Chapter 57: Mobilization
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Midmorning Jingo Jungle, 6th Floor Toria Union 

Nucci calmly walks before his troops and starts to state the objectives.

"We will be attacking the north , 20 of  each of you will be ground support for the tank but the  rest of you will  have to capture the building's until the north of Saint Lo is under our master's control."

Hasako arrives at the port area and assumes command of the Twins of the battlefield.

Hasako starts to check the combat readiness of the units but at a lost to what to do.

Hasako Wang starts to message Tamia on the objective.

"Commander Tamia , what am to do?"

Tamia:" You will be in charge of Tanya Jitour's forces and the one's with also the goal is to capture the south but Tanya is troops is to surround the city square."

After that the message link is cut off. 

Surveillance Elf: "Invasion eta 20 minutes , be ready until then."

Midmorning West of Saint Lo, Franco sea Franco Empire

Aliciana Victona:" Start the beach landing , we have 20 minutes until we can flank them."

Every unit within each started rushing to the boarding in a group of 16 , each with their own squad leader.

After 3 minutes everyone is on their land crafts and are ready then the captain pushed the green button releasing the landing crafts.

The operations start the engine and the gunner prepared the AK-170 for action .

As they close in , the enemy spotted them.

Enemy Soldier Captain:" Enemy movement from the ships, get the B.A.R now."

The message reached all units and they brought out the weapons from world war 1 and prepared to fire."

As they reach halfway , Stem's , B.A.R and Lee-Enfield's fired.

The bullet hit them but they suffer minimum damage , as 1 minute pass under intense fire.

Half of the 1st wave hit land mine and they are nearly wiped.

Next to the 2nd wave, they returned fire.

Each soldier that is reloading died due their over confidence after killing so many in just 5 minutes.

The machine gunner's surpass the enemy but after the 2nd wave , the units are throwing their hooks into  window while  8 squads fired at any attackers.

They units captured the beach and took the  first area's of the western building's.

As they push on , room to room fighting and civilians are spotted heading to the city square.

With the enemy throwing grenades and firing after all that the Jingo Marine Crop is suffering heavy casualties cause of the enemy resistance.

Transmission:' All units , stop the advance after taking 20% of the city.'

Soon after taking 20% of the city , the advance of the crop stopped.

Azuki started checking up on his troops.

'My troops first taste of modern war and they are getting wiped due to them being new to cowardly and smart tactics.'

The 20 minutes are up.

2 MIG-29 are are preparing to launch , they lined up and one launched

One patrolled around the city and the other waited.


Midmorning Jingo Jungle,6th floor Toria Union

Surveillance Elf:" Everyone go , go."

The elf selected Saint Lo as the attack area and each army group entered the city.

They started entering the portal and arrive at their destination.

Midmorning Northern City Front, Saint Lo Franco Empire

Nucci and his forces arrive and came under heavy  motor fire.  and the tanks reminded undamaged.

Jino: "Major  Lion , how about the infantry."

Lion tried to spot the targets but the tank drier spotted him and the 1st tank group fired jointly at his location

With outer area of the north suffering heavy damage , the tanks entered the city.

Jingo Marine Crop Soldier:"5 enemy motor due east , 89,70 degrees of the firing range."

Captain: "Roger that."

The battleships raised up their cannons and opened fire at the target area.


Jingo Marine Crop Soldier took a look  with the binoculars.

"Targets are destroyed , i repeated target destroyed."

The infantry followed the tanks close behind and are entering the each building's with two squads , after a hour.

No reports of enemy engagement and now 40% of the city is taken.

Nuci thinking.

'Maybe the population don't like the ruling party her , which is why the resistance is small.'

Communication link.

Aliciana Victona: "Don't lower your guard , the map says 350,000 people live here."

Nucci" Roger that."

The communication link has ended.

Midmorning Southern City Front Franco Empire

The Twins of the battlefield is the next group to arrive and as soon as they entered the area.

The defenders used M1 Grands with a grenade launcher to attack but it took 2 minutes of firing 1 grenade round and 8 rounds to take 1 units,

The twins returned fire as they advanced and  did the same thing as the Jingo Marine Crop and a select few went through the road with Hasako leading them.

Hasako in communication link.

"Advance with caution."

With no room to room, fighting erupted and nothing was found under the beds , the advance from the south started to be hurried up as the battle start to rage around the town.

After the 3 blocks are taken , mines exploded and many of the  6 teams are wiped after taking the south.

The team stopped advancing and all that is left is the eastern front.

Midday Eastern City Front, Saint Lo Franco Empire

MiG 29 Pilot: "All forces are wiped out."

Tamia: "Begin plan  B."

The pilot stopped patrolling and started firing at the building's in the east.

MiG 29 Pilot: "Targets locked."

*Ziii-rooaaah* *Boom*x18 for 300 times.

One of the Twins casted a scanning spell and discovered around 96 soldiers in 60 groups wiped out.

With that , all forces are going about collecting the dead of the enemy and started making coffins for them.

The left over wood is delivered  from the 6th floor and funeral preparations are made.

Many of the dead men , dwarves and elf soldier families came from hiding  to paid  their respects to their beloved family member.

Each Family member gave their thanks and shook the hands of the outsiders.

After all of that  Azuki went to the east and start accessing the damage.

Azuki thinking.

'This will take some time to rebuild but after  6 days , the troops of the prime minister may come.'

He kelp on walking pass family members returning to their hiding places.

Each person waved at him and he did it back to show he is friendly.

Communication link.

Jingo Marine Crop Soldier: "There appears  to people entering the area , where 2,000 enemy soldiers entered and more may be hiding in there."

Aliciana Victona: "Hasako Wang's 2nd branch will be attacking there by tomorrow after that our military police will be the only group here."

Jingo Marine Crop Soldier:" Copy that."

With that the link ended.

Aliciana: "Gate."

He entered the portal.

Midday Lulu Village Toria Union

With that he arrived in the area he left only to find angry  teammates  combined with scrolling looking looks he left

Aliciana:" I am sorry."

Most are upset except Shanique and the ogre by the name of  Shiko.

Shanita Right:" Do you have an idea of how long, we have been waiting?"

Azuki responded by stating.

"Husima wanted help but most of my troops died and many of you could have died if you have joined the invasion force."

They look shocked at this cause they think they are just chess pieces for stranger that saved him but it always seem as of they don't mind.

Aliciana: "Gate."

They enter the portal  all together.

Midday Saint Lo Franco Empire

They arrive within the west of the city and many of the soldiers seem to holding boxes.

One saw their lord and approached him.

Jingo Marine Crop Soldier:" There are counter-attack measures and the their plan B for forces like our may have been destroyed during the fighting as told by the civilians."

Aliciana:" Good work, you guys go and help the troops."

So the women split up in groups of 10 and started helping the troops in the city.

He picked the buying option

Jingo Marine Crop

Aliciana: "4 groups of you surround the city square and attack any enemy soldier that do not surrender while the last 2 groups will reinforce Tanya when she requests it."

After he told them this , they spilt up and surrounded said area in 30 minutes while the rest is behind standing by as back up.

Azuki smiled at this new development.

He decided to fly to where the Tamia is present.

After  3 minutes , he arrived  and landed next to her.

Aliciana Victona:" I am planning on making  labyrinth on the outside of  Jingo Jungle and my troops that i buy will protect the being's from the one's born from my servant creation magic but it will gift special abilities."

Tamia:" Your idea is amazing my lord but this place is new , so take it one step at a time."






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