Chapter 110: The herbs’ poison 2
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Horác put the box on the table and lifted up the herb. „Every herb has a poison bag hidden somewhere. Sometimes it easy to find, sometimes not. In this herb’s case, you can find it after you separate the leaves.”

Horác did what he said and showed it to Belinda.

„That?” she was surprised. If Horác didn’t tell her, she would believe that it was an extremely big tick in the herb. Its color was so much darker than the herb.

„Even if you can find it, you need to be careful. It can break easily. The poison inside it can paralyze even a 3rd level cultivator. And once it flows out, it will damage the herb...” he put down the herb in front of Belinda. „Come and try to remove it.”

Belinda was stunned and looked at him. „How?”

„Just try it!” Horác turned away and whispered. „I wanted to ask that kid to teach you again, but Hiador refused. Really! I just wanted to use him for some days, why the hell he needed to be so mean?!”

Belinda wiped off the sweat from her forehead.

  What ’use’? He is a human. With your attitude, it will be a miracle if he helps you...

„So...” Belinda swallowed. „Are there any tools?”

„What kind of tools?”

„I need to cut it out, not?” Belinda looked at him. „... Or can you show it to me how you do it?”

Horác grabbed the herb. „Just look at it.”

He poked the bag with his finger. It broke and the poison came out, but it didn’t touch the herb, it wrapped around Horác’s finger and after some second, it completely dried up.

Belinda’s face darkened.

Horác smiled proudly. „It’s easy, right?”

  Go and die, you bastard!

Belinda didn’t pay any attention to him and turned around. She hopefully looked at Bertold, but he just stood up and left without looking back.

Horác took out another box. „Don’t look elsewhere! Come and try it!”

Belinda cried a river in her heart while she looked through her things in her space. There were some tools, but she used them on her fruits. She didn’t want to touch poison with them.

In the end, Belinda said that she needed to do something. She got 10 herbs and promised to practice later. She put them away and went up to look around the herbs library.

Horác’s notes were useless. Almost all of the information in it was about the herb’s poison. She couldn’t find anything about how to remove it. But seeing Horác’s cheat, she could understand why...

She walked around on the floor where Piusz’s room was. She hoped to meet with him and ask for a quick demonstration. Sorrowfully, she wasn’t lucky and reached the library’s door without meeting with anyone.

There, she realized another problem. To open the door, she needed to use her card. But it only worked if she was registered for any related classes. Her two chosen classes had nothing to do with herbs...

Belinda sighed and still gave it a try. Maybe being Horác’s helper gave her some right.

The door opened and Belinda sighed with relief. She quickly went in and closed the door behind her.

The room was bigger than she thought, but it was clean and tidy. She found easily some books about 1st level herbs. She checked the herbs’ names mentioned in Horác’s notebook and chose the related books.

Belinda needed to register the books, so she walked over to the desk in the corner. She didn’t see anyone, just a closed door. She looked around, but couldn’t find a bell or anything alike.

She hesitated, but in the end, she shouted. „Excuse me...?”

There was a little noise behind the door and Belinda froze. She waited and waited, but even after 10 minutes, no one came out. She was bored and randomly read some books. She didn’t notice when the door was opened and a young boy came out.

„Sorry! I was in the middle of refining some pills...” the voice suddenly stopped.

Belinda looked up after hearing the familiar voice and was astonished. Piusz, the person she looked for a long time, stood in front of her.

„Long time no see!” he happily smiled. „Do you changed your mind and want to learn more about refining?”

Belinda quickly shook her head. „You misunderstand! My cultivation reached the 4th level, so...” she slowly told him all the ins and outs.

Piusz was astonished. He didn’t know Horác’s technique was so frightening. He understood that, in this case, Belinda couldn’t learn anything and he felt that it was his responsibility to take over the job.

„Leave it to me!” Piusz knew his master refused this job because of him. He always regretted Belinda didn’t continue to learn and mentioned it more than once... She was such a good student, he didn’t want to let others teach her. At least didn’t let her learn from Horác! He needed to be sure, she wouldn’t have any accidents because of her stupid teacher!

Belinda hesitated. „If you show me the steps, I can...”

„When are you free?” he stopped her and pointed at the door behind him. „Now I’m responsible for the library, so I use that room to refine.”

Belinda was hesitant, but she accepted his help. She told him when she had times and swore in her heart, she would learn fast and didn’t trouble him.

Piusz had some classes too, so they only found an afternoon that was suitable for the two of them. He thought about where to star and changed some books that Belinda wanted to borrow.

„You can read these books first and later we go and buy the necessary tools...” he took out a notebook and read something in it. „If you can wait for some hours, we can go today.”

Belinda nodded and sat down in the corner to read.

Piusz went back to refine the pills he still needed to hand over to his master. After helping out in the library, he had the right to refuse some of the tasks, but he loved to refine and didn’t intend to give it up.