27. In a tight spot
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I looked at the figure of my sister resting, unable to fall completely asleep yet. Her body was drenched in sweat, making me wonder if she had enough to drink today. My mind was a completely mess, still worried about what happened but unable to think clearly in the heat.

One part of me wanted to get up, the other part wanted me to sleep, which made me feel conflicted about what to do. As I lay next to her with my sight blinking into darkness periodically, I hear some faint shuffling.

"Sleeping well, onii-san?" a faint whisper reaches my ear.

"...Yamatsu?" I ask with my mind blanked out.

"The one and only. But please call me Ushiro, Taku-kun." She said with a gentler voce than usual. Why isn't she angry at me?

First onii-san and then taku-tun, her honorifics are all over the place. Rubbing my eyes, I saw the figure of the small girl looming above me, her hand still wrapped in the towel I gave her.

"Ushiro-chan... how is the swelling?" I sleepily mumbled to her.

"Oh! It's doing well, thanks for helping me Taku onii-san, you're the best!"

I couldn't detect a hint of sarcasm or ulterior motive in her voice. Even if I was tired, I felt very certain she was being genuine.

"So what are you going to do now?" I asked, curious about what she wanted to do now that I'm just barely awake.

"Well, since you're sleeping so early, might as well make some breakfast for when you wake up. I'll even consider making some notes for your homework." She said in a light tone, seemingly not minding the sight of me sleeping next to my sister. "I'll go sleep in your bed after that, come snuggle with me if you want to~"

Having said that she lightly patted my head as she walked away apparently feeling cheery.

I fail to understand her logic even now. Like a cat, she can either nuzzle up to you or scratch you, and I have no idea what to expect.

Feeling a bit better that Yamatsu seems fine, I fell asleep before I could even notice I shut my eyes.



I woke up with a squishy sensation pressing on my back. Chiori hugged up close to me.


And was having a nice dream by the sound of it.

I tried to nudge myself away from her, since I was drenched in sweat myself, and started to feel really hot from the humid air surrounding us. However, even while sleeping, the moment she felt I was getting away she put an arm over me, and hugged me tighter, leaving me at a loss.

I wonder what the time is, the curtains are blocking the view, but it seems no light is shining through, so it must be somewhat late already. Still, I can't say how many hours have passed. could be 4, could be 8.

Feeling her so close up against me aroused me against the will of my consciousness. I could feel each movement, each rub, the force at which she touched my back. I want to feel more of it, but I don't want to disturb her sleep. And so, being paralysed by my own head, I felt the comfort of her rubbing up against me.

Once more I tried to nudge myself slowly. I tried to lift away the hand without waking her up and turned around, laying flat on my stomach this time. But still she kept hugging my, her chest now buried in the side of my arm... tempting me to touch it.

As I moved my arm I could hear a sudden sound coming out of her, a bit deeper than a moan.

It startled me, I was scared of waking her up while she was still sleeping. Especially now that Yamatsu could be roaming around the house. If I want to introduce Yamatsu that would be the last possibility I would ever consider. If I leave now, maybe I will wake her up.

Chiori Shuffled even closer, clamping her legs around one of mine, as if begging to be touched more. the upper part of my leg right in between hers. Cautiously I tried getting my hand away, but she only pressed up more to me when she felt my hand going away.

Chiori slowly opened her eyes, and gave me a kiss on the neck.

"Onii-chan... please, touch me... more..."