Chapter 47 – Great demonic north
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---Tiggy’s perspective, The town of Iceshaft, northern Ssargeni, present time---


The giant raised it’s huge arm up, aimed it at us. A huge runed circle appeared in its palm and purple rays gathered up in as if it were a damn vacuum sucking all the light in around it. It actually looked like the light got dimmed down around us as the giant started its thing. I looked with far sight. The kid hovering in front of the giant were mumbling something and also holding up its hand in the same way that the giant did. 

Question is, if the kid is controlling it or if the kid is just a victim being used here? 

“Fuck! GET DOWN!” Anaya yelled and threw herself over me as she transformed into a pansar-bear, and the second she covered me everything got dark for a second, then we were falling. Rubble and dust were swirling around us. Anaya was taking deep breaths, coughing up blood at me.

I couldn’t really move. I think…

A beeping noise, a flash. Suddenly I heard yelling and my communicator were yelling at me, Happy’s voice. “Get up Tiggy, i’m almost there! Fuck!” he yelled. I fumbled around and got the communicator in my hand. “I’m, we’re alright, Anaya saved me. What happened?” I mumbled. Must’ve fallen or something, it felt like dirt beneath me as I put my other hand onto the ground below me. I sat up and noticed, fuck, the wall. I sat in the middle of a huge hole in the wall. It had hit where we were standing, if it hadn’t been for Anaya… I looked beside me. Torn up flesh scattered a little everywhere. 

“That huge thing launched a ranged attack of some kind, I thought you’d be gone! Fuck!” Tiggy yelled over the comm. I was panting as I started to stand up one leg at a time. Damn, that thing tore down the wall. Blew a hole right fucking through it, a freaking several meters thick wall. 

Our ballistas in the towers were launching away at the giant, but anything that hit is just seemed to break or shatter when it struck against the giants… Skin? whatever it was... 

Happy. And team 12, one of our top rescue teams. They were coming up here now, really close. “Tiggy!” I heard him shout. “Happy!” I shouted back and ran to meet them. Anaya transformed quickly into her humanoid form mid-leap and grabbed me as she jumped aside with us as yet another beam hit beside us, shattering the wall more, making the hole twice as big. Rubble and flesh flew everywhere around us.
“Fuck!” We both yelled.

“I can help,” a strange voice said. I looked around. It sounded like it was just beside me… Happy came up beside us with team 12 who deployed a field shield around us. They drop down a circular thing on the ground and a magician presses his or her palm against its top part which activates the thing, sending out a powerful force field from the device that’s maintained around the device’s location as long as the one that activated it stays inside. It’s also pretty damn tough as long as the one that activated it is alive inside.


“Okay, Prepare, you know what to do!” The captain of team 12 yelled out inside the cover. His team began fiddling with equipment and, well, doing their stuff. All pretty high tech things the stuff rescue teams are equipped with. It’s nothing us normal wall patrolling guards use. We simply got our communicators, which I suppose is a bit of a technological marvel, but not compared to their kits.

“I can help” I heard the voice say again. Happy and Anaya also looked around as if they heard it too. The girl on Happy’s back climbed down and walked up inbetween us holding her hand up. “Yes, me, I can help” the voice said as the blue girl in the disease mask started waving. 

We looked at her a moment and blinked, a tad surprised. 

"Wait, weren't. I mean.. How?" Happy asked, raising his eyebrow as he gazed at every millimeter of her up and down. Not even trying to hide his watching. 

I hit him in his side. 

"hey, what, I'm a watcher!" he chuckled. I sighed. Always this stuff. 

The rescue team was doing something with some devices, 4 members were fiddling with devices in each wind direction.

"I need to get close to it and I can handle it.” The blue girls voice said. Damn, her hair is really long up close. Dreads in black, blue and oh, white as well. 

The captain of team 12 nodded. Team 12 had set up a device in each wind direction inside the forcefield they'd put up. They started sending out sparks left and right in random directions. 

"Okay, hold on tight, displacement in 3." the captain of team 12 said and grinned. I nodded.

A huge flash and suddenly we were surrounded by trees, rocks and mushrooms.
“Team 12 plus 4 successfully displaced into Regnad Enoz!” The captain said into his communicator.
A beep came from it. “Roger that, incoming air support in 2.” and a beep to signal the received transmission over. A bit different communicator than the ones me and Happy had. Anaya had one of those to, seeing as she’s a captain too. 


Around us were trees with their roots thrown seemingly random, shattered rocks and of course quite a lot of still standing trees and rocky structures looking like someone had put up spikes in a weird pattern. And mushrooms, in all different sizes. Big as trees, small as bushes, spread out. Some grew on the trees and some on the rocks.


“Grroaareee!” Something coming at us. A black humanoid with purple eyes. One arm looked like the muscles had swollen up to an insane size, that arm(right one) was easily the same size as me. The other parts on him seemed normal, except the feet which looked like talons instead of normal feet. It rushed towards us. 

“Take it down.” The captain yelled. Two team members (Oh, the rescue team 12 consisted of 10 members in total, the captain - Raah-Se and five magicians, two sharpshooters, one healer educated enough to be a chief physician or doctor and another weird member that probably was a technician.) aimed, what looked like, rifles of some sort.
But the blue girl waved their weapons away with her arm, then aimed her other arm at the monster charging us, clenching her fist.

We were all tensed up and readied.

I heard a loud crack and like, a splash noise. Like someone popped a water balloon. Then blood shot out of the monster's nose and eyes and it dropped dead in an instant. 

She lowered her arm.

“Get me close to the thing and i’ll handle it” The girl's voice echoed. We all nodded, a bit baffled by how easy she took down one of those things. 

“Okay, Seiber, make a path!” Raah-Se yelled and pointed at the guy I thought was a technician. He nodded, kneeled down by the edge of the forcefield and aimed his hands in the direction of the giant into the forest, forming a circle with his fingers.

Runes appeared infront of his palms, spinning around slowly at first. Then they rapidly increased in speed.

“Fire!” Seiber yelled out. A mushroom cloud appeared and a beam of fire shot out like a pillar from his palm and kept being channeled out from the runes that spun at an insane speed round and round.

His spell ate its way through the woods, making a round hole pretty damn far in. 


"that might've scared off some and attracted some, we don't know everything that lurks in here so stay inside the shield as we move forward!" Raah-see said as he pointed at the shield generators. "Zert, Tregaon, Haro and Nisa, you know what to do." he added as he stared into the newly created hole in the woods. 

Seiber got up and out a backpack on his back. Huh, missed he had one. Well, we’re a lot of people here I guess.

The four soldiers he named all simultaneously yelled out "Yes sir!" as if they'd been a choir. Then they each held out a hand over a generator and it soared up into the air then levitated beside(the two on our sides, left Tregaon and right Zert), infront(of the one in the front, Haro) and behind(the one in the back, Nisa) like it were a good behaved Parsp.


(Parsp: looks like a bird overall, but has wings that are wide and see-through like a bug. Tiny humanoid looking hands with six clawed fingers. A beak that's long and pointy. All black, white, grey, green or pink.) 

“Let’s go!” Raah-see pointed forward and we started to walk along the path. Seiber was fiddling with his bag. A slim built tall person(194cm). He wore a helmet equipped with some sort of visor and a jacket that had metal plates both front and back in sections by the looks of it. Also tons of pockets which looked filled to the brim. Camouflaged to fit the dark wintery climate up here.

The other mages all looked like vamps for sure, maybe even siblings. Haro looked like the bigger one, pretty damn ripped and huge. Like he’d lived at the gym all his life. Didn’t even know vamps could build up muscle mass that much. Guess I still have things to learn about my species.

Tregaon and Zert looked average, taller than Haro but not by much. All of them had pale white skin except Nisa who had pale pinkish skin. Almost white. It was common that brothers had the same skin color as each others and sisters had their skin color. Like a dice was rolled on the first male child and then the skin color stuck to that for all male kids to come. Then another dice was rolled when they got a girl and the same applied there. Not sure why, it's just how vampires work.

Nisa was the prettier one of the four. The three guys weren’t the prettiest.


Raah-Se raised his hand, motioning us to stop. Then pointed in a direction. One of the sharpshooters aimed the rifle she had in the direction by the looks of it and a flash of green came out the pipe. No sounds were heard though as the muzzle lit up, which surprised me. 

“Clear” She said and lowered the rifle then Raah-Se waved forward and we resumed walking.

Aitenia and Hiori, the sharpshooters. Aitenia was the one who just fired her weapon. Slim built and flat. Maybe as tall as me. Didn’t know it was a she before I heard her speak the first time as she always wore a mask of sorts. They say it’s a sharpshooters mask, with lenses for zooming in so they don’t have to use magic to see far into the distance.

Hiori on the other hand had a decent chest. Same height. Also slim. I think being slim is just a vampire thing. Oh and they’re both vampires too. Haven’t seen their skin though. I think we mostly recruit vampires for teams going beyond the wall now that I think about it.

It got darker around us. The giant was pretty close. I guess we teleported pretty near it, or as near as we could.
Everything lit up and the ground started shaking, the light came from the giant’s hand again. It was about to launch another ray. Particles around us were soaring up toward it. Trees and rocks fell over right toward us. Some rocks shattered against it and a tree was coming right for my head.

“Fuck!” I said as I huddled together, covering my head. But nothing happened, so I removed my arms to take a look.

The tree coming right for my hand broke against the top of the forcefield, splitting it and sending it away in two parts. All the rocks either disintegrated or shattered, sending pebbles flying. 

The team started laughing, Anaya shook her head and Happy patted my head. 

“Don’t worry son, we’re safe as long as this thing holds!” Raah-Se said, pointing at the forcefield then chuckled as he shook his head.

“Haven’t you ever used one of these?” Nisa asked behind me, she didn’t seem to mock me though. She just seemed it strange that I didn’t know it would protect against flying debris.

I chuckled a bit nervously. “Eh, no. I don’t go outside the walls much!” I said and smiled at her.

“Huh, okay then!” She said as she gazed off into the woods with a distant face.

“Pst, dibs by the way” Happy whispered to me.

I sighed. “C’mon dude.” I mumbled and smacked him in the back of his head.

“Hey, what?” Happy exclaimed.

“Let's get a move on.” Anaya muttered. 

“Agreed” the girl in blue’s voice said which made us all take a look at her, sort of forgotten she was her for a moment there. 

We all nodded and pushed onward.