Chapter 51 – Attack on Reatown
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Chapter 51 - Attack on Reatown

(Start of book 3,

Attack on Reatown part 1)


---Nana’s perspective, Southern Ssargeni in the town of Reatown, present time---

The citywide alarm for an enemy attack went off. The angelic figure by the name of Shanti was gone as I looked down. I had looked up as the alarm went off for just a short moment.

A siren, transmitting a noise to the whole city so no one would miss it. 

“Fucking celestials for you. Getting out at the sign of trouble or a mess.” Abbadon sighed. I shook my head. 

I Jumped out of the chair and threw on my new plate armor Yuna made, the black corset with pink laces and a bow, black skirt and the black knee socks with pink bows in the back. All felt really smooth, like cotton, but was in fact an enchanted plate Yuna had worked with to make this good looking. Wait, when did I take it off anyway? weird. Anyway. 

Also my boobs grew in size, but I haven't had time to scold her for that enchant. 

She had made a hairband as well, pink with a bow on. Not sure what that will do, might just be decorative since she had a matching one. 


I ran out and slammed the door behind me. 

All of a sudden, this meteor looking thing was traveling down from the sky at an incredible speed as the city-wide alarm kept sounding out. It looked like it had caught fire, but a green looking one? Dark green maybe. 

"Fuck!" I yelled out. People were running towards the castle, some seemed to head for the bunker and some for the peacekeepers base. Most were yelling stuff like "hurry, this way" 

"Cmon mom, leave the vase!" 

"please please please" 


"Grandpa, let me carry you" 

"we'll be safe at The bunker, don't cry" 

Among other things. 


-the bunkers.-

We had bunkers built in all blocks for the public in case the alarm goes off. One is in our base, the basement in the mission room. The whole mission room is sort of a bunker though. 

Then there's one at the market square/playground/Park. In the middle of that place. They're currently workers there restoring the park I had destroyed after trying to kill Abaddon's damn curse in the heat of the moment. The outer wall had already been repaired and the houses. 

Anyway, more on that later. 

Then there's a bunker at the school, the castle is opened for civilians and one in each block centrally located.



"What?" Daeron asked as he was crossing the threshold of our front door, I hadn't noticed he opened it. I turned around, "the alar-" I interrupted him by pushing him back inside. 

"A damn meteor, everyone stays inside, except you!" I pointed at Abbadon. He sighed very loudly. 

All of a sudden he was gone. I looked back and forth inside. 

"Wait, where the he-" I got interrupted and scared as Abbadon suddenly spoke behind me outside my home. I jumped and let out a loud and girly scream of fright. Which I’ll never admit I did. Ever. Fucking demons.

"That's not a meteor, it's just a cloud of magic crashing down my lady." he mumbled, squinting at the sky. 

"Wha.. Fuck, stop scaring me like that." I took a deep breath. I looked up at it. 

"Magic? So it's a magical attack?" I asked worriedly. 

"Most likely, the question is what magic. I've never sensed anything like that before." he took a whiff. "It reeks of death though that’s for sure." he said and held his nose. "How many people would it take to channel that?" I didn't really see a whole runt of evil cultists gathered in a circle floating up there or anything. So who the fuck was calling it forth? 

I thought I had a good nose. But this guy smells that thing from all the way down here? 

Wait, is that… a person hovering in the air up there? A small thing… well, of course it’s a small thing from down here, but anyway, it was hovering in place.

Is this just the work of one guy? 

I squinted to try and see, then I realised I could just use far sight. I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand quickly. 

Then I cast it as hastily as I could. Far sight I thought, and looked up close at it. 

The so-called ‘It’ was a person. Mumbling something… chanting? He was wearing a robe, wizards robe. A green one, like, swampy green sort of. Also a mask that made it look like he had a beak, a very long one. Or wait, that's not a mask. That's magical energy attached, it just shifted. It looked like a ton of small squares just flipped around all over the mask, it changed color to a different green. It was dark green before, now it's black with a hint of green. No, just very very dark green.

He's used magic energy of some sort to create a mask with. It looked like one of those disease masks, pestilence masks. I can hear he's chanting something quietly, standing with his arms crossed midair. So he's not using runes. 

I'm going to assume he's the one sending that big fucking green ball of death then. 


"Nana watch out!" Lilith yelled, then threw herself at me, tackling me to the ground. She had wandered out as I was trying to see what the hell was going on. And just in time as a red bolt of magic flew over me. Or, not bolt. More like someone had shot a water gun loaded with some red liquid at me. 

So a stream. A stream of red magic. 

"Aw, you're no fun cat lady" a distorted voice said followed by a weird but innocent sounding laugh. 

"Ah ah ah ah" 

"What the.. ABBADON!" I yelled out sounding pretty angry. 

"Yes my lady?" he kneeled before me where I was lying on the ground with Lilith on top of me. Lilith got up and looked around tirelessly. Wait, why didn't he just block it? Must mean it wouldn't have killed me. Fucking demon... 

"Handle the green blob of death guy up there, do not let the big ball of green or anything similar hit the city." I said, looking at Abbadon. Meanwhile, Lilith had gotten up on her feet again.

I reached out my hand and Lilith grabbed it and helped me up. Lilith readied herself for battle and drew her swords. 

"Your wish is my command." Abbadon said, sounding annoyed and disappeared. 

"Ah ah, look at him go, obedient pup! Ah ah!" the distorted voice cracked mid sentence, as if She forgot to keep up the effect. Yeah, it seems it's a girl's voice. She kept going, this time she managed to keep it up though. She did sound quite young during the small crack. 

"Aw, two against one still ain't fair, cat lady go play with this ball of yarn." a ball that sort of looked like she'd rolled up a very long string of red magic energy flew at her, she dodged it with ease. 


It landed where she had stood and after a short delay, it unraveled itself rapidly. Sending the long string of energy after Lilith like a snake. She dodged it. 

"What the!?" She yelled as she jumped, landing on her hands, then jumped again quickly as the string of magic struck where her hands had just been. It started acting like a really aggressive snake. 

She started running out towards the canal with the magic... Thing? After her, chasing her, it attacked rapidly. I heard some soldiers yelling in the distance. Were we under attack for real? "Did you bring soldiers to attack?!" I yelled. 

"I'll lead it away and go toward the base and check the situation!" Lilith yelled. Oh, right. That might be smart I thought. 

"Sure, I'll contact you when I've dealt with her." I yelled back. "Kiwi" I thought. She popped out of a portal. Daeron smashed the door open. He looked around "What's happening?!" he yelled. 

"Oh, Daeron, take Yuna and Kiwi with you and run to base quickly." I yelled. He nodded. Disappeared in for a moment then came back out dragging Yuna along, she was dressed in a black skirt with the corset and knee socks. Same as me I think, her new plate armor feeling and acting like cotton. She'd been working on it for us a lot. Not sure why she made them matching but. 

"Kiwi, help them at all costs" I said, kiwi nodded at me and grew underneath Yuna and slung up Daeron as well. 

Anyway, then ran off towards the base. Kiwi shot away through the air with them. 

"Be careful Nana" she communicated to me. 

I nodded. Deep breaths, I can do this. 

I'd be up against a magic user of some sort. So the enchants on my armor currently wouldn't do much for me. And I have no idea what school that is that she's using. 


"ah ah ah ah! There, just us fun people now that the cats are playing!" A mist appeared before me. “Or is there anyone else to send away before we play?” 

I was on my toes, ready. I started gathering up Demonic magic and Celestial magic. 

The mist took shape. A girl. 

Is that the guy from the castle earlier? Didn't she, he… Whatever… What was that strange magic she used… 

Below me all of a sudden a beam of, well more like a liquid of sorts, blew me up into the air. 

Let's go. 

The nephilim armor quickly built up on me. A slimmer version, I focused on controlling the shape as it built up on me this time. I built up Demonic magic energy in a way that made me look like a human sized dragon. Well, I'd say I got 50% taller with the foot extensions, looking like dragon feet which started from my thighs. As I said let's go, this time for some reason half the so-called magic armor was made with Celestial magic power, keeping me looking half pale, half dark. Both eyes lit up in pink flames and my irises turned pink and started to glow. Not that I saw that but. 

I spun around, using my wings to deflect away all her magic as my arm extensions were building up. Magic surged out of the ground, it sort of looked like a rain of ash in purple, pink, black and white rained towards me. 

Her magic attack was splattered, but quickly reformed itself into the shape of a spear, going right for me. It looked so smooth as it happened, the splatter just traveled in a trajectory as if it already had planned on forming the spear if it failed. 

I pushed myself out of the way with my wings and a tad with the use of aerial control magic which pushes the user away in the desired direction using wind magic. And then grabbed it, but I shouldn't have done that. I realised way too late. 

It just disappeared into me, right through my arm extension, and I froze in place as I felt like someone had poured ice into my veins. I was crashing down towards the ground as I couldn't move my wings or any body part. 

"Fuuck!" except my mouth apparently. 

Expel it, Expel it, Expel it. 

Last second before I hit the ground I managed to Expel, or shoot out, the foreign magic from my body and create a current with my wings, straightening my body out into a standing pose. Her magic didn't just disappear as normal magic, it flew out in different directions as a red metallic smelling liquid. 

As I hovered in place at ground level she appeared, the red human shaped mist. 

"ah ah ah, it ain't that easy!" She did a gesture with her hand while smiling and the magic, the red liquid that shot out of my body, reshaped itself into small snakes and changed trajectory before hitting the ground, now flying right at me from all directions. It looked like snakes ready to bite. Flying liquid snakes? What the fuck. 

I created a nova around me of Celestial and Demonic magical energy, which disintegrated her magic, and her. It looked like a purple and pink dome or force field expanded outwards from me like a shock wave. Everything hit burned up, catching fire, and as it burned up, nothing remained. A black fire with purple and pink tones, it only took a second to burn out and do its job. 

But a mist of red quickly formed just outside the area of effect. And sure enough, the mist turned into her. 

She was applauding and laughing. 

She looked cute. Super long fire-red hair, looking beautiful as it fluttered in the wind. Really beautiful. A big innocent smile on her face, that was the cutest face I'd seen so far. She was about 176cm tall, 109cm around the boobs, 76cm below them, 60cm waist and 100cm around the butt. Thin arms, though she had thick thighs. 

She was wearing blood red leather armor, She had a helmet of sorts, covering her forehead and ears and it looked like horns were attached to it. I guess a design choice. On the forehead the word "vkis" was written, which is demonic for blood. A corset looking top with shock-red lacing. Shoulder pads with the Demonic word for red written on the left pad. "Els". and on the other pad the word red in the demonic spell-tongue language, "Täd". 

They refer to the demonic language for spells as spell-tongue. 

She had leather armor on her legs too and really nice looking leather boots that went up the calves and stopped just below the knee. All in blood red with black on the details. Really stylish. I think I've seen the look in some very very old restored animated shows from the time before the war. I think they referred to them as samurai or ninja. Maybe she's seen it too? 

So I can assume she has some demonic connection, considering the armor...


We were on the street outside my home. It felt like I couldn't go all out, or I'd cause another… Under reconstruction zone… They had almost restored the park and the buildings to the east of it, or so I had heard. 

A person walked by in a hurry. She got an ominous smile on her face. 

"Don't!" I yelled and then threw a ball of darkness-made flames at her. She disintegrated, but the mist formed behind the passerby, and the mist once again turned into her. She laid her hand on the person who didn't have time to say more than "Huh?'' Then he exploded violently, his whole body utterly destroyed. No body part was intact; he was all tiny tiny pieces and blood. One second after the explosion he froze in place. Or his blood did. It looked like a slightly bigger statue of a person, but made of blood and thin shreds of flesh. 

The blood traveled into her in a stream, entering her magically. All the flesh looked as if it melted into a liquid, the resulting drops flowing right into her as if  it was rain drawn to her. 

She started laughing again. But I can't shake the feeling that it's just, innocent somehow. Like she's actually not evil. 

"Ah ah ah, power just walking around, anywhere." she smirked at me. 

"You can't beat me." she said as she launched a spear of the red magic straight at me. 

I made a barrier or dark magic power, it splattered against it, looking like a water balloon filled with blood had smashed against a window. Then the resulting liquid was running down the barrier, dripping off it to the ground. But one of the drops of blood reformed into something that looked like the tip of a spear, flying straight against me.

My armor sent out a disintegration shock wave, saving me. Like the magic on me had its own reflexes. 


Fuck, I need more power here.