V5C2 – Back in Action
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[Lightning Form Realizer: Black Lightning Vortex]
[Lightning Form Realizer: Black Lightning Vortex]

I slash and hack at the [Curse]'s upper body(?) and melt the very mana's will. Gray [Cores] fling as a byproduct, which I collect, quickly regaining focus after. My shining pearly dual [Realizers] are in tip-top shape as well as control quality today. 

[Gravity Magic]

Weight manipulation and revolving around certain axis to curb my momentum like a crazed battlefield acrobat (much like I did in the Demonic Front battle) shifts the wind. Speaking of wind too, Sino has synchronized [Wind Enhancement] and injecting of oxygen even more perfectly. Another one down, another one decimated! Aren't I the strongest? Peering to my right, 

[Heavenly Armament]

...is a [Hero] courageously thrusting burning light into some kind of [Curse] crevice. Ashes and noise ensue under it, silenced by the next horizontal arc of his arm. One tries to jump his behind, only to be intercepted by overwhelming strength and bisected. To my left, 

[Heavy Blow]
[Mana Armor]

[Multiple Slash]
[Void Point]

A Tatsumi, Ai tag team, with Satomi's support good good. Ayame and Yui as well (Rino support),

[Wind Blade]

The [Curse] gurgles drown out and we regroup.

"Aki, you've certainly gotten much stronger huh."


Another day's work after returning. The existence of these heroes hasn't been found out in this timeline but they should really think more about the flashy magic they cast in case it happens again.

It's been a hectic 2nd-year so far, but I've spent it quite boringly (debatably). I mean--I just go to school, study, come home, study, draw for big labels, kill some [Curses] as a [Magical Girl], and go to sleep. The overarching events being killing a [Demon Lord], becoming one, and saving another world. See? Is this what you call youth? As I sarcastically run the information through my mind, unbeknownst to me...was someone truly enjoying his time...

Jiro Nakamura.

"Aah~ aah~ Jiro-sama...we can't--not here."

Scandalouuusss. Making out at school in the student council office, a boy and a girl. Of course, Shina Arakawa isn't present. If she was, this would be stopped. Or perhaps, she'd be in danger. What if I told you that there is only one person at fault here? That the boy was forcing himself onto the girl. In that position...no way. But, what if it was mentally? Something strange is going on in the upper school echelon and Akito is about to find out. 

Ai Nakano POV:

"I think it's about time."

"About time for what Fila?"

"You managed to return to Earth successfully in the pursuit of [Curses]. I am ready to grant it to you."


"I cannot tell you where it came from, but just know that you are receiving something to help in combat (alien weapon!!!)."


Fila hands me a sleek black baton. The metal is light but dense, there's a switch on the grip.

"It should work with [Void Point] and acts as an electric rod. The shocks can probably stun your opponent...fatally."

"Why would you give me such a thing!?"

"You never know what will happen. You can dual-wield weapons or stick with what your comfortable with--whatever you wish."

The second dual-wielding was brought up, so did Akito's face in her mind.

In a dimly lit place with papers littered about,

...a young girl sat with her forehands on her cheeks and interlocked fingers. Her glasses gleamed off the light of a small lamp in her office, not reflecting well against the covered walls and brown attire of the surrounding people. Detective [Emma Enderich]'s famous scarlet eyes poked between words and thoughts, a process that solved a myriad of previous mysteries. Given more freedoms due to her standing though becoming a vampire, she solves the case of "existing supernatural ability users." In other words, psychics, espers, etc.

They go by many names...but the theory Airi is considering is the connection of "awakened minds" in similar nature to [Magical Girls]. There was of course logic behind it. Psychics don't use mana and can therefore evade [Focal] detectors; she wonders if they can evade the [Focals] watchful eyes through other means too. [Focals] can activate the power, not detect (Ex: When Yoru didn't know Akito's ability after activating it). The very presence of an awakened mind...and also, it explains many strange incidents witnessed/delivered to Airi. 

"Hector was actual proof witnessed with our own eyes, and tight-lipped was he. Some kind of unnatural lightning striking power...in addition, there's the wreckage of the shared office space just blocks from here. The strange reports of young men and women wielding elemental powers, and countless others throughout time. It's not just a crazy conspiracy."

"If this is all true...how have they hidden from the world so long? Why do we not know about them?"

Putting her index finger to her chin,

"They must have a large-scale organization, with the resources to silence or keep the secret. But, is such a big secret able to be hidden? How would you go about doing that when the people who get powers can be anyone...or is that wrong? My theory is that you can get it through extreme luck and willpower lapses but...are the conditions different? Hmm, what do they know about it? They've been too good at hiding...are they even there at all? No, that's what they want us to think."

Nodoka watches the genius ponder every nook and cranny; she soon comes up with another question.

"Why didn't [First Contact] drag them out? If it's an organization of ability users, then the people have to have been affected--why would they not use their powers for the sake of fending them off?"

"All good questions..."

"Additionally, they can evade the [Focal]'s eyes for this long. What in the world..."

More nights were spent on the topic. More questions are asked. Little answers were derived.

Akito POV:

Midterms are coming up...oh gosh. Just kidding! I'm prepared. Ayame last night,

"Akito~ help me...study hard!"

"Welp, can't help it."

Our grades are close in rankings, but reviewing material never hurts. I look around for Ayame after school so we can go to the library...

"Oh hey Ai, have you seen Ayame?"

I call out to her while she's idling in the hall. Calling two girls by their first names, woohoo--the guy eavesdropping next to me is fuming. Hey, they both gave me the OK okay?

"I haven't...you two are studying together? Midterms are still a bit away, no need to prepare so early."

"You say that, but {insert quote about how it's bad to procrastinate and not work hard here}."

"Yeah yeah, alright then, I'll join you!"


"Aren't you happy? Huh huh, Harada-kun~ ?"


I answer honestly. Ai is the type of person you want to be around after all.



Easy, I mean--

"So uh, yeah let's look for Ayame together."



Our shoes on the cold floor sound out across the school's empty halls. Inbetween strides I think, 'where could Ayame be? Is she already waiting there?' Well, that's unlikely. I slide open a classroom door to find no one inside. I try the next one and receive the same result.


We walk everywhere we could think of, the bathrooms, the auditorium, the gymnasium, etc. No good response and Ayame is nowhere to be found.

"That girl owes us an explanation after this!"

That pesky osananajimi of mine, you're never this late or ditzy! I might have to assume you're on some rendezvous with a man right now! We try the last corridor, though she likely wouldn't be here. It's the area with the principal's office, faculty areas, supplies, and the student council office. Passing by with eerie silence, we make out a single voice from a doorway crack. A voice I recognize from the morning announcement makers--Jiro Nakamura kaichou.

"So, I've finally got the elusive school beauty...Ayame Suzuki. Ayame, don't resist and follow my lead."


It was a blank, devoid of substance voice. 



What are these sounds I'm hearing...Ayame!? I fling the door wide open without restraint to see Ayame and Jiro with lips about to make contact...a re?

"E...eh!? Akito?"

Everyone shows surprise. I look to the floor and take a deep breath.

"Akito, it's not what it looks like I swear it--"

"No Ayame..."

I cut her off, completely ignoring her.



I always thought Ayame was too much of a tomboy to ever get a respectable boyfriend. If it's the hardworking student council president Jiro Nakamura then great! I still feel a hint of disappointment and disbelief regardless.

"No, you've got it all wrong!"


Ai was not computing.

"It wasn't me who did it!"

"What are you on about?"

"Akito, you understand don't you?"

"Oh-oh! Alright, Ai, let's give them privacy--wait NO! Do that somewhere not in public! And keep it within limits!"


Ayame frowned and got away from Jiro as fast as humanly possible. He innocently looks back,

"What's wrong?"

At this point, Ayame was feeling complex emotions. Was it a moment of passion? Swept away, by a boy, her? Impossible...

Ayame shuffled hurriedly out of the room, hastily telling Ai and I about plans to study tomorrow.

"She could just own up to it..."

I look back at Jiro,

"We don't want to pry so...excuse us."

We leave the room, closing it off to his smiling face. It's fine if you have a relationship and keep your own privacy...but don't be late to commitments because you're making out at school!

Ayame Suzuki POV:

What was that? I was walking to the library to study with Akito, but then, Jiro Nakamura--the seitokaichou--stopped me. Why did I listen to his words so intently? Why is my memory a bit blurred and what exactly did he do? I should have a natural resistance to mana, and even though I'm not as good at detecting as Yui or Rino, I can still notice a blatant control spell being used. I sensed none of it there. Worst of all, Akito caught me under it about to be doing...those kinds of things!

Luckily, my first kiss is with Akito from when we were 5 (though he probably doesn't remember it). Even if it did happen, I'd be SAFE! Wait, what am I saying!? Why does it matter if I had my first kiss with him...? Anyways, I need to tell this properly to Akito and Ai to end their misunderstanding. And that Nakamura-kun, he definitely needs investigation. Something strange is happening, though I doubt anything can best us, the heroes. Especially me, the [Sword Maiden] who is awake and on guard now.