Extra – Finally alone (sexscene)
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Extra - Finally alone 

(warning, nsfw, bdsm themed sex scene.) 

This "Chapter", even though being Canon, is entirely optional to read. It won't affect the overall plot if you miss it. It's a sex encounter between Nana and Daeron that's heavily bdsm themed. 


"Finally alone!" I exclaimed, and turned my gaze onto Daeron. 

He looked at me, like he had something planned.. Got up and motioned me to get up with his finger. 

"remove your clothes." he said. I smiled. "or else?" I replied, a bit cocky. "Just for that it's gonna be rough tonight" he said and came up to me, stroking my hair, placing it behind my right ear with a smile on his face that just screamed he had some idea in mind. I got a shiver down my spine. 

"Sorry, I'll undress..." I mumbled with a smile. I took off my clothes as he watched me, fully dressed. My wings, umh… I looked at him. "rip it off, I know you can." I sighed, turned around and ripped off my clothes with my back turned towards him. When I was done I stood there waiting. "I'm finished... Wha-" he interrupted me by grabbing me. He threw me on the bed. I landed on my back on the soft mattress. Without magic I'm still weaker and smaller than he is. 

Of course I never used magic when we, umh, did adult stuff so to speak. 

I gazed at him, biting my lip. Fuck he looks good. 

He stood by the side of the bed, Gazing back at me while slowly removing his belt... Unbuttoned his pants... Then he took his belt again… Wait. What's he doing? I raised an eyebrow at him, but sort of felt a bit scared. Scared in the good way. 

"come here." he motioned with his finger to come back, closer again. But he held his belt in the other hand, folded. And that smile he had. 

"w-.. What are you going to do?..."

I bit my lip... For some reason it turned me on extremely much... My whole downstairs area was so sensitive it felt good just by my own thighs touching. I covered myself with my wings instinctively. Oops. 

"oh, you wanna do it that way then." he smirked and got on the bed. I stretched out my wings on each side of me as I tensed up when he said that. 

He threw his belt beside me and crawled on top of me, rotating us so we were laying on the long side first of all, before grabbing my arms, forcing them together over my head. 

Pinning my wrists like a cross, grasping them tight with one hand. He smiled at me. I pushed my thighs together. He gently stroked my leg with his free hand. Gazing at my legs, or maybe between them. Can't say for sure. 

"You know I'm going to spread your legs later, it's no use pushing them together."

He then looked me dead in the eye, and stroked my cheek. 

Holy fuck he's good. I bit my lip again. Damnit, don't bite your lip Nana… focus. 

Then he quickly grabbed my hair in a harsh manner, bent my head and leaned in and licked my ear slowly. I couldn't help but let out a surprised shriek, then let out a moan. 

"w.. What are you.. Doing? Please..." 

Wait, what am I saying. I'm not thinking clearly… 

He licked my ear again, then he bit on my lobe lightly, making me let out a tiny moan.

I started squirming, probably because the frustration just got more and more intense.

He started to breathe just beside my ear, straight into it. 

"p-please.. Why, what…" 

I couldn't move my head much, his grip was too strong. My squirming didn't do much, he had my wrists pinned and sat on top of me. Or laid sort of. He was holding himself up with the hand pushing down on my wrists, and the arm he held my hair with was resting beside me. 

"Listen carefully."

He started to whisper in my ear. Dragging out the words, breathing heavy as he did. Fuck I'm gonna explode if the next word out of his mouth ain't I'm gonna fuck you…

"You're going to do exactly as I say, otherwise.." 

He paused, just breathing... Is he waiting for me to ask why..? He wants to tell me what the otherwise is... Maybe he wants me to struggle back… Oh my god what am I thinking. Fuck me fuck me fuck me, aaah! Yeah something like that. Fuck it! 

"w-what do you mean? Otherw-wise?..." I said a bit shaky and stuttery. 

He smiled, kissed my cheek and worked his way back to my ear and bit my earlobe, but this time harder. Hard enough to make me moan and squirm from the pain and pleasure it caused.

"If you're a good girl and obey, I maybe won't use the belt." he said in a dead serious tone, then forcibly straightened my head, so I looked up at him. 

Gawd, shivers all over me.

I gazed at him, He stared right back into my eyes, smiling.

He let go of my hair. Leaned in and kissed me passionately, then he grabbed my throat mid-kiss and grasped it tight. Making it really hard to breathe. Fuck. 

He kept kissing me, I couldn't get lose or get a word out. I squirmed pointlessly as his grips were too much for me. I struggled to breathe real bad. 

Then his kissing stopped and he leaned back, still grasping my throat. I took as deep breaths as I could. 

Holy fuck, I've never been this horny before. I dunno where I am. I forgot the world for a moment and just felt like I'd explode and that was the only thing I could think about at all. 

"Oh my, having trouble?" he smirked at me. 

I shook my head... Obey, good girl... You're on... 

He leaned in and licked my face, from my chin up to my forehead. Was that just to humiliate me? Fuck, it worked. I just want him inside me... My body is aching for it. 

"You're going to turn around when I let go, and cross your hands behind your back." he said, calm. 

He let go of my throat and I drew a few deep breaths and coughed a bit. 

He still held my wrists, what's he planning now.. 

*smack* he slapped me on my cheek and I let out a high moan in surprise and pain. I closed my eyes and tried to hide my face between my arms. 

He chuckled a bit. I looked up. 

"do you understand Nana? Answer me yes or no." 

Fuck, he's good...

"y-yes." I stuttered, damn. He's made me a bit afraid here for real. I'm sort of scared for what he might do next... Fuck it's hot though for some reason... 

He let go of my wrists. Damn, it kinda hurts... Oh right, turn around… should I?... Yes, I don't want this to end just yet. Its too good. 

I rolled around facing down, with my arms by my sides. 

"oh, okay then." he grabbed my wrists and crossed them behind my back, I felt something getting wrapped around them several times... It's tightening. 


Damnit… What. I didn't... He's made my brain into mush... 

"so you didn't listen, then I guess it's the belt" Wait, he isn't holding... I squirmed, wriggled my hands. Stuck. It just felt like something bit into my wrists when I tried to move them. 

I looked back to see my arms tied with rope. 

That explains the feeling... Wait, did he say belt?? 

I saw him holding it. When did he grab it? Fuck fuck... I'm scared. Fuck, I'll beg. 

"wait, no no, please I did what you said, I'm a good girl, please please!" 

'smack* I yelled out in pain, a high pitched, moany "please". 

My ass, it hurts... Damnit... Ouch... It burns sort of. I squirmed. "please, ill be a good girl.." I pleaded, but it didn't matter. 


I moaned out. My eyes teared up. It burns, fuck. But I'm so fucking turned on. I sort of love it even though I'm scared, it hurts and I feel like I might cry.

"Did you say you're a good girl?" he asked calmly as he put a hand on my ass, stroking it. 

It hurt when he stroked over where the belt had struck, but It felt nice. 

"Y-yes? Please… I'll obey, I'll obey..." 

He chuckled and smiled at me, patting my head. 

I felt calmer, still horny like crazy but the fear sank away. 

He reached for something, what's... No no!

"nooo, no, why, pleasee!" 

A blindfold, no… it'll be even worse without seeing. Oh my god he's an evil genius...

"hum? I thought you said you were gonna be good?" he said in a disappointed tone while putting on the blindfold. I laid still, breathing. 

"sorry.." I said. Damn, it sounded like I was about to cry. Am I that scared? He did use a belt on me... 

Wait, what now? 

"open wide" I felt a ball by my mouth, pushing. Is he gonna gag me too? No way. "Noo, no, plea..smhb.." he shoved it in as I tried to say no. Now I can't see or talk properly.. 

"mmhph, phleashe" I felt the belt stroking my behind. Fuck, fuck fuck, is he gonna smack me again? Its not stroking me anymore. Is he gonna hit me?... Fuck, I'm scared... I squirmed, but to no avail. 

*Smack* I felt the burning sensation again, but worse. Fuck! I let out a high muffled moan. 

Better just lie here and take it... No point trying to beg more.

*Smack*. And again, i let out a few high moans in pain, fuck it hurt. I think I started crying a bit, my eyes got all teary. But I still liked it at the same time. 

And again. *Smack* fuck fuck, it hurts... I moaned in pain a lot now, and kept going... It hurts so bad, I can't stop moaning. 

"phleahe.." I tried to beg again. 

"oh, does it hurt?" what the hell do you think...

I nodded.

"Okay then." wait what, he grabbed me.

He lifted up my behind, putting me in a sort of doggy position with my ass in the air. He stroked my pussy very lightly outside my panties in a teasing manner.

Oh my god... I'm so sensitive I'm going crazy.. 

I let out several moans.

He stopped. Hum?

Gaah. He pulled down my panties, I tried to hold my legs together but that didn't help at all. 

"Well well, look at this tight little thing." 

Oh my god. So embarrassing. So humiliating. I can't do anything. I kept moaning, just so insanely frustrated now, I can't think. 

I heard something. But it's hard to tell what it is.. 

Oh, I get it... I felt a liquid being smeared on my pussy, fingers entering... He'd put tons of lube all over... I felt violated, soaked, sticky as it ran down my belly. Two of his fingers digging deeper into me, I kept letting out my muffled moans, wriggling best I could. 

He just held me in place and kept fingering me slowly. 

I fell down with my behind. 

"ah ah, up. Get it up." I slowly tried to get back into position...

*Smack* this time his hand, on my thigh. "mmhph!!" I let out a loud muffled moan. 

He chuckled. 

I got back into position... I couldn't tell if I was moaning constantly or not...

Something, oh, he removed the gag. I felt it leaving my mouth and noticed how much I'd salivated... It felt all wet where I had my head. 

I moved around my jaw a bit. And what a relief not having that damn ball in the way anymore. 

"t-thanks"... I said, trembling. 

"say you're a bad girl." 


*smack* I screamed out in pain and surprise. He slapped my pussy. I sort of couldn't tell if I screamed in pain or pleasure, but I got scared... 

"I'm a bad girl!" I yelled. 

He chuckled while I shivered a bit. 

I felt him starting to stroke my behind. 


"I'm a bad girl.."

So humiliating… I felt a pulsating feeling everytime he made me feel humiliation. fuck fuck fucking fuck. i love it for some reason... I wouldn't ever just, obey something like that normally... It's... Him... Its so hot how he just dominates me.

I felt a cold liquid being poured, his hand on my pussy as he just poured down more lube. 

I moaned, moaned… I couldn't really control it. I've probably moaned a ton unconsciously.

His fingers entered me slowly.

"call me master and say, I'm a bad girl, master." 

I moaned. Holy fuck, that sent shivers through my whole body. 

"Im a bad girl master..." 

He removed the blindfold, and as he did he pushed me down so I laid flat on my stomach. I felt him entering my vagina for real now with his penis slowly. 

"moan for me"

"yes master" 

I started to moan, not that he'd even had to ask that... I think I already was anyway. But I know he just wanted to make me call him master, or he'd punish me somehow... Humiliation, or humiliating punishment...

He slowly pushed all the way inside me, then just slowly fucked me, teasing me... But fuck it felt good with him finally filling me up with himself.

My body was really screaming that it wanted to get his damn penis inside it. 

It's insane, he got me from horny to braindead before giving it to me. Best foreplay ever... And I'm moaning uncontrollably from just this, small effort... He's just slowly pushing all the way in, then out, repeat. He's teasing me even now... But I still feel I might come anyway anytime.. 

"okay, beg me for it properly." he took it out and stroked my vagina with his tip. Fucking fuck, just… gah, I'll go all out. 

"pleasee maater, pleasee, fuck my brains out... Pleasee master.." I begged. So humiliating… 

"god you are a bad girl." he said as he entered me quick and hard, pushing all the way in. 

He got real close to me simultaneously and grabbed my throat with one hand. 

"say please master, over and over."

He started slamming me, fast and hard. It hurt and felt sooo insanely good. "I like to hear you beg" he then said. I moaned uncontrollably while I repeated "pleasee, master" over and over as best as I could. His grip tightened around my throat, it got harder to say as breathing got tougher and I still couldn't stop the moaning. This pulsating insane feeling washed over me and just grew more and more intense… I feel like I might black out... He increased in pace more and more. 

I screamed out the words, and then just slurred the words as I felt my mind go blank, my limbs went numb. He kept going. I can't breath. Can't stop moaning. I couldn't speak. Couldn't really think either. 

He stopped. The pulsating feeling didn't stop though. My legs and arms twitch randomly. I couldn't move them... I wanted to say something, but the words didn't come out right… 

I kept twitching. Fuck, it felt nice... My mind was all blank...

Then I felt his hand, he turned me around and dragged me up on my knees, in a sitting position.

I couldn't resist even if I wanted to, my body didn't listen. It just pulsated out this intense insanely nice feeling.

He pushed his fingers on my cheeks with one hand, forcing my mouth open. 

"open wide for your master." 

He shoved it in and started to, well, I guess skull fuck me. I gagged, but held it in. I teared up.

I just couldn't do anything, I was paralysed from this nice feeling all over, he made me orgasm and I'm still braindead, no part of me wants to listen to my commands so to speak. 

I just accepted it and held back the gagging as much as possible.

I felt something warm go down my throat after a short moment. I guess he was pretty close too. 

He shoved it in all the way and it kept coming for a few seconds, "Here you go, take it like the bad girl you are. Swallow for me." 

He stroked my head with one hand while holding me in place with one so I couldn't pull away. 

I was way too weak anyway, I didn't even try to resist. The orgasmic pulsating still went strong, it had just faded slightly in strength. 

He then threw me back. 

I took a deep breath and coughed. 

He chuckled a bit. Then he pulled me up and hugged me. 

Whispering "good girl" over and over in my ear as he stroked my head with one arm and hugged me tight with the other. 


He's insane. 

But I love it...

I must be insane too. 

I fell asleep there in his arms.