Chapter 58: Reporting To The Prime Minister
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Midday Saint Lo Franco Empire

Azuki is now preparing to leave. 

Aliciana Victona: "Message."

Azuki is now communicating with the others.

Everyone: " Yes sir."

He responded: "Keep working the ogre Shiko and Husima will be with me filing a report of what we along with our findings." 

 Aliciana Victona: "Multi- Gate."

A gate appeared between the two and Azuki entered his.

The other two entered it suddenly and find themselves at the town hall.

Midday Town Hall, Pari Franco Empire

They all arrived outside of the town hall and they entered the area of the town hall.

Azuki took the lead and walked towards the door then opened it upon arriving.

He walked up the stair towards the Prime Minster's office.

Husima and the others opened the door.

Prime Minister Joan D Arc smiled cause she is hoping to see them again.

Azuki and the others start to approaching the seat and they all sat.

Joan D Arc:" Are you here to report the operation to help us retake Saint-Lo from the demi-humans."

Aliciana Victona:" We defeated the defenders but at a heavy cost but the remaining forces are  in the city center."

Joan D Arc: " Are they using the weapons that the U.S call outdated and gave away."

Husima and Shiko also Azuki shake their head as a yes.

Joan sighed as if she suspected as much from these rebels.

Shiko: "Are the weapons from Cannar the capitol of the forgotten forest, Sir did  the god of war Aros speak to you?"

Azuki starts to wonder about and tried to remember but no such people came to mind.

With a look at his, she feels disappointed.

Aliciana Victona: "Who is Aros."

Joan D Arc:" To demons and demi-humans, he's the god that empowers them in times of war but to us Christians; he is a governor of the heaven, we reside but legend has it that he is building an army chosen by  the valkyrie  but only demi-human and human are taken to the top of the 4th heaven as soldiers and commanders."

Husima smiles with delight as if she plans on arriving there after she has died.

Husima Isoma: "How do I rise the 4th heaven as a soldier."

Joan D Arc: "You need to keep the  10 commandments if you are from the 3rd heaven but here fighting with bravery, skill and honor make you reach Halaha."

Azuki started to feel agitated about the conversation.

Then Joan changed her attention to  Azuki.

Joan D Arc:" You have 6 days left  until I sent my forces to retake there from the rebel, so be careful out there." 

Azuki got up and started to leave then the others followed after him.

They walked back to where they started.

Aliciana Victona:" Gate."

They started to enter the portal.

Midday Saint Lo Franco Empire

Azuki and his allies arrived back safe and sound.

The troops of Nucci passing by and then a few turned to take a look.

Jingo Soldier:" Master, the enemy has equipment stronger than what we used to: so we should  try another means of approach."

Aliciana Victona:" I see, only the team I summoned will enter."

Azuki is taking out the statue and he is trying to buy back the troops, he lost.

Troops Lost: 52,800 Jingo Marine Crops
Others: 76,800
Resurrect All
Yes No

So more money is taken from the treasury as payment.

Aliciana Victona:" Shiko  and Husima, please return to your business."

Husima:" Whatever."

While Shiko just left without a word.

Azuki started fapping her wings and started surveying the area for a possible weak spot.

He routinely stop at a damaged home and found nothing suspicious.

Then he made a trip to the city center.

Azuki lands there and found a hatch on the eastern side of the center. 

After finding it, he tried to open it and succeeded at it he climbed down.

Three men are on patrol and one saw him.

Enemy Soldier:" We got trouble."

All three pulled out their Thompsons and started starting fire upon them

'The damage is indeed larger than that knight commander , if this keeps up i may end up a corpse again.'

Aliciana Victona:" Scared Arrow."

Three arrows of light suddenly appeared and launched at the enemy while they are reloading.

They are hit in the torso and  died soon after.

Aliciana Victona: "Status."

Temporary Race: Human
Race: Seraphim
Health: 70%
Skills: Active
Sealed Power: Inactive
Title: Lowly Angel Copy

Azuki sighs as he looks at his status but he realized something then said to himself.

'Am just a  human in-game in a manmade version of seraphim and the real deal may be deadlier.'

He smiled as if he will expecting nothing less from the world and the others outside that he had encountered.

Aliciana Victona: " Self Healing."

A white aura covered his body and he is starting to regain 5% of his health each 10 minutes.

While this is going, he remained still until he is completely heath.

He continued on and after a while.

A voice shouted.


A wall blocked  both points then water began to drop from the  pipeline.

Azuki tried to assure himself and took out his sword and spear that classified as divine.

He landed 20 blows but nothing happened.


A speaker is now making noise.

"I am commander Asako, one of the 7 legendary heroes and i have studied otherworlders long enough to use dark stone to block your strikes."

After that  a path back to where he started opened up and he left in defeated.

When he reached the top, Husima and Shiko are waiting at the top for him.

Husima:" How did it go?"

Shiko:" Look at him, it is a failure cause they are using material made from the demonic aura."

Azuki starts to shake his head to show that Shiko is right.

Shiko:" Let's report this to Joan , so she can talk with Zhongli so we may get more fire power."

With the feeling of shame in his voice , Azuki starts to cast a spell.


They entered the portal and found themselves at the start again.

Midday Pari Franco Empire

Azuki and his allies start to approach the town hall then processed towards the door.

They opened the door in a hurry and rushed up towards the prime minister's office.

Each one entered with a bit of shock.

Joan D Arc: " Are they using the martial that comes from turkey, the forgotten forest, and china?"

Shiko: "I have heard the middle east has a  bit  1400 years ago but ran out."

"Amen." Azuki impatiently stated.

Joan D Arc shook her head and raised her hand for the telephone on the desk.

She tabbed Zhongli's number.


Zhongli: "Hello little Joan , how may i help you?"

Joan D Arc:" I want 1200 of of your top forces to mop up some rebels."

Zhongli:" I can sent them over by tomorrow morning  but bring 1096 troops with a rookie to real battles , so my commander can teach the newbie a thing or deal."

Joan agreed and told him yes.

Aliciana Victona: "Gate."

A spark appeared but it appeared shortly after.

'Maybe it is linked to trust from the prime minister.' Azuki thought.

So he left with the others then tried again and they left.

Midday Saint Lo Franco Empire

Aliciana Victona: 'Message.'

"Everyone be on extreme alertness while in town , the enmey may try a counter attack with a high ranking demon or primordial demon," Azuki stated.

"Yes, Madam." Everyone."

So the teams started patrolling in groups of 8 and they cover each other weak point.

While most enter the building and prepare to gun anyone armed person that comes from any direction.

The tank commanders started setting up ambush positions while 1-2 positioned themselves within buildings like some reserve force.

Azuki looked shocked at this.

Jingo Marine Soldier:" This is defense plan D by Hito Hito, the rest is made by Alucard."

Azuki got sick of seeing the purchased ally name so he decided to change it.

Aliciana Victona:' Guild admin Permission, change name of Jingo Marine Soldier.

Old Name: Jingo Marine Soldier
New Name: Jingo Marine
Do you wish to continue?


With that, the badges changed to stating Jingo Marine.