Chapter 83 – General Aurora Arc
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Year 5009 after the system day 35 of the flowering season at the mansion of the royal family.


"I'm truly surprised about everything that has been happening ever since the death of my father Ange, and the more I dig the more interesting I take the kingdom to be, it is almost as if I'm making one big puzzle and soon when I complete it, I'll be able to change the world or at least influence it in an interesting way."

'She's making that expression unbefitting of a princess again, a very sorrowful one...' Ange who finishes taking a sip of the hot tea asks," I am very sorry princess I'm not following this new subject, would you be willing to clarify please?"

"I have found a cute little doll who is very mysterious and intriguing to the point of having spent a good fortune on researching everything possible related to her but not only did I ended up spending money I also made some of those who I hired face death."

"I'm still confused princess, what doll? A cursed item perhaps?" Ange looks confused making the princess chuckle.

"The blonde, adorable, young, and short doll called Aurora the general of my eldest brother Julius."

"Oh the one who ended up in fourth place at the annual tournament, people seem to be making quite the ruckus about her ever since the speech she made."

"In fact, the masses are only talking about her despite me and both my brothers existing, a peasant at that who was made a noble by my brother Julius."

"From nothing to everything is it? How did she ascend to where she is now though?"

"That was the exact question I had in mind, however, after all the effort I went through, there're some pieces that have yet to connect properly to one another."

"What could possibly be so hard about a little peasant girl who was born not that long ago, princess?"

"What if I told you that both the doctor who helped giving birth to her says she was born without an element, and that this information was approved by not only Julius but also the pope?"

"Hum? Wasn't she the one with the rare ice element? I saw a few matches of her unless I'm confusing Aurora with someone else?"

"Exactly, not only has a rare element but she also has blonde hair which is rare and blue eyes which neither of her parents has, of course, that this could mean nothing but it is certainly interesting."

"Maybe her grandfather had blue eyes and only passed down on her now, no?"

"Yes, a possibility but what's interesting is that she has an element yet the information I gathered said the opposite till recently or it means someone hid it from me, so things get better..."

'There goes the princess again, that sorrowful stare into something I can't begin to comprehend almost as if she's looking into a completely different world whose gaze goes through me...'

"Princess... you were saying?"

"Seems like I was lost in thought again... even though I just had an interesting one."

"One from your cursed skill?"

"Perhaps, even I don't know how to differentiate between them, since some are real and others aren't, a few belong to it and the rest don't? Anyway, what we know is that my brother is hiding something, possibly big related to that general of his, and you may not yet know but she was blessed by the Saintess and the goddess Aria on the end of the first day of the tournament."

"Whoa! Just how lucky is she? A peasant that has even earned the blessing that's... wasn't it something that only heroes are able to get?"

"The truth is that the Saintess can choose whoever she wants once per life, however, this one in specific hadn't chosen anyone despite the many requests of the pope, I believe it has something to do with her mother and lost sister."

Ange after making a surprised face asks," she has a sister?"

"From the information I gathered let's just say that she does, and the pope exiled her from our kingdom at the cost of a lot of lives, one of the darkest secrets of the church, don't tell anyone though you might die, as some of the men did."

Ange makes a cold expression and says," I'd love to see what fool would dare to kill me, and meet my mother's wrath."

"My my, how scary, my little Ange should be cuter," as soon as she heard the princess's words she returned to normality smiling kindly and bowing lightly.

"I have received the information on what her blessing was, dare to guess?"

"Isn't it a skill that the goddess uses, usually that's what it's supposed to give no?" The princess smiles creepily and then whispers," she got the unique dark element which caused a ruckus in the church, as their doctrine is against the demons in the north, that appear from time to time who are brutally murdered every time."

"That pope is having a hard time? That's hilarious he's usually the one giving trouble to others thanks to all the fanatics, and their stupid ideologies."

"Well the most interesting part was that the pope used his skill to examine Aurora's disgrace, and she was completely pure absolute zero, and now even got blessed by the Saintess and the goddess probably due to that."

"Seems like this doll is having a fun time causing havoc wherever she goes."

"Yes, Aurora is having fun, I don't know what kind of person she is from the little time I've been with her but sounds mostly a troublesome puzzle piece that doesn't fit anywhere, I just can't seem to place her."

"That would be a first princess, but I'm sure it'll be a matter of time for you to be able to achieve its full progress."

"I wonder... It feels like I'm missing something important, especially since one of the spies I hired was murdered recently."

"Oh right princess, you did mention it caused you some losses what was that all about?"

"Her army is composed by the white, blue houses who have an alliance to my brother Julius which is quite normal, however, she also received 40 thousand men from the church that would also make sense since the church Saintess by whatever reason blessed her, which includes the woman herself another reason the church is starting to crumble is the devotees are taking over her side, towards what they call a divine war in the name of the goddess Aria against the goblin king who is represented by the goddess of order Luna."

Ange bites a cookie breaking it in half making it fall inside the tea doing a gulp little sound and then princess Liliana continues talking.

"What I found unreasonable was the Gray house and even the dark priest's faction to also join her, who have been at war with the church, and yet they're actually in the same army, isn't it unbelievable?"

"What!? Isn't that crazy bastard Zylph obsessed by the Saintess? Why would Aurora allow someone dangerous like him at close to her? The dark robes too, they are criminals!"

"He might have his issues... a lot of them to be fair, more than most men, but he does know how to wage war, and either we like him or not, he's intellectually brilliant."

"I don't deny any talent that man might have, but he's not someone who is controlled by others princess!"

"Don't shout dear, I know that myself, however, Aurora and the Saintess showed those around them that the unique dark and light elements were convergent, thus making it a symbol for opposite forces such as the priests of the pope and the dark priests of a guy who I found absolutely no information except the name and title master Balthazar who seems to be the leader of such force."

"That's... insane, how did your brother even allow all that to happen?"

"Apparently he barely leaves the capital doing the control of the supplies, Julius seems to firmly believe he's war intellectual is not necessary as long as Aurora is handling things, and this piece of information I heard about him personally, furthermore said there were many issues within the kingdom pointed out by his general that needs to be fixed before she can start expanding towards the south."

"I don't know what to say, princess."

"This all takes us back to who is Aurora, from the information I gathered, let's just say that she does not have a strong background like you or Alicia, and despite her father being a famous healer, he's not someone good enough to teach her the talent which was shown in the annual tournament from swordsmanship and magic to the recent achievements related to fighting against the goblin territory which they've been pushing the enemies back, not to forget the girl was born sickly and lived most of the life in such a state, and without an element, yet the talent with ice was honestly quite capable."

"I guess it could have been due to her sickness perhaps a cursed skill that she bested recently?"

"Curse breaking is not something we mere humans can achieve otherwise I would have paid someone to clean mine, I do however think of another possibility though I could be wrong."

'Wondering what the princess sees when she gets like this, days becoming nights and nights becoming days, and yet getting stuck peerlessly ignoring everything and everyone around.'


"Ah, uh... oh right, as I was about to say one of the theories I found thanks to the help of the king advisors and the royal library that only the successors have access to, I found a book about summoned people."

"But princess, the 30 summoners came recently so that shouldn't be possible for her, especially since she was born here in Artana."

Princess gets up and while pointing the index finger at her she shouts," you are absolutely correct, but summoning is not the only thing that can occur in this world!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I'm talking about the reincarnation portal, but not the one where those that are already alive in this world go through, I'm talking about the reincarnated ones from different worlds, whereas they receive two random skills from the goddess as payment for coming from far away, at least that's what was written in the book."

"In other words?"

"She may have gotten two blessing skills one for swordsmanship talent and one for magic talent."

"What about her war skills?"

"Possibly... her memories from the past world, there's a chance even if small that the goddess Aria allowed her to keep them in exchange for helping the humans perhaps."

"Seeing as she's moving rivers and mountains that could certainly be true, but princess what about her twin sister... Iris?"

Almost as if the whole puzzle broke down to the princess Liliana, as not a single one of her spies searched anything about the twin, since an unknown piece and was absent from her home training with Ray, like a miracle-making she shed tears in front of Ange who looked as confused as a young teen could possibly be, but who remained silent as the girl could tell that the princess had reached some sort of realization. Then as if matching with the thought of Ange turning out she was actually right about it, the princess sat expressionlessly staring blankly at something.

"Iris isn't Aurora, they're twins, each has an element, Iris the one with ice and Aurora got the darkness element from the blessing, but since she didn't have any element and they happened to be twins the crown Prince Julius decided to hide this fact and conceal the details of everything, but... I'm lacking a piece how is either of those dolls connected to Balthazar? Why would he behave so nicely even with one of their greatest enemies in front of him? Unless they are allied not to the church but Aurora? In other words, was Balthazar expecting something? Maybe one of them? If their twins could both possibly be reincarnated? Since they're twins and one is extremely good with magic and swordsmanship, and the other has a good brain that might not be so, but the knowledge Aurora displayed to my brother to completely make him support her makes me instinctively force me to believe otherwise, it would make a lot more sense if those two weren't normal, after all, normal peasants couldn't possibly achieve that intellect and strength, that power, and authority, that only nobles are supposed to own at such a young age if Iris received a skill for magical and another for sword prowess, while Aurora received one for her brain and the other for surviving the disease..."

'Uhhhh... the princess looks scary though what she days sounds pretty plausible, after all, even though I'm a little strong I did have a lot of help to get here.'

"We can assume that both of them received two blessings differently upon birth then, can we not princess?"

"Yes, that's correct, I don't know how my brother found these girls or if they found him through their father, but he truly has luck on his side, I must do whatever I can to at least have one of them under my care for the future to come."

"Should I give both a golden ring then? No one has beaten me yet so I still have the five rings to use, even though Alicia was the one who told me about Iris recently and she already has the white and pink rings, Aurora hasn't received one since she's the general of Prince Julius."

"I'll have to win this succession throne battle and prove to them that I'm the one worthy of them to help, as much as I love my siblings they'll have to step down on this one, by having the knowledge of the general I'm starting to believe we could conquer this world and for that to happen we need soldiers," the princess starts writing a long text which she then signs and gives to Ange to read and act.

"One of the reasons that I've found fault in our kingdom is the fact that only nobles receive education, I want to find more talents as my brother did, and for this to happen I'll open similar institutes to the magic institute but this one for both peasant and nobles alike who will be able to join, I'll also hire good teachers, and through the generations, those who know most will be able to inherit those teaching positions and be compensated on their knowledge of the world."

"What kind of institutes would that be? Wouldn't it outshine the nobles making them lose their sense of superiority as only them were able to learn?"

"Nobles alone can't compete with our enemies, we need everyone help, and nobility is a bloodline they will always be superior in what comes to money and lands, knowledge may allow those from below to rise, but that... yes that is necessary to create competition between the different social status, I will start spreading and building such plans through the kingdom but mainly in the capital while I still have the power and the funds from my parents to do so, my brother Julius is a humanist and I'm sure he'll accept such propositions, not like he can say no to his younger sister, especially after having refused me once towards the request to have his general for myself," she grins enthusiastically ready to create a significant change.

"How come you want to do this now? Doesn't this make you a humanist too? Aiming for equal rights and ceasing social classes strife to one another?"

"My dear Ange, in this world, I seek the completion of my desire since my cursed skill is something that allows me to reach any path I so desire, in exchange, I just have to find out what the puzzle pieces I'm missing are to achieve certain things, once I clear this specific puzzle, and also abandon the disgrace classes belief seeing as the church influence dropped in that regard, due to the most recent blessing of the unique dark element, and the union of the Saintess with the general, I believe that now is the time to strike as the next queen of this kingdom and bring the peasants to my side through a different method than the one Aurora is using thus obtaining as many tools as I can."

"Such resolution, the princess Liliana truly is fascinating, I'll do what I can to be of help, even though Aurora is starting to become quite the big obstacle for us, despite what the people think that she's being controlled by the crown Prince Julius, it feels to me that the girl goes way beyond that."

The princess finishes writing and then gives the paper to her, once Ange is done reading what the princess wrote, her face becomes shocked and she shouts," are you truly sure about this princess Liliana!?"

"Of course, Ange, tell your mother she can announce it, that the soldier of my kingdom be it a man, woman, or any other, shall have me as their wife if they bring me the head of the goblin king, ascending to royalty, this announcement will surely increase our army size as well which will make things easier for your mother who's in the front lines."

"I understand princess, I'll pass the message right away both to my mother and the king advisors so it goes across the entire kingdom, as well as all the noble houses who we're allied with which should quickly spread quickly, especially among peasants."

As Ange started leaving towards the door she turned back and questioned," in case a woman slays the goblin king would you be willing to marry her?" She asks curiously.

"Why not? It's not like there's any prohibition of same-gender marriage, in fact, there are some who marry those of the same gender, the church holds no prejudice about it either since the goddess isn't married to anyone."

"Understood princess, I'll be back soon."

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