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A girl was standing in front of the display and watching the latest hot game in the Interstellar Alliance, the Live in a Fantasy!'s promotion. It’s a beautiful fantasy world with magic, supernatural, and anything that you can imagine.

The creators were old gamers. They wanted to see a game with every existing fantasy factor, yet with the opportunity to play as an ordinary person in a protected city. You could become an immortal cultivator or a vendor. There weren't just fantasy elements, they also created a country on the idea of how humans lived on the Earth thousands of years ago.

The colorful realistic world was full of delights for the eye.

When the promotion ended the girl came back to her senses. She slowly walked into the shop. On the wall, the displays were showing the game's races with their information. Dragon, elf, gnome, fairy, beastman, undead, spirits, ent, and a lot more fantasy tribes.

The girl was 26 years old, yet she was counted as a kid. Because of gene manipulations, humans could live more than 300 years. Her name was Majtán Belinda, a university student. Her major was the most common programming.

Ever since humans started to travel in the universe, life became easy, because everything was controlled by machines. The AI’s high level intelligence made it impossible to say the difference between humans and robots.

The work done by these AIs' become more perfect than humans', so finding a job became almost impossible. The government was paying the people’s necessary living expenses, but if you wanted to buy something more, you needed to find a way to get the money.

She spent almost a year to write different programs and tried to sell them. She almost gave up the idea to buy the game helmet.

The shop was empty. There weren’t any costumers. In this age, online shopping was the most commonly used. Even school was working online. Belinda enjoyed going out shopping, or just to take a walk. Being at home all the time was almost made her crazy.

Behind the counter, a man was standing. Was he a human or a doll? No one knew. In old times, someone had said that technology would kill humanity. Nowadays walking in the city you couldn’t know if there was any human there. There’s a popular blog on the net, with the theme „are there still any humans?”. Even Belinda thought about it sometimes, what if she was the last human on this planet? What if she as just a robot with the memory of being a human? She was scared by the thoughts.

She quickly threw away this idea and went to the man to buy her helmet. It’s made the game 100% realistic, but a lot of gamers criticized it. They hated to log out to eat, to go to the bathroom, or to go to sleep. So some weeks before the game’s company put on the market the game capsule. With it, you could spend the rest of your life in the game.

After buying it, she set off to go home. Usually, it took her 15 minutes to reach her house from the plaza. But she was walking slower and slower, because of her dilemma. She still didn’t know which race to choose…

On the net, there’s a lot of topics about the random setting. To make the game more interesting, the creators took in this choice too. With it, there’s a chance to get a special half-blood character. To make sure the players weren't repeatedly using this function until they got the one wherewith they were satisfied, you could only have 1 character within a year. It had caused a big riot, because most of the time, these random characters were waste. Their professions were far from what the players used to play.

One of the creators said „No one can choose where to born, and you need to learn to live in that time and place. We took the random setting in the game following this idea. All of us get tired of our life in this high technology world. Seeing those fantasy games, we wanted to create a new world with a new life! It depends on you if you accept this challenge or not!”

A gamer from the top 10 list wrote an article with the „The random role’s challenge” title. He wrote about his personal experiences. The game came out almost 3 years before. He was one of the first players, yet in the first year, he didn’t get any reputation. He used to play mage or archer, roles that could fight from afar. So getting a warrior, it’s almost made him crazy. He was forced to learn sculpture when he couldn’t even draw normally. Above all hardship, he really enjoyed it. His place in the top 10 could show, it’s possible.

This article not only made those rebels to shut up but lead more players to choose randomly. Even a lot of people, who weren’t interested in the game, chose to try it out.

Belinda was one of these people. Usually, she played some free games at random, when she was bored. This article made her curious about the game. The more she read about it, the more she wanted to try it out. Not to mention it’s possible to get money while selling your loots or workmanships. She didn’t have big dreams, she just wanted enough to buy the things she needed.

  Playing a random role? Maybe I'll need to create a new character after a year because I can’t play with it. Or choose a profession I’m good with it and make money? Random or setting? Challenge or money?!

She couldn’t choose. It took her almost half an hour to reach her home, yet she still hadn’t made her choice. She walked into her room and threw the box with the helmet on the bed. She was walking around in a circle while thinking.

After a while, she just felt dizzy and fell on the bed. She had an unpleasant feeling as if her senses were dragged out of her body. Slowly falling into the darkness, she saw her room become farther and farther away.

  Shiiit! I didn’t even try out the game!

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