Chapter 5.1
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The birds and beasts were scared by the sharp voice and ran helter-skelter.

"Who are you?  What do you want?"

The girl broke out in cold sweat, her eyes wide opened and she looked at the two masked men dressed in black who had suddenly appeared nowhere. She felt so scared that she took a few steps backward, her voice trembled and her eyes watched the men cautiously.

One of the masked, black dressed men looked at the girl for a while and then in a cold voice said.

"Second Brother, the appearance of this girl is not bad compared to the previous seven women. You can enjoy yourself."

The voice was distinctively a woman's voice.

"He, he.........don't be afraid, little girl. I'll take good care of you. The more afraid you are, the more I like it."

Although the man had his face covered, the evil intentions in his eyes could clearly be seen.


The girl threw her cloth bundle*at the man and then immediately turned around and ran for her life but she was still not fast enough.

(Cloth bundle - in ancient times, people travel without bags but with all their possessions wrapped with a piece of cloth into a bundle and carried over a shoulder

(Cloth bundle - in ancient times, people travel without bags but with all their possessions wrapped with a piece of cloth into a bundle and carried over a shoulder.)  **Artwork belongs to Pinterest.

In a blink of an eye, the man appeared before her and hugged her to him. He pressed her to the ground and tore at her clothes. Suddenly the man became motionless and at the same time, Yamen's guards who were waiting in ambush instantly appeared. They surrounded the other black dressed man standing nearby.

"This time, even if you have wings, you will not be able to escape."

Cheng Gang looked at the black-dressed men surrounded by the guards and did not believe the murderers would be able to escape this time. He turned to look at the other man who had been immobilized by his Shi-mei after the man was tapped on his acupuncture pressure points. He also noticed that his Shi-mei did not seem to suffer any injuries and was relieved that this time, his Shi-mei's plan was successful.

The girl who was attacked was in fact, Dong Fang Jie in disguise and the purpose was to lure out the two murderers. Even though knowing that his Shi-mei's martial arts was not weak but Cheng Gang still could not help but broke out in cold sweat while lying in wait, in the dark.

"Cheng Gang, don't think it is so easy to catch me."

When the black-dressed woman saw her companion being subdued, she swept her eyes over the guards surrounding her, her eyes revealed her killing instinct and her ten fingers changed into claws. With her martial arts skills, she slashed at the guards and those who were scratched by her claws were screaming out tragically in pain. When Cheng Gang saw the situation had turned dangerous, he suddenly jumped and attacked her with his sword. Although the black-dressed woman did not have any weapons, there were a lot of hidden darts on her body.  Every hidden dart including her claws all contained highly toxic poison and Cheng Gang did not dare to take her lightly.

When Dong Fang Jie saw Cheng Gang caught in a fight with the black-dressed woman, she quickly flew over to help. Both Shi-xiong and Shi-mei showed perfect tacit understanding and they attacked on both sides.  During one of the moves, Dong Fang Jie stripped the black mask from the woman's face, revealing an ugly face full of scars.

When Dong Fang Jie saw her horrible face, she was shocked. The black-dressed woman took the chance of the lapse and hit Dong Fang Jie's left shoulder with her palm. On seeing this, Cheng Gang rushed forward to support Dong Fang Jie.  Taking advantage of the chaos while Cheng Gang was checking Dong Fang Jie's injury, the black-dressed woman successfully escaped.

Cheng Gang looked in frustration at the direction where the black-dressed woman had fled.  He frowned and said worriedly.

"Shi-mei, are you hurt?  Damn!  She had escaped again!  I'm afraid it will not be easy to catch her again the next time."

"I'm sorry, Shi............"

Dong Fang Jie knew it was her fault that the black-dressed woman was able to get the chance to escape.  She blamed herself for this mistake and was about to berate herself when she was stopped by Cheng Gang's hands.

"It seems that the murderer has been caught by you. I arrived a step too late."

Suddenly a low deep voice sounded and a tall figure appeared in front of everyone followed closely by Liu Yong.

"Wang-Ye, such a coincidence! How do you know we are here?"

Cheng Gang quickly stepped forward to stand in front of Dong Fang Jie and used his burly figure to shield her.

"I asked the people in Yamen and they told me about this operation you were conducting.  This case has garnered so much attention that I had to take note too.  Where is Dong Fang Jie?  Isn't this operation jointly conducted by the both of you?"

Long Hao Tian swept his eyes around and did not miss Cheng Gang's movement in striding forward.  His black eyes stared slyly at the person standing behind Cheng Gang.

"Shi-di had to attend to some urgent matters and had rushed off."

Cold sweat started to flow down the back of Cheng Gang. As his Shi-mei had said, this Long Hao Tian is like a lingering soul. He wondered whether this time, his Shi-mei's disguise would be able to deceive him.

"Is it? I wonder what other matter is more important than this case?"

Long Hao Tian's face tightened, his black eyes stared doubtfully at Cheng Gang.

"Wang-Ye, please forgive me.  I am anxious to escort the murderer back to prison.  I have to leave first."

Cheng Gang gestured to the guards to escort the murderer back to Yamen.

"Who is the girl behind you?  Is she the one who is nearly killed this time?"

Long Hao Tian had no intention of letting him off so easily.  His black eyes watched intently at the girl who was standing behind Cheng Gang with her head lowered.

"That's correct.  I must immediately escort this girl back.  Wang-Ye, goodbye."

"Wait a moment."

Long Hao Tian blocked his way and also had a clear look at the face of the girl who stood behind him. It was a strange face but her eyes which avoided looking at him gave him an inexplicable familiar feeling.

"Escorting the murderer back to Yamen is more important. Why not let me help you to send the girl back?"

"This cannot be done! I dare not trouble Wang-Ye."

The voice tone of Cheng Gang involuntarily became loud and he sounded nervous.


A subtle light breathing attracted the eyes of the two men.  Dong Fang Jie was gently massaging her left shoulder, her eyebrows wrinkled and her face had turned pale.

"Shi.......What is the matter?"

Cheng Gang anxiously held her up, supporting her shoulders and asked anxiously.

" seems I have been poisoned........"

Dong Fang Jie swayed slightly and her eyesight began to blur.  It was her fault, she had been too careless and thus the enemy had the chance to harm her.

Long Hao Tian's face sank slightly.  He looked at the two of them in such an intimate manner.  His black eyes flashed and with quick movements, his hand encircled Dong Fang Jie's waist.  With a turn of his body, she instantly landed into his arms.

"Since the girl is poisoned, I will take her to seek medical help.  It is better for you to hurry and send the murderer back to Yamen."


Cheng Gang clenched his hands into fists at the side of his body and stared anxiously at his Shi-mei who had fallen into a coma in the arms of Long Hao Tian.  He swept his eyes over to everyone who was waiting for him and after assessing the importance of the situation, he had to compromise. 

At the bottom of his heart, he could only say.......Shi-mei, you have to take care of yourself.

"Then I will have to trouble Wang-Ye." He cupped both his hands into a fist, bowed and then gave orders for everyone to leave.

Long Hao Tian looked at the girl who had fallen into a coma in his arms. He lowered his head, studied her face carefully and his eyes started to search. Suddenly, his black eyes narrowed and a light flashed across his eyes. He stared at the small birthmark behind her right ear and hurriedly picked her up.

"Liu Yong, Let's go quickly!"

A master and a servant, both used their flying skills quickly went into the city.




"You're awake."

Dong Fang Jie opened her eyes and for an instant could not figure out where she was. A familiar deep voice sounded beside her, she felt something was not right and immediately became wide awake.

"Wang.......Where is this place?  Why am I here?"

Dong Fang Jie almost blurted out and quickly changed her words. The moment she woke up, she saw him beside her and it greatly shocked her.

Damn!  Could it be her Shi-xiong handed her over to Long Hao Tian while she was unconscious?

"This is Fu Mansion, where I am temporarily staying.  What is Lady's name?  Where does Lady stay?  When Lady is in better health, I will send Lady back home."

Long Hao Tian leaned against the bedpost with his arms folded across his chest. Towering above her, his black eyes looked down at her and did not miss the anxiety in her eyes.

"I don't want to trouble Wang-Ye.  I can go back by myself."

She was unable to stop herself from blurting out. After Dong Fang Jie realized she had said those words, she was shocked.

"Wang-Ye?"  His eyebrows were raised and his lips curved upwards with interest.  "How did this Lady know my identity?"

"That.......that was what I heard when you were talking to Cheng Hunter.  This little woman does not dare to trouble Wang-Ye and my injury is not serious. So it is better for me to leave first."

Dong Fang Jie forced a slight smile.  Her eyes were hooded and she did not dare to meet his sharp eyes. She was anxious to leave and lifted up her quilt.

"No, the poison in your body is not completely cleared and your injury is also not completely healed.  The doctor had said that Lady must rest for at least two days.  Even if Lady is anxious, Lady can only leave after two days."

In a flash, Long Hao Tian's tall figure blocked her path and his deep mysterious eyes stared at her with an abnormal light and the scorching heat made her heart tremble.


Dong Fang Jie shifted her eyes and did not dare to meet his searching and questioning black deep eyes. She did not know why she has a vaguely disturbing feeling about this. Long Hao Tian's behavior was a bit strange. As a Wang-Ye, it was not necessary for him to treat a female stranger so nicely. He was so nice that she felt he had hidden intentions. He was so nice that she felt her hair stand on ends.

"Wang-Ye, I am here with the medicine." A maid called outside the door.

"Come in."

After getting permission, a maid pushed the door opened and entered. She placed the bowl of medicine on the wooden table, bowed and then left. As she went out the door, she closed the door again and the room resumed its original atmosphere.

"Come over to take your medicine."

Long Hao Tian strode to the table and sat down on a chair and did not give her any chance to refuse. Dong Fang Jie hesitated and in her heart, she knew she would not be able to leave for the time being. She could only take one step at a time, so she got up and went towards the table.

Long Hao Tian poured himself a cup of tea, sipped the tea and watched the person in front of him sit down and drank the medicine. Then he said casually.

"You still have not answered me yet. What is your name and where do you live?"

Ke! Ke! Ke! Suddenly she started to cough violently and it was so bad that her chest hurt. She used her hand to cover her mouth to prevent the medicine from being sprayed out.

"Are you alright?"

He had a smile on his face and his black eyes watched her, enjoying the dilemma on her face.

"I'm fine. Thank you, Wang-Ye, for your concern."

As her cough gradually subsided, Dong Fang Jie was already viciously scolding him in her heart. When she looked up at him again, she was calm and did not show any fluster as she had when she first woke up.

"My surname is Zhao and my name is Ling. I live in the east of the city in Hutong. I heard my aunt who is living in the neighboring county is sick. I just wanted to take that shortcut so that I could reach my destination before dark and did not expect to encounter such misfortune. Fortunately, Chief Guard Cheng was able to save me."

"So it was like this." He said softly, his dark eyes narrowed and his lips curved slightly. "Lady Zhao, please take a rest.  Later, I will come to see you again."

As soon as he finished speaking, the tall figure stood up and with a sweep of his robes, he turned and left.

Dong Fang Jie stared at the closed wooden door and a flash of doubt crossed her heart.  She knew she did not reveal any flaws but why was his reaction so strange?  She cannot stay here for too long and it is better to leave as soon as possible.