Chapter 12: Obviously it was for your body and your face
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Liza and Shin are now about to enter the town of Villy.  After Liza kills mercenaries and slave dealers she doesn't have to worry about the storage ring or the money.

 Coins of gold, copper and silver have the same value in all kingdoms and empires.  The only thing that can change is a currency native to the kingdoms or empire, which is more valuable than gold.  In the Elvish realm there is this coin, and it is called the Elvish royal coin.

 Liza looks at this city that has inhabitants like elves being the majority, but also has other races, like fox, bear, wolves and even pandas.  In the Elven realm there are several distinct places where some race is more prominent.  For example, where Liza is now a territory managed by the elven royal family, as well as ducats, where the duke is of a race,  and in his duchy your population is mostly of the same race as his.  But in these cases who has the right to the Duke's succession must be the ancestral lineage, as Liza who is an ancestral fox, and in the elves, just noble elves.

 The first thing when Liza arrived in town, was first, receiving several looks from passersby, mainly on her breasts and ass, Shin was also with her receiving looks, either because he was on her breasts or because he was a dragon, which is rare  of seeing one being domesticated.

 Getting a little turned on by the stares, Liza on the surface maintains a calm expression as she goes shopping for her clothes.

 Liza saw a rather luxurious store and decided to enter it.  Inside the store she was able to see everything from chic clothes, pajamas and even lingerie, as well as her sought-after mask.

 The salesperson seeing Liza's appearance and her graceful movements thought she was a noble person or with a lot of money, so she walked over and spoke in a friendly tone.

 "How can I help you miss?"

 Looking at the elf in front of her, Liza didn't hide her wishes and spoke calmly

 "Clothes and a mask"

 The salesgirl's brown eyes sparkled, and she promptly led Liza, first to the most expensive clothes in the store, with soft, soft fabrics and beautiful designs.  Liza looked at the clothes and chose 3 dresses just along with a lingerie.

 The first dress was a beautiful white color with gold designs, giving Liza an air of grace.

 The second was already a light water green, giving an air of simplicity.

 The third was a tighter dress in black and blue, with a neckline on her shoulders and being tighter on the breasts and ass gives a sexy look to lara Liza.

 The lingerie she chose was a sexy lingerie, heart shaped on the chest with the nipples showing.

 The seller was really enchanted by Liza's beauty, if she could she would let Liza work here as a model, and looking at Liza's third dress she couldn't help blushing a little, and blushed even more imagining her in lingerie.

 Last was her mask.  She only had one mask in the store.  She asked why, and in response she knew there wasn't even a mask here.  One day, an old drunk elf came and gave the mask to the shop owner.  Thinking it beautiful, the store owner left it for sale for 55 gold.  And it didn't take long to get someone interested in her, but days after the person bought her, she came running up and asked for a refund saying she was cursed, and it happened and happened repeatedly, and now they just left it as a decoration.

 "let me see"

 Liza couldn't help but be curious about this supposedly cursed mask and so asked the saleswoman.  The last one who sighed in his heart, saying that once again a curious one will come back crying to the store saying that the mask was cursed and wanted a refund.

 When Liza saw the mask, she felt something calling to her.  Liza thought it was strange, the mask looked normal.  All white, a golden colored smile looks a little scary if you just looked at it, and in the eye spaces with the same golden color it appears as if it were sad.  nothing unusual, just the contrast between the smile and the sad look made it look a little special, the golden color against the white also made it beautiful.

 Liza couldn't feel anything in the mask, not even a charm, curse or whatever she wanted could harm someone who wore it.

 Liza took it suspiciously in her hand, touched it, turned it around, and nothing.

 "How much?"

 Liza asks looking at the saleswoman while in her hands she still holds the supposedly "cursed" mask

 "Only 30 Gold Coins"

 They had to lower the value to see if anyone bought it.

 "Pay with the dresses"

 Liza takes 180 gold coins from her ring in a small bag.

 "Are you sure you want the mask? If you buy it, don't come and ask for a refund later"

 "Okay, no problem. Can you tell me about any hotels in town?"

 The seller thought a little and spoke

 "The Galy Inn is a little expensive but I prefer it here, just my opinion"

 "OK thanks"

 "Check back often"

 The seller responds with a smile.  She not only sold some of the most expensive dresses, but also that cursed mask that nobody wanted, a nice day at work!

 Liza left the store and went to the inn recommended by the seller.  It really was a little pricey.  The stay per month was 70 gold coins.  Liza wonders how that salesgirl got into this hotel.

 Liza paid to stay for one month only.  She even wanted to pay for more, but what if she has to leave early and she loses money?

 Better safe than sorry.

 Liza is now going to dinner at the hotel, it has been a long time since she has eaten other people's food.  In the forest she cooked for her every day, so she always wanted to eat from other people, not that hers was bad, it's just that she wanted the feeling of "warmness" from people.

 Now dinner has arrived at her table and she is ready to eat.

 Today's dinner is pancakes with honey zovi.  Honey zovi is a honey made from the zovi bees, a c-rank monster, its honey is famous because it doesn't matter if it's sweet or salty, it always improves the taste of the food.

 And how right.

 Liza didn't even imagine it would be with the zovi honey on the pancakes.  she dropped a silent tear reminding her that she had no spice or complement in foods when she hunted.

 For Shin she had already bought meats and roasted them, so she would have no problem.

 Finishing her meal she went to her room number 3 on the third floor of the hotel.

 When she got there, it was a chic environment, but not to the booming point, it was cozy.  It had a soft double bed, the room was painted blue, and it had a small table with a chair.  There is also a cozy white bathroom with a bathtub and sink.

 Going to the bedside table, she takes the "cursed" mask.

 Looking at her, she feels the sense of connection again, as if asking her to put it on her face.

 After hesitating a bit, she finally puts on the mask.

 "Master, Master"

 The mask emits a golden light throughout the room, and if you look closely, you can see that the mask is changing, before the disjointed sad look with that smile is now together, eyes and mouth smiling.

 Only Liza wasn't paying attention to it or didn't even notice, she was thinking about the voice speaking master.

 "Oh master, I thought you would never put me on"

 The mask speaks unfairly, and Liza is amazed, how did you want me to put you?  Did you want me in the middle of the street to put it on, and turn it into a bright white light out of nowhere?

 "But I'll forgive you this time! Just this once! Even though you're mean for not putting me on!"

 The mask keeps talking cutely.

 "Wait a minute, who are you and what are you?"

 Liza asked with a glint in her eyes?

 "How can you be so insensitive, mistress! Of course I am the spirit of the mask!

 The mask spoke angrily cute, if it had a body it would be a cute pouting child.

 "But wait a minute, why did you pick me? I'm sure I never had anything to do with a mask."

 Liza still continued to question.

 "But of course I chose you because you're beautiful! When I saw your face I fell in love~, kyaah~, so beautiful! Unlike those others who were average at best, not even close to you!"

 The mask spoke innocently, as if that was obvious, and still continued in its cute little voice.

 "Imagine my happiness now! Such a beautiful master! I can die in your face while you are using me and I will die happy."

 Liza was amazed, now spirits chose their master by appearance?

 "Oh, and mistress it wasn't just so of course"

 But it's obvious!  How a spirit can be so dumb that he chooses his master for his looks.  Liza shook her head in her heart, thinking she was too naive, but the next sentence shocked her even more.

 "Of course it's also for your corpse! Imagine the heavenly feeling of your boobs! When you're not using me you can still put me there!"

 Shin, who heard this, looked menacingly at the mask, but it was not seen by Liza.

 "Or you can even put me in your thighs under your clothes! Kyaahh! So stimulating!"

 Liza freaked out, she never saw such a spirit, she even believed that if she wasn't a mask she would already have a nosebleed on her face.

 Liza calmed her head and asked

 "What's your name then?"

 "No, mistress, please name me!"

 Now Liza imagined a dog wagging its tail at its master.

 "Alright then, Emi, will it be?"

 Liza spoke defeated, she needed a rest, this mask totally wore out her brain neurons.

 "The name that master gave me! oh master, how I love you!"

 The mask swung in Liza's face like she was happy.

 "Do you know how you were raised?"

 "No, when I first became aware it was in the hands of a stinking and ugly old man, ugh"

 The story hits, Liza speaks in her head.

 Liza takes off her mask, goes to bed and hugs Shin, and next to him she sleeps peacefully, ignoring Hurricane Emi who was squealing mistress all the time.