Chapter 119: On the way
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Cseke’s face was extremely dark and his whole body shook. He was close to lose control. He really hated it when someone pointed out the problem with his name!

Horác stroke his chin. „But I’m really interested. How come Pedró let you come?”

Cseke froze, then a white smoke emerged from the top of his head. „Do you think I wanted to come?! Do you think I enjoy looking after you?!” he shouted. „And that annoying Pedró! He almost chopped off my hand!” he turned to Marina. „It’s just a mission! Why the hell is he so jealous?! I didn’t come with you because I wanted!”

Marina’s face darkened. „Shut up!”

Cseke’s anger grew and pointed at her. „Why the hell can’t you control your husband?!”

„It’s none of your business!”

Belinda’s chin fell. She couldn’t believe that muscle brain Pedró had such a beautiful wife... But seeing her behavior, it seemed she had some problems too.

„Come on, guys! Behave yourself! We just departed. We’ll spend a long time together!” Horác stood between them.

„So where are we going? Why can’t you tell it us?” Cseke looked at him with narrowed eyes. It wasn’t enough he was beaten up by the jealous Pedró, even this bastard enjoyed to play the mysterious. He really wanted to abandon this mission when he found out he needed to go with Horác. But the principal begged him so desperately. In the end, he couldn’t say no...

Horác proudly smiled. „I’ll tell you when the time comes.”

„Why do you enjoy playing around?!” Cseke bit his lips.

Marina sighed and took out her whip. „It seems someone needs a little teaching...”

„Teach your husband!” Cseke and Horác shouted at the same time.

Belinda couldn’t stand it anymore and turn to Bertold. Her eyes were questioning. They really needed to go together?

Bertold helplessly shook his head. He couldn’t do anything about it.

Marina’s brow jumped and she put away her whip. „You asked for teachers who took the real vow... Protect the students and never tell their secrets to others...” she looked at Belinda. „With Bertold’s strength I can understand why he comes, so the problematic one is her.”

Horác smiled. „Your brain as fast as ever.”

„Thanks for your compliment!”

Cseke listened to their conversation and slowly calmed down. He had the same idea after seeing the kid, but...


Marina proudly stood behind Belinda and grabbed her shoulders. „Interesting, not? She has a boy’s aura, so those shitty playboys leave her alone. I can’t wait to see the day when they realize it! Such a pretty girl’s existence will be a big slap to them!”

Cseke tilted his head. „I think they just need to know she belongs to Horác and they don’t dare to approach her.”

Horác’s face darkened. „Hey! Don’t speak about me as if I’m a monster...”

„You are a monster!” Marina looked at him.

Cseke shook his head and went to Belinda. He grabbed her chin and lifted up her head. He watched her face and narrowed his eyes. „Interesting.” He released her and turned away. „Let’s go!”

Marina sighed. „Do you know where are we going?”

Cseke stopped but didn’t look back.

Horác laughed out loud and turned in the opposite direction. „This way!”

The meadow was already empty. The others left a long time ago. The cool wind blew and the dry leaves danced in the air. It was almost winter.

The 3 teachers found different topics and quarreled about something nonstop.

Belinda felt helpless and looked up at the sky. She didn’t know why everyone behaved as if they just came out for a picnic. Were those sects so easy to handle? Was she the only one who felt fear? She sighed and followed them. She gave up to care about them.

When they left the city, Szelim told them Sal wanted to go with them. Belinda remembered about them and the little wolfar she left behind. She wanted to see him! During these months did he eat properly? How much did he grow? Part of him was a bear, so would he grow up so big? Could she use him as a mount?

Belinda’s imagination run wind with different heroic events. She was a real bookworm, her ideas couldn’t run out.

She was awakened by Horác’s loud laugher. She looked over and saw him turning around. Those shining eyes, that happy smile... he played with his pan and his hair slowly danced in the air...

  Shit! Why do I feel that he is more like a protagonist?!

Belinda’s body froze. She slowly turned to Bertold and looked at him with sympathetic eyes.

  Pal, you need to pay more attention or you lost your role...

Bertold felt her line of sight and looked back at her. He was confused after seeing those emotions in her eyes. What did he miss? He couldn’t understand. It wasn’t enough that those teachers went crazy, even Belinda started to behave oddly. Bertold closed his eyes and slowly opened them. In the end, he needed to look after a group of children!

After an hour, they reached a blockhouse. Next to it was an airship. It was similar but smaller than the one that Horác used before.

Szelim sat in front of it and smoked. He played with some grass in his hands. When he saw them he smiled. „You bastard really know how to cause trouble!”

Horác smiled. „Aren’t you always say that long life is dull?”

„Hahaha! Yes, but I never said I want to fight against those maniacs.” he threw away the cigarette and stood up. „Let’s go! I prepared everything!”

They boarded the airship and went into the living room.

Horác closed the fan in his hand and stared at a door. „Okay! I leave the others to you! I make lunch!” he said and walked away.

Cseke and the others looked after him with shining eyes.

Szelim wiped the corner of his mouth. „... Then I don’t have other choices, I can only leave it to you!”

Belinda couldn’t believe it. She even saw Bertold’s eyes lit up for a second. She slowly touched her chin and massaged it. She was afraid after today, there would be some problem with it. It fell too many times!