Chapter 52 – Bloodboil (Attack on Reatown part 2)
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CHAPTER 52 - bloodboil

(Attack on Reatown part 2)

---Nana's perspective, Southern Ssargeni - Reatown in the northwest of block 4, present time---

"Fuck, I need more power here…" I mumbled as I eyed the girl in red. 

I now fully built up the claws on each arm. Though I focused on extending the extensions. I made the arms start by the shoulder. In a second flat, shoulder pads with spikes on each side grew out, both arms completely covered in magical energy with the huge clawed arms. 

The right side had a white huge arm extension, pink claws on that hand and a sword attached on the wrist above the hand that I could shoot out or draw as it was currently "sheeted" so to speak. Pink glowing blade. There were also a few pink thorns here and there. 

My left side had the same arm extension, covering me from shoulder to hand, both sides extending my arms length a bit, I held back a bit. It would reach my knees if I held my arms down now. But I could of course add onto it making it the length and size it was the first time if I wanted. 

The left side was made of demonic magic now and had purple claws and was pitch black otherwise. I had a big purple see-through disc above my forearm instead of a blade on that arm. It wasn't perfectly round, and had spikes sticking out all over and looked pretty rough around the edges, so to speak. 

And for some reason a pretty horrible face of something, I think something dead, got painted onto it. Tinted in purple.

The spikes grew out from both arms by the elbow, pink spike on the right side, purple on the left side. 

And all the rest of me got wrapped in a coating of both Celestial and Demonic magical power. Like a tight body armor that was see-through. Making me shine a bit all over. 

(in my head, my demonic and Celestial version started chanting for me, "go get her, you got this!") 

"You don't know who you're messing with, girl..." I said, now angry as I slowly pointed at her as I'd spoken. 

"ooh, I'm not messing. I just want to plaaay! Ah ah!" she giggled as she talked in-between words. "Master told me to play with you!" she said and smiled at me, looking real innocent. There were no lies in her words, her voice was truthful. I know because, well, just a feeling… I also activated a lie detecting thing, which sort of alerts me in a way if someone lies to me. Not sure how I managed to do it but I did. It's a complicated spell. But I can go through that another time. 

She all of a sudden stood beside me. 

"Oh, that is a demon technique! Cool! Making huge clawed arms and dragon feet with magical power and coating yourself in a barrier!" There were three of her just inspecting me up close, all with curiosity in their eyes. I spun around. Was she going to attack? Who was the real one? She just avoided my attack with ease this time. -

"And those wings, it all fits together perfectly! You look so glorious!" She looked really excited. 

"And the white side, it looks a bit different. What magic is that?" she looked sort of confused and raised her eyebrows with the 'one' inspecting me on that side. 

I kneeled down, got ready, took a deep breath… "fucks sake." I mumbled and spun around 360 degrees with my arms extended outward. As I spun I formed scythes with magic energy on each arm that kept extending a moment as I spun. 

She got split up in a few pieces, then just turned to mist. She appeared again as I stopped spinning. My arms went back to the nephilim armor version, so the scythes sunk back and disappeared. 

"Ah ah ah ah, such power, but so lacking in imagination ah ah ah" she mocked me. Was it all fakes or is she simply immune to attacks of a physical nature? 

She turned to a mist and flew away quickly, I lost her. 

I sensed something behind me, I turned and blocked instinctively with my right arm, extending the blade out. 

She had swung a Huge katana at me from behind. It oozed of magic, red particles were simmering around it. It felt like it had an insane amount of magic, packed really tight into it and it all boiled. Creating a smoke that oozed off it, which was the aura emanating from it. It was pure power. Figuratively. No wait… Literally magical power that boiled up from within it. 

The blade looked like…Well, it was a huge Katana. I've read they're called Dai Katanas somewhere, I believe. But the blade was like a rainbow but instead of different colors it was in different red shades and it also had veins all over. 

You could see how blood traveled all over the veins along the blade. And the guard on it was a weirdly shaped heart that sat between the blade and hilt, and the damn thing was beating as if it were alive. Also, in the center of the heart was an eyeball… It was a scary thing and I have no idea how she got a hold of it. I could sense the immense power within it. How the FUCK did she hide that sword from being detected? Even storage, sure, it can hide things and power to some degree from normal people surely. But, I can normally sense what’s hiding within People’s magic.

I blocked and led it down with my blade on my right arm as she struck, she planted the sword in the ground. I went in for a punch as the blade had dug down into the concrete, with my left arm as I made it bigger, expanding it to the huge size it was the first time around.

"Ah ah ah" she took the punch. “huh?” I mumbled and raised my eyebrows in surprise at her laughter. I mean, she is bat shit insane, but I didn’t expect laughter as a response to a direct hit when i’m using my nephilim. 

She flew away as she coughed up blood in the air. When she let go of the Katana it disappeared in an instant. It looked like the ground around where she'd planted it had been boiled as steam was rising from the ground and it looked sort of scorched in a circle about one and a half meter in diameter or so. 

I started to remember that blade, from somewhere. A book I think. Maybe. 

We had a huge library in the southwest of block 2. Containing tons of books, old and new. We had a huge section that was restricted, only approved people would be allowed inside. It contained restored books from before the war and from the years history went dark as we refer to it. It wasn't much though. But more on that another time. 

As she was thrown away by my punch, coughing blood and laughing, she turned to mist mid air and quickly flew somewhere. I lost her again. I returned the arm extension back to reaching my knee-length. 

"ah ah ah" 

She appeared before me again. She held out her hand, the katana appeared in it out of thin air. It had blood on it. I felt a sharp pain in my side. I stumbled a bit but didn't fall. I put my palm on the wound, she'd cut me on the right side of my waist. I focused on regeneration. A blue light shone underneath my white clawed hand, I used the magic energy the arm was built with to speed up the recovery. New magic energy surged up from the ground and attached to me. 

"Don't you want to play?" she asked. She... Sounded for real. I heard sadness in her voice.

She wasn't in a battle stance so I relaxed a bit. I saw the blood getting absorbed by the katana. This whole thing was just surreal. 

"Well, NO. You're an enemy attacking me..." I replied a bit annoyed, taking a stance again as my wound had closed up, quickly trying to gather up energy to blast her with. 

"Awww.." she sat down and pouted. What. 

What's up with this girl? Is she trying to trick me? She radiates honesty, crazy she may be but I believe she's honest. 

"Umh, aren't you.. With the attacking people?" 

She Stabbed the katana into the concrete, it slid in like it was a loaf of bread she'd Stabbed. That blade. It was shining red, and it looked like it had veins with a heart for a guard and as it beat the blood moved around it. It was a beautiful, bizarre and fucked sight. Yes, I know I've read about that blade. The concrete seemed to start boiling. 

"Yes, but I…" she mumbled as she looked sad. 

I heard screaming from down the other street and turned around. 

She grabbed the blade and pulled it out as she leaped at me, tears in her eyes.

I blocked with my left arm, she sliced off my arm extension, but Demonic energy quickly shot out from the remaining energy of my arm extension and pulled it back in place. 

It looked like small fleshy black and purple veins that sewed it back in place quickly. It was fixed up as she landed behind me. 

"I just want to play, I thought you were my friend.." she was crying. What's up with this girl? 

She took a leap backwards into the air, I followed her, but she disappeared into a mist that spread all over the place. It was all around me. I anxiously looked around. 

"H-hey, I didn't mean... I just thought you were an enemy since you attacked me and my friends." an attack. 

Her upper body alone materialised and sliced at me with a sideways blow, I quickly jumped out of the way with the assistance of my wings. Without my wings she'd hit me for sure. They allowed me to shoot away at insane speeds. She disappeared into the mist again. 

"But.." I heard her voice, the distorted voice. 

"If you don't want to be my enemy, why do you attack me?" I said calm. 

"I.. I.." 

The mist got thicker. I got some in my mouth. Ew, it's actually blood?! I got the metallic taste in my mouth and the stench started to fill my nose as the density of the mist increased. 

Smells just like that time of the month but all around me. Fuck. I had my suspicions, but I sort of thought it was magical particles and not actual real blood. 

An attack. She came from. Where. 

I turned around ready to block, but she threw a star looking thing at me instead of swinging her Katana, I held up my arm. But.. .From behind, she sliced my back. 

The stars stuck to my arm, then crawled into me and I got frozen again. Fuck. 

I felt my passive healing talent close up the wound on my back, she intentionally must have not cut that deep, or my shield made the cut more shallow than it would've been. Since I was coated in a layer of magic energy of both celestial and demonic magic. 

She materialised in front of me, katana in hand. It was soaked in blood. Woaw, did I bleed that much on it? 

"I could kill you now." she mumbled, as she seemed all pouty. Her cheeks were puffed out. 

I need to Expel it… Expel Expel Expel… 

She put the blade against my throat. Then she made a sound, "Hmph" 

Then she crossed her arms. Tapping the Katana against her back. 

"would you wanna be my friend if I join you then?" she asked, sounding really embarrassed. She was blushing up. The blood was dripping off her sword, but as the first drop of my blood was about to hit the ground, it suddenly changed its direction and fell upwards instead. It merged into the sword. The sword started glowing and all my blood on it was absorbed into it and it looked like the veins started glowing and pulsating more intensely on the katana. I've seen that sword before… that definitely ain't no ordinary sword. It was created by Daimon. What the hell was its name again… 

"Yes, now I'm sure, this is the one." a deep distorted voice spoke. 

Who was that? 

"It is?!" she yelled and held up her sword and looked at it. 

"Yes, this is the one." the distorted voice said. 

I expelled her magic finally, or, blood. I fell to my knees panting. Damn, she's one powerful fuck. 

She looked at me, smiling an ominous smile. 

She turned to mist, so I got up. She materialised as she was about to cut me, sword held above her head ready to strike. 

I focused my magic into a shield and made a thick damn shield I held up against her. 

But the sword disappeared, though she was still there doing the striking motion. 

I looked around and saw two others, of her? One behind me to the left and one behind me to the right. All of a sudden the one behind me to the right held it. 


I took back the magic and focused it all into one big blast, aiming it down. 

I blasted away with the energy of the blow propelling me high up into the air together with a well timed jump. 

I sent a huge blast of purple and pink fire made out of Demonic and Celestial magic. It looked like when those, they call them rockets I believe, take off that they use to go to space in TV shows, I think I saw one in an old doctor who episode. But purple and pink instead of the normal fire colors. 

All 3 of her were sent flying back, but before they landed they turned to mist, which once again surrounded me up in the air, swirling around me like a damn tornado. 

I was flying in place using my wings. Oh wait, was she serious? I just remembered... Her question… 

"Yes!" I yelled out while trying to put on a dead-serious face even though the blood all round me made making any face but frown quite hard. 

"huh?" I heard her. 

"Yes, join the demon." the distorted voice spoke, the Katana spoke again. 

She was materialised in the air before me. She seemed to be levitating. Well, to me it just looked like she just stood in the air. She was holding her Katana and she was gazing at it as if she was thinking about whether to listen to it or not. 

"But, do you think she'll be my friend?" She mumbled to the sword. Covering her mouth with a hand. As if that would help. 

Hello, I can enhance my hearing and also you're pretty damn close… internal sigh. 

"We must join her. She is the one." the sword said. I just noticed, the damn heart-guard above the hilt had an eye, that now the eyeball was wide-open, looking at her and me back and forth. Blinking. That was where she was looking. 

"Yes, if you join me I'll be your friend forever." I half shouted, as serious as I could. 

She may be crazy but maybe I can fix her. I bet making her my friend would result in fewer deaths anyway, so it's the best possible way to go here.

And I can fix her. Right? Right. 

She looked baffled. It took about ten seconds before her face turned bright with a huge smile. 

"You promise?!" she yelled, she sheeted her katana on her back. It disappeared as she let go, as if it turned to blood and disappeared into her. Was weird for sure and I got a chill down my spine, making me shiver a second. She then ran towards me. She's running up in the air… on nothing? How? Eh. 

"Yes, but no more attacking me or my friends, okay?" I replied. Still trying to sound serious but I sort of wanted to laugh at the whole situation. I mean, it's just so silly… 

"okay, pinky swear!" she stopped before me with a huge toothy smile on her face and held out her pinky finger. She was a damn cute girl. How can a normal human girl that is this beautiful and cute be this damn crazy. 

"Umh." I stood confused a few seconds before I realised she was serious. But can I really let her join me… She turned a person into magic, harvesting a life for energy. And she did it while laughing. Just executing a civilian as casual as if it was some old milk she threw out. No hesitation. 

"okay.. Sure thing." I said and smiled at her. I might regret this. 

I held out my pinky, or, claw, and she quickly grabbed it with her pinky. "don't hurt.." I first yelled. "Your.. Never mind.." I mumbled. It didn't seem to cut her. I forgot I had the armor, nephilim, on, and didn't think. But she wasn't harmed by the razor-sharp claw even though squeezing It. But, oh well, no harm done. I need to ask what fucking magic she's using. She seems to be a fucking master. 

"I pinky-swear to never attack you or the ones you consider friends." she said, now swapping to a dead serious face. A face you'd put on when you were about to commit murder. A face she definitely didn't use when she did commit murder so I guess she's really fucking serious right now. She went from the cutest thing alive to insanely scary, quick. That fire colored hair works both ways it seems. 

She then just gazed at me and raised her eyebrow. I looked at her, I probably blushed and looked awkward.

"Aaand?" she said in a teasing manner. 

"Oh, I promise to be your friend forever." 

"Say you pinky-swear!" she yelled and leaned her head uncomfortably close to mine. 

"I-I pinky-swear I'll be your friend forever." I then said, a bit baffled. 

She then leaned in and kissed me. 

"Good." a distorted voice said from behind her as she kissed me. The sword? I need to ask her if I can look closer at it. 

Then she leaned back and smiled. I just stood there confused. Wait, she kissed me? Why? What. And she just broke through my barrier, or ignored my magical coating. Is that some sort of magic? My barrier would've blocked even a kiss, it's about one cm thick even though it seems thin as you look at it. 

Now that I think about it she hit me with a spell that just bypassed all my armor and barrier layer of magic energy, it went straight into my body and froze me up, rendering me unable to move. 

"Hi, I'm Sithran Ohsel, generation 11 nr 1!" she leaned her head to the side smiling. 

"I'm the left hand of Erust'jrak, leader of the pureblood society!" she said and made a confused face right after the last word. "Well, not anymore, but I was, ah ah ah" she laughed in a weird way, holding her fingers in front of her mouth as she laughed this time. She sounded and looked pretty cute as she did it. And she just sounded so damn innocent for some reason. Is this just one of those girls that was raised in a fucked up way, completely isolated from reality? So many questions swirling around my head. 

"Well, I suppose I gotta put in my resignation.." She scratched her head and gazed at the sky, where Abbadon and the green looking mage was fighting, with a confused expression on her face. 

I looked at her for a moment, sort of frozen and lost in thought. Then I realised I maybe should ask her to help. 

"Well. I guess but... You could actually hel-" I was about to say help us by staying with the crazy leader but she interrupted me, yelling:

"Well, fuck it, they'll figure it out! Mom always said you were special. That must be good right?" she smiled. 

"Umh... Mom?" I scratched my head confused. "Nevermind" I mumbled. My arm extension opened up and bent away as I reached in for my head, so I wouldn't cut my head into five pieces. Sort of like a high tech glove that could think on its own to some degree. Since the magic particles that make up my nephilim kinda are me I suppose. 

Oh, good, I forgot I had the Nephilim on, I thought to myself. I kinda like that name. Nephilim. For my new updated black armor. Maybe another name, I dunno… hum. We'll workshop it when I've gathered everyone and this is all over. 

Now, to clean up the town...