Chapter – 2 Introductions are in order…
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A few days later, Occult Research Club.

“Don’t be jealous Issei you will get one... Familiars are a major part of being a Devil… when you are in need they are always there to back you up.” – explained Rias.

“That’s great… the only problem is, we have no idea how we are supposed to get one.” – a cute blond girl named Asia said.

Asia Argento, a pretty young girl with green eyes and pretty blond hair that flows all the way down to her back, with split bangs over her forehead and a single strand sticking out from the top and sloping backward.

Asia Argento holds the position of a Bishop in the Rias Gremory Peerage.

Prior to being reincarnated into a devil, Asia was an Excommunicated nun.

Currently, Asia a second-year student at Kuoh Academy, as well as a member of the Occult Research Club.

“That’s the next step…” – Rias said and was about to explain when she was interrupted by the sudden knock on the door.

Knock… Knock…

“Yeah…” – Akeno responded, and following her response the door opened, and a group of students in Kuoh Academy uniform walked in.

At the forefront of the group was Sona Sitri, with Ingvild Leviathan following right behind her, including some other students as well.

After walking into the room, Sona greeted Rias, “Sorry to interrupt Rias…”

“Whoa… what the heck is she doing here?” – said Hyoudou Issei in surprise and confusion.

“Issei… who are these people…?” – asked Asia.

“The one in the middle is Sona Shitori, the Student Body President. And the purple-haired girl right behind her is the vice student council president, Ingvild Leviathan. Looks like they brought the rest of the council with them.” – Explained Issei.

“Well… what can I do for you, Sona?” – Asked Rias.

Sona said, “Nothing really, I was just here to congratulate you on increasing your servants.” – Sona said.

“Hold on, how does she know about that?” – Issei was shocked after hearing Sona mention the term ‘servant’.

Akeno explained, “Her real name is Sona Sitri, and she is not just the Student Council President, she is the heiress to the House of Sitri, one of the noble devil houses.”

Issei was confused, “Are you saying there are other devils at our school?”

“Rias-senpai… you did not tell him about us? But I suppose if you don’t trust him with inside information, then he must not be worth much to you, huh?” – Saji said with a slightly mocking tone.

“It’s considered bad form to get involved in the affairs of other households, Saji. It’s only natural that Rias held this back.” – Sona said.

“I know you… you are the new guy from Class 2-C who was just selected as the secretary to the Student Council, right? I think I might have voted for this guy.” – Issei said.

At this time Rias said, “I see two new faces among your servants too… I think an introduction is needed here…”

Sona nodded and said, “Yo-chan, Saji, please introduce yourselves.”

“I am Kasukabe Yo, Class-1-B, Kaichou’s Pawn… I like making friends with animals. I possess a Sacred Gear called ‘Genome Tree’. Nice to meet everyone.” – the girl named Yo introduced herself politely.

Kasukabe Yo, a 16-year-old young girl, with shoulder-length brown hair that she keeps back with a hair clip. Yo has brownish eyes with a tint of orange in them. She is wearing a Kuoh Academy girls' uniform with knee-length socks. Around her neck is a small circular wooden medallion.

“Hmm… ‘Genome Tree’? it’s the first time I have heard of this Sacred Gear.” – Akeno muttered thoughtfully.

“I am up next… I am Ganshirou Saji, Class 2-C, Kaichou’s Pawn… I hold the sacred gear called ‘Prison Line’ in which the soul of the Prison Dragon Vitra resides…” – The Boy named Saji introduced himself.

Genshirou Saji, a young man with short blond hair and grey eyes. He wears Kuoh Academy Boys’ school uniform.

“My… both of them are Pawn, and both of them hold a sacred gear too, huh? Well I can’t be left behind, can I? My Pawn Hyoudou Issei, he holds the ‘Boosted Gear’… and next is my Bishop Asia Argento, she holds the sacred Gear ‘Twilight Healing’.” – Rias nodded and then introduced her two newest servants.

“Whoa… so both of you are Pawn too? Then that totally means we are in the same grade…” – Issei said with a slight smile.

“Sigh… I must say that being the same piece as one of the Perverted Trio really hurts my pride.” – Saji said with an arrogant tone.

“What did you say, bastard?!” – Issei shouted in anger.

“Oh, do you wanna fight? I may have become a Devil only a few days ago… but I am a pawn worth 4 pieces!” – Saji said with a scoff.

“Saji… need I remind you to maintain your behavior? By acting like a mongrel you are bringing shame to Kaichouu.” – berated Erza who was standing on Sona’s left side while wearing Kuoh Academy uniform.

Kuro Usagi said, “Saji-kun… do you even know that Hyuoudou Issei is worth 8 Pawn pieces? Which is double that of yours…”

Kuro Usagi… Class  2-D, an attractive young girl with long blue hair and red eyes. She wears a Kuoh Academy girls uniform, with additional black stockings supported by garters. She is the last known member of the now-extinct ‘Moon Rabbit Race’… She also has distinct rabbit ears unique to her ‘Moon rabbit’ race although they are currently hidden because of her magic. When emotional or ready to fight, her hair and rabbit ear changes color to bright pink.

“Eight? Isn’t that all of them, you are kidding, right Usagi-chan?” – Saji was shocked.

“I am afraid what Usagi-san has stated is in fact true Saji-kun” – said Tsubaki while pushing her glasses.

Shinra Tsubaki, a young bespectacled girl with long straight black hair that extends all the way down to her knees, with split bags and heterochromic eyes, with a violet left eye and a light brown right eye. She is wearing Kuoh Academy Girls Uniform, and blue, semi-rimmed glasses with square lenses.

Tsubaki is a reincarnated Devil worth 2 Pawn pieces. She is also Sona Sitri’s personal Maid.

She possesses a Sacred Gear called, ‘Mirror Alice’

At Kuoh Academy, she is a third-year student as well as a member of the Student Body Council.

“Are you serious? I can’t believe it. How did this lame-ass butt munch manage that–“ – Saji said with an unbelievable look.

“Shut up!” – Issei shouted, he has had enough of being insulted today.

“My apologies, he is young, I hope you will forgive him, newbies don’t always appreciate the finer points of civility, do they?” – Sona said making Saji feel a bit flustered.

Saji was trying to say something, “Uh… I…”

At this time, Asuka who had a traditional Japanese fan in her hand said in a commanding tone, “Saji-kun… BE QUIET!”

As soon as Asuka said ‘BE QUIET’ – Instantly a force acted upon Saji that made him shut up, now he couldn’t speak anything even if he wanted to.

Asuka continued, “Before you speak anything further, you must first understand your situation, current Hyoudou-kun is as much worth as I and Yo-san are… So be mindful of who you challenge. For the second part, we are here for an introduction not for you to show off. So simmer down. You wouldn’t want to embarrass Kaichou, right?”

Kudou Asuka, a 17-year-old young girl, Asuka has fair skin and average height with long black hair that she keeps tied with two red bows, and bright blue eyes. She too wears the Kuoh Academy uniform.

Aside from being a Pawn to Sona Sitri Peerage, Asuka is also the heiress to the Kudou Clan, one of the five Zaibatsu of Japan’s non-supernatural world.

Hearing Asuka’s words, Saji was silent and nodded with a guilty expression… he couldn’t have spoken anything even if he wanted to.

Issei and Asia were surprised by what just happened to Saji and how he can’t even open his mouth, - “What just happened to him?”

“Asuka-san possesses a sacred gear called ‘Oraculum’, which allows her to control people, objects, and other sacred gears by verbal commands.” – answered a boy named Kiba.

Yuuto Kiba, a handsome young man with short blond hair, bluish-gray eyes, and a mole underneath his left eye.

He is a reincarnated Devil and part of the Rias Gremory Peerage. He is worth a Knight Piece. Kiba possesses a Sacred Gear called ‘Sword Birth’.

He is a second-year student at Kuoh Academy, and also a member of the Occult Research Club.

Issei was shocked and looked at Asuka with a shock, “You mean she can order anyone to do anything… like anything-anything?” – As Issei realized this his face gained a lecherous grin, and he thought, ‘I wish I had a Sacred Gear like that… with that, I would have been able to order every hot chick here…. Hehehehehe…’ – and fantasized what would happen if he gets such a power in his hands.

“Careful perv… I would watch over if I were you… she can even order you to die… or much worse for you she can order you to become a gay… or… permanently impotent…” – said a white-haired girl, named Koneko.

Toujou Koneko is a petite girl with white hair and golden eyes. The front of her hair has two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short bob cut. She also wears a black cat-shaped hair clip on the right side of her hair. She wears a Kuoh Academy uniform, without a shoulder cape.

Koneko is a reincarnated Devil in the Gremory Peerage worth a Rook Piece. She is a young Nekomata who is part of a rare species among her kind called ‘Nekoshou’.

At Kouh Academy she is a first-year student and also part of the Occult Research Club.

“You’ve got to be kidding me Koneko-chan…!” – Issei immediately shook his head in fear and moved a little distance away from Asuka.  The last thing he wants is to date hot boys or become impotent.

“I am sorry if I missed something, but Asuka-san said that Ise-san is worth as many Pawn pieces as both her and Yo-san, but Ise-san is worth 8 Pawn pieces, while, Saji-san is worth 4 Pawn pieces, so how can both Asuka-san and Yo-san be worth 8 Pawn pieces when only 4 Pawn pieces are left?” – Asked Asia in a confused tone.

“To answer your question, although mathematically it is not possible due to the number of the piece is limited, however, it is a different case when a piece is worth 8 times its original value.” – said Ingvild, to answer Asia’s question.

“What do you mean?” – Issei asked in confusion.

Akeno explained, “She is basically saying that the pawn piece used on Asuka-san and Yo-san to reincarnate them is a Mutated Pawn Piece.”

Issei was more confused, “What’s a Mutated Pawn Piece?”

Rias answered, “A Mutated Piece is a special evil piece. For a better understanding, if reincarnating a person requires more than a piece, let’s say 8 Pawn pieces in your case Issei, then a single Mutated Pawn Piece is also more than sufficient to play the same role.”

Sona continued, “The Mutation Pieces are an anomaly… and they are also super rare. I had two Mutated Pawn Pieces, and I used both of them to reincarnate Asuka and Yo.”

Issei nodded in understanding, then asked, “Do you have a Mutated Piece Buchou?”

Rias nodded, and said, “M-hmm, a mutated Bishop, in fact.”

“A Bishop? Does that mean any Piece can be a Mutated one?” – Issei questioned further.

“Any of the fifteen pieces can be Mutated ones” – Rias answered.

At this time, Erza spoke… “By the way, Rias… I have come to understand that your Pawn Hyoudou Issei, holds the Boosted Gear, is that right?”

Rias nodded, “It is true… He possesses Boosted Gear.”

Erza smirked, “Well then, I have high hopes for you Hyoudou Issei… I can’t wait to fight against you when you mature. I wonder who would win in a battle between the heir of Welsh Dragon and the daughter of Scarlet Despair!”

“Uh… why is Erza-Taichou so interested in fighting me?” – Issei questioned in a slight fearful tone because he was having a bad feeling when he looked at Erza.

Asuka said, “It is only natural that she is interested in fighting you… after all, the Boosted Gear you possess holds the soul of Welsh Dragon… who just so happens to be the elder brother of the Queen of Dragon… The Sage Dragon Irene Belserion. And… Erza-san, herself is also a dragon, the daughter of the Queen of Dragons.”

“Wait… so you are telling me that all this time, Erza Taichou was a Dragon? How the heck is that even possible… and what should I call you then… Ane-sama?” – Issei can’t help but be more surprised.

“A Dragon/Human hybrid to be exact… But, anyway… I am looking forward to the day we will be fighting…” - Erza said as a unique Scarlet Dragon Aura was leaked by her which made Issei’s hair tingle.

“Ahahaha… why do I have a bad feeling about this…” – Issei said with a nervous laugh.

“So, Rias… right before we entered the room, I heard that you have been planning to get Familiars for your new servants, is that correct?” – Sona asked.

Rias nodded, “Yes... I was thinking of going next week actually… “

“Well that’s a bit of a problem for us as he only takes people once a month…” – Sona.

Rias proposed with a smirk, “In that case why don’t we have a friendly little contest to sort this whole thing out.”

Sona asked, “A contest?”

Rias nodded, and explained, “Whoever wins earns the right to make their request first.”

Sona said with a frown, “Surely you are not talking about a Rating Game?”

Rias laughed lightly, and said, “Oh no, Minamiya-Sensei will never give us permission to do something like that on her watch.”

Sona nodded, “Yes, you are right… besides… you wouldn’t want to draw someone’s attention to yourself at this point, am I right?”

Rias’s eyes sharpened, “Don’t go there…” – After a pause, she calmed herself and said with a smile, “I know… we should settle this the good old fashion high school way… with sports…!”


Elroe, Castle of the Great Satan Asmodeus.

“And what brings my dear little brother to my castle…?” – asked the Great Satan Asmodeus.

“Oh nothing, I was just missing my deal Elder Sister, therefore, I asked Lucia to make some arrangements with Leticia to check for free time in your schedule.” – answered the white-haired boy.

“Really now? Leticia has the Sun started to from the West that my dear little brother Alex was missing me?” – Asked the ‘White-Haired Princess of Nothingness’ with a smile that stated, ‘And why do I think that’s not the case here?’.

“The Sun in Human World is still rising from East Lady Asmodeus…” – answered a certain blond vampire maid.

“If that is the case, then has the meaning of the term ‘missing’ changed recently?” – questioned Lady Asmodeus.

“Not that I can remember…” – answered the Blond Vampire Maid.

“Then has my hearing dwindled?” – muttered Lady Asmodeus.

“Elder Sister… you wound my heart… can a brother not miss her dear elder sister?” – said the white-haired young man with a painful expression, as he clutched his chest.

“A little brother can of course miss his elder sister, but not if this little brother is Alexian Belial.” – denied Lady Asmodeus bluntly.

“In my defense, I would like to say that…” – Alexian was about to say something but was interrupted by Lady Asmodeus.

“My dear Lucia… is that really the case?” – questioned Lady Asmodeus from the silver-haired maid named Lucia.

Lucia looked at her master, at the elder sister of her master… then after a bit of mulling, she said, “Lady Asmodeus, actually…”

‘Lucia… you traitor…’ – Alexan cursed silently and sweat was started sweating when looking at that smirk of his elder sister…

“Well now… dear little brother…”





Author Note: So that’s the end of the second chapter.

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