Chapter 61: Going To The Angtal Empire
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Midday Pari Franco Empire

Aliciana and his allies got up and started leaving, upon arriving at the stairs.

Akina Lee grew sick of waiting on Azuki so she started speaking to him.

Akina Lee:" I have been serving you and placed myself in your campaigns so let's report to my queen Silesta Mason."

Aliciana:" Fine, we will go to your homeland and ensure you report my deeds to your leader."

So he changed his attention to leaving the prime minister's office.

After a while they have left the security area of the town hall, now they can leave with a spell.

Aliciana:" Gate."

A gate appeared and they started approaching the gate then they are in the capital of the Angtal Empire.

Midday Yoshia Angtal Empire

They arrive outside of the Silesta's Castle and Akina gladly smiled at him then approached the city gate.

The guard noticed her and started shouting orders at those that control the gate.

Guard:" Open the gate."

So the fellow guards starting casting magic on the gate and it opened before them so they went onward into the castle.

As they went on through the castle, Aliciana entered past the castle door and each of them went upstairs.

They kept on going onwards towards the queen's throne room, after a while, they have arrived.

Aliciana and the others entered the throne room then bowed before Silesta after arriving within the throne room.

Silesta looked in the group of 50 and she started to speak.

"Akina Lee, please step forward and report what has happened during your journey. 

The servant got up and started reporting all that had happened on her travels.

Akina Lee:" We have gone to the Franco Empire and attacked a rebel territory that had been attacking our ships and sea transportation but the invasion force suffered greatly but this faction call themselves the Toria Union which took one village and town as their domain, After all of that we went to Norway to get support for destroying the chaos stone made defenses."

Silesta Mason: " Thank you for the report and you Joria, what are you called in the Franco Empire?"

Aliciana:" I am called Alexander but one final push will happen tomorrow."

The queen smiles and stated to Azuki her intentions after this battle.

Silesta Mason:" Capture the rebel leader and I will make you a noble and commander of a force of your choosing or you can advise me on one thing."

Azuki is glad to hear this cause it will increase his influence on the world stage.

So he got up and bowed before the queen and told her.

" I will  give a response after beating the rebels in Saint-Lo but  we should be careful when we do the next step."

Silesta Mason:" You have my blessing to use one army and can you put in a word to the Toria so I may Join their Alliance."

" Yes, Madam" Azuki replied.

So he got up and started making his leave and the others followed suit,  due to the country never having rebels or attacks, no anti-magic area was deployed by the army. 

They walked out of the castle and upon the time they left, Aliciana started to prepare to leave.

Aliciana:"  Divine Gate."

Midday Gorna Demon Domain

As they started entering the gate, an army f primordial orcs noticed a strange presence so they gathered around the location.

Primordial Orc:" My lord, Yomiya what should we do?"

Yomiya:" Prepare for a battle cause we are demons of the highest class and 20 of you report to Queen Lucifina or King Jacob if possible."

Azuki and the others arrived only to find  2 legions of primordial close to the power of the greater primordial dragon.

Aliciana:" I am an envoy from the Franco Empire."

Yomiya:" A long time ago, Uria and our domain  had an alliance but you humans killed our ally so we kill many humans or make them demons if they give us information so what can you give us."

Azuki started thinking of how to get them on his side so he said.

" I am trying to form an organization  to prepare for another war but against some spirits, I do not trust."

Yomiya now behaved as if she is interested.

Aliciana:" I formed the Central Empires but I think your leadership can make the requirements to join."

Yomiya sighed and replied.

"Follow me but stay unequipped or I will have to kill all of you."

Azuki and his team started following the strange orc and after 1 hour, they arrive at a  gate and each of them is sent to the castle of the rulers.

Evening Hellgana Royal Castle Demon Domain

They arrive in a castle that seems to be made of precious metals and stones.

Husima, Shika looked on with interest in their eyes and one of the demon generals noticed them then approached them.

Demon general:" I am Frankin, one of the  3 demon generals, and if you are interested in how this place is made just ask me."

So they passed by him and went on without issue then they took a right and entered a room.

To their surprise, two fallen angels are sitting on the throne.

Lucifina:" Why are these people here, many feared us and never dare enter this domain."

Jacob:"  One of them has the power of a lowly angel and why are you here?"

Yomiya signaled them to bow before them and they did so then she spoke to them.

Yomiya:" The one that you view as a lowly angel seems to have made an organization  to influence the world."

Lucifina got up and approached  Azuki and then she went to his ear.

Lucifina:" Have you made a country?"

Then she crouched down next to him and he replied by whispering into her ear.

Aliciana:" Yes I have a nation I call the Toria Union but I only have two nations in the Central Empire."

So Lucifina got up and went back to her throne and voiced her optional.

Lucifina:" How my optional for your alliance, each country should raise their defense budget by 3% per each year, secondly they must have 10% of their forces ready to support fellow members and lastly all races can join the alliance as long as they a territory."

So Azuki got up and showed his support of their views by taking out one of the prototype weapons.

Jacob looks at this and approached him to take a closer look at the sword to his surprise it is close to god-class weaponry.

Jacob:" We will join your alliance."

So Azuki took out a paper and Jacob placed the demon domain seal upon the paper then Azuki signed the contract.

The Deri Empire is left to sign so the Demon can sign the contract to let them in.

After succeeding at his goal, Yomiya took them back to Gorina which is her current domain.

Husima:" Are you one of the demon generals?"

Yomiya:" Yes but it's to be not to because I am one of the oldest and most powerful demons."

So the discussion ended and time went away as before and they reached their destination. 

After they have left, Lucifina decided on summoning one of her subordinates.

Lucifina:" I summon you, Tartarina."

A dark aura appeared before the couple and the Fallen angel bowed before the couple.

Lucifina:" I want you to assist the individual Aliciana, take all of the troops you have under your command."