Chapter 42 – let’s color the rabbit pink!
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Chapter 42 - let's color the rabbit pink

"Yes, that's me." Abbadon said. Sounding very annoyed as he replied, sort of as if he'd been nagged for a while and was halfway to getting to max annoyed. He gave Lilith a quick look, then just turned and watched me. 

"What... Do you know him, Lilith? He's just my dad's…" oh right... Umh... I stopped myself and coughed. "I mean... It's a lot to explain..." I mumbled. Lilith kept watching him. Dearon looked back and forth between the three of us confused.

"Are.. Are you THEE Abbadon?" Daeron asked as he paused his gaze upon him. 

"The? Well, I am Abbadon, and I'm the only demon with that nickname as far as I know." he replied. Still, emotionless. Why didn't I pay more attention to his face back in purgatory? I don't know if he's just like this or if he doesn't like them. 

"So you are the one from myths? The god of destruction?" Yuna was sitting up now, at some point she had come out from her not so good hiding spot and now only her legs was covered by the sheets. "Oh, a cute bunny!" Abbadon exclaimed as he brightened up when he put his gaze on Yuna. 

Okay, so he just doesn't like the other two. Guess they'll grow on him or something. Maybe. Hopefully. Sigh. I sigh a lot lately. 

He appeared beside Yuna in the blink of an eye and petted her head gently with his hand while having his version of puppy eyes, I think. "And yeees cute little bunny, I am that Abbadon that the mortals has bestowed that title upon! " he smiled at her and kept petting her. Yuna just sort of leaned into it, enjoying being stroked gently on her head. She hadn't had time to react, or maybe didn't process it? Or… anyway, Abbadon held out his other hand and something began appearing on his palm. It sort of materialised, from the bottom and up slowly. Yuna's eyes shoot open and she froze. (not literally) Theeere I think her brain caught up with the situation. 

"Want a snack?" Abbadon said. In his hand a fruit had formed. He handed her the fruit that kinda had a shiny effect to it. Sort of looked like an apple, pink one. But it was also shining in pink. 

Lilith blinked. "What... Did..." Lilith mumbled with a horrified, confused and surprised look on her face. she looked over to Yuna and saw Abbadon, the god of destruction. The merciless slayer of millions and some say death itself. And he's petting a rabbit girl and acting all lovey-dovey and fondling her like it was his pet. Like any normal pet loving person... Lilith scratched her head mumbling something inaudible. 

"Is that a… Could you explain how you did that?" Daeron said. Now Daeron's eyes were wide-open and glued to the fruit, crawling closer slowly in the bed. Over me. "hey, c'mon, watch it" I mumbled annoyed and crawled out of the way as Daeron crawled over to them, observing it pretty closely. 

Abbadon looked over with a surprised expression. "Oh, this? I just took it out with magic. I grow them back home as a hobby." he explained, he just looked sort of surprised. Progress I guess? Yuna took the fruit. "Is it safe to eat?" She looked over at Kiwi. A shimmer traveled from Kiwi, to the fruit and back to her again. Kiwi wagged her tail. "It's not safe, it's an affinity fruit, you should be bowing with your forehead to the ground thanking him! And most definitely eat it!" Kiwi made her voice loud and clear to us all. 

Yuna stared at the fruit for a while. Wait… 

"Ah such high praise by a divine spirit, my thanks!" He paused his petting to bow to kiwi, then resumed it. Yuna sniffed the fruit. "smells good" she mumbled quietly. 

Lilith coughed. "A-Abbadon…" he looked over at her. "Yes?" his eyelids sank halfway down, as did the tone in his voice, but a smile remained that clearly seemed forced as he directed his gaze away from Yuna towards Lilith. Lilith seemed to have a hard time getting the question out. "Are you really..." He kept waiting for her to finish. Rolling his eyes. Waving his hands in a circle to signal, c'mon, out with it… "On our side?!" Lilith exclaimed. 

Yuna had started eating the fruit. Abbadon sighed and rolled his eyes again. "Yes, well, I'm on Lady Nana's side. And she introduced you as her friends." he raised his eyebrow. "So as my lady would put it, Chill.'' Then he turned his attention back to Yuna who just took the final bite of the apple. 

A light began to shine. "Oh, finally," Kiwi exclaimed out loud. Wait. Didn't she say 'not safe' or was that just me imagining things...

"W-what?" Yuna stuttered out. 

The light expanded, surrounding her. A bright pink light, the same color as the fruit had been, surrounded her like a cloud. Then it looked like it imploded into Yuna and an explosion of light filled the room at the same time as the cloud imploded. Like someone had cast a blinding-spell, only it didn't blind… I didn't take my eyes off her. 

Her skin, or fur, had become a bit pink. Like you'd put a pink filter on her with maybe 20% intensity. Oh it's not done yet. No now it's more like 30% maybe… 

"What just happened?!" Yuna and Lilith yelled. 

Daeron was taking notes eagerly while mumbling. When did he start with that? Ah, he's written a whole page at least so probably as soon as he got his answer. 

Abbadon cleared his throat and answered them quickly. "It's an affinity fruit, it will give her an affinity and highly likely." he coughed, "or it will, as its my doing." he paused a second before going on, all eyes were glued to him. Except Daerons who had his glued to his notepad. "Give her magic power that resides within her. Aaand it will, or have changed her fur to a nice bright pink! So now she's bright pink and black with a pink shine to it! And cute pink eyes!" he smiled wide and hugged Yuna. "Isn't she just the cutest thing?!" Abbadon exclaimed. He looked real happy. Yuna kept looking at her arms, shocked, shaking her head in slow-motion back and forth with her jaw open. But she didn't look displeased at all. "Yeah, she sure is!" I nodded and crawled over to hug her. Her eyes lit up, but she kept gazing at her skin/fur. Abbadon made an "awe" sound. 

"Oh, why does the color change happen if you don't mind sharing?" Daeron said with a ton of excitement in his voice, gazing at Abbadon as he sat ready to keep taking notes, pen in hand. 

"Oh, well, it overloads the user with magic. If eaten, it's different depending on the fruit itself but all of them usually give you some magic power that becomes part of you. But, the skin, as you'll dose yourself with an absurd amount of magical power by eating my fruits, In this case celestial. And if you survive to keep that kinda dose of magic inside you without exploding, it will permanently change your physical appearance somewhat as the magic power won't leave your body ever again." Daeron nodded as Abbadon explained, all the while taking notes. "It will just recharge itself, no matter how much you use. Its just a question of how long it will take to recover." he smiled at Yuna. 

"Wait, celestial?" Lilith tagged in. "Really? You... Dosed Yuna with a shit ton of celestial magic power?" Lilith asked while gesturing with her hand as if confused. Abbadon just nodded and shrugged at her. Daeron took notes as they chatted too. "What is the shrugging supposed to mean?" Lilith said, annoyed. Abbadon sighed. "it just means I'm not 100% it's only celestial, these fruits elude even me sometimes." Yuna looked up after Abbadons comment. Daeron made an "Ooh" sound. Like an, oh that's interesting, oh.

"Wait, is this bad or good?" Yuna asked with a shaky, tad scared, voice. 

"Don't you worry, you didn't die when you finished it, so it's all good my cutie!" Abbadon patted Yuna's head. 

"Didn't die?" Yuna looked like she'd seen a ghost. Well… yeah. I get her reaction. I've been there. Demons… should've listened to kiwi properly. Even though Kiwi did say eat it also… 

Lilith went up and grabbed him by his shirt as she asked, 

"You mean to say, you gambled with her life to color her pink or let her die?" She looked pretty angry. Abbadon on the other hand looked very confused. "Yes? But I knew she wouldn't die by checking her 'capacity' first. But yes, I would of course definitely gamble on it." he answered like he didn't know why she asked such a silly question. 

Lilith let go and sighed deeply... "The ancient Abbadon, god of destruction, likes bunnies and gives them insanely rare and immensely powerful magic fruit, easily worth more than this town, just to…" she backed up and fell backwards onto a chair. "make them pink..." She sighed out. she looked sort of relieved though. Daeron just sat nodding with a smile as he wrote. 

"oh, I'm not a god. I'm just an Archdemon or ancient demon, well both I guess. But not a god. It's just mortals who can't tell the difference between a god and someone that's just more powerful than them." he replied casually as he petted the shocked Yuna who looked as if she'd been traumatised and didn't know whether to smile about it or cry. She hadn't said much since eating it. 

"There there... You'll be more powerful, and I assure you I knew you wouldn't die." he said calmly as he kept petting her. 

"Yes, I can confirm he's telling the truth. An ancient demon also wouldn't lie." Kiwi said out loud. "Plus, now you got permanent magic power residing within you!" Kiwi added as she was wagging her tail. She 

Yuna looked at Kiwi then at Abbadon. Then smiled again and hugged him. Abbadon looked like he didn't know what to do. "Thanks then, and sorry for being scared of you at first… and for doubting you." Abbadon gathered himself, coughed. Hugged Yuna back and replied "Aww, no need to apologise. You're a cute bunny after all." Lilith and Daeron was staring at him seriously. "Wait, Archdemon…" they said in unison. 

"Yes." Abbadon replied as he cuddled Yuna. 

"Like, one of the original demons?" Daeron asked with his jaw dropping. Lilith shook her head where she sat at the table. Pouring herself strong alcohol she'd gotten her hands on, probably from a magic storage, and then proceeded to drink. 

"Yes, I'm the first demon actually. I've been around… Ohff… Lost count a million years ago or so. But it's been a while." 

"What... Why would a demon like you serve my dad?!" I flew up and over to the floor and stood up. Everyone gazed at my wings as they helped me glide up into standing position. Oh right. I'm pretty much a demon too. Or a mix. Halfbreed? Eh. Well, the other half being Celestial elf, I mean. How do those two even mix? 

"Well, he created me of course my Lady." he smiled at me. I massaged my temples… "wat." I exclaimed. Took a deep breath. I closed my eyes as I kept massaging. 

"gawd this is just... Fucking dad..." I mumbled. Fucking demons. Wait, what does that make dad then?

"Waaait... Nana, your dad is... The boss…" Lilith had spit out her drink in shock. "No, creator, even…" she mumbled and shook her head a bit. I guess it is a bit much to take in. "of these ancient demons?!" Litith then exclaimed as she also looked very confused about what she just heard, turned around violently in the chair, falling over. But she just made a flip and landed perfectly, then pointed at me as she asked. 

"it appears so..." I mumbled, still massaging my head, eyes closed. I sighed. 

"Doesn't that make you… Half... Demon?" she asked. She got an expression like, Oooh. 

"Yes I'm apparently half fox demon and half elf, I did really die, and I went to a dimension they call purgatory where I met my dad." I explained.

"Half Celestial elf, my lady!" Abbadon pointed out. 

I used some magic to doze myself with a calming medicine, like a reflex kicking in. Aaah, that's the stuff… I sighed and smacked my forehead. 

"I also dosed myself with magic by accident there, like, lethal doses. Which caused these color shifts, the wings and my eyes that's glowing." I walked back to the bed. Which now was pretty crowded when I think about it. I sat down and laid back. Onto Daeron's lap. He was sitting with his jaw dropped staring at me. Notepad in one hand on his side. Pen in the other leaned to the other side. Guess he was done taking notes a moment back. 

I opened a telepathic line to him. "I really need to get freaky when we go to bed…" I communicated with him. He shook his head, as if he snapped out of the shock from just now and then he smiled very wide and dropped his pen. "oh, don't worry. I got plans for you." he communicated back as he stroked my hair. I smiled wide at him.

"Anyway, it's getting late so... How… How are we gonna fit?" I scratched my head. 

"Wait… you're gonna have to tell me more about that later Nana, okay?" Lilith said, she had downed the bottle now but just seemed to have calmed down by it. I nodded at her, she returned a thumbs up. 

Abbadon raised his hand. "Yes, any idea?" I said and pointed at him. 

"We can occupy the house next door and get rid of whoever's there or I can just extend the building somehow my Lady." he stood up and bowed. "I do know how to modify buildings magically," he added. 

"No, not killing the neighbours." I sighed and held my hand on my forehead, rubbing it. "But. Umh... Extending?" I looked up at him. I got up and walked over towards the kitchen area. 

"As you wish." he disappeared. I turned around looking in his direction, where he'd been. Umh. "Where did he-" Lilith was about to say but he appeared again, some weird noise swooshed past us just a second before he appeared. 

"Now you got 3 more floors that are copies of this room, minus the kitchen my Lady." he bowed. 

"Yay, my own room!" Yuna exclaimed, jumping ecstatic in joy. "Yes, I added king-size beds on every floor. Of course." Abbadon smiled. "So there's 4 floors above us now. And I also soundproofed all the rooms including the original structure my lady." he looked up, as if he was thinking about something. He disappeared again.

"What now? Mor-" and he popped back before I could finish my sentence, bowing at me. "Sorry for forgetting, I added bathrooms on each floor and a floor up top functioning as your watchtower, my lady. And I added a basement." Abbadon explained, then stood up straight again. 

Well, I guess… Awesome! Though, the city planning committee is gonna be on my ass for suddenly making my house a skyscraper… I shrugged while thinking, 'Future Nana's issues.' 

"oh, t-that quick?.. I guess skip coffee then!" Aaah yes, thanks Abbadon, you're amazing. I'll thank you somehow later, now I really need to fuck...

"Well, off to bed everyone, it seems you get a room too Lilith so, just get some sleep and let's plan more about the lunatics tomorrow." I said as I smiled and grabbed her shoulder. "Sounds good Nana. And, damn, this might make a good base then." She looked like she was thinking about something, then snapped out of it and continued. "And, sorry for my reactions. This is good. This is an insane advantage you brought back for us. Sleep well!" she hugged me, I hugged her back. Then she went on up. Wait. So. Wait. Will my boss be staying with me? "fucking demons…" I mumbled. 

I can say that, cause I am one, okay? Don't go around badmouthing demons if you ain't one. 

"Oh, there's a bag with new clothes by the way Nana!" Yuna winked at me as she pointed by the door. I gave her a thumbs up, then I went back over and laid down on my bed. My wings didn't seem to be in the way, they felt okay to just lay down with. Or on. Hum. They just felt like they adapted or, like, even provided some comfort somehow. Didn't expect them to make my sleep or laying down more comfortable. Nice. 

Yuna glanced at me and slowly moved in a sneaking motion toward me, which I noticed too late. Well, I didn't notice it. Then she leaped onto me and squeezed my boobs, leaned in and whispered in my ear slowly as she squeezed, 

"I'll play with you again soon my love" then licked it from the top down to the lobe and finished by biting my earlobe. I moaned out as she bit me. "C'mon Yu-na…" she just giggled at me and sat up on top of me. Huh, my wings don't get or make it uncomfortable at all even with a bunny on top. She crawled off me and sat by the side of the bed. "don't worry sexy!" she said seductively and winked at me. I sighed. Theeen she got off the bed and started walking upstairs. Abbadon stood in the stairs. "I could sleep with you if you want company, I'll protect your cuteness from any harm even in sleep." he bowed to Yuna and held out his hand. He seemed to like her even more after the little show she just put on… oh fuck please don't help her scheme Abbadon… 

Yuna giggled. "Can't demons shapeshift?" she asked and raised her eyebrows. "Well, yes, we can." he looked confused, as if he didn't get what that had to do with what he just offered. Then Yuna giggled again and replied. 

"Why not. Come on then. But only cuddles, my love is for Nana." she said, cutesy first but the last part sounded serious. Abbadon replied "Well, of course the love is reserved for the Princess, I wouldn't assume otherwise!" He smiled wide and looked very happy with her statement. She grabbed his hand and they disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke that also quickly faded away. I guess he teleported them. I sighed deep. She did look cute with the new pink tint. I guess maybe Abbadon can teach her some self defense. Pray he doesn't fucking help her scheme against me… I sighed deeply and rubbed my face with my palms. 

Anyway, finally alone!