Chapter 03: Memories – Childhood 2
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After Médea washed and changed to new clothes, she was taken into a carriage. There were already 2 boys, around 5 years old. She sat in the corner and cowered herself.

Belinda watched the 2 strangers go to the 1st carriage, then turned her attention to the 3rd one. She couldn’t find out what was their intention.

They went on a long journey and visited a lot of villages.

In some villages, new children joined to them. Most of them were sent out by their parents, and they were around 5-6 years old. There were some younger ones, who were sold like Médea.

From the 3rd carriage, from time to time, a 10 years old child came down and ran to their parents. Some were happy, some were angry after seeing them, said they were their shame.

During the journey, there were only 3 families whose children didn’t come back. They cried from happiness, and everyone watched them with envy.

  It seems that they take the children away to teach them. When they become 10, those who fail to become a cultivator will be sent back. Maybe this world not that developed, but this way they will have the basic knowledge… Then the one, who was sold, where they go later?

Once they reached a village, which almost became dead. Some anxious old men called over the young man from the 1st carriage. They said something to him and he was sympathetic, then gave them a pouch, full of gold. Their eyes shined with greed. Belinda felt cold in her heart. She could understand that they were in a bad position, because a virus killed out almost the whole village, but to sell those families’ children who were already sent to the school… She couldn’t forgive them.

Their journey took one and a half months to reach Valdey city. They went into a big courtyard where almost 300 children waited for them, and a smiling old man stood in front of them. Behind them was an extremely big building.

From the carriages, 38 children came down. Some with excitement, some with fear, watched them. They tried to found familiar faces.

„Welcome to the Lavender School. I’m Lavender Mikeás, the principal. I’m sure, most of you know, when you reach 5 years old, you will come here and become a student. Your parents hope that you can be their pride and become a cultivator. I hope that all of you will learn with delight, and do your best to become the glory of this school…” the old man made a long, soul-stirring speech. His cunning old fox smile never disappeared.

  Don’t tell me this old bastard an immortal! Even naming the school after himself! Such arrogance!

Belinda watched how those children’s eyes shined with desire. Then she took a look at the orphans and saw their gloom and sadness.

  This world, really… Because they don’t have a family, are they abandoned? I have a bad feeling about what will happen with them if they can’t become a cultivator…

The new students were taken into the big building, and the orphans were taken to another courtyard with a little house. They would live here until they became 5. Almost 50 children lived there, and 8-10 kids shared a room.

3 times a day, someone came to give them food. Other than that they didn’t care for them. Behind the house, there was a little forest. The children enjoyed playing there. This life wasn’t different than living in the village, and Médea was happy with it.

Without realizing, the 2 years passed. It was her time to go to school.

A teacher came and took the 6 children to the school. He showed them where the classroom, the dining-room, etc. were, then send them to their rooms. Belinda felt irritated by seeing the different treatments.

  Hahaha! I can’t wait to see your guys’ faces when Médea will be chosen! I almost can hear it! The slap on the face!

Belinda slowly felt reassured and became a good student. She could already understand the language but still needed to learn to read and write.

So for a year, she was really active, but later she became bored. Maths, biology, geography, and all the other subjects were far behind from the ones, she learned.

Every year the test was held by the principal. Usually, 4-5 children passed, but none of the orphans. They were sent away somewhere with the others.

Médea was almost 9 years old and still spent her free time to play in the forest. She built a nest under the bush. Most of the time she just hid there, enjoying the fact, no one found it yet.

One day she saw a kid in the forest. She was shocked because he was one of the failed child, who was sent away some months ago. His clothes were ragged and dirty with mud and blood. Under his clothes, there were a lot of wounds. It seemed to be caused by a whip.

Suddenly one of the teachers appeared and hit the kid.

„You dirty slave! How you dare to escape and come here?! Not enough to fail, but dare to run away! You wanna stain the school’s fame?! ”

The boy lying on the ground grabbed the teacher’s leg. From anger, the man started to kick him. The boy cried and begged him. His voice was low and almost impossible to understand. Hardly, but some word was heard, as „please”, „see” and „sister”.

The teacher as if he didn’t hear anything continued to kick the kid to release his anger.

Belinda, while only being a soul, yet she felt his body slowly turning cold, together with the child, who was beaten to death.

The man only stopped, when some servant showed up.

„Shit! Send the money back, and burn this corpse! Told them if they dare to make the same mistake again, we will find other costumers!” He fiercely watched the others. „Don’t let the kids find out! And look after his sister! If she fails, just kill it!”

The frightened servants cleaned up quickly, and the forest became silent again.

Belinda watched the white faced Médea, who was desperately hiding. She sighed.

  Luckily no one found her, but I’m afraid, it will have a deep mark on her heart…