Chapter 86 – General Aurora Arc
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Year 5009 after the system day 70 of the flowering season. 


"General it is as you said, the goblin kingdom seems to start past that, I've found some goblin marks on some trees as wild boars do."

"Great job, you heard the man prepare the fireworks gentlemen, today we'll grace our enemies by setting their home in a big fire."

Unknowingly to the goblins, a large-scale fire spell by fusing various fire skills was being prepared to bombard in two specific directions.

"Aurora, you know the goblins should block the spell right?"

"Don't worry Sophia, the spell won't be directed at their base, after all, we don't know what kind of tricks the goblin king may have, there's a small chance he could have a unique skill to reflect back magic killing our mages."

"Then what's the purpose of this spell?" 

"To set the forest on fire at two sides slowly reaching their camp, we'll then use wind mages to make the fire become bigger and stronger, in case the goblin king is a magical type he'll be forced to spend his mana, making everything a lot easier, in case he disregards the situation, it'll mean this is just an outpost of their true base, one way or another, once the fire starts going large it'll not only affect the goblins but the other races who live here."

"Killing enemies without discretion, is it? Well, since they are mere beasts and monsters, it ends up not really mattering so what are we going to do afterward?"

"We'll stay placed in this spot one of the two escapes they'll have, the other being their territory further in," Aurora merged her darkness making the fire spell slightly darker," may these black flames consume even water," she says coldly including an eerie expression.

"I'll support you Aurora, skill amplification!" Romeo shouted while granting Aurora element a powerful buff.

"Thank you older brother, that will certainly make things more effective seeing as I'm the only one with the dark element, even among the dark robbed ones, they seem to be lacking it."

"History says other humans have been born with it, but since most were either exiled or murdered, there's a chance that elemental line died," Sophie says understanding how effective the dark element can be in war after being taught by Aurora.

"Archers prepare to shoot your weapons once I shout, as we've trained and attempted sometimes already," the men roared and started preparing the different weapons from bows to the crossbow.

"Once the archer line concludes the first volley wave of arrows, the heavy knights step forward and block the incoming goblins who'll fall for the traps of the earth mages, while the mages of the rest of the elements prepare a second wave spell, and you healers and supporters keep those shield heads alive."

"As you command general!"

The spell after taking a long time to cast was shot towards the south forest, southeast, and southwest of it as further away as possible so that the smoke wouldn't block the army view to be able to slay the survivors without an issue, as per instructed in the many reunions Aurora had with the now formed fire mage squadron.

Even though her commanding abilities far exceed what she has done, Aurora decided to go for a cautious pattern, in order to teach them just enough to vanquish the forces of this world, who were strong but lacked the knowledge of warfare, allowing her to triumph over the goblins who we're strong and resilient warriors, as they naturally had the same health and double the strength a normal human possesses.

At this point in time, she had all the leaders she needed, and they were executing her orders without second questions asked, due to betrayal or refusal which would be considered a crime inside her army alone, allowing Aurora or a superior to execute them on the spot, this was how she disciplined them from the start so that they would devote their entirety to her, like the pawns she loved to use in the chessboard.

In fact, the favorite chess piece of hers was the pawn, since it could reach the end and be promoted, this was her philosophy to the soldiers in front of her, despite the leadership roles she attributed being based solely on the leadership skill, the roles related to the mage squadron ranks are designated on each individual prowess and achievements, in other words, the one mage who killed the most enemies would be the captain of one of the attack magic squadrons, while the one who saved the most would be the captain of the support one, this would be applied to all the 100 man magic squads who were splitting through the 3 sized formation forces.

Aurora figured that in a world with magic, condensing too many of her troops, and the same type in one place could be disastrous, to avoid the absolute chaos she taught everyone equally of their roles, so that they'd be able to do their job to the utmost within the possibility to do so, as death and fear rule the battlefield, and a very powerful magician in the opposite side could be the end of a great part of the army.

The army formation she decided on splitting her army in was 200 thousand in both wings leaving 300 thousand in the center, the wings had been instructed to intercept any force that attempted to flank the middle section of the troops so that they could push all they could and pull back if necessary.

The right-wing cavalry was also tasked with a pincer movement towards the enemy army if a chance to do so appears, the one in control of this move was set to Zylph, who after a few achievements on skirmishes was feeling pretty high and mighty with the praise of those around him, even when he went too deep Ryu would make sure to keep his back secured, it turned out that they were extremely compatible, and each would make the other improve.

The left-wing was a bit special used mostly for defense and back up, they shown no initiative as Balthazar was the one in command, he had been instructed to intercept any force that attempted to flank, and not influence the center afterward, the reason for this was unknown, but it was within Aurora's plan.

Balthazar was thankful, but his eagerness to make himself useful would make him feel bad, however, with the firm belief he had, he entrusted himself to Aurora plans, after all, this man more than anyone else on the battlefield knew just what kind of achievements the little girl had from the red book, some that even he had trouble of accepting as real, but after countless tests, and the book is the most important to the cult he did not doubt any of it. 

She told him that one day the force she'll need the most might be his, so the men she left under his care had to grow the strongest, once Balthazar passed such a message to the soldiers they cheered with happiness, and the black robes whispered happily the words entrusted ordeal which made the rest of the left-wing soldiers shrug their shoulders not paying it any mind.

Aurora selected the most ruthless and cold bunch to join the dark hoods and also the ones who seemed the strongest, of course, she had no way of telling other than asking everyone their statuses through personal data, but she had no time to compare everyone, so she made some questions in general, like do you fear anything? Are you ruthless enough to torture and kill a baby if necessary? A few others in that genre made her quickly reach a certain amount of men who she mixed with the dark robes.

At first, the soldiers felt some creepiness as many despite not being religious most believe in the goddess Aria, and while notwithstanding the ideologies of the black robes cult several remained defensive especially during the night in case they'd be harmed or murdered in cold blood, maybe even poisoned, raped, or cursed, so first the first week they'd feel tired, eventually getting used to being in their presence and even talking with them.

Even then a lot of the soldiers only started less skeptical once the skirmishes began and some were saved by the black robes prowess from the disgraced classes as most of them spent a good part of their life aiming to become stronger to one-day exact revenge, this wish still remained just the hope of the one and the pandemonium twin sisters appearing, lighted up a new path which made a lot of them restrain themselves for the time being.

The average level of the army currently was around 10 as the last war had been at least a hundred years ago as such this could be considered one or two generations ahead of that time, and only adventurers would gain some real experience killing other races, even assassins like the black robes wouldn't get much experience from slaying normal humans as they were mostly all level 1, so 10 experience more or less each one.

After some time of the trees starting to burn the ground started shaking as the monsters and beasts alike started moving in panic and fear as this never happened before, those who ran to the sides ended up getting themselves hurt, and due to the panic, some would end up clashing with one another ending up in casualties.

As the fire progressed the beasts and monsters with the instinct started mostly running north towards Aurora camp, the reason being that south would at some point lead to the kingdom of the goblin king which most of them feared and knew they'd end up dying.

Thanks to the wind mages the fire also propagated fairly easier to the southeast and southwest making similar effects on the beings living there which would affect the neighbor kingdoms along with the 2nd prince army who remained southwest of Astia village, and the princess Liliana army being led by general Angelica on the opposite side leaving Aurora's army in the middle of both, leaving Ryu and Zylph's right-wing at the direction of Angelica's, and Balthazar's left-wing on Prince Marty's side.

Aurora who was currently on top of the wooden wall which had a small margin for one person to walk alongside it from up above made for the archers and mages to shoot freely stood there with a totally blankless expression with Sophia and Romeo at each side of her as they kept on evaluating the tactics that she employed to the utmost detail which were different than the Aurora they knew, but even then they did so to learn with her, improve their knowledge and act accordingly to her requests whenever they were needed, both of them were currently the jokers who could go any part of the battlefield freely and take command of any force if ordered.

Due to the past life, Aurora was extra strict with Sophia who was a musclehead hero making it easy to be stomped in the many skirmishes they fought one another while Romeo was polished as he had some natural talent for it along with experience, the current Aurora didn't fear teaching and improve her past enemies as she was resolute she could murder both if things were ever to go wrong in the far future as now they were surely on their side as every point aligned in her side almost like a cursed fate for the two of them who knew nothing.

"It is time for the both of you to experience one-sided bloodshed, today we dye the ground with the red of our enemies," despite her young age the charisma both of them felt from her, was strong enough for both to gulp and coldly look at what was about to happen in front of them without so much as to blink.

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