Chapter 01: Confused
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Darkness. Deep endless darkness. There was nothing else. Belinda didn’t know how much time passed. Maybe a day, maybe a year… Floating there felt somehow comfortable, yet frightening.

There was a faint feeling as if something was pulling her. Maybe there’s a goal she needed to reach, but she didn’t want to move. Slowly forgetting everything, sleeping here in peace.

Out of nowhere, suddenly she just got a feeling, she forgot something really important. Something, that made her excited and deeply regret.

Far away, she saw a weak light. Seeing it getting closer and closer, she felt her memories slowly break out. She opened her eyes wide with shock. She finally remembered, and desperately tried to reach out her hand towards the light…

  The game!!!

She opened her eyes. Her hand was trying to grab something in the air. She gasped, while watched the ceiling with unfocused eyes.

Slowly coming back to her senses, she realized, she’s lying on the floor. After sitting up and looking around, her head became empty again.

  Where am I?!

It’s a little room with a bed, a table, bookshelves, and a wardrobe. In the corner, there’s a chest with a vase on it. Those red and purple flowers, she had never seen anything like it.

  They wrote that the game was based on how humanity had lived on Earth. I remember seeing similar furniture’s in history books.

She touched the floor. Feeling the coldness, she felt amazed.

  It really is a hundred percent realistic! But the log in feeling is annoying. Now I understand, why the players hate to log in and out.

On the floor, there were a lot of unfamiliar characters. Watching around, she found out she’s sitting in the middle of a circle.

  Is it a summoning array? They drew it with chalk. Oh, I can even wipe it off. This realistic feeling is too good. I almost believe it’s not a game, but reality! If the game is so perfect with the helmet, I can’t imagine how it might be with the capsule. The helmet…

She felt that she forgot something, but she just shook her head, stood up and walked to the bookshelf. The books were old and used. Their jackets were black or brown in different tones. She took one out to read it.

  What the hell?! There wasn’t any information about the game having a completely new language! Are you kidding with me?! Even if just the alphabet is different, it’ll need months to learn it! Challenge my ass! With this, there’s no difference playing the random role or not, you need to spend a lot of time on learning!! This stupid game!

She threw away the book with rage. Standing next to the table, she didn’t have the time to cool down as she realized another problem. Her size was not right! She rummaged through the room to find a mirror. Her only luck was, the mirror was built in the wardrobe or she would have ended up breaking it. Losing all her strength, she collapsed on the floor.

  Why?... Why I become a kid?! There wasn’t anything about this in the description! It’s said that all novice villages have a square in the middle, and all the new players will start there! No one wrote about starting from an empty room! Or any news about becoming a kid! It’s true, the game has dwarfs, but no matter how I look, I’m a human! This game! This!... The…

She slowly buried her head in her hands. She felt that she needed to scream, or she would become crazy.

  The helmet… I didn’t even take on the helmet, how the hell am I logged in?!

She hugged her legs and sat on the ground. Blankly staring in front of herself.


Minutes passed, and the door was suddenly opened. A young man in his twenties was standing there. He had long black hair and blue eyes. His expressionless face made him look much older than his real age.

Belinda slowly turned her head and looked at the man. The 2 people expressionless faces, slowly, sized up each other. Time passed by, but none of them said anything.

Suddenly the man was pushed from behind, and a laughing man walked into the room. He had long and curly blonde hair. In the sunlight, it gave off a feeling as if he had a halo. His sky-blue eyes playfully watched around. Ever since he stepped into the room, he was speaking without a break.

  Ah, he has that typical hero’s halo. And the other man has a villain type personality… This setting… But wait! Most importantly, I really can’t understand the language!!

Blondy was explaining something to the other man while patting his shoulder. His speaking seemed really fast. With time, the other man’s face became darker. He seemed really annoyed, yet didn’t say anything.

  Oh Blacky, you doing it wrong! This type of guy will never shut up! Just let me hit his face to release my grief and rage!

The ignored Belinda gave nicknames to the two guys and started to imagine how to release her grievance. As if feeling her malicious intent, Blondy stopped talking and turned to her. After a second he put a big smile on his face and took some steps towards her.

She felt the cold running down on her spine and climbed into the corner. To her surprise, Blacky stopped him, yet she couldn’t feel safe. She watched them with vigilance.

The man seemed more irritated, and she just felt her body becoming numb and fell on the floor. She was shocked, she didn’t see what the man did with her.

The Blondy shook his head while muttering something under his nose.

Blacky grabbed Belinda by the scruff of her neck and dragged her out of the room. Not being able to move even a finger, she grudgingly accepted her fate. Glaring at the floor as she couldn’t even look around.

They left the building, and after some minutes, they went into another one. They were ‘walking’ on a long hallway with a lot of closed doors, while Blacky was searching for something. During the trip, Blondy disappeared, and one of Belinda’s shoes escaped too…

After reaching an open door, Blacky threw her in. In the dim room, there was an old, grey-haired man. The two men spoke some words, then the old man raised his hand, and all the candles ignited.

Now Belinda could see that there was another array in the room. Blacky took her in the circle and sat down not far from her. The magic circle shone up and encompassed the two of them.

She slowly lost her consciousness again…

  Why don’t you give me some time to grasp the story?!

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