Chapter 114: Sorry
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Three months passed and Belinda learned the necessary things from Piusz. There were 2 first level and 4 second level herbs with poison. She could handle them without problems. She gave up to try out her ideas. She didn’t have that much free time.

Belinda chose a third level herb and read Horác’s notes. Even if it had a lot of unnecessary information, it told her where the poison was and which was the easiest way to remove it. She followed the steps and removed the sack. It was her first try, but there wasn’t any problem.

Piusz sighed. He promised to Belinda, if she could do it, then he would stop teaching her. But he was unwilling! It was hard to find a good student.

„Lucky! Now I can go back and ask Horác about the next task.” Belinda wiped her forehead.

„Congratulation! But don’t forget to visit me, when you have questions about herbs! I’m always ready to help you!” Piusz looked at her hopefully.

„... Okay. Thank you for your help! When I’ll go to the city, I’ll buy you a present!” she promised him.

Some times before she asked Horác about his promise. He didn’t forget it but chose to celebrate her breakthrough and Lucia’s birth together. Because leaving the academy means they could come back after a week, it was better to handle the two things together. But she didn’t know how many days Lucia needed.

She said goodbye and left Piusz’s room. It was early, but she was tired. She dreamed about that shining thing again, but she still wasn’t able to reach it. First, this dream came back after a week, then more often. In the last 3 days, she swam every night. She didn’t know what this dream meant, but that shining thing was afraid. It called her desperately.

Another 3 days passed, but that dream haunted her every night. She couldn’t rest and she was tired. Even eating fruit candies weren’t able to make up for it. And today she needed to train with Bertold.

Belinda went to the usual meeting point and yawned. She was late and Bertold was already there.

He looked at her and narrowed his eyes. „Let’s go to the practicing field.”

Belinda nodded and followed him. They were halfway when she finally reached. In the last 4 months, they always trained in the forest. They only used the field when she practiced with Gregori! Would Bertold teach something new to her? But she didn’t remember he mentioned anything before.

They walked into the usual field and Bertold sat down next to the lake.

He watched Belinda and furrowed his brows. „What happened?”

Belinda was confused and looked back at him.

„Why are you so tired?” he asked.

Belinda finally understood. She sat down and told him everything about her dream.

After hearing it, Bertold was deep in thought. With his index finger, he repeatedly patted his knee.

After some minutes, Belinda felt bored and took out a cup. Some days before she found a type of tea that could help her relax. Without having a good night’s sleep, she became addicted to it. She drank the third cup when Bertold’s finger stopped.

„Summon your cat.” he looked at her.

Belinda waved her hand and some water flew to her. She touched it and after some seconds, it turned into Lucia. Mostly she was summoned during the night, so she didn’t saw Bertold in the last some months. She walked over and happily meowed.

Bertold stroked her head and watched her body. „When did she started to become more transparent?”

Belinda was stunned. With every summons, Lucia’s body became more solid and vivid. Yet now her appearance was back to years before.

„How long can she stay?”

Belinda shook her head. „Nowadays I didn’t pay attention to her. After summoning her I just read books, slept, or meditated...”

She felt Bertold’s eyes on her face. She didn’t dare to look at him. She knew he was disappointed. Lucia was her pet, yet she didn’t realize such a big change!

Bertold grabbed Lucia and placed her on Belinda’s legs. „Isn’t that thing have the same presence as this cat?”

Belinda watched Lucia, touched her head, and she was stunned. She slowly nodded. It was true! She wished to burrow a big hole and bury herself... Lucia was with her almost every day in these years and she didn’t realize it! Yet Bertold found out so easily...

„I don’t know too much about beasts, but that shining thing isn’t her soul? Maybe her birth time almost here and she’s afraid because of the changes in her body.”

Belinda felt dejected. She caressed Lucia’s head. Nowadays she spent all her time studying and practicing. She completely ignored her and didn’t notice her anxiety. In the end, Lucia used the only way to communicate with her. Their souls were close and she could affect her dream. Yet she was so stupid, she didn’t even recognize her!

Belinda lifted up Lucia and pressed her forehead to the cat’s. She looked into her eyes and murmured. „I’m sorry.”

Belinda sent some time to tell Lucia she didn’t need to be afraid. What she was going through was a natural change. She wasn’t sure if she could understand it, so she chose different ways to communicate with her. Then they played some games to help her forget about it.

After two hours, Lucia disappeared.

„The time becomes so short!” Belinda sighed.

Bertold sat on the side and watched them the whole time. He stood up. „Later I’ll tell this to Horác. One or two weeks... I don’t think she needs more time.”

Belinda nodded. After understanding the situation, she calmed down and felt that her energy come back.

„And today’s training... Let’s just stay here. I wanted to teach you some new skills.” Bertold stood farther and took out two swords.

Belinda’s eyes lit up. Finally, she could use her twin swords!

Until dinner time Bertold taught her 3 new skills. He noticed some of Belinda’s movements were a little rigid. She became more used to use one sword. In the future, he would need to change some of their training.

And at night, Belinda slept without dreaming...