Chapter 6.1
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"Dong Fang Jie, you are hateful! You dare to cast aside Jun Zhu and run off on your own! If I meet you again, I will not spare you!"

As she stepped into the city of Huai Ning, Long Qian Qi looked at the crowds of people streaming endlessly passing by and the hustle and bustle of the place.

"Jun......Young Miss, where are we going to start to look for him?"

Xiao Lan could fully understand her Jun Zhu's feelings. Dong Fang Jie was truly brave to leave Jun Zhu behind under the protection of Chief Guard Zheng and then left silently on his own. It was not surprising Jun Zhu was so angry with him.

"Stupid! Of course, we have to look for Long Feng Restaurant. He will certainly be there. Walk faster!"

Long Qian Qi glared at her angrily and walked with big strides in front of her.

"Young Miss, wait for me!"

She had inexplicably become a punching bag. Xiao Lan could only bear with a pitiful face and quickly caught up with Jun Zhu.

Along the way, she randomly asked passersby and quickly they located Long Feng Restaurant. Long Qian Qi stood in front of Long Feng Restaurant, looked at the fully packed first floor and furiously walked in.

Long Qian Qi's beautiful face was full of anger. She slapped her palm on the counter and shouted.

"Quickly tell me! Is Dong Fang Jie here?"

At that moment, the first floor which was filled with sounds laughter and chatter instantly stopped and everyone's attention was drawn to the counter. Everyone perked up their ears to listen.

"Lady, who are you? Why are you looking for our Fourth Young Master?"

Shopkeeper Xiao De asked with a smile. In his heart, he was thinking this could not be his Fourth Young Master's romantic debt, right? He looked at the girl's dressing which was extraordinary and presumed she was from an influential family. This time, Fourth Young Master really had run into a big problem.

"Don't talk nonsense! Is he here now?!"

Long Qian Qi impatiently shouted. She had accumulated half a month of anger and was not so easily pacified.

"Young Miss, don't be so agitated. Everyone is looking at you."

Xiao Lan feeling shameful, pulled her Mistress to the side and advised her in a low voice.

Long Qian Qi's response was to glare at her. Then Long Qian Qi turned her head around and rested her fierce eyes on the curious people as a warning.

"In reply to Lady's question, Young Fourth Master is indeed here but at the moment he is not in. Lady, please wait for a while and I will immediately send someone to look for Young Fourth Master."

Xiao De stepped out from behind the counter and personally led the two women up to the second floor. He chose a vacant table and ordered for tea to be served to the women. Then he quickly arranged for someone to look for Fourth Young Master posthaste.

"Young Miss, is it alright for us to wait here? In case Dong Fang Jie knows we are here and he runs off again, then what should we do?"

Xiao Lan watched Xiao De's retreating back view and the more she thought, the more she felt something was not right.

With a lesson learned from the past, it was difficult to guarantee Dong Fang Jie would not take the opportunity to flee again.

"What you said is right. Why didn't I think of this?"

Long Qian Qi slapped her hand on the table, instantly stood up and then hurriedly ran down the stairs.

"Young Miss, wait for me!" Xiao Lan quickly followed behind.

"Lady, where are you going? I've already sent someone to request for Fourth Young Master's return."

Xiao De asked the beautiful lady standing in front of the counter, in puzzlement.

"It's not necessary! Tell me exactly where I can find him and I'll personally go and look for him!"

"Fourth Young Master should now be in Yamen."

Although Xiao De was hesitant but still he carefully told her in detail the direction to Yamen and also he did not prevent her from going.

After Long Qian Qi had thanked him, the two women hurriedly left Long Feng Restaurant.

"Young Miss, don't walk so fast. Wait for me!"

After Xiao Lan left Long Feng Restaurant, she followed breathlessly behind her Mistress. When Long Qian Qi saw the distance between her and Xiao Lan widening, she promptly shouted.

"This girl! Hurry up! If Dong Fang Jie runs off again, see whether I will spare you or not!"

Long Qian Qi turned her head to urged Xiao Lan to hurry up. The moment she turned her head, she bumped into the woman in front of her who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The woman was dressed in plain clothes and wore a veil over her face.

"Do you know Dong Fang Jie?" The woman in the veil asked.

The first thought that crossed Long Qian Qi's mind when she saw this woman who had appeared out of nowhere was........she could not be one of Dong Fang Jie's love interest, right? Then she asked in an impolite tone.

"Who are you? Are you one of those women who is always hanging around Dong Fang Jie?"

"Good. It is good that you know Dong Fang Jie."

As soon as she said those words, instantly she tapped on Long Qian Qi's acupuncture points to immobilize and held her.

When Xiao Lan who was a few steps away saw her Mistress was held captive by the woman, she quickly shouted.

"Hey, woman! What do want with my Mistress?!"

"Go and tell Dong Fang Jie and Cheng Gang right away! If they want this girl alive, tomorrow at noon, bring Xiu Luo to the stone pavilion in the mountain at the back of the city. If they are late, then they can collect her corpse."

As soon as she finished speaking, with a leap, she had disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Lan ran madly towards Yamen and kept praying in her heart that her Mistress would not come to harm.




In the back hall of Yamen, Xiao Lan finally found Dong Fang Jie and Cheng Gang. She quickly told them what had happened to Jun Zhu and the instructions of the woman.

"What? Jun Zhu has been taken away?!"

"Dong Fang Jie, you must find a way to save Jun Zhu."

"That must be Luo Sha." Cheng Gang said solemnly.

"Xiao Lan, don't worry. We will save Jun Zhu and we will bring her back safe and sound."

Dong Fang Jie's expression was equally solemn as she comforted Xiao Lan. Jun Zhu was implicated in this case because of her and it was her fault Jun Zhu was caught in such a situation.

"What had happened to Qian Qi?"

Suddenly a low deep voice sounded and Long Hao Tian's tall figure walked in. When he heard part of their conversation, he wrinkled his eyebrows and his black eyes swept over every one of them and finally, his eyes rested on Xiao Lan.


Xiao Lan stared tongue-tied. She was startled by his sudden appearance and after she overcame her shock, she quickly told her Master what had happened.

"Dong Fang Jie, Jun Zhu was involved in this because of you. What are your plans now?"

Long Hao Tian squinted and stared at the person who had avoided his eyes the moment he came in.

"Wang-Ye, please rest assured that we will save Jun Zhu."

Dong Fang Jie had a guilty expression and did not dare to meet his eyes.

At the side, Cheng Gang noticed the awkwardness between the two people. His Shi-mei is not hiding something from him, is she?

"Wang-Ye, since you are here, why don't we discuss this case together? We can discuss how we are going to save Jun Zhu tomorrow."

Cheng Gang moved around and place himself between the two people using his burly figure to shield his Shi-mei from Long Hao Tian's sight.

"What plans do you have? Tell me about it."

This Cheng Gang was just too protective of Dong Fang Jie! His black eyes swept over them and he was displeased. With a sweep of his robes, he sat down on a chair and behind him, Liu Yong stood with arms folded across his chest.

"Tomorrow, we will bring Xiu Luo to the agreed place and we will exchange him for Jun Zhu. We hope Wang-Ye will help us to bring back the two criminals."

The operation was to give priority to saving Jun Zhu but at the same time, they must not allow the criminals to escape.

Three years ago, there was an internal battle in court and at that time, the Emperor was held as a hostage.  It was Jing Wang who single-handedly rescued the Emperor.  Long Hao Tian's martial arts were extraordinary and everyone knew that the Emperor was very respectful towards this cousin of his.

"Tomorrow, I will lace Xiu Luo's food with a potion to weaken him so that he will not have the strength to escape. We just have to concentrate on dealing with Luo Sha."

Dong Fang Jie voiced out her plan. If it was not done this way, it was practically impossible to deal with two criminals at the same time.

"You are really meticulous in your planning to be able to think of this."

Long Hao Tian praised her. His dark eyes stared intensely at the person who did not dare to look at him.

"Wang-Ye, please forgive me, I have another matter to attend to. I will take my leave first."

Dong Fang Jie could not stand the strange look that he had not stop giving her after he had come in.  It was better for her to leave as soon as possible.

"Alright. I am leaving too.  Let's leave together."

Long Hao Tian stood up, adjusted his robes and waited for her to leave together with him.

She was slightly startled and did not expect him to say this. For a moment, she did not know how to refuse him.

"Shi-di, have you forgotten?  Chief Guard Jiang was looking for you.  Why don't you go now?"

Cheng Gang's expression did not change and rescued her just in time.

" has slipped my mind. Wang-Ye, please return first. I have to go and look for Chief Guard Jiang."

She waved her hand at him and hurriedly walked past him as if a wild beast was chasing after her.

"Wang-Ye, please return. Please forgive me for not sending you off." Cheng Gang smiled.

"Let's go."

It was not that he did not understand Cheng Gang's thoughts.  Long Hao Tian just wanted to see how long Cheng Gang was able to protect Dong Fang Jie.

Cheng Gang watched as the group of people left with Long Hao Tian. He frowned and felt worried.

At noon, the next day, in the stone pavilion in the mountains behind Huai Ning City, two groups of people stood in confrontation. Luo Sha who was holding Long Qian Qi captive. She ignored the presence of the large number of guards, Cheng Gang and Dong Fang Jie and shouted at everyone.

"Let him go!"

Dong Fang Jie waved her hand towards the two guards who were escorting the weak Xiu Luo and shouted loudly at Luo Sha.

"Luo Sha, bring the lady towards the front of the stone pavilion. At the count of three, we will simultaneously release the two people together."

Luo Sha pushed Long Qian Qi to the front and after counting to three, everyone watched as the weak Xiu Luo slowly walked towards Luo Sha, dragging his feet and the happy Long Qian Qi who was running forward.

"Elder Brother!"

When Long Qian Qi saw her Elder Brother had come personally to save her, she called out happily.

Just at that split second, when Long Qian Qi and Xiu Luo brushed shoulders as they passed each other, the weak Xiu Luo with the speed of lightning, caught hold of Long Qian Qi and jumped into the stone pavilion.

"Elder Brother!" Long Qian Qi screamed with fright.

This sudden unforeseen situation threw everyone into a panic.  Everyone looked solemn and watched as Luo Qian Qi fell once again into captivity.