Chapter 50 – Angelic & Hazard
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---Tiggy’s perspective, Unknown Location, Unknown time---

As we walked through the portal the black figure the girl, no, monster in blue who happens to be female called father had made, we entered a huge room full of items, four gigantic pillars and… Well, a ton of stuff! Even some machines by the looks of it… 

"Welcome to my humble home on this plane-" Father stopped, coughed three times, then kept talking. "Country. In this country. Ihe ihe" He said and gestured with his arms as he did his weird ass laugh thing. Really, who laughs like that? I sighed. 

"Don't.. Fucking.. Insult.. Father… again…" the blue girl said, walking… no… hovering, closer to me with each word. Arriving just in front of me, face to face, pushing her mask against my nose. She had to tilt her head down to get that close of course but… Creepy…

"I didn-" she interrupted me, "I can hear your thoughts you filthy human!" she yelled. 

Then a sharp pain in my belly, spreading from my solar plexus out into my legs. I fell down on my knees yelling out in pain. 

"Better. Hmph.." the girl in blue said then sneezed. “Bless you” Father said casual as he wandered further into the room, not really paying any attention to what was happening behind him I guess. Or he did and just didn’t care one bit. 

“Ihe ihe ihe” father cackled as he slowly walked further into the massive structure.
It was, as I mentioned, a huge room with four pillars. One to the southwest, one southeast, one northwest and one northeast. But not up against the corners so to speak. If you’d divide the room into four squares then each square had a pillar in its center. Yeah. 

And the pillars was shiny. Like they glimmered as light hit. Wait, where is the light coming from? 

I looked up.

The roof was all gold, or gold coated, can’t say which. Must also be about 30 meter high ceiling. Then in the middle of the roof a square window about one fourth the size of the actual room that let in sunlight. But wasn’t it sunset earlier?

I coughed, blood came up as I did. Happy ran up to me, Anaya followed him tightly. They stood on one side of me each and helped me get up. 

Anaya on my left and Happy on my right.

“Thanks…” I mumbled. “Don’t” Anaya said, sounding pretty serious. I nodded once.
“Hmph, c’mon, follow father already.” The blue girl said, with an all way to pretty voice for her personality. But in a pretty pissed of tone.

Happy yelled “Yes, of course. Sorry about my friend here slowing us down, hehe” in a nervous manner. I sighed.
We slowly walked after this so called ‘Father’ while looking at the impressive room. 

It looked like there was spoils from all kinds of wars and plundering all over the place. Some placed on normal tables, some had pedestals that held it up. Damn. Is this just one big treasury? What the hell is this guy? 

A shiver went down my spine. I looked at Anaya and Happy’s expressions. They were also inspecting our surroundings with terror in their eyes as we stumbled forward. 

“Well, what do you think?” Father said in a raspy voice behind me. I turned my head around, facing a floating disease mask like the one father had.
“Ihe ihe ihe” The mask cackled. 

“What the” I mumbled. I lifted my arm and slowly poked it.

“Hey, don’t poke you’re elders, that’s kinda rude” Father’s voice said. Then the mask turned sideways and coughed a few times.

“Okay. That’s.. Wha.” I mumbled inaudibly. “Well, it’s just me displacing my head. Don’t think about it ihe ihe” I looked around again, Happy and Anaya kept dragging me forward, just looking down at the ground as we moved. I saw Father’s body, without a head, walking ahead of us. I shook my head.

We reached the end of the room, a huge doorway with a closed gate that looked like it had a demonic head on it. Like, goat’s horns on top of a big orclooking head with scales all over shimmering in a dark almost black purple. Tusks like a boar too. 

The eyes opened up. Glowing in purple. 

“What the hell? Is that…” Anaya mumbled, staring at the gate with wide eyes as the gate’s eyes opened. 

“Father?” The gate spoke in a dark, deep voice that made the floor shake. 

“Yes Hugo, open up!” Father replied. The gate’s eyes closed and the doors middle section got visible. Then the both doors, or gates, slid open slowly slowly.
Father stared at Anaya, who still stared at the gate. “I take it you’ve come across one before?” Father said, all calm and cold. His raspy dark voice made me shiver a little. Happy just stared down the floor. The blue girl was gone all of a sudden. I looked around but she was nowhere to be seen. Where’d she take off to? 

“Yes. I have.” Anaya said. “Ihe ihe, yea, a beauty isn’t it?” Father waved at us gesturing us to follow. We went into the pitchblack room. 

Father snapped his finger and the room lit up.


---Amanda’s perspective, Northern Ssargeni - town of Iceshaft - just outside the wall to the north, present time---

Seeing the horizon looking all red and yellow as the sun sets makes you think. The world can be pretty beautiful sometimes. 

Makes me wonder how there can be things in existence that with a few shots can annihilate our biggest defensive wall we've made. 

I guess the elven wall of Bahh'Sb'Dihhs would be the biggest known. "Wait a moment…" I mumbled inaudibly as I thought. No, okay, there's probably a few more greater walls than ours, but this is the biggest one in Ssargeni at the very least. 

"Hey Amanda, stop staring into the sun and get back to it, we need to fix this asap!" Ghana yelled at me. 

"Right, sorry boss!" I yelled out quickly while half assing a salute just as quickly. Ghana sighed and shook her head. 

"Dumbass!" she said and laughed, then smacked my back with her palm. “Yell when you’re done!” Ghana said and disappeared, it looked like she imploded. Then she appeared about 100 meter away, to the west by the wall where another squad was working.


Ghana would probably be the only one stronger than Raah-Se, team 12's captain. Raah-Se is a strong fucker. And lucky enough to be married to Ghana. They're pretty damn professional about it though, never showing anything while out working. But Ghana shares her private life all the time to her trusted four. That's right, I'm one of the feared 'four monsters' of Iceshaft. 


"Almost finished" I said as I kept restoring the wall. You can easily repair a structure and, or, reinforce it with magical energy. If you're good enough it even goes quick. Luckily, I'm pretty much an expert in these things. 

I held out my hands, a magic circle spun around, anticlockwise, with the magical rune for time and earth both inside it. 

I commanded it to partially just go backwards in some spots. 

Basically like I'd rewinded a movie, then deleted a part and resumed it. But instead of getting blasted to pieces as in this case, it just skips over that part and pretend the deleted part never happened. Easy! 


Then with earth I repair, or put together pieces and build the thing back up. It's to big a task to just rewind the whole thing but if I split my effort into two groups I have two resource pools I'll drain and get to work for me instead of one. 


“All… Done!” I yelled out. “Haha, this one to Amanda, pretty please!” Ghana yelled back to me. Oh right, it wasn’t just one hole. I sighed and jumped, it was about 100 meters away, the second hole. I landed with a small bang, leaving my footprints in the earth.
Got up, smiled at Ghana and a squad that looked a tad bit spooked as I just smacked down in front of them without warning. 

“Eh, sorry! I’ll give a heads up next time!” I said, scratching my neck nervously and followed up with an innocent giggle.

Ghana smacked me in the back of my head. 

“Hey! We got a survivor!” The extraction team was yelling in the distance with their, cast voice, spells. It’s a spell that allows you to… Do as it sounds like, throw your voice in desired direction, making it heard from far away.

I looked around. “Far sight,” I mumbled. 

Ghana did the same. Then Ghana started to hurry over their way. “I’ll handle it, keep repairing.” She said to me as she took off. 

I saw the team hurrying back. They carried a blue dressed girl who wore a mask. She looked like she’d passed out. Was she the only survivor from the battle? 

I shook my head and kept repairing the wall. “Well, I can check after I'm done…” I mumbled.


---Nana’s perspective, Southern Ssargeni - Nana’s home in Reatown, present time---

We were gathered in my house. Sat around the table. Me, Daeron, Yuna, Lilith, Abbadon and Kiwi. Kiwi was floating in the air though. We got Emilia out of there. She’s currently in a bed upstairs sleeping. Must’ve been a tough day.

“Well, what do you guys think is next… They actually went to kill the overlord…” I said, a tad quiet with a confused face as I leaned my face on the palm of my hands with my elbows on the table.

“I don’t know, but... “ Lilith mumbled. She looked deep in thought, stroking her chin with her finger.
We all sighed, except Abbadon who… ‘Observed’ Yuna.
Then, out of nowhere, a flash of white and pink light in the middle of the table. It blinded us and we all yelled out.
Yuna just yelled out, “Aaah!”. Daeron yelled out; “What the!”.

Lilith added a “Fuuuck!” into the mix. I Yelled out “C’mon!” While Abbadon calmly said; “The hell is this? Nana?”. 

We all closed our eyes, covering our faces with our forearms. Except Abbadon who stared into the light.

Then the light vanished.

“Nana, did you invite that thing?” Abbadon said, raising his hand toward the center of the table.

“Wait.. What…” I rubbed my eyes.

Something small, hovering in the middle of the table. No, it has wings, so maybe it’s flying. Well, hovering might still be the right choice of words… Yeah, it’s wings ain’t moving.

It was a small thing, maybe 50cm total. A womanly humanoid shape, but it’s legs were sort of weird as it didn’t seem to have knees. I looked at it’s upper body. Boobs like any girl. For the size of the thing i’d say pretty huge boobs. A thin waist, huge hips. Damn. Then the big wings, each wing double the size of the body itself. White and pink. Looking like taken right out of a fairytale. Well, actually, just like a damn fairies wings! … No… I rubbed my eyes a bit more. No, that’s feathery wings. It’s… Like Angel wings. Well, how I pictured angel wings would look like and how religious factions draw angel wings. Just white and pink instead of all white. Sort of pulsating in the pink color while the base is white. Wait, are angels this small? With a fucking ancient demon sitting at my table I wouldn’t be all that surprised if that was the case. 

Why the fuck not I guess.

“Who, where… Is this the right place?” The White and pink looking small girl with angel wings said.  “Umh, who are you looking for?” I asked. The others just stared with their jaws dropped.

“Shall I kill it mylady?” Abbadon said. Purple energy visibly gathered at a quick rate in his palm that he’d aimed at the, well, let's call it angel for now. 

“Wait, wait, No kill!” the angel yelled, waving its arms in front of its tiny body, wings flapping about. 

“I’m Nana, you’re in my house in Reatown, who are you?” I said, got up from my chair, walked over to Abbadon who was sitting to the right of me as I sat by the table end with Daeron to my left and Yuna to my right. Lilith to the left next to Daeron and adjacent to Abbadon. 

“And Abbadon, chill!” I mumbled and poked him in his side, now standing on his right side by the other table end. 

“Phew, then i’m at the right spot! Thank fuck for that!” then the angel started to giggle, holding one hand over its tiny tummy and one covering it’s mouth. A very very cute giggle if you ask me. Maybe it was an all out laugh though, but it sounded so light and cute i’d classify it as a giggle.

I tilted my head and made an expression that said ‘the fuck’ with my face while scratching my head. As did Lilith, without the head scratching. 

Abbadon mumbled something inaudible as he lowered his arm, dispersing the energy that had gathered into the air. Kinda felt like a small shockwave let loose as he did. 

I shook my head. The shockwave seemed to have woken everyone up from their slightly confused state of hypnosis that the angel had caused with it’s giggle. 


“Well, Who are you?” I said, a bit annoyed. 

“Oh sorry, call me Pinkslip!” the angel said with a smile and bowed to me. 

“I’m a servant of Lady Nia! She sent me!” Pinkslip said. Who the fuck is named Pinkslip? I thought, frowning in confusion at the name which seemed to make her a bit annoyed as she crossed her arms and seemed to pout. But it was cute so I myself started to giggle.


“Well, I'm glad you’re amused but…” Pinkslip said annoyed. “Wait, you can’t be named Pinkslip for real?” Abbadon said and raised one eyebrow at her.

“Well… No, My name is Shanti Nia-Pink Yukio.” the angel, or… Well, Shanti said. “My friends call me Pinkslip cause I…” she then mumbled while playing with her fingers, looking down at them. 

“Doesn’t matter…” I said and sighed. Holding my palm against my forehead. “Damnit, Get to it alrea…” I said then stopped. Looked up at the angel, or, Shanti Nia… “Waait..” I said loudly. “What?” Lilith and Daeron both said in unison, Yuna looked at me with big eyes. Kiwi was sleeping. Abbadon smiled at me and nodded.

“Huh?” the angel looked confused.

“Why do you have my mom’s, or, Our, middle name? Nia?” I said and smacked my hands down on both sides of Shanti. A barrier formed around the angel, trapping her. Energy just started to flow out of my hands, like it knew how I thought exactly and acted for me.

“Hey! No need to keep me in a damn cage! I’ll tell, i’ll tell!” Shanti yelled as she crossed her arms once again, looking pretty pissed. But, it was just hilariously cute. 

I removed my hands, the barrier fell. 

“Okay, go on.” I mumbled. My eyes glued to Shanti. Daeron had brought up a notepad and was writing in it.

“Well, I’m… Wait, your name?” Shanti looked confused. “So… You’re Yukio’s daughter?” Shanti said, hovered closer to me and looked at me with a glimmer in her eyes, all excited expression over her… Well, her whole body showed excitement. 

Then we heard something blow up, like a bomb or something in the distance.
“What was that?” I said and looked up. Fuck, c’mon world! Just give me a few minutes here! Finally get some info and... Lilith’s Radio started to transmit, the emergency one she carried. “General! General! We’re under attack! Your orders?” A voice yelled. Lilith picked up the radio and stared at it. “I guess we put a pin in it” I mumbled and sighed. Lilith nodded.

Then we heard the alarm go off. We’re under attack.