Chapter 154: I hate it
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 As usual,

Special thank you to Eduardo Garcia, kynan, adam9413, Niedzwiedz1, and all my Patreons.



"Don't look so down little Aether, luck can be counted as part of your strength," She said with a smile before muttering under her breath, "Heaven knows we need it..." The others didn't seem to have heard what she said, but I did. 'Just what did she mean by that?' I wondered.

"Still grandma, what does all of this have to do with what happened to father?" Asked Ynos with a frown, causing me to turn my gaze towards her. 

"Patience my child," She chucked. 

"You see, old Neyo didn't take the death of his descendent easily. He was, hmm, unfit to continue his duties due to the rage bubbling inside of him, and so it was agreed that your father will take his place, while old Neyo would go for a raid to let off some steam," She explained with a sigh.

"A raid?" This time, it was Essie who asked with a confused look on her face. 

Glancing at her, I took the initiative to reply, "That's when Dragons are the ones doing the attacking against the realms under the control of the Shades," Hearing that, my grandmother nodded in confirmation. 

"So they switched places? Father took over the elders role, while he went raiding?" Immy asked with an enlightened look.

"Yes, your father was the one in charge of the raids. His strength is comparable to us old-timers, yet when it came to this particular task," Grandmother sighed with a sad expression. 

"Did the role father took over have anything to do with that abomination that tried to invade us?" I asked with a frown. 

Nodding, grandmother continued, "Yes, the task was to help maintain the seal that prevented him from getting inside our plane," 

"But something went wrong..." Muttered Sidus.

"Yes, although your father is strong, that bastard focused all of his attention on him and managed to make a tiny opening. Things just escalated from there," She explained as another long sigh escaped her lips.

My frown deepened as I heard that, a question quickly popped in my head. As if reading my mind, Immy asked on cue, "I apologize if my question offends you, but what I don't understand is, from what we know, grandmother is even stronger than father, wouldn't it be normal for you to fill the role of elder Neyo then instead of him?"

'Exactly, thank you Immy,' I nodded approvingly at her question. This was exactly what has been bugging me. I witnessed grandmother forcing my father to the ground with but a thought. He was akin to a hopeless child in front of her, so why...why did she not take over elder Neyo's role? Better yet, why is she not with the elders?

Faced with Immy's question, grandmother's face slightly shifted as a troubled expression took over her face. "My situation is a bit complicated my child..." She said. We all remained silent waiting for her to continue her explanation. 

"I- I have been kicked from the council a long time ago," She said with a bitter smile. 

My eyes widened slightly at the sudden news, 'Grandma was kicked from the council? Why? What did she do exactly? Is that why she was late to the battle? But then again why was she covered in blood before coming here?' A myriad of questions rapidly spun in my mind as I tried to study her expression. 

A sad smile, filled with longing and melancholy. 'Just what is she hiding?' I didn't know, and It didn't seem like she was willing to elaborate any further as she quickly avoided the subject. 

"Anyways, you little ones should get some rest, your father will be alright so you don't have to worry about him either," She said while patting Essies's head.

"Grandmother still has a few matters to take care of, so I'll be excusing myself," Her tone was firm, closing any possibility for further questions.

Everyone simply nodded with a respectful bow, I then took the initiative and spoke, "Thank you, grandma, stay safe," I said sincerely, to which she gave a warm smile, she then turned her gaze to Essie and spoke, "I'll be coming back for you soon little one, so be ready,"

This caused the tiny dragoness's tail to start wagging nervously as she replied in a voice mixed with anxiousness and excitement, "Yes, grandma!" Satisfied, grandmother then lightly stepped on the air as if it was solid ground, after which she continued climbing up steadily before her human form suddenly shifted back to her Dragonoid one. 

Before leaving, she glanced at us for a final time and then shot into the distance, her form rapidly disappeared across the horizon. None of us said a word for a while as we simply stood there watching her leave. "I-I'll go check on father!" Essie was the one who broke the silence with her excited voice. 

"En," I nodded. Soon, only me, Sidus, Immy, and Ynos were left behind. 

"Grandmother is hiding something," Said Immy.

"That doesn't matter, she is our grandmother, and an elder, its only natural for her to have secrets," Answered Sidus with a frown.

"I know, but this didn't sound like a normal secret, I mean kicked out of the council?" Immy added.

"Are you doubting your own family?" Glared Sidus. 

"No you idiot, I'm just questioning things like a normal dragon would," She retaliated.

"That sounds like distrusting to me,"  

"Enough!" Ynos suddenly shouted surprising me before he asked me, "What do you think brother?" 

Taking a deep breath, I slowly replied, "I don't want to doubt grandmother, for she has no reason to lie to us, besides, we just saw her fight against those bastards. So no, I don't want, nor do I doubt her. Still, it is true that she's hiding something from us, what is that thing, I'm not sure, but I don't think it's anything we should be concerned about. For now, our number one priority is to get stronger," I said while eyeing the trio.

"You guys have seen that battle, that was something we were unqualified to join, something beyond us...We had to sit back, helplessly while waiting for everything to finish," I took another deep breath and shook my head before continuing.

"I don't know about you guys but I hated it, I hated that feeling of uselessness, that feeling of being soo-"

"...Powerless," Ynos was the one to say that as I silently nodded.

"I hate it!" He added.

"I hate it!" Immy cried out after him.

"I hate it!" Sidus followed.

"I hate it..." I said with a bitter smile.