Chapter 113: Dream
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After half an hour, Belinda tiredly lay down on her bed. She was finally in but lost her power to practice. She closed her eyes and slept.

She dreamed about water. There was nothing else around her. She swam around and tried to find something. She didn’t know how long she looked around. Sometimes she felt that it was an eternity, sometimes just some seconds. She was confused and sleepy.

  It’s funny to feel sleepy in a dream...

Her consciousness slowly faded, but a weak voice awakened her. She felt that it was familiar yet strange. She looked around and tried to find it. She swam and swam, and finally, she saw a shining thing in the distance.

She wanted to see what it was, but the closer she was the slower her movements became. She felt a strong pressure and it didn’t let her go closer. She spent a long time to reach it, but before she could see what was it she woke up.

Belinda breathed fast and looked at the ceiling. Her body was heavy. Her clothes were wet from sweat. She was too tired to move.

She thought back to her dream. It was so hard to move forward. Why did she try to reach that thing so desperately? She couldn’t understand it...

She closed her eyes and meditated. After a while, she was able to move. She took a bath and cleaned up her room.

She went down to see her result. Today, she didn’t have any class, she took it easily. She slowly read the names while eating an apple.

„Good smell! Soo sweet! I want to eat it!”

„Hah, if a teacher helping you, you can get anything!”

Hearing the two familiar voices, Belinda slowly turned back.

„If you give me one, I’ll think about becoming your friend!” Dárius said proudly.

„Stupid pig!” Naómi hit his head. „You need to ask for a dozen! And let him became your servant for a day!”

  What kind of medicine did these two eat?!

Belinda didn’t pay attention to them and turned back to look for her name.

In the exam, they could get 100 points. There were some things the teachers paid attention to, but Belinda didn’t remember about them. She didn’t really care. It was only for the sake to see their development. Even if they got 0 points, they just needed to attend some extra classes. She didn’t hear about any punishment.

Belinda found her name and she was surprised. She was the 84th with 79 points. She didn’t know why she got so many points when she lost.

„Hey! How do you date to turn your back to me?!” Naómi shouted. She was done with lecturing Dárius.

Belinda turned back and looked at them. „So, what do you want?”

„Apple.” Dárius muttered.

„You just shut up!” Naómi hit his head again.

„You guys are going too far!” an unfamiliar voice interrupted them.

„What’s your problem?!” Naómi shouted at him.

 „You are too loud! I can’t sleep.” The boy yawned. He walked over to Belinda. „Do you need help?”

Belinda was stunned. She didn’t know this guy. She saw him sometimes during classes, but they never spoke before.

„No, thank you!” she said and walked away. The boy gave her a bad feeling. She didn’t want to do anything with him.

The boy smiled faintly and shook his head. He walked over to a group. They were waiting for him.

Naómi angrily shouted for a while but didn’t follow her.

As if nothing happened, Belinda’s days continued as usual. Only her training with Bertold changed. Those fruits were placed on her arms, legs, and other places. She was used to only protect her waist and all the fruits were saved. Now she easily forgot about their new places and lost them. Not to mention, she needed to fight with Bertold. Sometimes those beasts jumped between them and tried to grab the ones on her arms. It made her hesitate. If she protected the fruit, then her move changed and she couldn’t stop Bertold’s attack. If she stopped the attack, then she lost the fruit... While she tried to find out how to do the two at the same time, she lost focus and for a whole month, during every training, she lost all of her fruits...

In the end, Bertold couldn’t stand it anymore and changed the fruits number to 3. He let Belinda become used to it, then added 1 more. It really made it easier, but Bertold changed the fruits’ places during every training. When Belinda was too focused, it caused her to protect the wrong place and lost it. Bertold didn’t say anything, just gave her a new one, but he counted them and calculated her punishment.

After the first month, the punishment changed into different kinds of physical training. There was a time when Belinda spend the whole night doing push-ups with a 50 kilograms bag on her back. She was a little afraid in the beginning, but later she realized it wasn’t that hard. With her cultivation level, she could lift up 100 kilograms without problems. She couldn’t hold it for too long, but it made her understand, she wasn’t a mortal anymore...

That bag became her partner during punishments. Her hardest and most fearsome punishment was when Bertold told her to do sit-ups. Those times, she needed to wear the bag and sat on the edge of a cliff. Bertold held her legs, so she couldn’t fell down, but she didn’t dare to rest even a little. She stretched all of her muscles. She was sure, if she did a little mistake, her waist would break. She was too young to become a cripple!

Gladly, this punishment only lasted for an hour, but Belinda wanted to cry. She swore to protect those fruits, even if Bertold hit her until she was half dead.

She read some books about martial arts that could help to protect the body. She was astonished, when she realized, the places where the fruits were placed, were the weak points of the human body. Bertold thought about too many things and didn’t tell her!