Chapter 120: Lunch
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Barking echoed in the room and Belinda was pushed on the ground. Before she could reach, her face was licked.

The wolfar was extremely happy to see her again. But before he could express his joy, he was grabbed by his neck and lifted up.

„Behave yourself.” Sal monotony said.

The wolfar stiffened in his hands and looked at Belinda with pitiful eyes. In these months, he was wronged. Sal gave him inhuman training and Szelim wanted to stroke him until his fur fell off.

Belinda was a little disappointed when she saw him. „He didn’t grow too much.”

The wolfar felt that his heart was hit hard and his ears dropped. He worked hard and reached the 3rd level. It’s true, the only spell he learned was a special ice smoke type that could help him to hide.

„Ah.” Sal didn’t care about it. He stretched out his hand.

„... Sorry. I can’t summon Lucia.” Belinda was taken aback. She thought Sal would become friends with the wolfar. But it seemed she miscalculated his feelings.

Sal was disappointed and threw the broken hearted ’dog’ on the floor. He left the room without saying anything else.

Belinda was stunned and looked down at the wolfar. He wasn’t that big, but she couldn’t hold him in her arms anymore. She squatted next to him and patted his head. She didn’t know how to comfort him.

Szelim shook his head. „We’ll reach our destination after 5 days. Somehow try to tolerate each other.”

„Your pet as free-spirited as I heard.” Marina commented.

„I don’t think he is as famous as you!”

Marina’s eyes lit up. „You know me?”

„I’m not that young, so...”

„Ahem!” Cseke interrupted them. „Let’s prepare! Where’s the dining-table?”

„... This way!” Szelim went and showed them where they could find the tableware and other things.

The table was 10 meters long and 3 meters wide. They moved the chairs and left a lot of space between them.

„Hey, Szelim! And the kitchen? There’s enough meat?” Cseke whispered.

„Of course! I spent a whole month to buy the best ones!” Szelim was proud. How could he miss out on anything good?

The teachers nodded and sat down. There was still some time before lunch, but they couldn’t think about anything else. They would handle the other things after eating.

Belinda was stunned and looked at Bertold. She pointed to the table as if asking if she could sit there too.

Bertold nodded. „Sit. Once you’ll taste it, you’ll understand.”

Belinda turned back to call over the wolfar, but Bertold stopped her. „It’s better for him to leave the room.”

She listened to him and sent out the animal. They went to the table and sat down too.

No one spoke. They waited patiently while reading books or meditating.

After some hours, Horác came out. „Are you guys so hungry?!” he turned to Szelim. „Did you check the route? Is it safe? Aren’t those bastards try to ambush us?”

Szelim waved. „No fear! It’s okay!”

While walking over Horác took out the dishes from his space and placed them in front of the 2 teachers. He saw their body stiffened and narrowed his eyes. „Is there any problem?”

„Don’t care about them! Where’s mine?” Szelim asked.

„... Here.” Horác placed another dish in front of him.

Szelim’s body only froze for a second. He grabbed his spoon and tasted it. He closed his eyes and slowly sighed. „... Such a pity.”

„Pity?” Horác narrowed his eyes. „If you hate my cooking that badly, we can change!”

„No!” Szelim hit the table. „... I mean, your skills aren’t suitable for long-range attacks. Not to mention, we are in the air now. What will we do if you accidentally wipe out a whole city?!”

„... You... The more you speak, the more I feel that there’s something else.” Horác stepped closer and pointed at Szelim’s nose. „What are you hiding from me?”

„Ahaha! In front of your sharp eyes, what can I hide?” Szelim caressed his head.

„Really?” Horác looked at the others around the table, but all of them lowered their heads and watched their plate. The vein jumped on his forehead. „Then do what you want!”

Belinda looked around again and again, and couldn’t understand their conversation. Weren’t they excited to eat Horác’s cooking? Why did it turn into rejection?

„Here.” Horác put a plate in front of her. „I found a little mermaid meat. The water energy in it is good for your body.”

Belinda looked down at the food and felt its smell. „Thanks.” She muttered and didn’t dare to open her mouth again.

Marina couldn’t stand it anymore and ran out to the toilet. Cseke followed her.

„You guys are too much!” Horác couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. „Then don’t eat it!”

Belinda shook her head but didn’t dare to say anything. Her sight dimmed from her tears. After a while, she ran after the teachers...

She stood in front of the washstand and spit out a mouthful of saliva. Yet, it wasn’t the end. Her saliva was flowing without the sign of stopping.

  Fuck! What’s with this god killer smell?! I can’t stop my saliva! Will I dry out before I have the chance to taste that dish?!

A soft sigh sounded next to her. „I forgot how deadly his cooking is.” Marina wiped her mouth, then patted Belinda’s shoulder. „Use your internal energy to seal your smell. Even without it, you’ll feel that you’ll see the Heaven...”

Belinda washed her face and looked up. „I can’t understand! Isn’t he playing with poisons all the time? How could his cooking be so... so...”

Marina smiled. „So fuckingly mouth-watering? Maybe because of his poisonous body everything he makes is destined to be deadly.”

Belinda pursued her lips. She was sad. All these years, Horác only wanted to give her those poisonous teas. The only time he cooked was in Médea’s memories. But there she was just a soul. She couldn’t even felt the smell.

„Oh, right. It’s your first time eating his cooking. It’s better if you seal some of your taste buds too. Just in case!” Marina winked at her and left the bathroom.