V4C5 – Set About
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"Jeez, why do we have to do this? These people are kids who are close to our age."

"Keep your position in mind Yamamoto-sama."

The heroes make their way to give a talk at the [Academy]. Thouria and Gauss are busy, unsurprisingly, while Rinku and Ai are staying on standby. As they briskly walk the neatly paved brick path, they rehearse rough outlines.

Anyways, the [Academy], the number one private school for nobles in the [Holy Kingdom]. The entry age is from 13-14 and lasts until around age 17. And the entire school, all grades and even staff, will be attending today for the heroes who saved humankind. Their authority arguably currently rivals that of the nobility or daresay the King...to miss it would be outrageous!

Prepared with a few words beforehand and a demonstration of swordplay and magic, the heroes breathe in the anxious air. They then reach the venue, the main school hall, and ready backstage. Soon, when the outsides become noticeably fuller and the time ticks right, they come up on stage where a magical tool for amplifying sound is attached to a podium-like chunk of mass. Ryosuke starts by testing the waters,

"Umm...hello, I am the [Hero] Ryosuke Hikaru."

"Rino Fujiwara."

"Yui Saegusa."

"Sato Shiraishi."

"Tatsumi Yamamoto."

"Satomi Hayase."

"Ayame Suzuki."

The natural Japanese names coming from their mouths left the audience thinking,

"What strange names," even though they already knew them.

Well, it was an obvious thought when looking at the names they had in comparison to the people of [Orvinus]. Their names are like someone picking letters at random and fitting them together with vowels after all. Whoever chose those names must have something wrong with them. Perhaps they're just lazy.

Anyways, the talk was undergone. The main content, in the beginning, was mostly Ryosuke speaking about leadership and responsibility. Some looked bored, but many were attentively immersed in his sugary words. Then, as the show gently shifted to the next phase, Yui was about to demonstrate some advanced (controlled) offensive spells. That was until...

"Die, lowly humans!"

[Movement Barrier]

A surprise attack that even caught the heroes off guard occurred. 

""What's happening!?""

The students began sweating behind their backs while the heroes bit their lips.

[Physical Enhancement]

Breaking out of the barriers quickly, the heroes regain their battle stances. Rinku and Ai also rush forward, 

"Mow the students down!"

[Lightning Strike]
[Dark Flame Blade]

Spells are quickly fired from the darkness, where the voices appeared from. The cause of the magic was clear, demons. A terrorist attack at this timing, you've got to be kidding me! 

[Holy Barrier]

Satomi created a barrier after concentrating for a moment while being defended by an armored Ryosuke in light. The barrier made it in time to intercept and protect the students.

[Ice Spear]
[Light Spear]

Yui blasted heavy shots to the dark puddled walls, eliciting some grunts from the perpetrators and a few crashes. The barrier protects from debris...

[Mana Armor]

Tatsumi and Ryosuke try to break through the line of projectiles from outside, which is working...but taking time. Rinku and Ayame attempt to flank,

[Multiple Slash]
[Light Blade]

[Heavy Blow]
[Fire Blade]


Blood spurts from the dim railings housing the attackers. Success.

"Wait, there are more over there!"

Most of the melee fighters are concentrated in one spot now, but terrorists usually attack from more than one place...

"On it!"

Ai rushes to them with unheard-of speed and locks her spear to one of their jawbones, soon twisting and erasing it. The feeling of killing a sentient being--was being transmitted to her hands currently. Then,

"Watch out Nakano-san, behind you...!"

"Don't worry."

Rino said it in a low voice as she snuck up behind the demon and cut his head cleanly off with a short sword.


"Thanks, Rino."

Seeing as the demons had finally gone quiet, they hastily regrouped. Ryosuke naturally assumed charge,

"Everyone (directed at students), stay here where it's safe while we patrol outside. Don't worry, some of us will stay with you."

The students were apprehensive since they just wanted to evacuate as fast as possible.

"Nakano-san, Tatsumi, Yui, come with me while we check the surroundings."

"Roger that."

They trudge on through a horrible situation.

(If you don't remember this character refer to V3C12) :

Allen POV:

After 'meeting' the heroes, I became more curious about them. Their epics were prominent in the heart of the [Holy Kingdom], but not in the rural farmlands I grew up in. They were prominent in the rural parts affected by demons though. Anyways, I went to attend a talk today by the heroes at the [Academy].

I've already gained a spot here as a scholarship student, being a commoner, and am looking about my future school. The reason I got in...others would say I'm of good character and battle sense, adept with a sword and magic for my age (not to brag). (Well, I put in many hours of training...what I show is the result of rigorous training) This me is going to the hall where the talk will be held, what will they, the saviors of the world say I wonder? Then,



I wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone. Looking down (I'm tall yeah), I see a pretty girl with light blue hair done in a wavy sway. Her crystal eyes and icy white skin perfectly blend in the right ratios to make even royalty jealous of her beauty. Her untarnished clothes depict her higher status. She goes to apologize,

"I'm sorry!"

"No no, it was my fault since I wasn't looking where I was going."

I suddenly became very submissive and gave a few extra bows.

"Hm? Are you a new student?"

"A-ah yes, I'm a scholarship student that will be enrolled here pretty soon."

"I see. I'm also new."

She didn't take the fact of me being a commoner that much, there was barely a reaction. That's how it should be ideally...but that's just odd behavior in this context. In fact, her only thoughts at that moment were, " Oh how rare," and," Housing must've been a pain to set up."

"Well, I was just on my way to the main hall."

"Oh, I'm going to the same talk as well."

"? Then, let's go together."

"Uh, I think that's a little..."

A squeaky yet dark voice then rudely interrupted our conversation.

"Venessa, go on alone...I have something to discuss with him over there."

The blue-haired girl, named Venessa, suspiciously eyed the one who just spoke from across from them. Whiffing a sigh, she turned her back and walked on to the largest part of the [Academy], the main hall only used for important guests and performances.


The young man who had claimed that he wanted to talk to me, immediately pressed my face to the floor when away from Venessa's prying eyes. I could've reacted and countered, but a noble being beaten down by me isn't something I want smearing my start...

"Oi, commoner scum, what do you think you're doing talking to Venessa in that way eh?"


"Say something!"

Fed up with his attitude, I went to escape...

"Don't ignore me!"


"W-what are you do--are you laughing at me!?"

"Hahaha...sorry, you're lines were just so cliche (not that I know), and I've heard similar things so many times before."


"...(I'm saying that you're petty and brainless)..."

"What's that look for, you trash? Here, I know what to do with you..."


A magic water ball covered the area above my head. Before I could react to the used mana, my body was doused in cold water. The purity also sucked since his mana manipulation was garbage.

My clothes are now soaking wet...there's no way I can show up to the talk now. Why? Because being presentable in front of the nobles is a necessity...in fact, it's the duty of a commoner enrolled here. If I were to enter like this, I'd get harassed and attacked from the start for looking like an easy target. Also, in front of the heroes...being soaked is probably disrespectful.

For now, I should just dry off quickly or take off some layers in the bathroom and try to make it in time for the talk...I shuffle away from the satisfied idiot in front of me.

The one who did this, the young noble Rinder, smirked as he continued to follow Venessa's path away from me. 

"What a pain...!"

Social hierarchies yare yare.

Aki POV:

Evestia is strong, that I know for sure. Well, I have to look ahead now...

"Yoru, where are the heroes? The only way I can get back is if Thouria teleports me and she's usually with them..."

"It seems Fila is at the coordinates for a place in the [Holy Kingdom] called the [Academy]."

"Hm? Like a school? I wonder why they're there..."

"Let's get going."

"Yep...going. So, we came to the extravagant palace for nothing. Well, the school building isn't far from here."

[Gravity Magic]

"Screw it, I was seen once so I know I can't hide it."

*whoosh whoosh flying away noises*