Chapter 87 – General Aurora Arc
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Year 5009 after the system day 70 of the flowering season. 


The burnt smell started spreading further south and the sound of earthquake got stronger towards the north as monsters and beasts started running desperately facing even bigger despair once they saw numerous humans waiting for them while wielding weapons thus knowing by instinct that the path behind would kill them anyway, so they charged at the army in front of them while grunting and roaring.

Enemies were mostly composed of goblins, kobolds, a few monsters colored slimes who controlled the clear ones below them uniting themselves with the beast races, and a few big and fat orcs with pig heads holding clubs.

"It is of most importance that no one is left alive, so I'm leaving you two and the few assassins we have, to handle the survivors or messengers that may attempt to deliver information back to the goblin kingdom or any other, this way it'll all appear as if it was a natural accident in the forest," Romeo and Sophie nodded after listening to Aurora and rushed to one of the wooden houses where some humans were gathered playing a game of throwing pointy sticks at a straw doll.




A while earlier before the fire skills fell. 

A certain goblin warlord perspective ranked C threat upon the adventurers guild.

"To think I, one of the goblin king Vrag guards, would be sent this far to explore the reason why so many goblins have been disappearing," the 2-meter tall goblin with a very muscled and large body sighed as soon as he finished speaking.

A consistent sound of staff hitting the ground behind him could be heard ever since he left the goblin kingdom main base, and an old voice said softly," it is the order of our great king, I'm as unhappy as you, but sadly I was the one who advised him as such therefore I'll be sure to keep you safe young one."

"To think one of the goblin shamans would step forward for a mere problem like this, goblins disappear all the time either they're killed by one of the other races or simply find some female and seclude themselves in some hole with her."

The old one carrying a staff started laughing lightly," even our female goblins do the same it can't be helpt, if the king was more careful we would have way more fighters than we do currently."

"Some millions difference I suppose?" He scratched his head softly with his purple nails.

"Pretty sure we'd be more numerous than the orcs and kobold neighbor kingdoms," he coughed some green liquid onto the ground.

"You okay shaman?"

"Yes, it is but the age of this one, after all, I've lived even longer than our king, far longer..."

"Age... I certainly wouldn't mind staying at my best forever, imagine all the females I could bang," the old man upon hearing his honest side laughed lightly.

"After 300 years I have yet to see an end to all these wars, so I don't think that'll happen anytime soon, it would be a lot easier if the other goblin kingdoms further south would join us to beat the kobolds, the orcs, and of course those humans who we almost beat a hundred years ago."

"Worry not old man, this time around we have a lot more goblins than last time, so we'll beat them for sure, not to forget some of them have learned the mana and elemental coating," he raises his voice and shouts," we've become stronger!" 

With a cold gaze, he said," we have an ordeal from the goddess Luna, it is said that a blonde woman will go against our way, I don't know how a single whimsical being could possibly do anything against us, but if our mother warned us then we must proceed carefully."

"It's okay old man, I was blessed by our mother twice now, there's no way I'd lose to some human scum, I've even fought one of the famous swordmasters 50 years ago, some human called Ray, he did leave me a deep wound, but ultimately I won, he got lucky to have escaped."

"Luck... no, perhaps fate youngster, that is what our mother sees, a destiny that we must unfold, deny, change or overwhelm depending on her will," the staff clank got heavier making a hole on the ground.

"Luna uh... I wonder if she'd let me bang her," the goblin warlord got excited thinking on it when the old man smacked his head with the staff," fool don't disrespect the goddess it'll certainly bring you a fate worse than death," he said angrily.

"I was just kidding," he laughed while scratching his head once again as it left a minimal wound and then spoke," I haven't noticed anything peculiar so far, and we've come a far way from the base," upon noticing something passing through the air he added," what are those things flying in the air shaman?"

Once he lifted the head and saw it," flames? No! That sinister darkness around them... don't tell me? Demons? Did they defeat the humans further north and have come towards us? Is that the reason...? Fast we must uncover the truth and fall back before it's too late! Aura of speed," a light surrounded them along with some other goblins who traveled with them and they started running forward towards the north as the flames started falling putting everything on fire on their east side.

"Shit to think demons would finish those filthy humans before us," the goblin warlord gripped his broadsword tightly as they ran for some minutes, he speaks, "can you feel this old man? There's an earthquake going on, don't tell me..." he looked everywhere and as he was about to talk.

"Yes, the monsters and beasts are running, but it's strange I feel them coming from both sides, but I don't understand why... was it perhaps the fire we saw before? but wouldn't they have three ways out? Wait... what if..." with a worried expression the warlord spoke, "what's wrong? you're the most intelligent goblin in the kingdom, did you reach some conclusion?"

"Indeed child, it's just a guess, but let me make sure wait a moment," they stopped and then with both hands he struck the ground while shouting," blessed skill aura perception," a light expanded from him towards all sides and after a while, it returned to him," seems like someone burning both sides leaving a straight wide path between the fires, possibly on purpose... meaning we are expected at the end of the north side."

"Shit, seems like someone smart awaits us is that it old man?"

"Yes, I shall buff us with the aura of defense, magic defense, attack, dexterity, intelligence," multiple lights surrounded his group in succession."

"To think I'd see you use the five lights of the shaman seems like you're serious about this old man, then I as well shall keep up to the best of my ability, skill toughness, attack boost, war perception, muscle strength," four more lights enveloped the warlord," I feel powerful," he grinned.

"Skill echo message," a wave of sound expanded around him loudly," we are the close assistants of the goblin king there're some enemies in front of us be there beast or monster accompany us and stop panicking our enemy is just one come to meet with us at the north opposite of the goblin kingdom!" The message reaches several monsters and beasts, from beasts like kobolds, orcs, goblins, to monsters like slimes, tusk boars, shroomies, and wild animals.

A half-hour goes by, and a few thousand monsters and beasts charge towards the north under the guidance of the goblin shaman, and the warlord.

Without stopping eventually reaching closer the warlord says," what are humans doing here? Are those wooden walls? A base this far so close to our forest?"

"Seems like the forest that was here was all cut down... to have them face us in an open field? Whoever came up with this plan has my respect."

"Should we retreat old man?"

"It's too late now the flames behind us will soon close the path, now we must win no matter the price," the old man eyes looked above finding it strange that the sunlight wouldn't reach him anymore eventually meeting a blonde woman on top of a wall, being able to only see the head as the rest was covered by the wall defenses," no matter what happens here you must kill that woman up there who has the unique dark element aura."

The warlord looks up and notices a big dark aura extending so high that it completely hid the sun, covering the field in a vast shadow," is that the one from the goddess ordeal?"

"It must be, once the orcs clash tanking most of the damage jump on one of them and climb the wall, if it's you, it should be an easy feat, she seems to be alone, so it should be easy, don't die young one."

"Likewise old man, this is just the first step to conquer those filthy humans!" Their hands knuckle each other and the warlord roars highly making everyone around him speed up, and then a loud yet soft girlish voice echoed the battlefield," archers! Let loose!" The girl arm on top of the war descended and a volley of arrows from within the wall flew over her beautifully bringing despair to the monsters and beasts who approached.