[EX] Abandoned (1)
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“Damn it.. How many.. more.. do we.. need to fight?!” Jiwon shouted, slicing the weird giant furry insect with crab like-pincers with large turtle shells.

Against the 32 sword, it stood no chance.

Jiwon, killing this monster, proceeded to the next room.

“Not here..”

He grit his teeth, readying his sword for the next battle-- it was a pair of shadow  monsters. 

With the glint of the white blade, contrasting the blackness of their body their figure flickered, the three clashed blades.

There was no need for any commentary. The winner was obvious.


“Where are they…”

Room after room after room.

Monster after monster.

Hour after hour.

He had already gone through hundreds of rooms. Not a single sign of the three.

It was going to repeat all over wasn’t it? Her Highness Alytia death, Takata Sayu’s death-- and the change in Aoki Kaito’s character-- the start of how he sided with the demon.

Jiwon was ignorant, naive-- too naive.

He should’ve not been so passive. He should’ve acted out.

What was the point in hiding? His presence would have prevented this from happening.

In his first life, he never got to learn how exactly the three disappeared due to the chaos at the time. The monster that forced them to a retreat wasn’t that furry golem, it was different-- but Jiwon couldn’t remember the specifics.


“They’re not here..” in despair, Jiwon said. They had gone through almost every single room--

“There might be a chance they had already entered the boss room..”

“That’s the last one..”
Jiwon couldn’t rule out the possibility. What if they were in separate dungeons? What if they were on the other side of the boss room? What if clearing the boss would allow everyone to escape.. what if clearing the boss would cause the collapse of the place?

Jiwon didn’t know.

He had too little information, too little time.

Had Aoki killed the two girls by this point? What if Kaito had already escaped?

Jiwon didn’t know.

Wallowing in his thoughts, he and Moirae stood before a humongous gate. A eerie face of a screaming monster etched onto the obsidian black surface. The handles were two golden rings on both gates, resembling external nose implants.

“Moirae-sama.. do you think it’s too late..”
“We haven’t reached that point yet… we can’t assume that.”
Jiwon gritted his teeth and pushed the door open. A cold, chilly wind blew from the inside.


The vast room was pitch black, not a shred of light anywhere. 

This was by far the largest room they’ve entered.

“What is this place..” Jiwon still had his hands placed on the gate.

Moirae entered, taking caution and condensed a dozen light orbs and had them spread across the room and..

Jiwon held his stomach.

A sea of bones. 

And beyond this vast sea, a small pair of green lights came on.


It’s eerie voice echoed all around.

Large green bonfire torches illuminated the black palace. Great statues of past heroes from the previous cycles became visible, each 20 meters in height.

In the center of the hall was a throne. And on it sat a skeleton-- a lich. The green flame in its green eyes stared down at them.

It stood up and picked up an all too familiar sword.

“No… way..”

A blank glint that seemed to suck in all light. The blade glittering like the million stars in the sky. The sword of the cosmos-- The Nebula.

It was the weapon Kaito used in the first life.

Did this mean they hadn’t reached this room? Or did it mean they had..



The lich exploded forward.

32 blades came to intercept the direct charge-- the momentum couldn’t be killed and Jiwon threw himself to the side, dropping into the sea of bones.

The lich came to a forceful stop, defying physics and swung the Nebula towards Moirae. She twisted her body to dodge, but it came at such an angle she had no choice but to intercept. Her intention of deviating the sword strike was betrayed when an unusual explosion occurred the moment the Nebula touched her weapon.

Moirae was flung across the room.

Shaking off the bones, Jiwon directed the blade projections towards the lich while riding on the original Crimson ether like a kickboard towards Moirae’s direction.

The lich flung the Ether projections away like toothpicks. The mini explosion upon contact was so precisely calculated, the sword projections would be shot towards Jiwon’s direction each time. It was unintentional friendly fire.

Jiwon grabbed Moirae who was sinking and pulled her up. They landed at the throne in the center where there was flat ground.

“What the hell.. How did he beat this..”

The Nebula allowed the user to defy physics. It bent the roles of the cosmos, allowing one to distort inertia, gravity and momentum at will. 

Worse was how the lich was at a terrifying level 754.

“T-The bones are moving..??!”

The sea of bones started to shake. Small little flames became apparent in the hollow spaces in the millions of skulls. The sea of bones-- It wasn’t just a distraction to cause the inability to grasp a proper foothold, it itself was an undead monster.

The lich in the distance turned their sights towards the two. The green flames flickering as if to speak of it’s excitement. 

A boom. Flickering, it shot towards them once again.

“One chance, don’t miss.”

Moirae gritted her teeth, stretched out her arms.





Author's Notes: 

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