Step Up, Not (4)
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“You reap what you sow.”

“You reap what you sow.”
“You reap what you sow.”

“Uwagh.. enough already..”
“What does that mean?”

Liliath, Prune and I turned our heads to look at this pitiful creature, Rin who had not the slightest idea of what is going on. Liliath went on to explain:

“It basically speaks of the results of the actions you’ve taken in the past. What crops you sow in the past comes back with the resulting fruit of the future. Sow bad crops, and you will receive bad, sow good crops, and you will receive good crops.”

“Good job Liliath.”

“What bad did I do anyways.. ugh..” Nine was lying on the table, crying tears of joy– just kidding. He wasn’t crying, but it looked like he was.

“What did Nine do?” Rin asked.

“Explain yourself,” I kicked his leg from under the table.



“I added a title to two of the heroes’ title column and it made them think that I’m some kind of Goddess– and that they will announce it in front of everyone later–”

Rin remained puzzled. Well.. of course. She doesn't know the full story– and I don’t know how long we’d have to spend to explain everything from A to Z. Cuz she needs context from the very start– easy before we came to this world.

‘I have a suggestion. Is it alright if Oppa was invited to Bleu’s domain? Having the explanation of your race being a demon would prevent casualties. Confrontation.. might be inevitable.’

Oh.. what? From Laura?

That’s actually.. a good idea.
“This could.. work,” Prune said.

“It’s worth a shot,” Liliath said.

“Wait, can’t we use Bleu’s domain to solve my crisis too!” Nine jumped up.

“Oh yeah, there’s that too.”

That makes perfect sense actually. We’ve brought Jennifer-chan over without any big issues.. it should be alright to bring them over right? Just for one day.. maybe I can use this chance to persuade Bleu to create another hypermarket dimension—

“You do the explaining for your part, Liliath, I and Rin will do what we can on our part.”

“As for me?” Prune pointed at herself.

“You help Nine then.”

“Liliath, do you have information about when the banquet will start?” Nine asked.

“There isn’t a set time, the evening sun is used as a reference.”

So.. the rest of the evening was spent coordinating plans to pull off these two key events. Using Laura and Her Highness Siesta to do the preliminary work for us before the actual work starts.

I seriously hope Bleu would..
I know, it’s weird how we decided not to go to the party in the end.. but it was just too abrupt you know? If Her Highness Siesta sent an official letter a few days earlier telling us about the matter, maybe we could’ve considered it?

It was a shame we didn’t get to see Nine dressed up in Jennifer-chan’s princess dress. She actually had a super ornate, super medieval pink dress you know? 

‘I have decided to be a follower of the Goddess of Comfort, so I apologize, but I will have to decline.’

Kaito’s declaration was like a cosmic kick to the gut. Nine vitality dropped by 1 percent. I’m not joking, I saw it happen in front of my eyes. I actually did a double check with my memory, thinking perhaps it was some bug or something– it’s legit. Mental damage is a thing.. I guess?

‘You can be sure that every single demon lord is my prey, and that I will do everything in my power to kill every last one of them.’ 

I couldn't help but feel a chill crawl up my skin. That Philosopher Stone shard.. where the hell did he get that? Don’t tell me he already killed one?

‘I want to slap him in the face,’ Nine sent a message.

‘You’re the one who caused this mess in the first place. What did you expect to happen?’ Her Highness Siesta retorted.

Keyword: demon lord..


Bleu said in the past that in the first cycle there were 9. Including me– not that I was present back then so.. for the present world it should be 10..


This means that one of them is gone.

Wait. I should take this chance to seriously check on the other demon lords, shouldn’t I? They’re my kind aren’t they? 

First up, Demon Lord Javiel.

Yeah. I don’t know why I’ve never thought to check out his stat…

What the fuck.





Name: Javiel Myst

Race: Demon Lord

Lv: 226


Vitality: 99%

Mana: 99%



HP: 79,436

MP: 63,019

DEF: 65,503

STR: 67,765

DEX: 70,020

AGI: 65,411

INT: 59,023

LUK: 20



[Appraisal (S)] [Inventory (SS)] [Weapons Art (A)] [Domination (B)] [Rule (B)] [Soul Break (D)] [Crafting (SS)] [Omniscient Perception (S)] [Dark Arts (D)]...


Unique Skills:

[Unite As Thyself]



[God of War’s Blessing] [Reincarnated Otherworlder] [Ruler of Demons] [Affection of the Nine Tail] [Taboo]





“Woi.. have you seen Javiel’s stats?!”

Oh shit.. I should have–

“Um.. Sorry..”
– I should’ve not said that out loud.

“I-It’s alright..”

“Sorry.. Liliath..”

Crap. I should’ve taken into account her reaction.

[Unite as thyself]

[Description: Ally stats are added onto your own]

Javiel’s Unique Skill. Simple ability, earth-shattering implications.

His STR stat alone is at a high of 67,765. His HP stat is 79,436. It’s hella ridiculous. No wonder he decided to build an entire kingdom.. fuck? You can literally see his status rise in real-time.

LUK stat remains stagnant–

Shit.. no wonder..

No wonder the Regressor lost.


“It makes it really easy to deal with him isn’t it?” Prune said.

“I know right. And it’s not like that unique skill is all that ‘powerful’..”

There’s truly something wrong with our heads.

But.. thinking objectively, compared to Nine’s [Omnipotent Keyboard] um.. yeah. There’s a huge difference in terms of which Unique Skill comes out on top. No question.

I held Liliath in my arms and stroked her hair. 

“I’m alright Noel.. really..”

“Not until you stop shaking.”

Rin looked at Liliath with concern.

‘Just a quick question, but who is this Javiel? I know he’s one of the baddies out there but how does he relate to Liliath? I don’t think we’ve been told that,’ Nine sent me a private DM.

‘In short, he was the person who brought Liliath into slavery.’

‘Oh. Okay. Thanks.’

“Noel, remember to add [Bleu’s Blessing] to their title column alright,” Nine reminded.

I added the title into the Regressor’s title column.

Now then.. what can we expect from our first meeting?