V5 Side Story [Rising Stars] 5&6 – Their World’s Battle
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In a room as dark as the polluted night sky with an air purifier whirring away, are a few of the upper echelon of the secret organization known as [Lilus]. Their goals and strength are unknown and all who know of them are silenced. In such a place, what kind of gathering is occurring...


A man gasps for air. Like Kanon ([Officer #5], the 'Cataclysm'), this man is [Officer #3] of [Lilus] nicknamed,  "The Prophet." However, it wasn't due to his devout hard work for [Lilus] that he obtained such a status but his power. His power, [Crisis Detection], is self-explanatory: detecting incoming crises for [Lilus]. Currently, he is writhing in his seat seemingly choking. He hasn't been faring well ever since [Officer #5] reported she was caught during duty--to name an immaterial time that likely has no relation to his state.

Anyways this time, he's having a strong reaction. Therefore, the cause must be something that can put the world in danger. Well, protecting the world isn't one of [Lilus]'s goals as seen from their avoidance in [First Contact]. But, someone else in the room thinks differently despite being a part of it. Perhaps it's because he's an [Officer] and has such freedom or perhaps it's because he is one of the most powerful beings in that universe. It seems he wants to head to the cause of it all and coaxes the coordinates of the disturbance out of "The Prophet."

He speaks to a nearby teleportation ability user, the go-to at HQ. His attire is plain (modern) business casual and dons dark stalky hair accentuated his two different colored eyes--black, and amber. He puts down a piece of paper with the words "for return" written messily on a counter. Then, he goes to the scene, a parking lot below an office building in Tokyo, Japan.

Going back in time a bit to before the [Rising Star]'s arrival:

On the left was a young-looking girl with long ashen hair, dull eyes, and a colorful military academy uniform unrecognizable in this world. Her demeanor was indifferent yet intensely serious. The other on the right wore plain (modern) business casual, whose sharpness edged the tip of madness. His own dark stalky hair accentuated his two different colored eyes--black, and amber. His manner was mischievous and overpowering, further alienated by his even younger appearance. One was smiling, the other was not.

The newly teleported in man started to speak,

"That old fart #3 seems to be freaking out. Hey you, you must be pretty dangerous I take it?"

It seems it's their first time meeting. The girl with ashen hair is sizing the man up,

"Hmph, so you are like me; It seems that my little scouting trip can't go uninterrupted."

"Alike...well, why don't we start off with introductions? I'm [Lilus]'s [Officer #1], 'The Theory.' Actually, it doesn't seem fitting to give you that name right now...I'll change it. I am Kazuha. Kazuha Kato."

"I have no interest, nor did I ask."

Kazuha's eyes narrowed.

"So, what are you doing in this sort of place?"

"You think I would talk..."

"Then, let's change the question."

Suddenly, the air shifts unnaturally, and gusts kick up around the girl's body.

Kazuha Kato POV:

My ability is uneven, but a fitting overall title for it would be [Inverse]. To invert/reverse the very nature of reality (most anything/everything), that's what puts me up there as [Officer #1] of [Lilus] (Officer # not necessarily ranked based on combat potential). Although in front of me is a terrifying being able to make "The Prophet" choke...this is a serious matter. After exchanging a few words, I know she won't budge. Then let's skip to the good part--!

Suddenly, the air shifts unnaturally, and gusts kick up around the girl's body.

My eyes lift in surprise. To think anyone could survive that attack...

Let me explain: Air has a pressure of 101,325 Pascals or Newtons/meter^2. The reason why we don't feel such a force on our bodies is due to there being no pressure difference and therefore no net force. The air exerts itself on all of our body's surfaces equally and oppositely to each other to cancel out. But, what I did was reverse the direction of one force leaving the other without anything to combat it. Assuming her average surface area is 1.7m^2, then the force exerted on her body is 101,325 x 1.7 Nm^2/m^2 or 172252.5 Newtons. How can she stand there nonchalantly after taking such a force? For reference, the average force of a punch in amateur boxing is 2500N--in other words, she's being torn apart by the force of roughly 69 clean punches! The excess air force over the area is dispersed in surrounding gusts.

"I see, you're at least a bit skilled. But, that's nowhere near enough."

Her own strange power activates in response to battle.

[The Cosmic Treasury: 3rd Existence: Tairu]

A blackened katana is manifested to her hand out of thin air; there's a sinister shadow that wraps around and streaks of faded red.


Her stance tightens. Slightly panicked, I buckle down in my spot. While she aims for a singular ending strike, I try my ability numerous times on her. Reverse time to make her body younger, reversing the flow of bioelectricity and blood, reversing her state of mind--all unsuccessful. It has never been rejected like this before, just what is she to be unaffected? It seems that reversing forces separate from her body but still influential works, however, direct usage fails. It's as if she has a protective barrier defending her from changes in the system.


With a flash step, she appears in my front; her bleak eyes reflecting my face. The katana nearly slams through my heart but stops about a millimeter away. This time, her eyes shake in surprise.

Let me explain again: The power to invert has specifications but at the same time its own freedoms in usage. This is one such freedom. Think about this...the sword approaching my heart had its force inverted. But, at the moment after it was inverted, it was inverted again. Then, again and again, and again and again. Infinitely many times in many infinitely small amount of times (as much as I could possibly do) to where its direction becomes unclear. Eventually, its moves between shifts become negligible and the blade effectively stops motion. Though this use is mentally tiring, it is useful. Other than that, the release of this 'frozen' state still must be in the initial direction or opposite. Like this,


The sword is batted away from my body as the tip sparks by its own power. The girl is thrown back a bit, her front is wide open for attack.

"To think I would be comically resisted like this...or perhaps I should've known."

"Take this!"

Giving no waste of opportunity, I pull out a Glock from my back pocket and commence fire. She takes it with ease and returns to a natural stance. I didn't think it would work but, to think it couldn't even pierce her skin.

"That's an interesting power you have, I don't feel like my attacks will hit at all."


"Then, how about I strike you so fast that you can't even react?"

!? I feel a breeze.

Her silhouette is lost before my eyes as I feel a sharp pain in the upper chest. Looking down, I can see her [Tairu] beautifully stabbed through: it's soaked in my blood and wiggled between my ribs. This impossible speed...anyways, before my vision blurs too much, I grip the shining blade and [Invert].

Its time will revert to that of nonexistence--when it wasn't in this girl's hands (it did come from nothing initially I assume). It disappears. Coughing out blood, I use the power again to reverse my own time to before that of the attack. The wound heals like new in an instant and the pain settles.

"Time meddling, how unpleasant."

She disappears to the wind again and soon another hole is gouged out of my side. It is clearly a sword wound...if the sword was dropped from the 100 meters up onto it. The familiar taste came up to my mouth and was about to come out again before I reversed time to heal.

"Tch. Just die."

She raised the sword up mechanically. Cold sweat ran down my back as I could feel the cool metal touching my neck's behind. My reversed sight behind me gave me some time to react...a bit better than normal vision but worse than completely 3D. Phew, anyway, good thing I 'stopped' time before that could behead me. Inverting the force of the blade, time resumes and she stumbles unexpectedly at the unnatural force.

"Humans sure struggle resiliently don't they."

"So you're not?"

"...I wouldn't say that."

My mind runs many simulations of this battle simultaneously. How could I defeat this unknown that seemingly isn't affected much by power and has ridiculous physical specs? She readies her lunge. The only solution I can think of at the moment is reversing gravity to send her into space but would that even work?

Too late, the inky blade waves to my face as my body bisects. 


Back in one piece, but her chained attack isn't over. She tears to the right.


Blood spills and immediately return back to my body. My head begins to ache. Every time she cuts, the ground shakes from its overwhelming force. Every time that I nearly die, I need to heal by turning time back before I do. Inverting the time of nearby stone to leave no lasting damages in this public space too is straining...



Realizing the action's futility, the girl stops her attack and eyes me with a murderous glint.

"The Earth should have many reliable fighters, though it's sad that this one fights like this."

"Well excuse me for existing. Isn't it time you tell me what you're here for? Or are you just messing with me?"

"Out of respect for lasting this long, I guess I'll tell you. I'm seeing if this is a good spot for my cleansing. Oh, by that I mean genocide."

"You monster..."

A new voice then permeates the damp parking lot.

"This is [The Iron Empress of Blades Kaede Takeda] and [The Thundering Blitz Yumi Sawada]! In accordance with the Japanese government defense unit--"

I reverse my position with that of the "for return" paper that's back at the base. I'm out of there--I don't want to be seen nor kill anyone. Also, after analyzing the situation, there's no way I could've beaten that military uniformed girl. Sooner or later, my head would've been taken, literally. Hopefully, someone else will take her out...if not, well, I might try again later. I'll think up some strategies just in case.

A bad premonition screamed in Kaede's head, and she pulled the girls behind a pillar to listen in before revealing themselves. After witnessing the incredible/horrifying fight...they felt the need to intervene.

Sayumi Yoshida POV:

My two [Magical Girl] senpais strut to the front of the pillar and assert themselves. The young man instantly disappears somehow but the ashen-haired girl stays. Her atmosphere suffocates the stale air and her black katana is unmanifest.

"So, you decided to come out you peeking rats."

"Who are you..."

"Doesn't matter to you. Now, get out of the way, you're a hindrance."

Then, all around her body appears standard rifles lined disorderly. They begin their merciless line of fire and metal pieces are churned out at around 1300m/s towards the two. The sound of blasts and shells hitting the floor roam and reflect the glum environment.  


Kaede assumes a protective position over Yumi and,


She uses her ability, [Telekinesis]. It's how she can move her iron-like magic blades freely, and how they can keep their shape even after disconnecting for periods amounts of time. It's quite strong, but, can her telekinesis stop hundreds of bullets constantly? Short answer, no. Though she isn't alone as a [Magical Girl], 

"Tsuzu, Shirozaka, Gakure..."

Many barriers appeared in front of the girls that repelled the bullets, given by the [Focals]. Thanks!

"We can't get an accurate read on her..."

"What the heck is happening...!"

It seems Sawada-san and the newly met Hinami are focusing on an attack, though I don't know how Sawada-san can help when up against firearms. Anyways, I need to help too! I summon my own futuristic rifle + visor and affirm my resolve. My hand wraps around the sleek trigger. Coming around from the pillar's cover and aiming at the easily identifiable enemy...

"Let's see, I haven't fired this thing before--but...do something useful!"


I remember the day my life was saved so vividly it drowns out the rest. The [Ethereal Princess of Darkness], [Magical Girl Aki]. The mysterious existence with the strength of an army. She came gently, brightly, and beautifully to my rescue. Something changed in me then, and I knew how common it was...though I still hold on to my hopes and dreams. The barriers in the shape of a flower that held my safety tight, the voice of an angel that soothed my crying self. The darkness she wielded.

If that is the core, the heart of this all then it's understandable. It's understandable how my energy rifle just shot out a torrent of searing rainbow energy in the shape of a six-petal flower. My strength [mana] wells up and is stolen by the gun. It lasted a few seconds, the passionate shot. But, ending like a comet...I fell to the floor exhausted. It seems my aimed target didn't even flinch, her clothes and the ground are a bit scorched though. Well, I'll leave the rest to you since all I can do now is watch. 

Hinami POV:

The girl who was cowering along with me just now suddenly stepped out and unleashed some crazy energy. Time to do anything that I can do now as well...!


Arog (the spider) creeps from my shadow and prances through the space like a true acrobat. It is renowned for speed after all. It soon sets its sights on the girl in the unusual garb with guns floating by her sides. In this cramped space, its strengths are numbed--though a monster can handle it well enough due to its unique body shape and traits. 


The opposing girl's annoyance permeates through her even stronger assault. 

[The Cosmic Treasury: 1st Existence: Notoria]

"Rejoice, weaklings. Though I hate using any weapons from them...you get the experience witnessed by thousands back near the beginnings of a history."

Confused, we prepared ourselves for some kind of push. What came to her hand was a spear that seemed to pulse with life. Its golden color radiated in the grimy setting. Arog went in to strike...!


It was instantly and cleanly torn to shreds. Mana dispersed before even hitting the ground.


I turned my extended arm towards the one who just pulled off that terrifying feat.

[Dark Bullet] !
[Dark Bullet] !

But, both black mana chunks were deflected and ripped in a selfsame spear stroke. --Running out of options-- The [Focal]'s barriers seem to be wearing down and Takeda-san's face is getting paler each moment. Just what kind of world have I thrown myself into or so I think now...Onii-chan...

Seemingly ready, the girl next to Takeda-san (Yumi), aimed her fist. Pulled by her bodies momentum,

[Explosvie Fist]

I wouldn't know, but normally [Explosive Fist] explodes violently on contact with an object to her fist. However, she also has another layer of complexity to her ability. The explosion can be delayed a distance. For example, if she punched a wall, the other side could explode instead of the end she contacted.

The explosion size differs with distance and the material through which it passes (obviously explosions get weaker when further away). This is why she needed to focus so long; the air is one of the hardest materials for her to pass her 'explosive power' through. It's like electricity, with various insulators and conductors that allow charge to move with varying levels of freedom. But, she could effectively strike for her explosion to reach through the bullet hellfire at such a distance through the air despite specializing in close-quarters combat...impressive.


The girl is hit straight on with an explosion.


Silence. Dead silence. The gunfire has stopped. The floating rifles have also disappeared suddenly...



"...is this..."

"...is this mockery?"

Unveiled by the smoke is the same girl unharmed with a tinge of soot covering her uniform and face.

"I see, so you wanted to die that badly...truly different from my age."


"I shall grant that wish, just like then..."

She raises [Notoria], [The Cosmic Treasury: 1st Existence]. The golden spear of pulsation glows: originally meant to decimate towns of 'sinners.'


Intense energy like that of the rainbow-flower girl is thrown to our fronts like an inescapable cloud. I could hear the sounds of crashing stone in the distance as the air heated. Soon, we were engulfed by its shimmering light, and everything faded...to black.

What were our struggles amounting to?
What the heck is even happening?

(If you were to consult Kaede on such an attack I'd reckon she'd say it was like Saber's [Excalibur])

The office building now stands with a hole in its side, much like a certain someone's. Though, the temperature still dances in hellish degrees. The last remaining girl sheathes her fluttering spear in blank space after the battle. The other girls were reduced to ash without a trace of blood or hope. Is this the fate of talent and potential...burned by the unknown or those that came before?

"Hmph, well, it seems that this area seems sufficient for my goals. That's a job done, for now, I should get away..."

There are many that say no to the question. Many, many. In fact, that may be the obvious answer.

(Suddenly, time clips like a transition in some editing software)

"Another pain...has appeared. As I thought, I hate time meddlers."

There are many who help the new blossom: many who watch the stars rise, shine, and fall with grace. Their World's Battle will continue. Over times...