Chapter 108: Exam 3
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Belinda listened to the others speaking about different love gossips and felt bored. Even the duels on the stages weren’t interesting. She couldn’t believe all the students were so bad.

She heard a lot about the sects. Usually, they spent a lot of time to train their members. She didn’t know if they did it on purpose, or they really were so bad at this age.

On one of the stages, a boy almost fell off, but he did a sudden move. That movement was faster and better than all of his previous moves.

Belinda accidentally saw it and narrowed her eyes. It seemed the masters hid too deep.

More than an hour passed and the pair in front of Belinda finally stepped on the stage. Gregori played with his daggers in his hand. He was excited.

Belinda took out her sword too. „Let’s follow the D plan.”

„D... Why?” Gregori’s eyes widened.

„... Didn’t you see the other’s performance? That will be enough.”

„But that...” Gregori wasn’t stupid. He noticed the problem with the others too. „Okay.”

Originally, they created 3 plans, but yesterday Bertold told them one more. That time they didn’t understand why they needed it. But today, after seeing the duels, they realized they thought too easily about it.

Gregori sighed. „I really envy you. Even if he doesn’t speak much, he helps you when it’s necessary.”

Belinda didn’t say anything. She realized this a long time ago. Sometimes she wished, he wouldn’t be so good to her, because she didn’t know how to pay back. But even if she couldn’t do anything now, she felt that, when the time comes, she would pay more than enough...

The D plan was the easiest one. It used the moves and skills they learned from Pedró. But he taught hand to hand combat, so most of them weren’t usable with weapons. They needed to change or replace them with low level skills. It wasn’t that hard for them after creating the other 3 plans.

The pair on the stage spent 15 minutes to show their progress. It wasn’t different than the previous ones.

Gregori was still unwilling, but he understood. It wasn’t the time to show off.

They walked on the stage and after the teacher shouted start, they attacked the same time.

Nemere was excited and his grip on Cseke’s shoulder became stronger. Even if the students used the same moves, for an expert it was easy to see if they spent more time and energy on them.

„Hey, look at them! Horác taught him well! And the other kid isn’t bad too! Do you think he related to a sect?” Nemere spoke fast. He didn’t even remember about Gregori.

Cseke was speechless. He was sure Horác couldn’t teach them. He only knew poisons. It was more like one of their mentor’s work. He wrote down their names too and later, he would look after their information.

A closed world would open 2 years later. It was the biggest one, almost as big as half of their continent. It had different danger level zones and even some legendary demonic beasts. They let all the students and half of the mentors enter. The mentors’ job would be to look after the kids and help them out if their life would be in danger.

Cseke was entrusted to search for reliable mentors. Originally it was an easy job, but the sects used their connections and took away a lot of places for their kids. Cseke really hated their way to do things, but he couldn’t do anything. The academy wasn’t as powerful as it used to be thousands of years before. If they dared to go against them, they would end up as that family...

Cseke watched his notebook and frowned. In every grade, he could get 20 places, but he only found 6 mentors... He started to work here 500 years before and at that time, he had too many candidates and spent months to found the most reliable ones...

He sighed and watched the kids on the stages. He didn’t know where they went wrong while teaching them...

Belinda jumped back after Gregori’s attack. She could feel he was nervous and used more power than he used during their training. She could understand his feeling, but her hands slowly became numb. Even if she used her internal energy and protected her body, something was different in Gregori’s energy and made it hard for her to block it.

Under the pressure of the other’s stare, Belinda wished to jump off the stage and ran away.

  I already endured it for 10 minutes, isn’t it enough?

She desperately looked at the place where Bertold was. He felt her gaze and slightly nodded.

Belinda’s eyes lit up. She made a little mistake and let Gregori won. She could finally leave and she almost jumped around happily.

Dárius came to congratulate to Gregori for his victory. He didn’t miss this chance to say bad things about Belinda. He really hated her and spoke loudly. But to his surprise, when he turned and looked at her, she wasn’t there anymore. His head became red from shame and cursed.

Gregori just shook his head. He felt helpless. He knew Belinda lost on purpose. She hated to stand out and after reached her limit, she ran away. At least usually that would be the case, but...

He watched the dagger in his hand and thought back at their fight. He lost his control for some seconds. He realized it and controlled it right away, yet Belinda noticed that something wasn’t right. She evaded his attacks and chose to surrender. Understanding this he knew the one who lost was him.

Dárius spoke nonstop about unimportant things. He didn’t even notice when Gregori walked away. When he finally chose to look at him, he realized he was left alone. Even the other students stood far away from him.

Nemere watched his one-man show and laughed happily.

Cseke felt that his shoulder would be destroyed. He couldn’t stand it anymore and hit Nemere’s stomach. It was a perfect hit. The man next to him didn’t just stop laughing, he couldn’t even breathe!