[Intermission] Bleu’s Domain: The Vicious High Elf
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Laura Rozchld An. Aria sprung up from the bed.

The sounds of a wailing girl could be heard to her front.

Sliding away the curtain that is her hair from the front of her face, she turned to the source of the voice-- it was that silver haired beastkin named Prune.

Beastkin because other her half-- the half that wasn’t human Laura didn’t know if it was a wolf or dog. Though the speculation she came to was that she was a wolf-kin. Those were a rare race. 

The wolf-kin was crying for some reason.

Laura’s pointy ears perked up.

“There, there.. you almost got raped, that’s all..”

“Almost got raped? That’s all? Are you sane?! How is that.. that’s all?”

“You wouldn’t mind if I were the one doing that to you wouldn’t you? Of course those are different things, why else do you think I would.. please understand I’m just here to comfort. This is just one of the many experiences.. Stop thinking of weird things Nine! Liliath too-- my image of you has been ruined.. ruined.. I’m not a pervert! What pervert openly admits they’re a pervert anyways?”
Laura tamed her hair and got off the bed.

She didn’t understand the reason why she woke up late-- though it was certain that she had arrived.

“Oh, morning Laura-neechan.”

“Morning to you all,” Laura greeted.

“It’s technically evening..” Nine said.

“Don’t mind the specifics! Look up there, I created the sun just for the sake of that greeting.”
“Yeah.. right.”

“We meet again, Laura-sama.”

“Good to see you again.”
Prune’s cry had reduced to a stifle-- though she had yet to remove her cupped hands from her face.

Laura, couldn’t help but ask.

“You see.. we kinda got into some trouble today and.. she was almost ‘that’. She got kidnapped and was turned into a slave-- but we properly dealt with it though.”

“The credit is mostly your part isn’t it Noel?”

“Not quite.. Nine was busy dealing with the heroes and all so..”

Laura took a seat beside the goddess-- the only spot available and poured herself a cup of tea. A teaspoon of sugar added.

“G-Good morning..”

“Good morning,” Laura greeted back to the crying Prune.

They must have encountered some difficulty-- was what Laura thought. Though.. for people that had a status beyond the gods to reach this point..

“Laura-nee.. they’re just like you. They too have the limitations of what it means to be human.”
Laura nodded. That clarified her questions by a little bit.

Soon, the four of them left for training. Laura had seen them repeat this routine the past few days. With them gone, Laura then turned to Bleu for more love advice.. or to vent.

“What should a pitiful elf like myself do.. t-that Goddess is way too.. clingy!!”

Laura had been following the Regressor’s situation over the past few days-- being though the method in which to use [God’s Eyes], each time she peeked, she would find him together with the Goddess of Fate.

Every time she peeked, she would find them doing something together.

They were-- inseparable.

“If you’re that concerned, why didn’t you agree with Noel’s recommendation? You could just join him if you like?”

Laura spaced out for a moment.

“I-I can’t. I haven’t prepared myself to meet with him..”

She was of two minds. She wanted Jiwon to stop being so close to Moirae-- at the same time, she didn’t dare to face him.

“That’s that then. There’s nothing I can do about that even if you plead this goddess.. maybe Aphrodite has some advice,” a finger to her chin, Bleu muttered, “She would probably drag Moirae away and force you two inside a love hotel.. tricking the both of you to drink aphrodisiac-laced water and..”

Laura bit her lips. “Fine! I’ll take up that suggestion!”

“Ah, you want to go wild in a love hotel?”

“W-what is a love hotel?”

“In Imagi’s terminology: so you want to go wild in an inn specially designed to make babies?”

“N-Not that, I only meant the suggestion of returning to his side..!”
“Tell that to Noel, not me,” Bleu raised both her hands.

Laura’s shoulders loosened and she stared at the ground-- her face was beet red. 

“Is it because you think they are beings beyond me? Do you revere them? Pfft.. it doesn’t work that way Laura-neechan. They’re my good children.”

Laura was even more confused with the power hierarchy in this situation. By what reason does a god call the god of gods her children?

Bleu wasn’t wrong. Laura had been keeping her distance from them not because she didn’t get along-- but it was that she feared them. At the world tree, the Goddess of Nature Gaia was a being to be worshipped and revered. Every year, a large ceremonial feast would be held just to give thanks to the goddess.

To learn of an existence surpassing even the Goddess of Nature, Gaia-- Laura couldn’t help but shudder at times.

“If you want, the chance is now. They won’t kill you, trust me-- one of them can’t even be honest with their feelings,” Bleu muttered the latter half in snorty annoyance.

The four ‘beings’ returned from ‘training’ and came around the coffee table.

“Finally! 4 magic types! 4 types!”

“I don’t know if that’s supposed to be good or bad.. we haven’t even entered the part where we can start magic construction.”

“Is there no other way to go about this process? It’ll take too long this way.”
“There is.. just equip the [Reincarnated Otherworlder] title and you can basically use magic like a joke. The downside is you might get involved with the original plot.”

“This is just a story in the end isn’t it..”

“Pardon my intrusion,” Laura finally broke the ice.

The four of them turned to her at once, she found it odd how she didn’t feel any divine aura-- she shuddered nor jittered. It was true-- they were just human in the end-- mortal beings.. that being the guise to disguise their power.

They were so beyond everything that their divine presence no longer mattered-- was Laura’s delusion.

“Is it alright if.. I take back my previous decision..” Laura’s voice tapered off.

“Decision? What decision? You mean you want to go to the love hotel?” Nine asked.

“How does that have anything to do with a love hotel..” Prune retorted.

“You mean teleporting straight to the Regressor?” Noel asked.

“Yes, that decision--”
“That would be for the best?” Liliath looked at Noel.

“Uh.. I don’t mind spending the points. It’s only going to take 100 at most.”

“Oh-- that decision--”

So it has been decided here that Laura Rozchld An. Aria would teleport to where the regressor was first thing in the morning.




The chirping of birds, the morning sunlight peeking in-- the comfy warmth in the cold over the charcoal heater that had grown cold

Moirae tossed her body to the side, her arms touched something warm. She opened her eyes, in front of her was Jiwon’s sleeping face.

It was usually a bad idea for both people to sleep out in the wilderness-- the normal etique was to have people go rounds at night in case of an emergency.

But due to the fatigue piled up by dungeon exploration, both of them couldn’t help themselves. Thus, how the situation ended up with both of them sleeping side by side-- inside the same tent-- under the same warm blanket.

Moirae could feel something warm rush into her cheek internally-- but she chose to ignore that feeling and brought her face closer.

Slowly.. gently.. without arousing him awake.. she placed her forehead on his-- the warmth of his skin transmitted to her.

Just a little bit more and their lips would touch.

Would that be alright?

More heat gathered on her cheeks as her mouth parted to let loose a heat of air. A tingling excitement ran up her nerves.. this feeling of want yet not-- enthralling, indecent.

Together with her fall-- everything of her that once was a goddess slowly faded. She soon realized that she wasn’t spared from worldly desires.. lust, passion, gluttony.

Jiwon could provide it all.

She closed her eyes. Still lying down, she awkwardly tilted her neck and puckered up her lips. She closed the distance and..


The tent was torn open and the scream of a furious elf shot through the sky.

Both Moirae and Jiwon got up to a battle stance.


“W-who.. you..” Moirae was both stunned and furious that her first kiss was interrupted just like that.

“L-Laura? Ha..” Jiwon looked at her in stupor.

“I tried contacting you, messaged you so many many times.. YOU STUPID!!”

Laura with tears streaming down her face threw down her staff and--

An explosion occurred.

A new member has been re-added to the Regressor’s harem.