Chapter 02: Memories – Childhood 1
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In the house, some panicked servants ran around. A woman’s scream could be heard from time to time. Her clothes soaked in sweat and her face was pale. She seemed so fatigue, yet her eyes were full of unwillingness and hatred.

After a cry, she fell back to the bed, powerless. A baby’s cry could be heard and the servants become happy. One of them wrapped the child in clothes and wanted to give it to her mother.

„Throw it out!”

The servant froze. Felling the woman’s hatred she slowly stepped back. Seeing the woman didn’t intend to change her mind, the servant left the room with the child.

She took the baby into another room, dressed her up, and watched the sleeping kid full of distress.

Belinda stood in the door and watched the event with a blank face. She was just an onlooker in a soul form, couldn’t do anything. This was the memories of her new body.

The servant went out of the house, she was forced to follow them. A strange power didn’t let her leave. Watching the baby taken in a carriage, she was desperate.

  Don’t tell me, I need to watch her whole life?! Just give me a summary! It’s enough! Where’s the Fast Forward button?!

She sat in the carriage and watched the man who just finished counting the money. Yes, he was paid to take the child away and leave her in a remote village. This man in his thirties was a traveling vendor. His name was Jordan.

In this world, you didn’t have a surname when you were born. If you had it, it means you came from a noble family, or you were immortal. They used it instead of titles.

During the journey, some servant became really fond of the little girl. She was really sensible. As if she understood her situation, she never cried. Her big eyes gave off the feeling as if she knew everything. Having the little sage appearance, they gave her the name, Médea. Even Jordan enjoyed playing with her.

In a corner, Belinda lay there, lost in her thought. She even had the feeling as if moss and mushrooms were grooving on her body.

  Why? Why a new-born baby, who sleeps 20 hours a day, has memories about everything what happening around her?! Isn’t seeing someone’s memories means you skip the part when she sleeps?! Not to mention, she almost never leaves the carriage, how can be there memories about the forests and valleys? How can she remember about the passer-by’s, and the gossips they speak about?!

Belinda felt that she needed to give up. Gave up the idea to understand this world or the logic it works, or something would break in her head.

After a month, they reached a big city. The sales went good and they bought a lot of local goods. Jordan chose a port city as the next stop, but they were in a big dilemma. It didn’t matter how much they liked Médea, but taking a little girl around in the whole year was problematic.

Knowing the destination, one of the servants said that he had a relative on the way. She lost her husband and child, so went to live in a remote village deep in the forest.

After 2 weeks, the caravan stopped and only Jordan and the servant took the child and went to the village. The carriage slowly traveled through the forest. They felt satisfied with their surroundings. It would be a good place for the child to grow up.

Erdey village had around 40 houses. These families worked on the field all year round. A crystal clear stream was running not far from them. If you closed your eyes and listened, you could hear the different birds’ beautiful singing. Even Belinda felt that her soul was healing, spending 10 years here wouldn’t be that bad.

The servant’s relative was called Ida. To find her, they went to the village chief’s house. After telling their purpose, the chief became extremely happy. Welcoming a child in every township was a big honor.

Every child under 10 was treated like protected animals. Why? Because when a child became 10 they could go to a big city, where an immortal will check if they have the talent to become a cultivator or not. If they had, they would become the pride and glory of their city.

Ida was called back from the field. She was in her forties. Her clothes were old and dirty, but from her eyes, you could see she was a kind woman with full of vigor.

When they gave her Médea, she started to cry from happiness. She wasn’t able to forget her love for her late husband, so she gave up the idea to have a new family. To have a chance to raise a child, she never dreamed about it.

Belinda became relieved. She didn’t like the chief calculating eyes, but with Ida, everything would be okay.

Jordan reluctantly left the village. He told them if he had the chance, they would come to visit, but this was the last time Belinda saw them.

Ida wholeheartedly treated Médea as her own child. They lived a happy life until an accident happened. Ida went on the mountain with some other women to search for herbs. Never had they thought that in the dryness, a landslip would happen. Five of them get injured. Because this place didn’t have the needed knowledge and materials to treat the injuries, three of them died from the infection.

Médea was 3 years old and still couldn’t understand what death means. They told her Ida went to her family and she wouldn’t come back. On that day, the little child learned what it means to be abandoned and felt lonely.

The village residents didn’t really care for her. They just gave her food 3 times a day. Some months passed and Médea slowly learned to take care of herself.

One day, she played in the mud next to the stream, when the village chief went to her with 2 perfect strangers. The woman, seeing the dirty child, watched her with disgust, and she didn’t intend to go closer to her. The man, feeling helpless, went to the child and took her away.

The chief rubbed his hands happily, and his calculating eyes shined.

Belinda watched them, and the vessels jumped on her forehead.

  Don’t tell me, he sold her?!