince wins and is elected king, I can then put Ryu on the command and we can return home to our parents, I miss them.'

'Hearing that from you makes me happy since you took a while to accept them deep down yourself, I've seen them a few times since I'm closer but I do miss them a lot too.

'Seems like Alicia was disqualified along with the other one both for being too injured, they're being taken away now.'

'Too bad I really wanted to fight her and see how further ahead is she on the way of the sword.'

'I guess, however, magic can easily beat melee weapons at least in our last world that was the case.'

'I feel like both have their advantages, personally love them equally especially after seeing how strong teacher Ray is with a sword, I feel like he wouldn't lose against a wizard of any kind no matter what magical skills he supposedly might have.'

'As long as you get strong that's what matters, once you're done with training swordsmanship we'll start handling things on the other world.'

'Sounds perfect, even though before that I'll still test myself on those ruins back in Astia village, and see how far I can go through them on my own, so that I can compare how stronger I have become to the past where I almost died.'

'In the end, we could really use the experience so we go higher in levels, it is a very nice way for both of us to grow stronger.'

'Soon I'll do my best to conquer those ruins and see what lays hidden at the very deep inside of them, I'm really curious about it and also spent a while reading books, in fact, I got to discover very interesting things about this world that I'd love to share with you but sadly we'd need a lot of time for that.'

'It certainly doesn't help that the rounds are becoming shorter and shorter almost as if they're trying to rush the tournament.'

'From what I know it usually doesn't last longer than two days, those who win are generally the ones reliant on a weapon, as mana easily ends after a few rounds. It would be the same for me if it weren't for the little world of ours that has a better mana density along with my snow ritual, and one of the witches providing the ritual with a boost of her own making it extremely easier for my mana to recover.'

'You should start thinking on names for our... new sisters and also figure out their titles, if it works similar to our past life, then I'd recommend giving them a title related to what you want them to achieve as a witch, for example if you want one of them to become the most knowledgeable of them, a title named wise or sage would be appropriate for that one to have.'

'I'll have to think on eight names and titles...' A voice interrupts my thoughts.

"Lady Aurora the quarter-finals is starting now, at this pace I'm believing you'll win."

"I'll do my best even though there's always someone better out there," I get up and start walking to the arena.

"Good luck I'll be cheering on you!" I wave my hand at him smiling with gratitude for his support and kind expression.

'Next one would be nice if you could win, but no need to overdo yourself this is just practice.'

'Is it an important opponent?'

'She's the successor of one of the enemies from the black rose family, even though most families have a lot of children due to having multiple wives.'

'Meaning that getting rid of her would-be a benefit is that it?'

"Yes, the less influence the other factions have the best."

'Let's see if I can do something about it as she can be stronger than me.'

'Be careful from what I've seen her opponents stop moving once she hits them once, possibly a poison or a paralysis of some sort.'

Once I step into the arena the judge starts introducing both sides, "for the sixth round we have the general Aurora against the successor of the black rose family Eliane.

'So this is the girl my father wants dead if possible, she controls the ice element and is good with the sword, let's see if she can dodge my poison element along with my hidden weapons.'

'Baggy clothes generally contain some hidden weapons beneath them, and I can expect some tricks through her body, following what my teacher said I should make this a magic duel and swarm her with magical attacks.'

"You may begin!" The crowd goes silent as Eliane defeated her opponents in unusual ways.

'I won't give you a chance to breathe, Ice bind, Icicle, ice spear.' 

Notice: 1000 mana has been deducted.


I aim my hands in the air binding and hurting her feet tricking her eyes who follow them.

"You bitch," she throws two poisoned daggers that are blocked by two of the many icicles spreading around her while I throw an ice spear aiming at her belly with all my strength, this time without holding back.

'Shit I should've gone instantly into stealth,' she mana coats two other daggers with all her mana blocking the spear as she can't run away due to the ice bind while being penetrated through multiple places around her body.

"Protect, heal," the different helpers from outside the ring start yelling.

'Now to make sure she dies without they realizing it, a new attack inside of her should do the trick, ice expansion.'

Notice: 400 mana has been deducted.


The ice expands inside her body from the icicles that went through piercing the organs inside killing her outdamaging the heal that is being provided.

Notice: 210 experience has been rewarded from a human.

Notice: Iris has leveled up to 15.


I clap my hands once making the rest of the icicles that were growing against her disappear, so that the judge and those around us realize I tried to stop the attack.

"Thank you for stopping it lady Aurora," the judge says which I nod lightly as I expected this behaviour.

"She's dead judge," the result spread through the entire audience not really shocking anyone, as the barrage of the icicles was too much for her to handle.

'Is this Aurora's doing as the only two she murdered were our direct enemies? My brother must be pissed seeing as he thought she'd win,' the crown prince thought placing a hand in front of his face hiding the smirk.

"The winner is the general of the prince Julius, Aurora! Who will be passing to the semi-finals," there wasn't much reaction from the audience thus I left without caring about it.

'Will you be okay with having two of the rose families probably even the second prince targeting you Aurora?'

'I'll be fine I have the protection of the crown prince and I can defend myself too if necessary.'

'The unique dark element... that's certainly a good weapon sister.'

'Exactly Iris even though I haven't used it in a while I've just been training the army and have the hero and the sage roaming around me all the time, which for better or worse I believe they would protect me, and they're slowly growing stronger since I made them part of different squads, they get to level up slowly due to the party sharing system.'

'The ones who sealed you right? It must be painful to have your worst enemies being around you all the time, I truly would feel terribly wrong if it was me.'

'Yes, however, I'll make them suffer thoroughly when the time comes.'

'Are you going to remove the soul-bound contract after you avenge yourself, since that was your wish back then?'

'I don't think it's possible to remove it anymore plus it makes us stronger so it'd be a waste to look for a way to dissolve it.'

'Fair enough, personally I don't mind it, was just curious.'

'Let me have a quick look at status see how much mana I have left for the next rounds.'

Notice: 10 mana has been deducted.

Level: 15 | Experience 200/1500
Fame: 2300 | Disgrace: 25200
Unique Class: Babel Witch | Rank 3 | Experience 4240/8000
Race: Human | Name: Iris | 9 Years old
Health: 1170/1170 | Mana: 2500/3700
Status Points:5
Strength: 301(+29) | Stamina: 77(+40) | Agility: 85(+35) | Dexterity: 119(+20) | Intelligence: 244(+31) | Wisdom: 330(+40)
Attack: 0 | Magic Attack:0 | Defense:0 | Magic Defense: 0
Soul: 1754
Titles: Reincarnated+(S), Mana(S), Mana Exhaust(S), Health(S), Purchase(S), Wisdom(S), Body Training(S), Animal Slayer(S), Cooked Fish(S), Preyed Upon(F), Cheater (S), Heritage(S), Amalgam(S), Ice(S), Cooked Bird(F), Cooking Series (E), Slayer Series(F), Sale(S), Soul-bound(S), Element(S), Contracted(S), Peasant (F), Class(A), Monster Slayer(D), Slime Slayer(B), Skill Mastery(A), Criminal(S), Herbs Gathered(S), Herbs Types(S), Potion Brewer(S), Potion Types(E), Status Mastery(S), Beast Slayer(C), Horned Rabbit Slayer(C), Potion Administered(F), Goblin Slayer(E), Orc Slayer(F), Assassination(S), Herbalist Series(C), Skeleton Slayer(C), Noticed(S), God Series(D), Potion Selling(F), Potion Failed(D), Potion Succeeded(D), Alchemist Series(F), Money Maker(S), Merchant Series(C), Trading(S), Herbs Sold(S), Herbs Bought(S), Acknowledged(S), Disgraceful (S), Ignored(S), Forgotten(S), Zombie Slayer(F), Curse Slayer(S), Turtler Slayer(F), Corpse Transporter(S), Library Completion(S), Crime Series(F), Wise(S), Strong(S), Human Slayer(F), Murderer(F).
Completed Series: Fishing(S), Farming(S), Illusion(S), Reader(S), Tree(S).
Skill Points: 2
Actives: Status level 60(C), System Library level 100(S), Mana Coat level 72(B), Mana Wave level 21(E), Ice Bind level 34(E), Ice Sword level 20(E), Icicle level 60(C), Long Slash level 40(F), Ice Expansion level 12(F), Ice Hammer level 1(F), Ice Spear level 3(F), Ice Wave level 10(F), Ice Light Armor level 21(E), Ice Heavy Armor level 11(F), Triple Slash level 50(D), Thrust level 30(E), Parry level 43(D), Backstep level 24(E), Dance of Death level 6(F), Vanish step level 1(F).
Passives: Bleeding Resistance level 51(D), Swordsmanship level 50(D), Sword Mastery level D(40), Mana Control level 51(D), Ice Control level 40(D), Slight Wisdom Boost level 40(D), Slight Mana Recovery level 60(C), Acid Resistance level 1(F), Ax Art level 1(F), Ax Mastery level 1(F), Corpse Dismantler level 10(F), Brainwash Resistance level 100(S), Night Vision level 30(E), Slight Stamina Boost level 40(D), Slight Agility Boost level 35(E), Slight Strength Boost level 29(E), Slight Intelligence Boost level 21(E), Slight Intelligence Boost level 20(E), Slight Health Recovery level 46(D), Ice Resistance level 50(D), Cold Resistance level 60(D), Heat Resistance level 30(E), Lightning Resistance level 40(D), Knockback Resistance level 22(E), Stealth Detection level 15(F).
Class Actives: Dark Alchemy level 52, Magic Analysis level 51, Destiny Cards level 1, Cursing Objects level 5, Decay level 5, Mana Shield level 40.
Class Rituals: Snow Falling level 41.
Class Passives: Dark Alchemy Mastery level 40, Witchcraft level 100, Curse's Mastery level 100, Ritual's Mastery level 31, Magic Control level 61, Magic Knowledge level 61, Ice Mastery level 40, Babel Mastery level 20, Grimoire Mastery level 20.
Babel Arts: Grimoire Possession, Grimoire Renouncing.
Unique: Appraisal level 53, Illusion level 1.
Cursed: Unidentified Skill, Mirror level 51.
Rare Element: Ice.
Cursed Soul-bound(Grimoire Rank Unique Final Phase: 1/51200)
Contracted Witches: Adorable.

Half an hour passes and the man comes for me once more.

"The semi-final and final lady Aurora have been delayed for tomorrow as the crown Prince Julius wants to have everyone at their prime for more exciting matches, he also has told you to wait here for him as he's finishing a conversation with his sister the princess Liliana."

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