Intro+Chapter 1 – “C’mon Yuna”
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The story starts, sort of, on an evening.

Of course it didn't "start" start this evening. I'm just saying the story starts this evening. I mean, I guess you got that. Well. Yes..

Let's get to it then. 

We had just gotten off work and were out having drinks at a bar close to home.

"What did the fire spell say to the water spell?" I said, a bit sluggish, waving my arm in the air. 

Everyone at the table gazed at me.
“Let's make steam…” I said with a smile on my face, radiating that I was pleased with my words. 

Which I shouldn't have been of course.
they all sighed. So. Yeah. 

"last call!" The bartender yelled out loud, which most people left in the bar responded to by cheering. 


We were out drinking together, as you'd probably assumed by now. 

Me, Yuna and Daeron were at this bar called Kitchen Jam,

which was located near where we lived. 

just a 5 minute walk south from our home, plus-minus 2 minutes depending on variables. 


(Weird name, they were probably drunk when they named it.

Who knows…) 


It was a small charmy place, wooden bar and wooden interior details and a nice fireplace to light up the room and warm the place up. 

Felt really cozy somehow and we liked it. 


I was salivating at the table we sat at as I had lied down on it, 

having my head resting on its surface. 

I raised my hand

"give.. Give us one more.. Each then.." I yelled.

and then slammed my hand down in the table, 

then I sat up

"hey, don't sla.. slam the tablee.." I shouted confused.

Yuna laughed. 

"You did it yourself," she said as she kept laughing. 

"yeah, maybe.. We should just stumble on home" Daeron said and leaned on me. 

He sat next to me. 

"maybe.. No.. One more then.. Theeen.. We".. 


It was quite late, and we'd been working all day, 

We were all completely smashed. 

I was wearing a black short dress that was low cut. 

Yuna was wearing a matching one. 

They had bows and lacey details. 

Daeron was still wearing leather armor in the colour scheme from where we worked since we came from work directly. 

He had been doing some patrolling with Bob, 

a guy from work. 

One guy had called in sick, he usually didn't patrol since his expertise is making potion, alchemy related stuff. 

But he could and did use that knowledge in combat, 

carrying several weird smaller gas bombs with various effects when he's out working in the field. 

So he was very much not helpless. 


"Here you go" the bartender said. 

James was his name. 

He came by and served us our drinks. 

We'd all been chugging beers all night. 

Or well, since we got off work a few hours ago. 

"thanks!!!" We all yelled at the same time. 

He jumped a bit as we'd just turned our heads towards him at the same time then shouted pretty loud. 

He laughed

"take it easy guys, don't want my regulars to die." he said as he walked back to the bar waving at us.


We used to come here, it's nice, calm and cozy and we got our own table reserved for us. 

It was sort of crowded tonight though. 

A party of tortoise-people at one table, a girl with some guys. 

Then a party of a few bird-people, 2 girls and 3 guys, their tables were close so they also chatted with the other groups of people by yelling, in a friendly way I guess. 

Then the other tables were all mixed with all kinds of demihuman species and humans. Maybe a total of 40 people or so. 

One table there sat a bunch of only humans wearing matching armor and robes, the colour scheme matched I mean. 

They were looking quite sketchy, but we're off work. 

As long as they don't make a scene who cares if they sit and act weird. 


"Okay, let's just chug it and go sleepy timeee." I said. 

Daeron grabbed my right boob. 

"feels liike, a stressball, but nicer" he mumbled.

"I wanna feel" Yuna exclaimed as she leaned over the table and grabbed my other boob. 

"Hey hey.. Okay.." I said as it happened and then sighed. 

"cheers, bottoms up!" I yelled, then Daeron let go to grab his beer.

"oh right yes," Daeron said and grabbed his beer and lifted it up. 

Yuna kept squeezing my boob. 

"Yuna, beer, take, lift, cheer.. Chug.. Home" I said, sounding way too not sober.

"riiiight yes." She grabbed her beer with her free hand and raised the bottle.

"cheers!" we all yelled. 

Then we smashed our bottles together and chugged them. 

Yuna chugged hers lying on the table. 


Then it's just black.
Then we’re in an alley near home, me and Yuna are petting a scared lion-man’s mane.
Then black again.

Chapter 1 - C’mon Yuna


"c'mon Yuna, let me go." I said as I struggled a bit.


We had been out drinking the night before

Me, my friend/lover(I suppose boyfriend) Daeron and Yuna, my so so called best friend. 


So I suppose this is where it begins, awkwardly. 


_The Unusual Life of a Foxgirl_


I'd just woken up to Yuna tying me up with some rope. 

Hemp rope to be exact. 

Cause I keep it in my nightstand.

And I recognise the feel. 


My arms bent backwards, tied elbow to elbow together and legs bent up, connected to the arms, rendering me completely unable to move. 


Daeron was out buying breakfast, we lived together since he was kind of my step brother.


Don't worry, explanation incoming. 



My parents took him in when he was 15 and I was just 5 years old. 

His parents had been murdered, I met him here in this town near the market and rescued him from some thugs. 

Then I took him to my parents and they took him in after he, or we, or I? 

Anyway, explained his situation. 


But we'd had sex quite a lot so I wouldn't see him as a brother, more like a best friend. 

Cough, and lover. 


He's a catman and I'm a Foxgirl, half of me at least. 

I do just call myself a foxgirl, my dad was a foxman and I inherited the fox ears and tail. 

My mom was human I think. 

I'm not completely sure, she's never said she was but she never said she wasn't. 

She looked human though so I've always assumed so.

Never asked her though.

So I got “None-fur” skin from her anyway. 

I do have abnormally pointy and long fluffy ears for a fox person. 

But yeah, I'm half foxperson half human, so I'm what some may call a halfling. 

Same goes for Daeron, but half catman.


My parents had disappeared 4 years back. 

I'm not sure what happened or if they are even alive, we woke up one morning and they were nowhere to find.

We looked everywhere but haven't found a trace yet.

I am 20 years old as of now. 



I felt her stroking me between my legs, drawing her finger outside my panties. 

"Yuna, for fucks sake.. Please.." I pleaded. 

I was dressed in panties and a sleeping gown of sorts, which showed a lot of cleavage but was comfy to sleep in. 

White with some bows. 

If it matters. 

She giggled.



She's done this a few times. 

I've let her tie me up before, it started when I was 10 and she was 16. 

We played around with it, I love bondage, 

I realised that early. 

Especially rope.

(And don’t worry, it’s not all gonna be kinky stuff, the story just happens to start this way.)


We met when I was 6 on my first day at school on the school grounds of the central academy, which is the school's unimaginative name, and we have been friends since. 

She realised she liked tying up, well, girls and I realised I liked being tied up. 

Even though I am hetero I still very much enjoy the being tied up part. 

We talked about it and one thing led to another, and she started practicing on me. 


But this last year she started surprising me, touching me. 

Near raping me a few times. 

I do kinda enjoy it, the being tied up part, but, not the touching and rapey part. 

I'm not turned on by her at all. 

I'm not saying she's not attractive, I'm just not a lesbian or bi. 

She is very very cute though. 

She seems to kinda want me and she isn't shy to just grab me when she gets the chance. 

Damn bunny people. 

Always so horny. 


She's short, about 160cm.

Looks humanoid in appearance, but white fluffy fur with bunny ears and tail. 

90cm around the chest, 75 below the chest 68cm waist and 87cm butt. 

Strong legs, but otherwise very slim. 

Long white and black hair that went to the belly button.

And a super cute face on her. 



"but Nana.. Can't you just accept it, choose me..” she said with a soft voice. 

“Let me.. You know I can make you fe-" she said as she petted gently until I interrupted her.

"Just because I like being tied up and humiliated a bit does not mean I like, Like you that way Yuna, we've been over this." I squirmed. 

She moved my panties aside with one hand and shoved two fingers inside me. 

"Well, your vagina clearly wants meee" she said as she did it.

I moaned out of shock. 

Took a deep breath…

It's just a horny rabbit, she means well in her retarded ways, I thought to myself… 


"c'mon, he'll be home any second and let me go anyway… I’ll let you cuddle me, I'll let you pet my tail and we can watch something on the TV… just.. Please.. "  I begged In an annoyed tone.

She took out her fingers. 

Walked around me and looked at my face. 

"Is it my furr you don't like?" she said in a cutesy but sad voice while trying to look as innocent as she could. 

Holding her hands behind her back and trying to use those cute big eyes, fluttering with the eyelids. 


I sighed. 



"no Yuna, I just like men.. And I have a man.. There's nothing wrong with how you look.. " I said in an annoyed tone. 


She mumbled something, spanked me as hard as she could 

- I think it was as hard as she could, it hurt as hell, I moaned out in pain. - 

and she went over to the couch and started the TV, put her legs on the TV table and leaned back. 


It was some show on the tv that was found, then continued, from the time before the war a thousand years ago. It was called "Doctor Who" and it is quite good. Buuut there are hundreds and hundreds of seasons. I have no idea how they restored all that old material, but someone did.

The recent run started a hundred years ago or so, before that they had a 10 years break. 

It ran for 200 years before that break.

Only elves ever get the idea to watch it all in one go.

With their insane lifespans… 


"I won't let you go though" she said snarky, pouting. 

"He can do that then if you love him. hrmph."  she mumbled quietly about 30 seconds after the first snarky comment.

Moved her legs toward her stomach and hugged them. 


I sighed again. 

It hurt a bit, the rope was tight and biting into my arms. 

I was lying on the bed behind the couch, so I can at least watch whatever she put on I guess. 


"okay then.." I said. I just accepted the situation for now, relaxed and watched the show. 



She could be unreasonable, illogical, very rapey and weird. 

But she was always there if it was something, she'd help out if we needed help both me and Daeron. 

I knew she was a kind person. 

So I put up with her attempts at trying to convince me I loved her. 

Well, I did love her as a friend, but, not in the way she was trying to convince me I did. 

And she was amazing at enchanting items, which I kinda needed since a good enchant can really help bring out all of your power. 



The TV started flickering. 


"I think you need to swap your power source Nana, it's been doing this for a week now." she said and looked over at me. 

"Your boobs do look nice from this angle." she said in a happy voice. 

I laughed a bit. 

"thanks I guess.. Don't wanna untie me? I got a new powerslime upstairs. Just forgot to swap it since we went out drinking yesterday." I said. 

She smiled at me.. 

Got up. 

Leaned in. 

Kissed me on the forehead. 

"Nope," she said in a very happy way, then smiled. 



Different towns have different sources of power, in our country in the city we lived in, Reatown, which was in the south (No clue who came up with the name or what it stands for.. 

Doesn't really make sense..) we (Reatown) used slimes that generated electricity.

They could be duplicated easily and we had a unit to put one in in each house sort of. 

You put it in, and then it transferred out electricity into your wiring. 

Streetlights were connected to a plant of sorts with duplicating-electrical slime in them, powering them. 

Each block had about 30 of those, so there were city employed maintenance workers keeping them running.

Some towns had power plants, which also used slimes to generate electricity, but on a large scale so all things were connected to the plant. 

The city in the center of the country used this method. 

We weren't sure how other countries did it, always assumed it would be something similar. 

But we weren't that well connected with the outside world.

This town and country was founded by 5 people from different races and countries around the world, with the goal of creating a country where all races are equal. 

Most other countries aren't that big on acceptance of all species. 


TV was mostly local shows, some movies sometimes and occasionally we got shows shipped in from the towns North of us and there are the rare movies that survived from the past before the mystery War and after, that rich collectors sometimes made copies of and sold to broadcasting stations. 

Then of course people kept making some shows they discovered and started where they'd left off.

Like a country like ours run by elves took up Doctor Who and sold worldwide to those that wanted it. 


We only really have history dating back 300 years, some have going back up to 500 years, 600 years max. 

Then before that it's all blank for 400-700 years and all we know is that a huge war happened 1000 years ago before history went dark... 

But we don't think about it too much. 

No point I guess. 

I've tried to find info casually sometimes, asked in school a bit, tried looking for remnants out in the field. 

But nothing. 

There's only details about the war, but, completely blank after. 



There were three towns(Big, official towns) in the country of Ssargeni.

Which is grass backwards and three letters added to the end. 

Kinda wonder sometimes who comes up with the names for countries… 

Sure, it is a grass covered country. 




Reatown where we lived which was in the south by the sea, was founded by 5 people. This is where the country of Ssargeni was formed and founded. The founders were all different species and all experts in different magical arts.

They were among the strongest and best, and together, unbeatable.

It was built to put all the species together and gather up as much knowledge as possible from all the different countries, species and lifestyles.

To bring us forward. 

To make life better.

Or that was the idea at least.. 

And a no racism country like I mentioned before, where we tried to bring in the brightest from every race to contribute.

And anyone was welcome. 

As long as they were open minded and friendly.


Then Geoberg which was centrally built in the land by the west shore. 

It was a development which happened after Reatown, we needed more space for housing and we needed to expand our border. That’s when they decided to claim they were a country and formed Ssargeni.


And then Iceshaft, (which I guess is named that since it's cold there or something), was located way up by the north border and coast. It was a standalone city without a nation.

It became part of the country since we were against all racism in our nation, and they liked that philosophy.

And they really needed more military power. 

So they joined our country, making it 3 very very large towns with walls around them. 

And all in all we had a huge military power, which we of course used for defence. 


So far at least.


And Iceshaft is a town of mostly beastmen. 

Having a hostile land to the north, they happily became part of our nation. 


There was a strip of land going east that was connected to Ssargeni where Iceshaft was built.

They had built a huge wall going all along the land strip with guards and heavy ballistas stationed on the wall, which were manned at all times. 

The land strip that connected it to Ssargeni wasn't bigger than one of our platforms we'd built in Reatown though, then expanding more north and east with quite a huge chunk of land that we called Nermoniax. 

We had little information about it right now and wasn't sure just how big it was, just that it was or seemed hostile. 

Since there had come a couple troops now and then of what looked like organised bandits of an unknown mixed race on the Iceshaft wall. 

There had also been smaller attacks of quite powerful enemies charging the wall a few times also, it has seemed like unintelligent monsters so far. 

Demonic looking beasts with thorns, huge claws, Jaws with strips of flesh here and there. 

Almost like it was undead creations sent on suicide scout missions. 

Oh well, back to the main story, we'll get to that eventually. 



The door opened and I heard Daeron. 

"Hello, I'm back!" he yelled. 

"over he-" was what I had time to say before Yuna shoved a sock in my mouth and sat in front of me pretending to read a book I had by the bed on my nightstand.

He walked to the fridge and put some stuff in, took out butter and cheese, put out a cutting board on the table and put a bag there. 


"What are you doing Yuna? Not this again?" Daeron said, sighing.

"what, I haven't done anything." she said, trying to sound all innocent looking away and crossing her arms. 

He sighed deeper. 

Walked over and picked her up, threw her on the other side of the bed. 

“Bad bunny, and you were holding the book upside down by the way.” He said and took out the sock from my mouth. 

I breathed and spat. 

“I knew that…” Yuna mumbled, awkwardly. 

"you okay?" he said smiling at me, kinda laughing a bit as he held his hand on my cheek. 

"What do you think.. Why'd you leave me asleep when she was here?!" I yelled, sort of annoyed as I pouted.

"Well, I thought she was sleeping, and well.. I thought you could hold your own against her" he said, laughing a bit as he did and patted me on my head.

He walked off, to the kitchen area, starting to cut up buns by the table.

"heey, aren't you forgetting something?" I said with an annoyed tone. 


Daeron, my older adopted brother.

Well, now more like my life partner sort of. 

He was a very well trained catman. 

Or, half cat half human. 

He had the cat ears and tail, but looked human otherwise.

189cm long, 110cm around the chest, very well defined muscles.

Huge arms, you just drool when you see them. 

He has a full beard with a moustache, the beard was semi long, I guess long as the neck. 

He cut his hair off on the top of the head, so he was near bald, but his hair seemed like it was cat fur instead of normal hair, so he had a completely black head where hair grew, then normal skin where hair didn’t grow.


Yuna giggled and laid down beside me on the wall side of the bed, stroking and playing with my tail. 

She loved to cuddle with my tail when she slept over.

To be fair, it was a very soft and cuddly tail I had.

I struggled a bit only to let out a moan as the rope just bit into me when I tried to move. 


"Lemme just prepare breakfast and ill let you go.” He said and laughed. 

“You're quite cute like that," he said and smiled at me while spreading butter and putting cheese on the buns over by the table. 

I grunted and shoved my head into the sheets. 


"okay then" I mumbled while Yuna petted my hair.
“Yeah, who’s a pwetty fox, yes you are a pwetty fox” Yuna said, talking all cutesy to me quietly as she petted me.

As Daeron finished up preparing our breakfast he went over to the bed.

“Well, enough is enough.” he said and started untying me. 

I lifted my head out of the sheets, looked at him, smiled. 

“Thanks love.” I exclaimed. 

“But, but, can’t we just feed her here?” Yuna said in an excited tone. 

I gave her an angry look. 

Daeron laughed. 

I looked at him, trying to do a sad but cute expression.
“Don’t worry, you’re free in just a second hun.” he said and laughed a bit more as he kept untying me.

“Would be a bit fun but no. don’t worry” he said.