Chapter 107: Exam 2
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Belinda was stunned and nodded after she didn’t saw the others. „Surprise.”

„I hoped to be in the same group with someone from our team, but even standing behind each other... It’s fate!” Szalvia chatted a lot.

Belinda didn’t care about them. If it wasn’t Naómi, she was okay.

Gregori was the same too. He watched the duel on the stage and sighed. It wasn’t an outstanding fight. „I hope to see some good skills and learn something new.”

Belinda nodded and looked at the other stages. Bertold told them to didn’t take the exam easily and pay attention to the others. It was a good chance for them to learn from others. They could go to the Arena and watch duels, but the best was to learn from the students on the same level as them.

Doesn’t matter what Bertold said, Gregori always listened to him. He was happy to get the teaching of a mentor. During this one month, he learned more from him than from Zotmund during the years. He felt that it was really funny.

The teachers stood on a high place a little farther away.

One of them placed his arm on the shoulder of the teacher who spoke before. „Eh, really. Years after years, the students become worse. Just look at them, they only care about showing off and gossiping. There are barely some who pay attention to the duels.”

The man looked at him. „There’s nothing surprising about it. The mentors only care about the benefits they get from the academy. Pedró noticed it a long time before and changed the training plan in the first two years. Just look at them. They didn’t learn anything new.”

„Hey, Cseke, don’t be mad. Partly, it’s the students’ faults too. We told them, in the beginning, they can’t count on their mentors, yet they are waiting patiently for a miracle.” he shook his head.

Cseke narrowed his eyes. „Nemere, I think you missed some.”

„Really?” he excitedly looked around. „Oh, you are right! There are some good seedlings!”

Nemere watched the students and his eyes stopped on one of them. The boy suddenly turned back and looked at him too. „Heh, good senses!”

Cseke looked at him as if he watched a monkey. „He needs to be blind if he doesn’t notice you!”

„Ahaha! Right! I hate to hide my presence!” he scratched his chin. „What do you think, if I accept him as a helper, will he be happy?”

„... I don’t know.” Cseke looked away. „But it’s better if you ask Horác.”

„What?! Why? Do you want to kill me?!” Nemere was shocked.

„No. It’s you, who try to kill yourself. That kid is Horác’s helper.”

„Are you kidding with me, right?!” he lowered his head. He almost burrowed his own grave. Just the thought made his body become cold.

Cseke shook his head. Nemere enjoyed to promise a lot of things to the students and let them run around for him. Yet after some weeks he forgot all of it and looked after new victims.

Belinda turned back and hugged herself. That teacher’s eyes weren’t right!

„Are you okay?” Gregori noticed her movement.

„I’m okay... Do you know that teacher?” Belinda turned back and pointed at one of them.

Gregori’s face darkened. „Ah... that’s the students’ killer Nemere. Stay far away from him if you want a good life... but I think, he doesn’t dare to go after you.”

Belinda nodded. She knew, she just needed to take out Horác and even a God would run away, but... „That’s... Don’t you speak about him a little bit disrespectfully?”

Gregori just watched the duel on the stage and didn’t turn back. „He deserves it.”

Belinda was a little confused, but she remembered about some gossips. It mentioned a bastard teacher, who lied to the students. She connected it with the case when Gregori found a teacher who promised him a lot of things but ruthlessly abandoned him. She blankly looked at the stage in front of her and swore in her heart. Tomorrow she would visit Horác and do anything to make him forgive her.

After a while, Gara went on the stage and Belinda’s eyes lit up. She didn’t know how good his opponent was, but she hoped to see some new things. She wasn’t the only one thinking this way, almost all the students watched him. They had big expectations, but they were destined to be disappointed. The little girl was too weak. Gara lazily fought with her and after 3 minutes he even yawned. He patiently waited another 2 minutes, then let her fall off from the stage.

The whole Arena was silent. No one wanted to believe what they saw.

Gregori poked Belinda with his elbow. „Don’t tell me... he wants to hide his power and chose a weak partner?”

Belinda slowly nodded. „It seems that.”

They felt betrayed. The duel they waited the most was this one, yet it was the worst.

„Ah, I know that girl!” Fatima suddenly spoke.

„Who is she?” Belinda turned back.

„I don’t know her name, but during the summer break, she went to confess to Gara. No one believed she would succeed. But even if they became lovers, why are they partners in the arena too?”

Belinda had a bad feeling. „Don’t tell me... Gara misunderstood and registered with her in the Arena?”

„That can’t be!” Szalvia was shocked.

„You see... usually a 12 years old boy cares more about fighting. He won’t think about love and other things in the next 3-4 years... Not everyone Zotmund...”

„Bruhahaha! You are right!” Gregori grabbed his stomach. „That girl’s heart destined to break.”

They turned back and saw the little girl sitting under the stage and wiping her tears.

„... I think it’s already happened.” a guy standing in front of them murmured. He turned back. „Sorry for eavesdropping.”

„It’s okay, we weren’t whispered.” Gregori waved.

The guy looked at Belinda. „You are right! Gara really misunderstood her. He had a hard time finding a partner because he couldn’t choose and the others already paired up. So when the girl asked him, he nodded without thinking.”