26. Chiori’s room
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The room was messy to say the least. As for Chiori, she was lying on the floor, knocked out. I rushed to her collapsed, still feverish body.

"Chiori! Are you alright?!"

As I touched her head I could feel she was burning up. Her eyes were unfocused as well. It looked like she stumbled and fell, causing some damage in the process, while she was trying to walk.

"Onii-chan... you're here." She spoke while couging in between words. It was hard to make out due to her labored, rough gasps for air and her soft voice that barely managed to squeeze out the words she was trying to say to me.

Panic was rushing through as I lifted her up and brought her back to bed. I tucked her in and looked closely at her body if anything was wrong. The fbric on her nightgown was worn thin, making some spots almost see through. I removed it to just under her chest to see if any other injuries showed up.

And heaved a relieved breath once I realised there was nothing else. Just a minor injury.

"I'm sorry... onii-chan. I wanted... to see you..."

My heart was pounding with anxiety as the idea of her hurting herself while she would be looking for me. I couldn't tell her off for it, she was thinking about me that much that she concerned herself more with being with me over thinking about her own health. I softly stroked her head, making her glazed eyes wander in the general direction of my arm as she looked at me confusedly.

"You're not... mad?"

"I could never be. I'm just worried for you, doesn't it hurt?"

She gave me a wry smile as she pondered.

"A... little."


She pointed toward her outer left thigh, looking afraid to touch it. I hunched over to it and gave a little kiss on it, startling her for a second.

"Hehe~... that tickles..."

Her tone of voice went a lighter, as if her worries melted away the moment I kissed her?

"Say, onii, aren't you missing a spot~?" She said as she pointed to her lips. I went over and kissed her there as well, before suddenly feeling her arms wrap around me.

"I love you Takumi, lots and lots and lots~" She says in a childishly high tone of voice. Giving in, I hugged her back as well as I fell beside her in bed.

"I love you too Chiori. I'm glad you're safe."

She gave me an apologetic look while starting intently at me.

"...I'm sorry" She said with a dejected look, makig me want to comfort her.

"Don't be. I felt really happy when you said you wanted to see me. I'm just worried for you."

I was glad to see her as well, but in the back of my mind I was still worrying about Yamatsu. Was she doing alright? However, I shook away those thoughts while I looked at Chiori. She scooted forward and gave me a kiss on the lips, her heat radiating through me as her tongue touched mine. A tear went down her cheek which I wiped away with my finger before she had to.

"I'm really... really happy you're here... onii-chan..."

It must have been so lonely for her. I wanted to punch myself for ever leaving her side, even if she asked me to. But then yamatsu would've been...

It was confusing struggling with these thoughts while trying to focus on her, it made me feel bad about doing so.

"You look... tired... onii-chan."

Maybe it was because of her sight still barely being focused, but she didn't seem to read my true emotions. It was relieving, but also saddening to see her weakened this much. She hugged me closer while I was still deep in thought, making me snap out of it.

"Lets sleep together... again." she said as the stroked my hair rhythmically, making me feel her warm, moist breath tickling my neck. It seems she either didn't notice I was in uniform, or it didn't matter to her. Whichever the case, the warmth coming off of her did make me feel drowsy, it was a hectic day and I felt drained.

It was as if I hadn't slept for days. Even Yamatsu seemed to become less important.

"Get some... good rest... onii-chan."

She said as she pulled the cover over us. It made me yawn, and my eyes started shutting every few seconds. Chiori fell sleep pretty quickly, her soft breaths being the only sound in the room.

As I turned around on my side, I could see a small figure quickly escaping my vision. But I didn't care much at this point, my head was pretty much in a haze.

I felt relaxed for the first time in a long while.