Chapter 79 – Annual Tournament Arc
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Goblin king a bit less than a year ago.


Deep in the woods where the nest of the goblins resides a very big goblin remains seated planning on the future that is to come.

'It seems the humans are gathering numbers in the South, compared to us goblins they're still far below us, so there's nothing to be afraid of, last time it took 500 thousand humans and that very strong hero which I managed to murder to push us back, and thanks to killing a hero I was able to get a very special ability to name powerful goblins allowing them to become even stronger,' he smiled as he thought about it.

'The problem is that our mother the goddess Luna statues bled and as such it feels ominous to start a war now... I initially thought on invading in 3 or so years, but now I don't know if it's wise...'

'The day I killed the hero the goddess Luna the mother of all goblins whispered in my ear to retreat and build a very numerous kingdom, yes, that voice which is impossible to forget once heard, a delicate tone that makes the ears happy just to be able to hear it...' 

'Yet someone or something made our godly mother angry enough to make her statues bleed... but I do not know the meaning, the old goblin shaman is waiting for one of his visions so that we're sure the invasion this time will work out, I have mimicked the humans from the last war and learned their tactics, this time around we'll emerge victoriously, but I suppose I can delay it a bit more and gather stronger goblins by naming them whenever it's not on cooldown if I die those who received my blessing will lose their powers, so I won't be joining the front line this time around, as such, I'll need strong leaders and smart leaders, even though most goblins are stupid little cunts who can only understand fear.'

"Goblin king, I request an audience please," a big goblin with a big ax kneels before the chair where he's sitting.

'Hopefully not another dumb goblin requesting for power just to end up dead or permission to use one of our sex slaves,' the goblin king sighs and then says," raise your head and speak goblin."

"I am grateful goblin king, I have been mourning for the death of my son who was killed by a blonde female human, our mother the almighty goddess Luna whispered me, and she said the human is the reason why the statues started bleeding, a powerful seed capable of changing the world if left alive, and she granted me a special class called berserker to stop her."

Upon hearing these words of the goblin underling the smile and happy mood the king had vanished and he made a creepy expression filled with wrinkles.

"That human a blonde one did our mother Luna whispered to you her name?"

"No king, but I know she's blonde and uses ice, my sworn enemy and the human I'll kill once I master this new power our mother blessed me with, with your permission of course oh goblin king."

"We'll go to war soon, however, I'll be spreading my own blessing towards strong goblins so that we're sure to win what's to come as such, you shall receive a name and grow even stronger," the goblin king raises his hand pointing towards the berserker and says," unique skill kin awakening, now show me how strong you'll become," an aura from the goblin king spreads to the berserker engulfing him and then he starts changing.

His body starts becoming bigger, more muscled and uglier small white horns appear all around his beard almost like teeth, and then when the aura dissipates the goblin king receives a message from the system.

System: Congratulations your underling has successfully become a goblin of the lord type the strongest grade right after a king one.


'This is the first time my power produced such a strong type of goblin, it seems that it may have been due to the special class he has, including the blessing of our godly mother.'

The goblin king raises from his chair making the many goblins around look at him and then says, "my children I have a new order for all of you instead of fighting each other reducing our numbers, from this day onwards you all shall go out and find your own strengths you have to fight strong opponents and experience the world and then return to me once you have acquired a good class, so that you may become the next goblin lord like this fellow here today who shall be named as Zrix," the goblins started spreading the word while making noise with their feet while screaming in honor of the new named one.

"Now raise Zrix and become stronger so that you can exact not only your revenge but also the mission our mother choose you to take, you may command as many goblins and train them as you see fit."

"I Zrix the goblin lord will do my best for you my king, and destroy those filthy humans once I master this new power," he gets up while grabbing the ax tight and then does a vertical cut after stretching his arm in the air noticing that his strength and agility increased considerably making him laugh crazily.

He grabbed the ax so tight that he started feeling something peculiar, he and the goblin king started noticing his mana aura coating the ax and so the Zrix started focusing on that failing miserably many times but getting to shape the ax with a thin layer of it as he lacked mana control severely, nonetheless, he smashed the ground with the ax making a deep cut, one deeper than the length of the ax itself thus he and the king realized a new skill had been born for them in that right moment.

"This consumes a lot of mana and needs an incredible amount of control but if we are to teach them to every single goblin... we'll definitely become even stronger like those few humans who have shining weapons.''

"I always thought the humans had found a way to make special weapons but for it to be the use of mana..." as soon as he finished those words the king started laughing and then he spoke," with this discovery, we're surely to make a change but for that, we'll need more goblins with a lot of mana, most of us don't have much of it."

"The system titles, some of them must give mana, how else would humans have so much, unless they spend their points solely on wisdom while most of us spend them on strength."

"Perhaps we have been relying too much on strength Zrix, it's time to explore new ways before the war that is to come, go find goblins with a lot of mana and train them while you learn yourself, so we have at least an elite force of shining weapon goblins."

"As you command oh great king," Zrix left heading towards the goblins.

'I'm level 114, but I received a lot of curses from the last time I fought those disgusting humans, especially that hero if it wasn't for that I would destroy them on my own, no matter what I'll enslave every single one of them and eventually become the king of this world.'




At the entrance of the coliseum, two hours later a very old man walked towards the receptionist.

"Greetings sir, how may I help you?" The man asked awkwardly as the old man in front of him smelled badly alongside the scent of alcohol. 

"I've come to pick my student she's the one who ended up in fourth place the short-haired blondie."

'This old man is the teacher of the noble lady Aurora?' He started laughing and then he said with a mocking tone," do you have any way to prove what you're saying, old man?"

A voice coming from a couple that was passing at the side along with their child and a butler who carried her was heard," to think I'd meet you here fallen noble Ray," the receptionist looks at the source of the voice and notices the head of the white rose family Lord Alfred, upon hearing such words Ray turned around and starts laughing upon noticing who they are.

"To think I'd meet the two of you here, so this is the weakling you married Sylvia," Ray started laughing some more, upon hearing his master being mocked Robert placed Alicia on the floor as she stood on her own who was on a piggyback ride till now.

Once Robert starts unsheathing his sword to teach a lesson for the humiliation the old man is making a different voice is heard," teacher Ray, I've brought you the swords and as promised didn't break them at all," as soon as I look around I notice Alicia family and say," why is... oh... my," I go silent as Robert has his sword unsheathed and is walking with an angry expression towards Ray.

"Seems like a light warm-up before we resume your training student Iris," he said politely making it look like I stand above Alfred whom he just mocked.

Once Ray takes one of the swords from me I walk away knowing that it won't end up good seeing the glitter of seriousness on the teacher's eyes.

"You should run Robert, this is my teacher the strongest swordmaster in Lumen kingdom," I warn him as I appreciate him for always taking care of my friend Alicia.

'So this is the person Iris decided to follow instead of picking my father offer, I can feel the pressure of his skills,' as Alicia is about to warn Robert to step back, Sylvia says," it's been a while teacher Ray, you sound as rude as ever and peerless with the sword too, I thought I had been the last student before you retired, but it seems you picked someone rather interesting," Ray started laughing and then voice his opinion.

"Interesting to say the least this little girl will with time become a monster with the sword that will surpass even me, after her training, I'll definitely retire," he smiled excitedly while showing his yellow, black, and missing teeth.

Once Robert reaches the range of Ray he says with an angry tone," I hope you have prepared yourself."

"Bring it on puppy," the swords touch.