Chapter 5.2
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Silently she opened the door and looked around to confirm no one was in the vicinity. Then utilizing her flying skills, she took a leap and after a few more leaps up and down and without causing any alarm, she smoothly departed.

In fact, was it as she had imagined.......that she did not attract anyone's attention?

A tall figure hidden in the dark shadows, watched intently as her figure departed.  In his dark, deep eyes the light of a hunter waiting for his prey flashed.

The first thing she did was to return to Long Feng Restaurant to change her women's clothing. After Dong Fang Jie had peeled off her mask, she wanted to hurry back to Yamen.  Suddenly the sound of knocking could be heard at the door and then the deliberately depressed voice of Cheng Gang called out.

"Shi-mei, is that you?"


She quickly opened the door and waited for Cheng Gang to enter. Then she swept her eyes along the corridor outside and after confirming that no one was around, then only did she close the door.

"How are the injury and poison in your body?"

Cheng Gang was worried the whole night. He scrutinized her body all over from up to bottom to confirm she was alright before the worry pressing heavily in his heart could be put down.

"Everything is alright." His words provoked the anger in her heart and she looked at him with fury. "Shi-xiong, how could you hand me over to Long Hao Tian when I was in a coma?!"

"Talking about this matter, I would also like to ask you. Did you expose any flaws to Long Hao Tian? If not, why did he express so much concern for you, someone who is a total stranger to him?"

He still remembered the stance that Long Hao Tian used to show his possessiveness which was so obvious that it made him unable not to have doubts about this matter.


She replied with certainty although she had also suspected, it was simply impossible.

"Anyway, once this case is closed, you are to immediately return to Luoyang."

In order not to complicate this matter further, it was better for Shi-mei to keep away. Regardless of whether Long Hao Tian had become suspicious, it was still inappropriate for the two of them to have too much contact.

"I understand. Did you find out the identity of the black dressed man?"

She had originally planned to make a trip back home. After all, her Elder Brother had already issued an order and she did not have the courage to disobey.

"The man in black calls himself Xiu Luo and the woman who escaped is called Luo Sha. The Butcher that we killed earlier was one of the three siblings of brothers and sister. This time, their crimes were directed at both of us, so you must take care of yourself. Also, fortunately, Xiu Luo was not prepared when you attacked him, so that was why you were successful in suppressing him. We only found out he was very powerful when we reached the prison gate. He also injured several of the guards and almost escaped. As to Luo Sha, the woman who had escaped, her body is covered with poison and I'm afraid it will be more difficult to deal with her next time."

When Cheng Gang thought of Xiu Luo who was tied up with iron chains in the prison and the many numbers of cases committed by the two people with revenge as the motive, somehow, he had a bad feeling and he could not help but feel worried.

"I will be careful."

Because of her carelessness, Luo Sha was able to escape but the next time, Luo Sha will not be able to escape from her.

"Shi-mei, wouldn't your injury really hinder you?" Cheng Gang was still worried about her and asked.

"I'm okay. I've just taken the anti-poison medicine concocted by my Third Elder Brother. I will be fine."

Dong Fang Tang, her Third Elder Brother is also known as God of Medicine throughout the country. His medical skills are outstanding and he is also charitable in thought and deed. He will help anyone regardless of whether the person is good or evil in the eyes of the world. Therefore many people either in the black or white circle had received his grace and everyone has great respect for him.

"Then I am relieved. Since you are alright, let us have lunch together and discuss how to catch Luo Sha."

Cheng Gang now was hoping to arrest Luo Sha as soon as possible to prevent any more people from getting harmed.

"Okay. This matter really must be planned properly."

Both Shi-xiong and Shi-mei walked out of the room side by side and kept talking about what should be done next.




As darkness falls, not a sound could be heard.

In the darkness, a strange presence awakened the light-sleeping Dong Fang Jie. She shouted into the pitch-black darkness.

"Who is there?!"

She immediately blew hard to ignite a firebreaker* and then she was able to see the outline of a familiar tall man sitting on a chair.

(Firebreaker - is a paper roll tightly rolled up and ignited with fire. Then the fire is blown out but a faint smoldering fire can still be seen in the afterglow of ashes. The fire can instantly be ignited again when it is blown.)

"Long Hao Tian, why are you here?" She exclaimed.

When did he come into her room?  She did not even realize it.  If it was someone who came to kill her on purpose, she would have died a hundred times over.

"I have given you a fright."

A deep voice sounded with amusement. The next moment, a candle was lit and the whole room lighted up which enabled Dong Fang Jie to see the table laden with food and wine.

How can this be? Had this man come into her room soundlessly and unpredictably just to partake a meal and drink wine with her? An expression of helplessness flashed across her handsome face.

"Since you are awake, you should come over and have a drink with me."

His black eyes glanced at her. Although she had retired for the night, she was still dressed properly. What is she hiding? Or is it she is afraid her secret will be revealed?

"Wang-Ye, you seemed to have insomnia frequently. Do you need me to help you look for a doctor? If a minor illness is not healed, it may become a major illness. That will not be good."

Dong Fang Jie pretended to be concerned for this man but in actual fact, she was scolding him subtly. Those were actually insinuating words that were telling him not to come every two or three days to disturb her sleep.

"Are you concerned about me?"

Long Hao Tian's eyes were brimming with interest as he watched her. She had the appearance of someone who was lacking in sleep and looking dispirited.

"Of course. Wang-Ye is of high status, respected and honorable, someone who cannot be neglected."

Her clear cool voice was laced with mockery and no matter how helpless she was, she still had to walk to the table and take a seat. She stared at the table full of food and wine but she did not have any appetite. She really had to admire this man's enthusiasm for not sleeping at night but to come and harass her. During the daytime, he would persistently and vigorously give her trouble. She could not help but sigh at his special skill.

"I've already been to Yamen.  Both of your brothers are the target of those two people.  Have you planned your countermeasures?"

He poured a cup of wine for her and casually asked.

"Thank you, Wang-Ye for your concern. At the moment, we have none."

She tried to keep herself awake, drank the wine in a gulp and instantly her mind became much more refreshed.

"Where were you yesterday, at dusk?"

Long Hao Tian was watching her closely, waiting for her reply and did not miss the subtle expressions on her face.

"I.......had something urgent to settle."

Dong Fang Jie's hand holding the wine cup stiffened slightly.  She frowned and turned pale slightly.

"What else could be more important than catching those two murderers? If you were present at that time, Luo Sha would not have the chance to escape."

"Wang-Ye is correct." A wave of cold sweat swept across her back.

"You have not answered me. What was the urgent matter you were attending to?"

Long Hao Tian persistently asked and did not miss her subconscious action of biting her lower lip.

"Wang-Ye, please forgive me. I should not have neglected my responsibility in handling this case because of my personal affairs."

Dong Fang Jie looked up. Her pair of bright eyes stared back at him with confidence and she was determined not to expose her identity.

"Oh, this is interesting. Wherever the famous Jade Face Hunter goes, the women will follow. The reason cannot be because of women, right?"

Long Hao Tian's face had a slight smile and his eyes were full of amusement. He was anticipating her answer with great interest.

"Wang-Ye must be joking."

Dong Fang Jie did not admit nor did she deny. Is this man here tonight to purposely cause her trouble?!

He only smiled, did not speak and also did not pressure her for a reply. His dark eyes stared at her for a long time, so long that Dong Fang Jie felt she was sitting on pins and needles*.

(Sitting on pins and needles means to be in an uncomfortable situation)

In his deep voice, he casually and seriously asked. "Dong Fang Jie, you have to remember this. If you are a woman, don't even think of escaping from the palm of my hand."

Dong Fang Jie trembled and her eyes expressed shock. Her eyes were drawn into the domineering depths of his dark eyes.

This was the second time he had said this to her.

Instantly she panicked and wondered whether he knew something about this matter. If not, why would he say this again and again?

"Wang-Ye, you really like to joke. Although I look like a woman, I am still a man. And it is the Emperor who had bestowed upon me the title Jade Face Hunter. I hope Wang-Ye will not mention this again in future."

Dong Fang Jie showed an expression of anger and her face stiffened slightly. Perhaps her Shi-xiong's suspicion was correct. It seems that she has to be more careful when dealing with Long Hao Tian in future.

"That cousin brother of mine, although he is the present Emperor, it is difficult to guarantee he is not muddle-headed at times."

Isn't there a living example in front of him?

"Wang-Ye, it's late. It is time to return home."

Adopting a discourteous manner, she started to chase him away. To let him stay any longer, she was afraid he would say something that may scare her again.

"I agree. It is late and I should take my leave."

Long Hao Tian stood up. He knew it would be counterproductive if he were to continue forcing her. Anyway, whatever had happened tonight was enough to make her worry.

"Please forgive me, I will not send you off."

Dong Fang Jie breathed a sigh of relief. It is best for this demon to leave as soon as possible and thanks to him, all her drowsiness had vanished. Instead, now she feels ill-at-ease.

Long Hao Tian walked to the door suddenly he turned around and coincidentally saw the relaxed expression on her face. His lips twitched with an unpredictable smile.

"Dong Fang Jie, do you know the reason I came tonight?"

"Didn't Wang-Ye come to drink wine with me?"

"No." His black eyes looked directly into her eyes. "It was just that I was worried about your injury but since you look well, I'm relieved."

As soon as she heard, the expression on her face changed drastically and she forced out a smile.

"I don't understand what you are saying, Wang-Ye."

Long Hao Tian laughed loudly, opened the door and walked out in big strides. His deep voice floated back to her in the silent night.

"Dong Fang Jie, I would like to see how long you're going to keep pretending to be stupid."

Her face sank slightly and involuntarily tightened her hold on the wine cup in her hand for a long, long time.........