Chapter 88 – General Aurora Arc
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Year 5009 after the system day 70 of the flowering season back to the present.


As they fell from the sky some monsters countered with offensive and defensive magic while a lot of them had neither, being injured by some of the projectiles, dyeing the ground with colored blood types along with some metal pointy arrows.

'I've set up the bait, after listening to Balthazar and the statue of the goddess Luna who reigns the beasts they should be coming after me, I did exude all my mana, after all, it would be a waste if such a beautiful darkness capable of hiding the sun that is behind wouldn't make them captivated enough to try to take a bite at this young lady.' Aurora grinned wryly extending the evilness within her to those in front, despising every soul that awaited to gnaw at her flesh. Thunders and roars approached the general, and with a cool mind and cold decision, another order was given.

"Ready the second wave of arrows pour some element into those," the soldiers inside the walls started charging mana then converting it into the many different elemental powers making the arrows shine in different colors while Aurora looked at them readying it up as the enemies started coming close to the humans who awaited them.

Seeing everyone ready Aurora once again shouts," release the arrows!" Once again hundreds of them flew above the walls, but this time she released the dark aura making the sunlight cover the entire field blinding the enemies as the allies already had the shadows of the tall wooden walls and the sun was behind her.

'The ten thousand mana I just spent on making a long vertical wall of darkness better pay off now.' 

Notice: The Skill Dark Wall has been acquired.


As soon as it dispersed, the light blinded everyone in front of the soldiers, and the elemental arrows mercilessly penetrated the enemies. The human army, knowing this would happen, started their charge at the enemies as the return of light was the promised signal by their general.

"Marvelous! It seems like my blessing truly wasn't wasted," the Saintess started laughing while watching from the wall but further to the east to avoid being harmed or even killed.

A lot of enemies were murdered hastily and slowly as the vision became clearer the combat between both sides started slowly becoming more even as to what the support squad buffed the human side while the healing squad kept them alive.

The archers would shoot normally from the wall while the offensive mages would alternate with their own elemental single target attacks except for some area damage skills further to the back of the enemies to avoid hurting the allies.

The repetition of these attacks as they hadn't expected any of this was enough to uneven the balance between them allowing the humans to defeat their enemies easier.

As the orcs who were the slowest of the enemies arrived at the front line the humans using shields felt the heavy blows they would cause making their arms and hands go numb, realizing this approach from them, Aurora shouted to the archers and mages on the wall," focus the fat pig-headed ones!"

It was at that time that a big and fast goblin jumped tall a meter and half on top of the shoulders of one of the orcs mana coated his broadsword and feet and jumped once more towards the wall slashing with all his strength at the neck of Aurora.

As she saw him in the air," darkness barrier, transformation," the goblin warlord got blinded, executing his skill anyway as not many would be able to avoid such beautiful slash missing the supposed neck of the girl, he then hit his body against the wall as the jump lacked height enough to reach the top of it and he fell to the very bottom numbing his feet.

"Just how? It was way too clean! I didn't feel it," he looks into the sword and notices no blood whatsoever, and then his heart is impaled by a spear from behind fully mana coated."

"Who do you think you are of attempting to hurt my future wife you piece of shit, I Raphael the spear wielder shall have you die today," he removes the spear and the goblin turns around as blood pours out from the sides of his mouth.

He charges the broadsword with all the mana he can pour and slices at the human in front of him at least to take him to the grave and keep the warlord company there in the afterlife who he blocks while jumping backward making Raphael fly a few meters against another human hitting the poor man in the back.

"Ouch man, you sure are strong," he balanced himself, took a few steps forward, and then charged mana in the spear tip," then how about this? Unique skill heavenly throw," the spear flew at a very fast speed which the goblin warlord blocked with his broadsword facing the tip to the ground staying there immobile.

"Just now... seems like I wasted a lot of mana in an opponent that was about to die, but man to stay standing even after receiving my strongest skill, you're sure making me look weak, if it wasn't for you being blinded and surprised... it looks like I have to become stronger."

The shaman who had sighted the efforts of one of the strongest soldiers of the king and one of the very few friends he had started running away boosting himself with speed leaving the beasts and monsters to die, including the goblins he brought with him.

He looked back seeing the girl on top of the wall as he ran and thought to himself, 'shit, just how the fuck that human didn't die? It looks like she didn't even take a step from where she is! How can that be possible after that peerless attack from the warlord!? He was no incompetent goblin! Damn it... Goddess Luna, mother of us, if you're hearing me why did you not give us the power to make your ordeal real? Now that the chance was so close... I must find a way to escape no matter what it takes.'

As he ran further and further away from the battlefield towards the only possible path 10 humans were waiting for him.

"Here's our seventh prey of the day," the pink-haired lady said while smiling and holding a sword.

"Pink hair? Who are you human?" 

"Me? I'm a summoned hero by the goddess Aria, the one who'll vanquish you today!" She points the sword at him and the shaman started laughing loudly.

"I see, yet the one the goddess Luna ordered us to murder no matter what was the blonde girl, she made her put all the Luna statues bleed for ten days nonstop, just what kind of human is that? Is she one of the shitty heroes of Aria?"

"Hey don't talk about our general like that, and what do you mean she made your goddess status bleed? What kind of weird shit is that even!?"

"If you wish to know you shall allow me passage, either I live or die from the fire behind you humans, shall be a fate decided by the gods, how's that a deal for allowing an old goblin as me to live for such valuable information?"

"Very well, now tell us everything you know," Sophie said angrily while feeling frustrated for now knowing anything about it.

"All I know is that she incited the anger of our goddess as such all the beast races through the world one way or another will chase after her, it seems like her talent for war might be the reason seeing as I've completely lost today."

"Hey muscle head doesn't just go make decisions on your own, she asked us to not allow any survivors as it would make things more complicated in the future!" Romeo pokes Sophie's cheek.

"Ow fine, we'll capture him then and make him spill all the information about his boss."

"Too bad I'm a shaman and a very old one so my statuses have long been decreasing as such I don't think I'd beat ten humans, the odds would be fine if one of them wasn't the hero, knowing the heroes from the past generations, alone I wouldn't stand a chance, as such," he mana coats the staff, grabs it from the middle with both hands and pierces his heart suiciding in front of them.

"Loyal people are scary..." Romeo muttered softly having seen this a lot in the past as he fought Aurora underlings.

Sophie didn't say anything and just watched the old goblin in front of her die peacefully.

"Should we go help the army? The ten of us could strike the enemies causing them to falter faster," one of the assassins voiced his opinion upon noticing the sorrowful mood coming from both of them.

"Yes, let's go, and try to capture one of the goblins alive, information warfare is something Aurora instructed us with," Romeo said coldly as he understood that no matter what he'd either have to side with humans or a different race and for him who wanted to give a good life to Sophie, siding with the Lumen kingdom was the only possible choice.

As they walked back Romeo whispered," are you okay Sophie?"

"Yes... sometimes it feels like we're used to shedding blood, and honestly, we killed some even before that one came, but I don't know, it felt different somehow."

"Since he was able to talk normally like a human I guess, most of them don't have much of an intellect, and that one had everything we have, but even in our old world, we killed humans knowing it was required, and in this world that necessity also exists."

"I'm tired of killing..." she places her head on Romeo's shoulder.

"I know... let's do our best to dominate this world so that we can retire early and have a good life with everyone else."

"Yeah... I'll have to apologize to Aurora after this, it seems that her talent is so outstanding that the enemy goddess is trying to hunt for her, and I almost doubted her."

"She truly is a prodigy, and she was also blessed by the goddess and the Saintess herself, so it is normal for things to be like this, if you thought a little you'd eventually reach this conclusion."

"Enemies ahead!"

"Let's go, Sophie, you'll have to work twice harder as a proper apology!" Romeo shouted increasing the range between them while smiling at her.

"Yes! Let us finish this and go rest!" They start running to the encounter of the leftover enemies whose numbers have been reduced by more than half.

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