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Before regrouping with the other heroes, I was made to wait outside. I guess I'm pretty infamous...my oozing aura is already bad. I showed up here suddenly because I could, it was an impulse. Well, that helped me get away from the [Demon Lord's Castle]...I don't have a reason to be there. Anyways, the others probably are helping to evacuate the students safely right now huh...

"Yoru, you're sure I have enough mana to bring us back?"

"Very certain, by my calculations..."

Then, good.

The fiasco with the [Academy] ended with the demon's failure and no casualties. It was pretty pathetic for them, or maybe expected of the heroes? This event was treated lightly since the 'heroes' were involved as well. The talk was resumed quickly when the danger was cleared. Why didn't you just reschedule...well, it cuts the strings of [Orvinus] and the heroes so I can go home faster.

"So, Aki, why did you come here?"

Oh right, I didn't tell them.

"Well, I felt like the [Demon Lord]'s work was annoying and we should really check up on the status of Earth..."

"Oh, I see. You're fully ready to go then huh, made your goodbyes and everything."

Well, those would make things more complicated. I'm going to regret that probably. I'm stupid.

"How about you guys?"

Rinku clung onto Ryosuke. With a cutesy squeal,

"I'm not letting you go again!"

"Ahaha...we're good for the most part. We only ever had any close relations with the royals, officials, and military commanders so we've been able to see them around the capital. Anyways, if you wanted to go, you should've contacted us ahead of time through Fila. Well, we'll finish up and get ready soon since you're here."

I'm stupid, no, I'm right...probably...

"Thanks, Ryosuke."

The day comes, the day for returning. The discussions have all been settled, and the details sorted in the upper echelon of the [Holy Kingdom]. Thouria steps forward,

"So, you saved us again...heroes and [Magical Girl Aki]."

"It was mutual. Thank you, Thouria, for allowing us this opportunity."

I wholeheartedly agree.


"That's not what I want to hear."

"...I'll remember you?"

"I'm not dying!"



"I'll one day, somehow--come back."



Ugly promises, a hero's arrogance.

"Then, here we go."

"Be safe...heroes...Hikaru-sama, Suzuki-sama, Saegusa-sama, Fujiwara-sama, Hayase-sama, Yamamoto-sama, Shiraishi-sama, Nakano-sama, Aki-sama...we will protect this world you've risked your life for until our dying breaths...kanarazu."

"Un. Then, we're off."

I put my extended hand on the floor-drawn circle to act as an outlet source.

"Oh and Gauss..."

I turned to look at him, his fingers slightly trembled.

"Watch your back."

Because someone strong is aiming for it. Remembering the crimson-haired girl who I won't fully know...wait, he looks scared. Were my words too ominous? Shoot, I should correct this misundersta--

The magic formation glowed blue like the sunny sky and in a flash of intense mana, the 9 heroes returned to their world.


Coordinates, Earth. What have they left behind...

The heroes won, they stopped the [Curses]. But, [Orvinus] is undergoing big changes in their wake. What will it look like the next time they appear? And yes, they will appear in that world again...because you can't run. You can't run. You can't run.

We appeared where we first transported, the same isolated place outside the school where many a young hearts are crushed. Let's see...no abnormalities, I feel whole and fine.

"Yahoo! [Second Contact] free world!"

"We've been gone for two weeks and some...well no one will have noticed anyways."

You make it sound like a vacation. Anyways, my high school life resumes, how I appreciate it so much more now.


*shuffle shuffle*

I change into the uniform I put into my locker beforehand. I was a girl nearly the entire time over there, it was so natural. I feel like I've had this power a lot longer than I actually have had it for...

"Now then, time to embrace this well-deserved freedom."

??? POV:

I cried tears of blood, but those stopped eventually. I gained a new resolve then, remembering the tales we used to speak of to pass the time. Spiraling out of control, but piloting masterfully is how I could describe myself. I reach a bit past the gate,

"Hey, who the h*ll are you?"

Ignoring the stationed worker, I wondered if it was the right place.

"What does one need to do in order to become a high schooler?"

"Well, your parents/guardians usually would have to take care of that. You need things like your birth certificate if you're foreign, address, and whatnot. Why're you asking?"

"I would like to enroll."

"A transfer? At this time of year? And you're a bit suspicious so..."

"But, I'm a legitimate applicant wanting to broaden my horizons here. Are you going to deny that?"

My words have a charming ring to them. He falls like everyone else, under my ability.

"Oh yes, I see it clearly now. Let me get some forms out immediately."

After some preparations and Q&A... 

"I am the 2nd-year student Chiho Hoshikawa in Takahashi-sensei's homeroom. Transferred and taking the general education classes for my grade officially. That's more like it."

I have a little hope.

"Yes, I'll inform the teachers immediately."

I think back, to back then...when they said,

"There is someone in that school that can save you."

What do you mean? I search in the rapids for waning answers.

Airi POV:

"It was a good talk, Hector."

"Ah, for me as well, for such a renowned detective to warn me about these strange incidents. Thank you."

"Why are you thanking me? We haven't even gotten to the good part."


I inwardly chuckle watching his nervous business smile.

"The ruse is up, Hector."

Nodoka summons her battle-ax and aims the tip at his neck.


"Hm, unfazed...? Still not telling, you're more tight-lipped than anticipated."


"You're really making me force my hand here, Nodoka, do it."

The ax shifts and his arm cuts off effortlessly.


Blood piles onto the neat and expensive carpets. The dusty floors are stained in similar shades.

"If I'm going to die...then..."

Hector reaches to the sky.

"Then, I'll take you down with me!"


"Something feels wrong, get away Emma!"

Nodoka pushes back fiercely.

*crackle boom*

A lightning bolt struck the spot I just occupied. Nodoka was hit too but, [Invincibility] solves all problems. The only one not fine is...

"Hector became a pile of burnt flesh."

"Looks like we won't get any more answers."

"It's alright, I already know how big of a lead this is. What mystery is waiting for me to unravel...I think we stumbled on gold."

"I can't make sense of it, how can someone not a vampire or [Magical Girl] use supernatural abilities?"

"I'm making assumptions here, but they probably exist."


"Psychics, people on Earth who've awakened their minds through willpower alone and no [Focal] aid. It's probably been like this for a while now."

"We have vampires, what else is surprising."

Nodoka sighs, trusting the conclusion.

"This is big, prepare for a few all-nighters Nodoka."

"Yeah yeah."

They happily theorized while leaving Hector behind to rot.