Chapter 75 – Annual Tournament Arc
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From the coliseum we got to a wagon the entrance had some peasants initially but they were pushed away by the guards before we passed, a few of them looked at me and my sister who had a great part of her covered in a black hood as we passed by them a man screamed.

"At long last, the one," and then something very strange started happening, the peasants started whispering, "the one" as they looked at me and my sister, not really sure which as we were walking together.

As time passed from the entrance to the wagon the sounds became stronger and suddenly the peasants changed into dark clothes creeping the Prince and the guards around us and they started saying.

"The one next to the one has an enneagram," this sentence made me place my arm around my sister hiding the visible star so that neither the guards nor the Prince realized it, once we arrived at the wagon I pulled her hood backward and she climbed the stairs making one of the peasants notice that we were twins, I followed right after and soon we parted from that place.

While inside I asked," who were those people, Prince Julius?"

"Those who wear dark robes are the enemies of the pope and in a way of the church, they're a very dangerous group of people that have classes related to disgrace who are often exiled from the kingdom though they hide in different places which is hard to deal with as we don't have enough soldiers to search every inch, we also believe the group has a connection to the nobility thus making it even harder for them to be traced," he answered with a clearly displeased face and tone.

"Shouldn't we have captured them there then?"

"The guards will exile them but there's a chance they will return, they always do, and killing them would only make their group start killing civilians as far as we know they're just a group of people that were banished for the classes they received it happens to a lot of people and it is one of the things I want to change once I become king so that everyone is welcome to live as they are, hopefully, I achieve this before they become large and strong enough to destroy the churches everywhere especially now that they gathered 40 thousand soldiers to our ranks, it would without a doubt be very bad."

'From what he said I feel like it wasn't a coincidence Iris, they were there for you as you have a disgrace class and a cursed one on top of it, I don't know what they want but we need to watch out for what could happen they might have a way to discover people with such classes like the pope has the skill to check disgrace.'

'I received a paper which I believe to be a letter from one of them I'll read it carefully when I grab the chance we need more information about this matter.'

'Yes, it would be dangerous to act rashly, after all, we're too weak to handle that many, I honestly think that those guards weren't enough to deal with them.'

'It's not like they have to fight them just let them be they didn't do anything wrong aside from scaring us a bit.'

"I believe that the guards should be reinforced the number we had today protecting you, were not nearly enough Prince."

"Yes I know but most are handling the security of the coliseum but I'll ask some extra men from Isabella the head of the rose family for tomorrow."

After a while, we arrive at a popular restaurant where we have dinner and then we head back to the guest room where Aurora usually stays in one of the mansions of the Prince.

"This room is awesome sister!" I take out my shoes and jump on the bed feeling the fluffiness of the mattress under the linens, "this is so much better than what I've slept all my life!" Aurora starts smiling gently," well it is the perks of high nobility the one you don't care much for."

"Comfort and luxury, " I turn my face to the ceiling while saying those words," they definitely don't suit me, I rather go into an adventure, know people, and train to get stronger."

She jumps next to me and whispers in my ear," that does sound like you but more importantly I'm only detecting a guard 10 meters away from us so you can check the paper now."

I take it out from the pocket and show it to her while reading silently, 'oh great and almighty one whom we wish to serve, we have found you after an extensive look ever since the statues of the goddess of order Luna started bleeding for 10 days, we have a prophecy which shows us that you're the one we must follow, live and if necessary die for, we are a very large organization that is hiding from the many prosecutors of the church who exiled many of us into the mouths of monsters and beasts from innocent kids to the elderly, we beg you to save us oh disgraceful being you who will ascend above all others and lead us to a new world.'

We look at each other shocked by the information in it," this isn't a joke, is it? The goddess Luna made the statues bleed just because I received an evolution in my class? Was is that significant? It seems we have a strange group willing to join... you in war Aurora," I laugh at her slightly scared.

"Please don't joke about it they looked and act like a cult what could we possibly do towards such a group, we know nothing about them!"

"Well let me turn it around and see what else it says certainly they included a way of contacting no? Plus they sound like they had a very bad life because of their classes which to be fair could happen to me too at some point," I laugh nervously at Aurora who pats my hair.

"Seems like they did write a bit more," I start reading it, 'one of our strongest assassins will come tonight to your room and talk with you about any doubts you might have so please don't try to fight him he's friendly unless in danger in which case he's a monster capable of killing someone like Sylvia," we look at one another trying to read each other mind but realize we're both without thoughts.

'Should we hide inside the mirror?' I ask Aurora after noticing the danger of this message. 

'If they wanted to kill us I believe that we would already be dead you saw how they outnumbered the guards back then and without reinforces, I very much doubt we'd live even if we did tell the guards about this information probably that could lead to their death.'

'We could hide but it would only last so long and we don't know if the other side is safe either since they know of the other world they would most likely find us or even have a way to enter it.'

'We signed the mirror together so I don't believe that would be the case, it is your world, and seeing as the space increases or decreases depending on the size of your soul, it's safe to assume it has to do with it in some way Iris as we know that it didn't work with mine.'

'In that case, we wait for the person to come,' I leave the bed and open the curtains the windows, and stand outside on the balcony looking around to see if I can find someone suspicious or something weird.

I expand my mana around my body slowly stretching it in the greatest area that I can," Aurora!" I shout immediately noticing the presence of someone behind me turning around finding a man in black clothes, a mask on his mouth, and a hood.

I retract my mana and stare at him who stays silently between us two and then after some seconds he speaks," I'm Omar the greatest assassin in the world."

"Who just got caught by a little girl," I tease him to see his reaction.

"I didn't expect you to stretch your mana like that it has been a valuable lesson for the next time I have to assassinate someone... skilled."

"Very well Omar, since it seems like you guys have done their best to find me I would like to know everything there is to learn about your group and which one were you guys looking for, between me and my sister Aurora, though I feel like it's me."

"But of course, we're those who have been banished from the kingdom even though we live in the slums and other dark places without security, we have connections to a certain rose family the gray one whose head works with us, his name is Zylph and he's a very dangerous man we could say not in a combat perspective but more in a money, wickedness, and nobility power."

"Why did you guys get banished? Is it truly only for having a disgrace class?"

"There are 8 archbishops the leaders of the octagon churches some of them conduct human experiments and when they're done with the subjects they throw them out of the country and sometimes they kill them, we're not a good group either as we also kill to survive, fairly speaking in this world surrounded by evil and death there is nothing good in it, except you if you truly are the one in the prophecy."

"Firstly, I am Iris seeing as you haven't said it a single time I get it that you don't know my name, secondly tell me more about this prophecy of your group."

"I'm grateful for your kindness and blessing by hearing your name Iris, the prophecy started before the system was implemented, it was said back then through generations with no end of women who became the Saintess that the human kingdom would perish through this or due to those messages that the goddess Aria would give them, however, back then something happened that repeated itself during this generation, a pair of twins was born one being the Saintess with a blessed skill and the other with a cursed skill that did the same thing, however, in riddles and different messages."

"Before the cursed one was murdered she had foreseen the future but not just any close part of it, the woman prophecized that one day, one would get a disgraced class and grow so strong that it would bring pandemonium into this world making the kings and gods themselves fall from their thrones and realms destroying everything as it is known, thus the church who didn't want to suffer from it created a law among other evil things to stop that from happening."

"That's a very interesting story yet how would all of this come towards me as I am just a normal wizard girl with no disgrace whatsoever?"

The man takes out two items where one is shining and starts explaining, "these two items have been passed since before the system came to be and survived longer than you can possibly imagine, the one that is shining never shone before till a while ago where I assume you received a disgrace class it indicates vaguely your location so it took a while to find you, and this other one is our red book which gives us the information we need, place your hand, then your sister's hand, and if what you say is true I'll never bother you again, I promise."

He extends it to me and I look at it, a full red creepy book that looks like it has teeth and bones coming out of it, 'any ideas Aurora?'

'If you don't do it he'll force you, so just try it worst case I'll attack him from behind and help you.'

I extend my hand and place it on top of the book softly.

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